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Hey, you know how in the original Shiro dies? So everyone is waiting for that to happen in the new Voltron? Well, actually, if you think about it, that isn’t quite right. In the original, the Blue Paladin dies and then Allura replaces them. And we’ve been seeing a few death flags around Lance recently… It would be just their way to troll us wouldn’t it?
—  Me talking with my sibling, when they were discussing the possibility of Lance’s death.
  • [Yoosung breathes]
  • Saeran: Oh my god, I hate you! You're so naïve and stupid and oblivious!
  • Yoosung: But I didn't say anything...
  • Saeran: Shut up. JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!
  • [Saeran leaves the room just as Seven enters]
  • Seven: *pats Yoosung's back* Hey, don't worry it's not your fault.
  • Yoosung: *sighs* I didn't think it was my fault...
  • Seven: Then what were you thinking about?
  • Yoosung: Well, for some reason, he's upset. I just want to know why.
  • Seven: In that case, it's your fault then.
  • Yoosung: What? But you just said-
  • Seven: It clearly was your fault.
  • Yoosung: Then please tell me what I did wrong.
  • Seven: You're cute.
  • Yoosung: What?
  • Seven: He's angry because you're too cute.
  • Yoosung: That doesn't even make any sense.
  • Seven: It doesn't have too. I agree with him. You're so cute that I'd give up my life for you. You're perfect. I just wanna take you to see the stars and kiss you, then take you to the space station and marry you.
  • Yoosung: What?!
  • Seven: What?!
  • Saeran: *coming back from the shadows* What?!

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AND ANOTHER FUCKY THING why did they put in that random-ass scene where Greg (Gavin?) complains about Sherlock getting all the credit for the cases? It just?? Doesn't make sense with the whole "great man/good one" dichotomy comment he makes the next time we see him??? Why put the scene in??? If you're not?? Going to follow it up??? It was so random What The Fuck???


And you know why Sherlock gets all the credit?! John’s blog. That they keep on mentioning. 


And also let’s just name the opening episode THE SIX THATCHERS which, even besides it “just” being a post to find on the blog, IS ALSO SHOWN ON JOHN’S LAPTOP IN A SCANDAL BELGRAVIA A.K.A THE PAST.

As I’ve said before, this is not just a simple continuity error. It’s blatantly deliberate, in my opinion. Unless Joe Lidster forgot to remind them ‘oh hey guys I also wrote this blog post?? it’s the same title?? remember we put it in the show?? oh well they didn’t hear me, too late…’ lmao

WHY HAS NO-ONE ASKED THEM ABOUT THIS YET (another post on this here cause I’m not over this) LMAO I bet they were like ‘damn we got away with having to dodge that question.’ Because it’s one of the Big Keys to realising there’s Something Very Off and ready to be solved about this whole series.

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Prompt? Kim slowly gaining her popularity back bc ever since she changed and starting being nicer to people, the general population likes her more than Amanda. So Trini is worried that she'll leave them once she's accepted again, but Kim proves that this is not the case obviously and that she'd rather be outcasts with the team than popular without them. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense. I love your writing.

A/N: Here you go! Enjoy some more Trimberly :)

After Angel Grove is destroyed, Kimberly finds that the community comes together slowly but surely to fix their little hometown. Along with that, people start to forgive. She doesn’t feel so bad walking through town because people greet her with smiles instead of scowls. She starts holding her head higher in the hallways because everyone has stopped whispering about her. And she gains back friends who were too afraid to speak to her, afraid that they’d lose their popularity much like she did.

Slowly but surely, like their little town, Kimberly rebuilds. Remodels. But there has been so many great changes that she finds it a little hard to be overly happy about her slow rise to popularity. The best change she has made is the girl that walks through the halls on Kimberly’s arm. The same girl who spent so long shoved in the background that it makes Kimberly a little sad how much time she missed. How many kisses did she lose? How many laughs and smiles did she miss out on? How many I love you’s did so go without?

“…and then I blew it up.”

Kimberly shakes herself from her thoughts as she looks to where Billy is organizing his lunch, “You blew it up?”

“How else was I supposed to get rid of it? It was taking over our back porch.” Billy huffs as he looks up at her. “You should’ve seen how big the nest was.”

“I can only imagine.” Kimberly laughs before her entire demeanor changes as she sees a familiar smile approach. “Hey, you. Where have you been?”

“Mr. Green kept droning on about our project so we were literally just freed from his nerdy clutches.” Trini grumbles as she plops down beside Kimberly.

“Hamlet?” Kimberly asks, and Trini pouts with a nod. “Mm, yeah. I’ve heard about how crazy he can get. Good luck.”

“Well, thankfully my girlfriend is a literature nerd so I’ll just force her to help me.” Trini smirks as she turns her head and glances up through thick lashes. “Right?”

“Of course.” Kimberly smiles as she begins to lean forward.


Kimberly startles and glances up to see Jessica Andrews walking towards her, “Uh, hey. What’s up, Jess?”

“Please tell me you’re free tonight.”


“I am having a fashion crisis and you’re like the best thrift shopper I know.” Jessica whines. “I promise I’ll buy you coffee afterwards.”

Kimberly finds herself nodding, “Sure.”

“You are a lifesaver!” Jessica squeals.

“She is insane.” Kimberly laughs as the blonde blows her a kiss and rushes away from the table. “Great. An entire evening with her crazy ass.”

“We have to train tonight.” Billy pipes in.

“I think we can skip out on one training session.” Kimberly scoffs as she pops her chip bag open.

“We?” Billy frowns.

“Trini and I.” Kimberly shrugs.

Trini looks at her with wide eyes, “Why would I miss training?”

“I was going to ditch Jess after the thrift store and take you out for dinner.” Kimberly replies as she looks to Trini. “I mean, unless you don’t want to…?”

“No. I’m just…surprised.” Trini admits, and her eyes quickly drop to the table as Kimberly frowns. “I just didn’t know if you’d want me around your friends.”

“What?” Kimberly laughs.

“They’re popular.” Trini murmurs. “I’m not.”

“So? You’re my girlfriend.” Kimberly reminds her with a slight teasing in her voice. “If I go somewhere, I’m taking my lady with me.”

“Yeah?” Trini smiles as she turns her head.

“Of course.” Kimberly whispers as she leans forward to rest their lips together. “I hope you know you matter more.”

“I know now.” Trini whispers.


Three weeks later, Trini doesn’t know if Kimberly really believes what she said that day in the cafeteria. Of course she is still an amazing girlfriend, but she distances herself little by little from their band of misfits. It starts with skipped movie nights, then a few forgotten family dinners, and eventually training becomes an afterthought. Trini is worried, she feels like Kimberly is slipping away and she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on.

They’re training on a Thursday and Trini puts all her worries into her fighting. Her punches are weaker, her kicks are avoided, and one too many fake putties take her out with ease. She is so used to having Kimberly at her back that she sometimes she forgets that right now she is on her own. It isn’t till she is thrown against a wall that she snaps back to reality. The pain radiates through her body and the boys surround her with worry on their faces as they look her over.

“You’re bleeding.” Jason frowns as he looks at the two deep cuts on her shoulder and forehead. “I’m going to go get the first aid kit and patch you up.”

Zack watches as Jason hurries off with Billy at his heels, “Alright. Talk to me, crazy girl. You’re fighting like your head is a million miles in the clouds.”

“I’m fine, Zack.” Trini snaps as she attempts to sit up only to stumble back as her head spins. “Shit. Okay, so I’m not fine. But I’m fine in other aspects.”

“Yes you are.” Zack smirks.

Trini finally cracks a smile as she rolls her eyes, “Now is not the time for you to be hitting on me.”

“Better me hitting on you than you hitting a wall.” Zack shrugs. “So, are you going to tell me what’s up?”

“Maybe you can tell us all what’s up.” Jason suggests as he walks back towards them with the first aid kit. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you lose focus like that.”

“I’ve got a lot on my mind…”

“You mean you have Kim on your mind? I think that’s what she means.” Billy chirps as he pops the first aid kit open. “You seem…sad.”

“I’m not sad.” Trini assures him with a wince as Jason presses a layer of gauze to her forehead. “I’m just confused. Kim said that…it just seems like she’s changed since everyone forgave her.”

“Have you maybe tried talking to her about it?” Jason asks as he accepts the alcohol pad Billy holds out.

“She’s so happy.” Trini mumbles before she tenses at the sting of alcohol. “I want her to be happy. No matter what. And having all of her old friends back makes her smile, and she seems so much lighter. It’d be fucked up for me to tell her that I’m upset about it.”

“Kim isn’t our friend anymore?” Billy demands.

“No. She’s still our friend.” Jason assures him with a small smile. “She just has a lot going on, she just needs someone to pull her head from her ass.”

Zack snorts as he works on putting bandaids on Trini’s shoulder, “What about you, jockstrap? You ever miss that part of your life?”

“Sometimes I do.” Jason admits with a slow nod. “But I know I belong with you guys, being a part of this little family is a part of my destiny. All of those people will disappear from my life as time goes on, but you guys are here to stay.”

Trini smiles at the boy, “I hope Kim sees it that way some day.”


Kimberly throws her head back and laughs at her friends’ as they walk out of the freshly built Krispy Kreme. Her attention is so focused on whatever Gillian Baker is saying that she barely hears Jessica mention Jason’s name; it isn’t till she looks up to see him leaning against the building across the street that she offers him a smile and wave that he doesn’t return.

“What’s his issue?” Jessica sneers.

“Not sure, guess I should go find out. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Kimberly smiles, and she is quick to cross the street and pause before her friend. “Hey, Jace.”

“You missed training. Again.” Jason frowns as he crosses his arms over his chest. “I think that’s the fifth training session you’ve missed, Kim.”

“I’m sorry. Harper invited us out to…”

“Trini got hurt.”

The words are like ice being thrown at her, and she stares at him for a long moment to search for answers. It takes her a moment to notice the small speckles of blood on his t-shirt and she feels the air disappear around her; it’s the same feeling she got after Trini was attacked by Rita, the same ache she felt during their near death experience.

“Is she okay?” Kimberly demands.

Jason drops his arms slowly, “I mean, it wasn’t life threatening but I guess her mom took her to the hospital to make sure she doesn’t have a concussion.”

“Why didn’t anyone call me?”

“Trini didn’t want to bother you.” Jason replies. “She knew you were out with your friends, and she didn’t want you to have to drop everything for her.”

“What?” Kimberly scoffs. “She knows I would.”

“Would you?”

Kimberly jerks back at his tone and her grip tightens subtly on her coffee cup, “What are you trying to say?”

“Look, I’m not trying to be an ass,” Jason sighs. “But it kills me seeing any of you upset, and Trini is really confused on where she fits in your life.”


Kimberly feels her heart break at his words, she was so sure Trini knew exactly where she fit. She fit in the center of Kimberly’s world, she was Kimberly’s anchor. With a shudder of a breath, her grasp finally broke through the plastic of her drink and she barely registered the burning of the coffee as it dripped down her hand.


Kimberly shakes her head and backs away from him, “I need to go see Trini. I’m…thank you, Jace.”


By the time Trini finally gets home from the hospital, her entire body is throbbing. Her mother is gentle with her, and for a little while Trini revels in it. But then the questions start and Trini mumbles something about a shower before she disappears and slips into her bathroom. The hot water pounds down on her and the steam seems to clear her mind as she presses her hands to the wall and allows her head to drop forward. She stays until the tap turns cold and she is quick to slip out and into a fluffy towel before she patters off to her bedroom.

All she wants right now is her Batman pajamas and Golden Girls; the idea of a night by herself brings an odd sensation to her. She hasn’t had a night alone since they had found their coins that fateful night. With a sigh, Trini slips into her room and is a second away from dropping her towel before she hears someone clear their throat. A small squeak leaves her as she clutches her towel to herself and turns to see Kimberly sitting on the edge of her bed with wide eyes.

“What are you doing here?” Trini demands.

“Well, I found out my girlfriend was hurt so I wanted to come over and make sure she was okay.” Kimberly replies as she presses a hand over her eyes. “You can change.”

Trini smiles softly and rolls her eyes as she sees Kimberly make a show of peeking through her fingers, “Turn around.”

“I won’t look…”

“Turn around.” Trini repeats.

A swell of adoration bubbles deep in Trini’s stomach at Kimberly’s pout before she does as she was ordered. Trini dresses quickly and tosses her towel in her laundry basket before she moves to crawl onto her bed. As soon as her body makes contact with the mattress, a hiss of pain escapes her and Kimberly turns to face her with wide, worried eyes.

“What happened?” Kimberly whispers.

Trini shifts on the bed and scowls, “You’d know if you actually showed up for training now and then.”

“I deserve that.” Kimberly murmurs as she reaches out to sweep a strand of hair from Trini’s face. “I’m sorry, babe.”

“I’d say it’s fine, but I would be lying.” Trini mumbles as she turns her head subtly into the touch. “Billy asked us if you were still our friend.”

“What? Of course I am.” Kimberly scoffs as she drops her hand from Trini’s face. “God. Am I not allowed to have friends outside of our group? Am I only limited to talking to the four of you?”

Trini is calm as she arches an eyebrow at her girlfriend, “I don’t recall ever expressing my dislike towards you having other friends. It’s your life, Kim. Nobody can tell you what to do.”

“Well, it feels like you guys want me to choose…”

“I don’t want you to choose.” Trini cuts in as she narrows her eyes. “I just wish you’d learn how to balance it all, I wish you’d see how much the boys miss you. I wish you’d see how much I miss you.”

Kimberly softens, “You miss me?”

“Always.” Trini shrugs. “I know you’re building old friendships back, but we still exist. The four of us, we were the ones who didn’t judge you. We didn’t outcast you for one stupid mistake.”

“I just…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself. I understand. You had a completely different life before we became superheroes.” Trini shrugs. “And I understand that you miss that part of your life, and I would never ask you to just walk away from that again. I want you to be happy.”

Kimberly is silent for a long moment before her brow furrows, “Being a Power Ranger makes me happy. Billy’s excitement makes me happy. Zack’s enthusiasm for life makes me happy. Jason’s optimism makes me happy. You make me happy.”

“But so do they.” Trini whispers.

“No, they made the old me happy…and I’m not sure I can even call the old me happy. I was safe, feared.” Kimberly frowns. “It’s different with you guys, especially you. I am so happy when I’m with you guys.”

Trini tries to smother her yawn, “We’re happy when you’re with us too. But mostly me. I’m the happiest.”

“Of course.” Kimberly snorts, and Trini sees the way she scans her over. “You look exhausted, you should get some sleep.”

“Stay.” Trini orders.

Kimberly gives her that smile that melts her heart and kicks off her shoes before she joins Trini under the covers. Trini snuggles into her girlfriend and listens to steady thud of her heartbeat while gentle fingers pull through her damp locks and slowly lull her to sleep.

“I’d choose you, y’know?”

Trini blinks sleepily, “Hm?”

“If you made me choose,” Kimberly whispers as she ducks her head to press her lips to Trini’s dark locks. “I’d choose you, without a second thought.”

Trini falls asleep with a smile on her face, and holds onto the knowledge that the Kimberly wants Trini as much as Trini wants Kimberly.


Kimberly walks into the cafeteria and glances around the crowded room. She sees most of her friends crowded at a table across the room, and she can hear their booming laughter as they all stand over one of the football player’s and stare down at his phone; she has no doubt they’re watching some video of a freshmen being tortured by one of them.

A smile pulls at her lips as she targets her gaze at the table in the back corner. Billy is fiddling with something, his brows are furrowed and his lunch is all but forgotten. Jason is switching between reading a book and stuffing the school’s mystery meat in his face. Zack is passed out on a paper bag. And Trini is watching Billy with a fond smile while she eats her celery. Her friends, her family, look so happy and she’s never wanted to be somewhere so badly.

“Kim!” Harper calls.

Kimberly looks to her and she spares the dozens of gazes on her a smile before she crosses the cafeteria and slides into the empty seat beside Trini. She can feel the eyes on her, but all she cares about is the beam that lights up Trini’s face while the boys flash her knowing looks; it’s all that matters to her.

“Hi.” Trini hums.

Kimberly sighs adoringly and leans forward to press a soft kiss to smiling lips, “Hi, gorgeous. Miss me?”

Trini shrugs with a smug expression, “Always. Did you miss me?”

“Always.” Kimberly mocks.

As she sits with the four most important people in her world, she has never felt more right. She knows where she belongs, right here with the people that feel like home.

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You know what makes me wonder, is that Boris at the end of chapter 2 seems to be perfectly fine and all friendly and chipper. Not evil at all. I wonder if Bendy used to be like that, but is possessed or something. Doesn't make sense that boris is all cool but Bendy is all crazy you know? I don't know. So hyped for chapter 3!

I’ve got a theory, and it’s a theory that’s actually existed since Chapter 1 was first released.  It’s also, ironically, a theory that I never really cared for… but Chapter 2 has added a significant helping of support for it.

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A Brief summary of certain mental disorders relating to my personal experience
  • OCD: annoying, restricting, oppressive. At its worst, seriously would consider sacrificing a limb to be free of. However, after tonnes of therapy and hard work, can be channeled to be somewhat useful in producing meticulous, careful work in one's chosen field, if still occasionally irritating.
  • ADHD: Frustrating, in that boredom is always lurking under the surface and ready to rear its ugly head. Cannot be confined to one place or activity for too long or will go fucking mad. However, with medication can be channeled into hyper productivity in an enjoyable activity. Can be used for multitasking- watching television and creating something pretty with your hands, like a drawing or piece of knitting, for example. For a daydreamer, makes the inner worlds of the mind much more vivid, creative, and interesting.
  • PTSD: Obviously incredibly difficult, scary, a demon constantly trying to pull you back into the vortex of a horrifying past. But also validation- a diagnosis that says it is okay to feel this way, that this is common, that there is hope. Even a point of pride, a battle scar, something to be looked at even on your worst days to remind you that you have prevailed, that you're tough, that dealing with this and being a functional human being despite it all makes you incredible.
  • Aspergers/ASD: On the autism spectrum, but largely misunderstood/ignored/misdiagnosed because it is not autism in the "traditional" sense- i.e., no chromosomal abnormality. Often, especially with milder cases, it is dismissed as the eccentricities of an intelligent child (and aspies are often very bright, make no mistake). Looking at the world in a different way that is so refreshing and vivid and beautiful because it doesn't reek of the stagnant complicity of societal expectations with no explanations. Living with this is a bit like learning a second language. You are surrounded by something you don't understand, nuances and niceties and words that don't seem natural to you, but you learn by necessity. You watch and learn and understand society like grammar in a language with different roots and spelling that seems unnecessary. You know how it works and sometimes why, even if it doesn't make sense to you. And you feel a satisfaction when you get it "right." It's not yours, it will never be completely yours, it doesn't wrap around you like the honeyed warmth of bedtime stories where each word makes sense because you grew up hearing them or the intricacies of your beautifully different mind, but you learn and you have a dual perspective and you use it when you need to and shuck it when you don't. You're not a sheep and your creativity and single-handed devotion to what you believe and what you want is not inhibited by "the right way" to go after what you want and achieve your dreams. Your candid manner is refreshing.
  • GAD: there is nothing good to say about this. It cannot be used to your advantage or channeled into something productive or beneficial. It's just a knot of anxiety in your chest like a fist squeezing your heart until you can't breathe- often for no fucking reason. Often, there isn't even a trigger to avoid- it's just there. You learn to live with what feels like constant mental heartburn and sometimes you just want to scream for no reason at all.
  • Barry: Okay, niceness lesson # 1.
  • Bruce: Excuse me, sir, but I do believe you've dropped your wallet.
  • Hal: Doesn't look familiar to me.
  • Bruce: What? I just saw you drop it. Here.
  • Hal: Nope, it's not mine.
  • Bruce: It is yours. I am trying to be a nice person and return it to you. Not like I need the money anyway.
  • Hal: Return what to who?
  • Bruce: *shows Hal his ID* Aren't you Harold Jordan?
  • Hal: Yup.
  • Man Ray: And this is your ID.
  • Hal: Yup.
  • Bruce: I found this ID in this wallet. And if that's the case, this must be your wallet.
  • Hal: That makes sense to me.
  • Bruce: Then take it.
  • Hal: It's not my wallet.
  • Bruce: You dim-bulb! Take back your wallet or I'll rip your arms off!
  • Barry: Nuh. Wrong. *spits Bruce with spray bottle filled with tap water*
  • Bruce *hisses*
  • Barry: Nice people don't rip each others arms off.
  • Boris: Okay, goodness lesson number one! You see someone drop their wallet. Joey, drop the wallet.
  • Joey: *throws wallet on the ground*
  • Boris: Now, what would you do?
  • Bendy: Excuse me sir, but I do believe you've dropped your wallet!
  • Joey: Doesn't look familiar to me.
  • Bendy: What? I just saw you drop it! Here.
  • Joey: Nope, it's not mine.
  • Bendy: It IS yours. I am trying to be a good person and return it to you.
  • Joey: Return what to who?
  • Bendy: ....
  • Bendy: Aren't you Joey Drew?
  • Joey: Yep.
  • Bendy: And this is your I.D.?
  • Joey: Yep.
  • Bendy: I found this I.D. in this wallet. And if that's the case, then this must be your wallet.
  • Joey: Makes sense to me.
  • Bendy: Then TAKE IT.
  • Joey: It's not my wallet!
  • Boris: BENDY, NO!!

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In room for ruby, in the scene where Lapis was upset, we saw that Peridot moved towards her but she didn't hug her, this means that Lapis doesn't allow Peridot to touch her, too much at least, and she respects that because she cares about her, and which better way to show it than respect? But at the same time it's sad that Lapis doesn't even want to be hugged by her, it's hurtful when someone you love refuses contact with you, poor Peridot.

The thing is, we don’t actually know that Lapis isn’t allowing Peridot to touch her.  I mean, that could well be the case, but I’m not so sure.

I can see what you’re saying, and it does make a lot of sense, but please allow me to put a different spin on this for a second…

Peridot is ultra protective of Lapis and has a very acute awareness of Lapis’ feelings at all times - so in Beta she tells Amethyst to stop talking about Jasper, and she repeatedly checks that Lapis is OK before she leaves; then in Back To The Moon she grabs ahold of Lapis’ arm as soon as Amethyst mentions them becoming “prisoners”; etc.

Peridot might not want to full-on hug Lapis in Room For Ruby in case it makes her more upset - there have been implications (on Peridot’s Twitter, for one) that Peridot has comforted Lapis on at least one occasion in the past.  It’s entirely possible that Peridot’s learned that Lapis likes her space when she’s upset, because she’s been upset in front of Peridot before.  Some people prefer to temporarily close themselves off from others rather than having any sort of comforting physical contact when they’re upset, and Lapis might well be one of those people.  It might even be Peridot’s assumption that Lapis is like this, judging from how she behaves when upset, rather than Lapis having outright stated that she doesn’t want a hug; and because of how protective Peridot is of Lapis, she doesn’t want to take the chance just in case it makes things worse.

I mean, she seems absolutely fine with Peridot’s physical contact in other scenarios…

Originally posted by okaycasey

…as she doesn’t even react here…

Originally posted by anfurnee

…and when they’re arguing in The New Crystal Gems, Lapis seems perfectly content to basically let Peridot climb all over her.

It seems like Lapis is used to physical contact with Peridot - and so it’s entirely possible that they’ve shared a hug or two off-screen before now :)
How I imagine Morro’s redemption arc will go:
  • Lloyd: Goodness Lesson number one. You see your friend drop their wallet! Kai, drop your wallet.
  • Kai: *drops wallet in front of Morro*
  • Lloyd: Now, what do you do?
  • Morro: *picks wallet up* Excuse me Kai, but I think you dropped your wallet.
  • Kai: Doesn't look familiar to me.
  • Morro: What? I just saw you drop it. It's yours.
  • Kai: No it's not mine.
  • Morro: It is yours! I'm trying to be a good person and return it to you!
  • Kai: *snickering* Return what to who?
  • Morro: *facepalms*
  • Morro: *takes ID out of wallet* Are you Kai Bilens?
  • Kai: Yep
  • Morro: Then this is your ID?
  • Kai: Yep
  • Morro: I found your ID, in this wallet, and if that's the case than this must be... your wallet.
  • Kai: That makes sense to me!
  • Morro: Then take it.
  • Kai: *holding back laughter* It's not my wallet!

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I'm sorry if this sounds rude but..The demisexual thing doesn't make much sense to me? You say that they are not physically attracted to people they just met (even though they know if a person is attractive?) If that's the case, aren't they kinda already attracted to somebody? If you mean having sex with them on the first day I guess I can understand. But even so, isn't not having sex with someone you barely know normal behavior? Does that make me demisexual too?? Sorry Again if this sounds rude

It’s okay!!, give me a chance to try and explain ^w^:

For many sexuals, they are able to enjoy and desire sex without a deep emotional bond…  they can be celibate ofc! as you said, because of moral values such as not having sex on a first date with someone you barelly know, etc… but understand that they would still have that attraction/desire… they *choose* not to have sexual intercourse. THAT is normal behaviour.

Demisexuality means that a deep emotional bond has to be formed before a person is able to even “desire” partnered sex. And a deep emotional bond is not easy to form!!, my dear… that leave us wondering if we’ll ever be taken seriously, if someone would ever be patient enough so as to wait for us to develop feelings… because, for example,  for some of the guys I’ve dated in my life… I was boring or just too *difficult*… 

(PS: Yes! I can tell when someone is attractive! My hability to find beauty has nothing to do with my sexual desire)

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I don't get why you think that Michelle Carter was a case of Münchausen syndrome. That doesn't make sense to me. Could you please explain that.

I think it was evident she wanted to portray herself as the grieving girlfriend and that she certainly did following his death. Following his death, she text friends acting concerned for his whereabouts and posted about how much she loved him on Facebook.

It seems to be a textbook cause of Münchausen syndrome by proxy to me and that became clear during her trial. She wanted him to die so that she could portray the distraught girlfriend and receive attention.

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Headcanon of Dean and Sam and little sister (reader) having to drive for several days to get to a case. ( I hope that makes sense. I'm not going anon in case it doesn't and you need to ask)

Originally posted by thewinchesterdaily

- You all are pretty bored, so you play these games to keep yourselves busy and somewhat entertained.

- You and Sam bickering about who’s turn it is to ride shotgun.

- Dean buying endless of snacks for the road, while getting a few apples for Sam just to make a point, which you find pretty funny.

- Dean tormenting you with his music, and while you pretend to be annoyed for the sake of it, you actually kind of like it. It’s nostalgic and feels like home.

- You and Sam smiling at Dean’s singing, and sometimes joining him.

- You watching the stars through the car window at night.

- Planning out the hunt while being in the car, so that you’re all prepared and know what to do and where to begin investigating.

- While stopping at diners, you and your brothers always have the same thing and then rate it, comparing to the previous version from the previous diner.

- You and your brothers stopping and taking breaks. Often at viewpoints or landmarks. Therefore you get to see all these beautiful sceneries and landscapes.

- Stopping at random, cheap motels for the nights and all cramping into one small motel room.

- Sam being sweet and moving to the backseat so that you can sleep with your head in his lap.

- Dean glancing at you through the rearview mirror, just checking. Looking over at Sam now and then too.

- Prank wars!

Hope I got it right :)

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I'm aroace but I have doubts if it's a real orientation or not. I just realized, that asexuality (plus sex repulsion in my case) is kind of evolutionary dead end. Why would evolution choose for individuals like me? It doesn't make sense. I'm considering the possibility that it's a sickness... I'm not trying to start discourse or offend anyone - I'm really sorry if I did... 😢 But it's a serious and deeply troubling question for me and I just can't stop thinking about it. Help please...

I was struggling with myself whether I should answer that or not, but I’m going to give you the benefit of a doubt and try my best here. [Aphobia Warning! for all my followers who don’t want to read this]

First of all, yes, aroace is a real orientation. It means a person does not feel romantic and sexual attraction. It is not a sickness or disease. And sex-repulsion is not a bad thing. It’s just the way you are and that’s ok.

Secondly, you can’t just apply evolutionary biology to people like that. You just can’t. People are so much more than their biological traits. The last people who literally applied evolutionary biology to human beings were supporters of eugenics and literal Nazis. (And I don’t want anything to do with either.) However, I don’t believe that your views are influenced by this (I sincerely hope not), but rather by learning raw biological theories at school without any context. I remember learning the “five signs of life” (or something like that) in biology class in high school, and one of those “signs” was “the need to produce offspring” and I was like “lol according to that theory I’m not alive”, but of course I am. Because some biological models you can’t just apply to human beings literally. We’re more than our genes and our ability to procreate.

Just think about what exactly you’re saying here. You’re basically saying that you think that life (including your life) only has value if you procreate and “pass on your genes”. So what about infertile people? People who simply don’t want any children? People in same-sex relationships, who will never have any biological children? Don’t their lives have value? (The last one is a super old homophobic argument by the way, which was used to portray homosexuality as “unnatural” and “wrong”. I hope you don’t support this. Or any of this for that matter.)

Your life does have meaning, even if you don’t have children. I found this list of important people who never had children on Google ( and it includes people like Plato, Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Jane Austen, Nikola Tesla, Dr. Seuss, Alan Rickman, Harriet Tubman (who had an adopted child), Queen Elizabeth I, Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks. Their lives had meaning, they changed the world without ever having children. You can contribute so many other things than your genes and offspring in order to make the world a better place. Inventions, art, writing, music, teaching children, providing expertise - and even if you “just” help an old lady with her groceries you’ve made the world a better place for someone.  

So, don’t let other people tell you that your life is only significant if you have children. You can have a fulfilled, childless life. This attitude that having children is the only/most important way you can contribute to society is both homophobic and misogynistic, and it ends in “women are obligated to have children”, “women are birth machines” and “any relationship which differs from the heteronormative “norm” is unnatural”.  I really hope I’ve made you reconsider your point of view, because it’s very damaging and hurtful- not only to other people, but also to yourself.

(Also, I’m pretty sure that asexuality also appears in other species- just like homosexuality. There was this semi-serious post going around ace tumblr for a while, about a snail that rejected all partners that zookeepers wanted to pair them with. I’m sure there are better examples, though, if you go around digging through scientific sources.)

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do you ever worry this fandom thinks highly of the military as a whole? ya know in it's own way? esp since potter and margaret (two awesome characters) are so unfortunately pro-military, their viewpoints are very archaic which makes sense considering it was the 50s but in modern times the american army is known as a genocidal colonizer and i sometimes worry that this fandom doesn't hate it as much as the tv show would've hoped

I’m gonna take a break from my “all lower case, no punctuation” style for this reply because I feel it deserves it. 

So, I read somewhere once (and if anyone can remember the origin of this quote, please tell me!) that all war films were propaganda in one way or another, either pro or anti, no matter what. MASH as a TV series has done a good job of stating categorically that war (and this is a bit reductive) sucks. It’s dirty and messy and corrupt and full of innocent bystanders. Each episode dedicates at least a thirty second slot to a Hawkeye-ism about how bad it is. Every non-incidental character in the series, yes, even Potter and Margaret, have had at least one episode where they voice their distaste for it. 

I agree that in a sense, Potter and Margaret are pro-military, but that statement is a bit over simplified.  While they are a product of their time, they are also a product of their circumstance. For Margaret, the military was her way of life from birth, as well as one of the very few ways she could win the pride of her father. It is also one of the very few ways she could pursue a way of life, as a woman, that would allow her to be independent and self sufficient. For Potter, he started out in the military very young, likely seeking to escape home, and is not your typical Regular Army Schmuck. He cares about everyone in that camp and is very vocal about the corruption and incompetency that runs rampant in the military. Also, for many young men, today and then, the military provides career opportunities that they could never attain on their own, which could be another reason he joined. For instance, my friend joined because he knew he couldn’t afford college, and is now a computer engineer because the army funded his education. Sad that this is how America functions, but there it is.

I wouldn’t say that anyone here is especially pro-military; it would be very hard to enjoy the show if they were. We love the show for the characters, not for the force that brought them together. Sometimes the lines can be blurred when I find myself considering buying an old army blanket from an antique store, but I’m not wearing dog tags or enlisting. Some of my friends like to collect items that remind them of the show; I myself own an antique jacket liner that’s good for the arctic winters here. But I don’t own or seek out anything modern that would suggest that I serve, I’m as vocal as Hawkeye about my dislike for the military machine, and there isn’t a recruiter on this planet that could capture my attention. 

I think the show did a fine job of making sure no one would take enlisting lightly, at the very least. There might be a few misguided souls out there that missed the entire point of the show (not sure how that would be possible with the Hawkeye Pierce Morality Hour going on), but I haven’t seen them.

(also, sorry if this is way longer and way more serious of a response than you wanted, but I’ve always been chatty and this is an interesting subject for me!

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I'm one of your earlier asks, you said something about (Cole) Turing back to the normal ghost form. Do you think it would be a quick transition, or would it take time? Do you think they would kinda like melt into their normal form? (Sorry if this doesn't make any sense haha)

It would depend on how they got so distressed. In the case of Cole, it would probably be from inadequacy or loneliness which would build up to break him down over time. The plus side is that it’s quicker to get out of slump than falling in. Even a month of build up could be dissolved in a couple hours given the right amount of solace. Of course that doesn’t mean they’re happy go lucky or anything, they’re just out of the worst of it.

A ghost distressed out of, let’s say anger or panic, could have an apparent shift happen in a matter of minutes or seconds. Their emotional barrier would crack and boil over in a more violent transition.

As far as reverting back to their normal ghost forms, slower recoveries (days or hours) would evaporate the ectoplasm versus breaking out of a distress would enable them to, in a way, walk out of the mass? In that respect, yeah I imagine that it would melt off of them.

I hope that helped :’)


I’m sorry if this came out confusing as hell but it was keep in my chest for way too long and I just needed to get this shit out ;; (also if anyone knows how to put things into read more in the mobile version please let me known)

Oh God Tumblr is just so fucking unhealthy to victims of bullying it’s disgusting. We all need to have self destructive habits and never ever smile because if not, we don’ have any mental illness, we are just some neurotypical that “thinks that has some problem” BUT at same time you need to be a pure and perfect angel that cries at night because oh boy looks how tragic even though we are so good to people we only gain beatrayal and pain in return. And if you’re not like that? Then you are a disgusting bitter person that don’t know when to grown up. (The same goes on how people thinks bitter posts are funny but when someone actually acts like that then they are a horrible rude person)

But guess what? That’s what abuse and bullying does, you can overcome it? YES. But even so, it leaves marks. And it will slip when you least expect. It takes a LOT of work to go through everything and says “It doesn’t affect me anymore, I am not what this x thing did to me”, and it’s a constant fight, SPECIALLY when you are emotional, to not the way you are treated your whole life. It’s not that you are a bad person, you learned to act this way. We know it’s bad and most of times, we will not act like our abusers but IT TAKES TIME AND IN MOST OF CASES FUCKING PROFESSIONAL HELP. No one who go through shit and just keeps smiling, when you are bitten you learn to bite, and be damned if you are not going to use it as self defense.

Look, my father isn’t exactly abusive (I refuse to call it abuse tbh), I know he loves me but he simply don’t know how to show it very well, he has an untreated borderline and we all understand that. My mother isn’t exactly the most sensible person in the world either. Because of this I actually don’t know how to fucking express that I like someone, I don’t even know how the fuck hugs even *work*, so I decided to show it through actions. People who don’t know me very well thinks I am cool hearted, or egoist, or bitter at life and et cetera, but those who do knows that I will do everything to be at their side helping with at I can. I just don’t know how to help people emotionally because I never learned it in my house very well AND that is counting the fact that I overcome my father’s “abuse” through therapy and lots of research and help from my friends.

Now, Snape? Severus Snape didn’t get that. Because people didn’t even *try* to help him. Snape didn’t even “make all the wrong choices”, Snape simply didn’t got CHOICES in the first place. He was bullied and abused and nobody fucking cared. He learned how to be strong alone. There was only defense for him and it was to attack. I love how people say that he should just be quiet in a corner that the bullying would stop eventually because it’s OBVIOUSLY THOSE PEOPLE DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT BEING BULLIED. It will not stop if you keep quiet, you are just making yourself a better target. And remember; Snape was almost killed in a prank. He could have told to his housemates about it and get revenge, but he choose to talk to Dumbledore and the only think he got in return? A “Shut up and don’t tell anyone about it”. You know who was the only person who promised a better life for Snape? Voldemort. And don’t lie saying that if you are in his place you wouldn’t choose it because we all know it's​ not true.

Also, his only canon friend besides Lily was Lucius (and Dumbledore, I guess), and when he turned into a spy he betrayed him. He choose a life with no friends and no family because of *guilty*. And remember again; Snape changed sides but he never got the help he needed to come through all of this shit alright. And you know what happens when you go through this much shit and don’t overcome it? Yes dude, you grown​ bitter, depressed and guess what? You don’t fucking forget easily. People love comparing him to Harry but SNAPE ISN’T HARRY. SNAPE WASN’T SORTED INTO GRYFFINDOR AND SNAPE DIDN’T HAVE FRIENDS. Harry and Snape share a lot of personality traits? Yes. They are abused by their family? Yes. They both are bullied by jerks? Yes. But Harry got lucky and people love to forget that. Harry isn’t who he is because he was a better person than Snape or a cinnamon roll who only has good in his heart, Harry is who he is because he got a shit ton of help, their stories are different, period. I feel so angry when people compare him to Snape as some sort of “Look how better he is as a person”, because how ignorant you have to be to think that you are born bitter or positive, that you are inherent good or evil? I mean, do these people even *read* Harry Potter?

And no, I am not in any ways excusing Snape actions towards students who are way more young than him, but the chances that he didn’t even thought about the damage he was inflicting to them is VERY HIGH. Also, what’s the point in loving a character that is a unrealistic fluffy ball all the time? cough

Anyway, TL;DR; the thing is I fucking hate how Tumblr treats abuse victims. If you’re not there to people who don’t cope with their bullying, if you are not there for people who are bitter because of it, if you are not there for people who are actually the majority in those cases, then don’t pretend to be there for “pure cinnamon rolls who didn’t deserve what happened to them” because you are just a disgusting person who contributes to the problem.

in which Weller is very bored
  • Current Situation: Weller shockingly has a clear schedule for the day, and with no open cases, he finds himself wit nothing to do. And while all the others are very busy, a fidgety and bored Weller starts to get on everyone's nerves. The team try to find a solution.
  • Tasha: Jane please do something he’s driving us all crazy.
  • Jane: Why me?
  • Tasha: He's your boyfriend.
  • Jane: Patterson should do it. She's known him the longest.
  • Patterson: What? That doesn't make any sense. How about you Tash? You can discuss baseball with him.
  • Tasha: When have I ever discussed baseball with anyone?
  • Jane: I thought you like baseball.
  • Tasha: No, I don't.
  • Patterson: Then what’s the sport you like?
  • Tasha: Soccer. And only because the players take their shirts off at the end. I’m sure Weller won’t be open to discuss that with me. If it’s sports talk you want, Reade should distract him?
  • Reade: Why me?
  • Tasha: You’re both guys. You’ll find guy stuff to discuss.
  • Reade: He’s still pissed at me for dating his sister two years ago. I’d rather not.
  • Patterson: Alright Jane, it comes back to you.
  • Jane: I still don’t understand why being his girlfriend means I have to be the one who-
  • Tasha: Look Jane I know your new to this, but relationships aren’t all pretty and fun. Sometimes you gotta go through the tough stuff to enjoy the good stuff.
  • Reade: Please Jane just get him out of here for an hour max. Let us finish our work. And then I promise, drinks tonight are on us.
  • Tasha: Speak for yourself.
  • Jane: Fine. No. That sounds fair. I’ll distract him for an hour and then you make it up for me with drinks.
  • Jane: *walks away with a smile, into Kurt’s office, leans against his desk, they talk, he’s smiling and then they walk out hand in hand and into the elevator*
  • Reade: Why do I have a feeling Jane just played us?
  • Patterson: Something tells me she’s the biggest winner in all this.
  • Tasha: Ew! Guys that’s gross.
  • Patterson: What? You think she’s gonna distract him for a few hours with a few rounds of chess?
  • Steve: Excuse me, sir, but I do believe you've dropped your wallet.
  • Harkat: Doesn't look familiar to me.
  • Steve: What? I just saw you drop it.
  • Harkat: No, it's not mine.
  • Steve: It is yours; I'm trying to be a good person and return it to you.
  • Harkat: Return what to who?
  • Steve: Aren't you Harkat Mulds?
  • Harkat: Yep.
  • Steve: And this is your I.D.
  • Harkat: Yep.
  • Steve: I found this I.D. in this wallet, and if that's the case this must be your wallet!
  • Harkat: That makes sense to me.
  • Steve: Then take it.
  • Harkat: It's not my wallet!