in case u didnt get it

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love lars barriga, we know, you love lars so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love lars barriga, we KNOW, you love lars you fucking love lars ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE LARS. WE GET IT.
yesterdays jam

here it is, the it crowd au that no-one asked for. cheers @jiilys and @bantasticbeasts for being legends

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: so

Lily Evans: so

Remus Lupin: first day

Lily Evans: ya

Remus Lupin: scary

Lily Evans: mmhmm

Remus Lupin: dont be scared

Lily Evans: im not really

Remus Lupin: u should be

Lily Evans: actually now that you mention it i am kind of scared

Remus Lupin: WELL DONT BE


Lily Evans: god

Lily Evans: its like having a conversation with my anxiety

Remus Lupin: dont make me fire you on your first day here

Lily Evans: pls dont

Remus Lupin: i wont

Remus Lupin: so

Remus Lupin: im putting you in i.t

Remus Lupin: bc u said on ur cv that u have a lot of experience with computers

Lily Evans: u didnt

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: do u actually /have/ any experience with computers??

Lily Evans: emails?? n stuff

Remus Lupin: “”””emails?? n stuff”””””??

Lily Evans: ya

Lily Evans: sending emails

Lily Evans: receiving emails

Lily Evans: deleting emails

Lily Evans: i could go on

Remus Lupin: do

Lily Evans: the web

Lily Evans: using the mouse

Lily Evans: mice

Lily Evans: using mice

Lily Evans: clicking

Lily Evans: double clicking

Lily Evans: the computer screen ofc

Remus Lupin: ofc

Lily Evans: the keyboard

Lily Evans: the bit that goes on the floor

Remus Lupin: do u mean the hard drive??

Lily Evans: correct

Remus Lupin: well

Remus Lupin: u certainly seem to kno ur stuff

Lily Evans: shut up

Remus Lupin: come on lil,,,they need a new manager

Lily Evans: dont

Remus Lupin: just take the job lil

Lily Evans: ok

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: so,,,,the people ill be working with what r they like

Remus Lupin: quite literally the worst idiots i have ever met

Lily Evans: excellent

Marlene McKinnon to James Potter: jim

James Potter: have u tried turning it off and on again

Marlene McKinnon: um

James Potter: nice talking to you mckinnon

James Potter to Sirius Black: hey can u answer the phone

Sirius Black: i could but i dont want to

James Potter: and u wonder why no-one ever comes down here

Sirius Black: probably got something to do with that 3 day old coffee stain down ur shirt


Mary MacDonald to Sirius Black: can u help me

Sirius Black: what with

Mary MacDonald: my computers not working

Sirius Black: have u tried turning it off and on again

Mary MacDonald: yea

Sirius Black: u kno the button on the side

Mary MacDonald: yea

Sirius Black: is it glowing??

Mary MacDonald:

Sirius Black: u need to turn it on mare

Mary MacDonald: ok hang on

Mary MacDonald: how do i do that

Sirius Black: ?? the button turns it on

Mary MacDonald:

Sirius Black: ?? u do kno how a button works dont u

Sirius Black: and if u say on clothes i am going to come up there and personally murder you

Mary MacDonald: I’d like to see you try

Andromeda Black to James Potter: Hey James.

James Potter: andy!!

Andromeda Black: Don’t call me that.

James Potter: sorry

Andromeda Black: It’s OK.

Andromeda Black: I’m having some trouble with my computer.

James Potter: wouldnt u rather talk to ur cousin abt this

Andromeda Black: I could, but I don’t want to.

James Potter: u two r more alike than u know

Andromeda Black: Shut up.

James Potter: absolutely

James Potter: so what seems to be the problem

Andromeda Black: It’s not working.

James Potter: i see

James Potter: have u tried forcing an unexpected reboot??

Andromeda Black: No, let me try.

Andromeda Black: How will that help?

James Potter: well

James Potter: the driver hooks the function by patching the system call table

James Potter: and its not safe to unload it unless another thread’s abt to jump in there and do its stuff

James Potter: and u don’t want to end up in the middle of invalid memory

James Potter: hello

James Potter: andy

James Potter: uve gone havent u

James Potter to Sirius Black: i think i just managed to successfully piss of your cousin again

Sirius Black: what else is knew

Sirius Black to Mary MacDonald: u couldnt handle all this

Mary MacDonald: i could take u any day of the week black

Sirius Black: is that so

Mary MacDonald: yes

Sirius Black: really

Mary MacDonald: stop it

Sirius Black: wow

Mary MacDonald: shut up

Sirius Black: why dont u come down here and make me

Mary MacDonald: what happened to ‘you couldn’t handle all this’

Sirius Black: u think im afraid of you??

Mary MacDonald: yes

Mary MacDonald: my brand new louboutins came in the mail next week and i know exactly the right place to stick them



Sirius Black to James Potter: that told her

James Potter: can u stop fighting with mary all the time ur clogging the chat rooms

Sirius Black to James Potter: honestly its about time u got back

Sirius Black: its been all ruddy go here

James Potter: really

James Potter: how many jobs have you had

Sirius Black: one

James Potter to Sirius Black: what was the job

Sirius Black: girl on fifth

James Potter: did u hit it off

Sirius Black: define “”””hit it of”””””

James Potter: did she continue to talk to u once u’d fixed her computer

Sirius Black: she gave me her number

James Potter: r u gonna call her

Sirius Black: ?? no

James Potter: so ur just gonna toss it away

James Potter: like yesterday’s jam

Sirius Black: p much yeah

Sirius Black: and i told u to stop using that analogy

Sirius Black: jam lasts for ages

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: u have unisex toilets??

Remus Lupin: yea

Remus Lupin: for non-binary pals

Remus Lupin: and for people having affairs

Lily Evans: i see

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: the view up here is amazing

Remus Lupin: yep

Remus Lupin: have u found the elevators yet

Lily Evans: um

Lily Evans: yea

Lily Evans: which floor am i on

Remus Lupin: ur all the way down in the basement

Lily Evans: wait what

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: ur joking arent u

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: i know ur getting these

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: remus

Lily Evans: the lift gets stuck halfway down

Lily Evans: and the hallway is full of maintenance stuff

Lily Evans: its disgusting

Lily Evans: i think i saw a rat

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: ITS EVEN WORSE DOWN HERE



James Potter to Sirius Black: theres a girl outside

Sirius Black: who is she

James Potter: i have no idea

James Potter: i cant go out there sirius

James Potter: i havent washed this shirt in three days and i forgot to put on deodorant this morning

James Potter: i havent even flossed

Sirius Black: who even flosses these days

James Potter: i do

Sirius Black: right

Sirius Black: bc ur a twat

James Potter: a twat who doesnt have gingivitis

Sirius Black: shut up

James Potter: u shut up

James Potter: one of us has to go out there

Sirius Black: u do it

Marlene McKinnon to Lily Evans: everything going ok??

Lily Evans: legit they both just walked out

Lily Evans: one of them was talkin abt tolstoy

Lily Evans: the other one was like “””james shut up u’ve literally never read a book in my life”””

Marlene McKinnon: thats sirius

Marlene McKinnon: he’s my favourite

Lily Evans: then james tried to lean on his chair and slipped over

Lily Evans: he stood up and he was like “”””plenty of people come down here to visit””””

Lily Evans: sirius was like “”””who, jim??? who comes down here???? what people????””””””

Lily Evans: james threw something at him and sirius was like “””””why are you giving me the secret signal to shut up????”””””

Lily Evans: then james was like “””what can we do you for??””””

Marlene McKinnon: cringe

Lily Evans: so i told them

Lily Evans: and bolted

Marlene McKinnon: what r u doing now

Lily Evans: im hiding in my office

Marlene McKinnon: smooth

James Potter to Sirius Black: I AM THE HEAD OF THIS DEPARTMENT

Sirius Black: i thought i was

James Potter: WELL ITS ONE OF US



James Potter to Lily Evans: i dont mean to be rude or anything but i was not informed of any changes happening to this department

Lily Evans: did they not tell you about me??

James Potter: no sir

James Potter: and for what its worth we dont need you down here

James Potter: were perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves

Lily Evans: sure

Lily Evans: you do realise you’re wearing a shirt with a coffee stain down it that looks like hasn’t been washed in weeks


Sirius Black: as opposed to all the other women ur able to charm over effortlessly

James Potter: im never speaking to you again

Sirius Black: dw ill deal with her

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: sounds like ur having a v important conversation there

Lily Evans: i am

Sirius Black: also

Sirius Black: just a thought

Sirius Black: do you want me to connect up your phone??

Lily Evans: bitch

Sirius Black to James Potter: she just kicked me out of her office

James Potter: serves u right

Sirius Black: u dont even know what i did

James Potter: dont have to

Sirius Black to James Potter: so basically i went in and she was “””””pretending”””””” to talk to remus

James Potter: really??

Sirius Black: really

James Potter: shes a little bit weird

Sirius Black: i just saw you spraying yourself with cold water bc u said u had “”””””a hot ear””””””


James Potter: i cant believe she didnt even get excited when she saw the original zx 81 we have in the doorway

Sirius Black:

Sirius Black: yea, that WAS weird

Sirius Black: totally uncalled for

Sirius Black: its almost as if she doesnt know anything about computers

Sirius Black: james??

Sirius Black: james???

Sirius Black: uve dropped ur phone havent u

Lily Evans to Sirius Black: why is he screaming

Sirius Black: i told him u didnt know anything about computers and he spilt his tea all over himself

Lily Evans: jesus

Sirius Black: yea

Sirius Black: thats why he always makes two cups of tea

Lily Evans: just in case he accidentally drops the first one??

Sirius Black: yea

Lily Evans: wow

James Potter to Sirius Black: she has to go

Sirius Black: why

James Potter: heres the plan

Sirius Black: ooh ooh hang on let me sit down first

Sirius Black: ok go

James Potter: so well go in

Sirius Black: when

James Potter: in like a minute

Sirius Black: will that be enough time for me to get to know the plan??

James Potter: yknow i shouldnt have used the world plan

James Potter: ive clearly got u overexcited

Sirius Black: would “”””scheme””””” be a better word

Sirius Black: actually no thats just as exciting

James Potter: look all i was gonna say was is that we go in, i make up a load of bullocks about computers and well see if she picks up on it

Sirius Black: yea i can see why u didnt want to use the word plan

James Potter: just let me do the talking

Sirius Black: r u sure thats a good idea

James Potter: shut up

James Potter to Sirius Black: we need to get this right

James Potter: we cannot go there in half-cocked

Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: i can hear them outside the door

Lily Evans: theyr just,,,,gigglin

James Potter to Sirius Black: i think that went well

Sirius Black: she was pretending to send an email to lupin and you asked her if she wanted you to connect her up to the matrix

James Potter: genius

Sirius Black: and she looked at you and was like “””””u just made all that up””””

Sirius Black: then u lost ur shit and start screaming at her

Sirius Black: at which point she stood up and starting screaming at you

Sirius Black: and u stormed out

Sirius Black: what part of that screams “”””that went well””””??

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: hey do u want me to connect up your computer??

Lily Evans: fuck off

Lily Evans to EVANS KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS: i cant believe ur going to tell on me

Lily Evans: ur like a pair of horrible old men

Sirius Black: what did she say

James Potter: she said were like a pair of “”””horrible old men””””

Sirius Black: SHE DIDNT

Remus Lupin to horrible old men ft lily evans: so what did u want to tell me

James Potter: well, its like this

Remus Lupin: im so proud of u guys

Remus Lupin: my i.t team

Remus Lupin: team players

Remus Lupin: every single one of you

Remus Lupin: theres no room for people who can’t act as a team in my team

Remus Lupin: u know what happens to people who cant act as a team in my team??

James Potter: what

Remus Lupin: i get security to escort them from the building

Remus Lupin: and if the security team cant escort them from the building as a team, then i fire them too

Remus Lupin: then i call recruitment and get them to look for a security team that can work as a team

Remus Lupin: then i warn them that they may have to escort the current security team from the building

Sirius Black: does this happen often to you then

Remus Lupin: anyway

Remus Lupin: what did u want to tell me

James Potter: well its just not working out


Lily Evans: hes joking

Remus Lupin: what do u mean,,,,”””not working out””””??



Remus Lupin: then why did u text me

James Potter: um

Sirius Black: we installed a voice activation system on your computer

Sirius Black: it might take a while to get the pitch right but but nonetheless

Sirius Black: go ahead

Remus Lupin: wow

Remus Lupin: how exciting

Lily Evans: thats all then

Lily Evans: talk to you later

James Potter to nice save sirius: WHAT GOOD R U


Lily Evans: no,,,,but i can learn

Lily Evans: for example sirius,,,,,u can walk me thru what ur doing right now

Sirius Black: ;)))))))) id be delighted

Sirius Black: im just working on a very simple piece of programming software

Lily Evans: on seconds thoughts i am very busy and have better things to be doing with my time thanks bye

Mary MacDonald to Sirius Black: i hope ur ready for me bitch

Lily Evans to Sirius Black: hows your arm

Sirius Black: i never knew louboutins could hurt that much

Lily Evans: yeah

Lily Evans: imagine

Lily Evans: if i hadnt stepped in and asked her out to lunch u’d be nothing more than a pile of fabulous hair right now

Sirius Black: i owe you one evans

Lily Evans: damn right u do

Remus Lupin to FUCKHEADS GALORE: i just spent the last five hours screaming at my computer for nothing

Remus Lupin: do any of u have anything to say for yourselves

Lily Evans: have u tried turning it off and on again??

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"go back to discussing this shit in ur private discord servers" this is funny coz discord announced on twitter they shut down a major altright server and a buncha related accts (unless this was the joke in which case whoops ignore me)

di LOVE this lmfao! i didnt kno that when i wrote it but i wrote it cuz i knew discord actually does keep tabs on the activity that takes place and thats why it’s so juicy to me when u see fuckers in those forums like “heres our discord server to talk abt this!” cuz , HAH, do it bitch! get ur username on some sort of watchlist that i desperately hope is leaked some day.

deleting the accts is fine it sets them back a lot but cmon theres gooootta be a list of all the users in servers like that that could … accidentally be leaked somehow… & even if it never is i love knowing that it COULD be. anything that makes those sorry bitches scared to congregate for fear of public backlash brings me joy

abbinah  asked:

so when i get big bills i always like to quickly run my fingers over them and in the case of hundreds i hold them up to light really fast... and when i get that inevitable "joke" about the money being real/fake/etc, i always pretend i didnt hear it and continue on with my work. i'm not about to stop my checking of your dangass money bc u think ur funny. ill just count out your change to you, hand u ur receipt, and send u on ur way. stew in ur shame, old man. stew in it.

as a baba | kyungsoo

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before birth:

  • really sweet all the time
  • never stops cooking just in case u get hungry in the middle of the night
  • smiles all the tiiiiimeeeeeee
  • so many forehead kisses 
  • becomes more serious????? but also softer?????
  • always reminds u of things u need to do to stay healthy
  • makes u give him an hourly update on everything when hes away
  • i feel like im writing an essay on a topic i know nothing about
  • i cant even think of lies to write
  • would probably only tell ppl hes close to cos hes really personal
  • already knows everything he needs to about being a dad
  • wouldnt like u doing a lot of things but wouldnt stop u
  • unless he really didnt like it
  • this is so short compared to the others :(((( im sorry soo stans :((((

when the baby POP out:

  • this is gonna b really short and im sorry
  • but i think he’d be a typical dad
  • probably wouldnt talk to them much cos he’s quiet any way
  • so they’d be kinda distant but he’d still be v dependable 
  • hed be so sweet and speak to them softly
  • v. affectionate and loving when theyre young tho
  • a lot of hugs and kisses
  • hair ruffles
  • a lot of cooking for them!!!
  • lets them help him with cooking but only a few times cos it gets too messy
  • maybe passive??? lets them do whatever they want to him
  • its obvious he loves them but wouldnt say it tbh
  • tries to make up for verbal affectionate in other ways
  • if they get upset about anything hed be so reassuring
  • his strictness would depend on if ur there or not

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when will cis ppl understand that

- your input in discussions about trans issues is totally irrelevant BECAUSE YOU ARE CIS

- you don’t get to say ‘who is trans and who isn’t’ BECAUSE YOU ARE CIS

- you don’t understand the trans experience BECAUSE YOU ARE CIS

- you don’t get to decide what is considered transphobic and what isn’t BECAUSE YOU ARE CIS

word of advice: if you are cis your only position in trans discussions should be listening to trans voices and being a supportive ally

master feels after the finale

(i had a big, pan-episode writeup dealing with my dear child twelve, but the internet crashed and tumblr ate it, so, let’s just get to the nitty gritty)

this episode was, ultimately, the biggest mixed bag for me, not mixed bag as in, i feel somewhere in the middle about it, but that there were bits i desperately loved and were as good as doctor who could possibly be, and bits that really made me cringe and retcon them in my head.

so i’ll start with the good - the very, very good:

the master working with themselves. hurting the doctor where he’s most vulnerable; his companions, his faith, his desperate hope that he might finally have his friend back.

that first 10 minutes, where i honestly shivered and felt that this was the meatiest little segment i’ve seen in some time: the doctor, no cards left to play…both masters, murdering his friend, taunting him, then…making out with themselves? i mean, wow. that’s peak horrible. that’s kind of peak master there.

but i wanted to see the conflict in that. i wanted to see the doctor’s hurt, more than just 2 lines about bill…i wanted to see how that flat-out cruelty impacted his faith, his belief in the master, i wanted to see him struggle to fight for what was “right”. his belief in the master felt far too easy after that, and i think not following through with the emotional consequences of those first 5-10 minutes…well, it took a lot of the power out of the “redemption” arc, that had been so nicely set up!

simm!master’s character was, well, interesting. i do feel like he was a little under-done in terms of depth; ok, ok, i mean - roast me - i know rtd’s simm was a yelly maniac…but i feel like he had a lot more dynamic range. moffat’s simm seems to have two modes only: comic relief, and rampant, indiscriminate cruelty.

and that to me felt very inauthentic, it felt like it was sort of reducing him to a catchphrase. kinda how i felt about ten in day of the doctor but shh that’s for another post  i did love the humour, honestly, i adored how cheerful and light this master was. but he seemed to lack a lot of the fury, the pain, the insecurity he did in rtd’s run. i can’t imagine seeing moffat’s master tear up, the way we saw rtd’s. he is just too cold. 

that really leads me on to the second lil criticism i have - yes, the master is cruel. very cruel, actually. he’s done some of the worst things this franchise has seen. but there is one thing that defines his cruelty: it’s for the sole sake of getting to the doctor. yeah, he’s gleeful and certainly gets off on causing pain to others…because he knows this is a weapon the doctor is almost powerless against! his conscience, his guilt, his insistence to care for the little person, his refusal to accept collateral damage; the master can turn them all against him, can make the doctor crumple, with one well-placed strike. the master treats those things as weaknesses, faults - he doesn’t understand those qualities and wants to make the doctor see, like he sees, that they’re only holding him back. that’s why he hurts him. he loves the doctor - but he hates him - but he loves him. he wants the doctor to realise they’re not so different, after all. he wants to punish the doctor for being the things he cannot.

i do feel that in making simm utterly remorseless…or, i guess, indiscriminately remorseless is probably more my issue, and interspersing it with some of the best comedy this season has seen, it cut out a lot of that depth. there were some shockingly dark and meaty moments with simm, but man, without the hate and the pain and contempt behind them, they just felt cold. bit too cold.

but, honestly, he wasn’t the only master who suffered from Not Quite Enough Nuance. i felt that after spending the whole season fleshing out this redemption arc, and michelle’s utterly stunning performance - because she played it totally ambiguous as to what the master was actually feeling, and where she stood - i…didn’t ultimately understand her choice. i wanted to understand it, i wanted to believe it, but one speech didn’t really sell it for me! i mean. oh my god, was it an amazing speech. but i can’t believe that the reason the master, finally, chooses to fight with the doctor is “because he’s right”. of all the reasons, that one is the least believable to me. it undermines their friendship, their love. “because he’s my friend” would have been a…far more epic development, i personally think, and i feel a little snubbed by it all.

i do think that if this episode hadn’t tried to do so MUCH in one go, and had pared itself right down to master/master/doctor/cybermen + oh shit, bill, and not done the children, and the nardole/lady love plot, and the doctor’s regeneration, and the companions coming back, and heather, and the first doctor….! well, yeah. it was a lot, and i feel that the master’s story would have been more fleshed out if it was allowed to be the main plot of this finale. i think world enough and time worked better as an episode for this reason.

(not to say, oh my god, that i didn’t die during all of the regeneration/heather/one stuff. you bet i did. and i loved it. buuut i just sort of think that was a 3-parter, not a 2-parter in there.)

in terms of what they chose to do…well, i liked the concept. i think the actions are very believably master. thing is, though…we’ve established that the master would definitely rather die, than let the doctor, somehow, beat them. and the story 100% paid respect to that. but i felt that the finality of that story really sort of sat weirdly with me. ok, hear me out: ending simm’s regeneration by his other self murdering him? i can get behind that. ending the master’s ENTIRE life by his other self murdering him - no, i really can’t. to sell this entire story as really, an ending for the master’s arc in general, feels very…oh, i don’t know, it feels like cutting the character short. i think ending the master with a redemption arc does not quite do justice to the whole point of the doctor and the master. their relationship is just not as simple as good and evil, and i resent it being taken down to that.

in the end, what was that segment trying to show us? i believe it was trying to show us the entire, core conflict that will always end in tragedy for the doctor and the master: they both want to be with each other so very much, and they could never live with themselves, either one of them, if they did. and i honestly believe that the beauty and sadness and inevitability of that could have been done without making both masters kill each other.

that said. oh, i do love the bit where they laughed themselves silly. that was gorgeous. that was so them: backstab each other, and forgive in the same breath. that whole scene was so them. i’d accept all of it wholeheartedly, if it wasn’t treated as such a final resting place, a denouement for the master as a person.

i think this is representative of a larger moffat problem, which i’m going to touch on because i want to: moffat always seems to need to leave his “mark” on established events?? you know - the TARDIS noise is “leaving the brakes on”. the doctor’s real name, dealt with about 5 times in his run alone. he undoes the time war. he creates his own classic doctor instead of celebrating the existing ones. he takes ownership of the 13-regeneration-limit…even when the doctor is technically only strictly on number 12 (13?). he re-does the genesis of the daleks, just to have his own prints on it. there’s lots of other stuff too, but this kind of reeks of it to me…he has to have the final say on lots of doctor who canon, and he’s had his final say on the master. and i simply don’t agree.

the good thing about treating some things as sacrosanct (eg, the TARDIS, the Doctor’s name, etc) is that it allows all of us to form our own interpretations, and yeah. i do wish that this vision hadn’t been treated as the only answer to the master’s arc.

oh. and because i haven’t touched on it: i’m so here for the master flirting with themselves. blatantly. but you know, it sucks that we have simm/gomez, gomez/twelve, and the sexuality knob has been turned up as far as it can without breaking the rating on those…but we still can’t display m/m doctor/master. and i think that’s just really sad.


p.s. i’m also so here for the eyeliner. i mean….the master putting on eyeliner. on camera. welcome to the future, goddamn.

CLYDE: Okay, we’re getting hammered tonight!
CLYDE: Thomas?
THOMAS: Craig, you’re finally getting out of the house for the first time!
CRAIG: Yeah, ‘cause it was his birthday wish.
CLYDE: And my second wish is to get drunk.
CRAIG: Why don’t you just hang out with the others?

THOMAS: You mean Token, Twe-,SHIT, and Jimmy?
CRAIG: Yes. Them.
CRAIG: Look, just because I… can’t hang out with him anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t.
THOMAS: And didn’t you all always celebrate together at this bar?
CLYDE: It’s different now. Let’s just get drunk, okay?
CLYDE: Oh shit!
CRAIG: What?
CLYDE: Look across from us!

CRAIG: I need to go.
THOMAS: Craig-
CRAIG: I can’t do this. *goes away*
THOMAS: *follows him*
CLYDE: Hey! Wait for me guys!


Hi friends, here is my nonsensical rant/thoughts about the riverdale s1 finale if u wish to read this mess:


2. and somehow archie went to the hospital and got his hand all plastered quicker than it took cheryl to get dry??? unless there was a huge time gap in between veronica leaving her house and the performance in which case WHY DIDN’T YOU STAY LONGER VERONICA you didnt even do much in the song (unfortunately) so its not like you were needed to rehearse 

3. it does not make sense to me that there are ubers in riverdale, especially ones that are available right away to carry 4+ people all the time

4. WHY WAS JOSIE NOT HERE FOR SO LONG also VAL deserved better (also who is the other pussycat when do we get to know her??)

5. also also WHY DID THEY ALL JUST GO GET MILKSHAKES AFTER LIKE EVERYTHING WITH CHERYL DIDN’T JUST HAPPEN like cheers happy happy well done for saving cheryl archie ur the bestest musical boy ever no don’t worry about her and how she nearly died we’ll just let her go back to the house and family that drove her to that and enjoy all this whipped cream la lalaa now lets all go have sex

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anonymous asked:

i like following you, but you make me extremely uncomfortable at times. you always make things about race, and it's unsettling because you might take it in a different way

“always make things about race” bc otherwise u white motherfuckers would get comfortable, n loosen ya lips thinkin u can say whatever the fuck u want. casual racism is a thing, and honestly? i’ve spent ¾ of my life tryin 2 tell myself that i was overreactin over casual racism, when in reality, i had EVERY fucking right 2 be as mad as i was. and after hearin myself from So Many fuckin whites abt how violent i was and how uncomfortable / unsafe i made them, even tho for the most part i tried 2 shove everythin they said 2 me right 2 the back of my mind and even when they said it was a joke and that i should learn how 2 take 1

like, no i WON’T take ur unfunny fucking jokes and casual racist comments abt me and my race.

and if u want 2 see it as “drama” and “negativity” then u do that all u like bc i kno for a fact that it aint jus me who feels like this. i know so so many other people who literally feel the same way, and some who won’t talk abt it bc white people vilify them and pin them down as violent and aggressive but then when we’re bein playful and nice ?? suddenly we’re not actin like ourselves?? so YES, i will be aggressive 2wards people and no i will NOT stop talkin abt racism. if this is what makes u uncomfortable then u can fucking unfollow, i don’t care abt ur white feelings

i WILL make my blogs safer 4 me and force white people 2 shove their racism right 2 the back of their heads just like they’ve done to me 4 all of my fucking life, and i WILL make them think twice before they send me any stupid fuckin shit that “could be taken the wrong way”

in case u didnt get the message: i dont give a fuck if u like following me or not, if this is the shit that makes u uncomfortable then u can fuck off