in case the kids on there don't believe me

Ok so when I was tiny (like 2-6 y/o) I used to fucking adore frilly pink shit and princess dresses and tiaras.

In that same time period, I also used to fucking adore, just as much, my Acer brand beefy gaming laptop on which I played World of Warcraft.

While I played WoW I used to scream at my laptop a lot, something compounded by the fact that my parents had absolutely no hangups about their children swearing.

My family has more than one picture of me sitting on the couch with my gaming computer just as big as I was in frilly pink dresses and tiaras, and I’ve gotta say, it must have been a sight to see a little kid in full princess getup on a laptop just as big as them screeching DIE BITCH DIE at their boss fight in WoW.


so when i went on a holiday earlier in the year i watched hotel transylvania 2 on the plane and thought that kid looks like changkyun so i took a pic of himand i watched this ck fancam last night and im yelling because THEY LOOK THE SAME

hey kids I’ve been super sick the past week, surviving only on fluffy fanfiction, netflix, and ramen noodles but I finally went to the doctor’s today so I will actually be present here, a little bit. In case you weren’t aware, this blog is run almost entirely off of a queue and the rare moments in which I have interacted with people the past week is only in my memory through a hazy lense of vague remembrance. sorry if I missed you.

(yeees I put it off bc I hate going to the doctor but also I really thought it’d be over after like three days and now I’ve had to call off once and will probably have to tomorrow as well if nothing changes over night everything is awful and I yearn for the sweet release of death pls let me perish)

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So, question. Does Steven have his gem? If not, can I ask what the inspiration for the decision to have both Rose and Steven around was? Must admit, don't think I've ever even seen that idea explored before. It's interesting.

( no gem! its still rose’s, it was never “transferred” or anything

there isn’t too much significance to this other than me wanting rose around, bc shes great and Maybe Some Other Stuff. it would make no sense if they both had gems which was previously the case so this version makes slightly more sense if anything. the shapeshifted womb thing i believe is already canon, but canon steven has a higher purpose than being her kid, to say the least )

Legitimate conversation I had today
  • Girl: I love your shirt *points at my TØP shirt*
  • Me: thanks!
  • Girl: I'm apart of the Skeleton Clique too!
  • Me: oh um it's not like that, believe me I love twenty one pilots but-
  • Girl: oh! you probably just heard Stressed Out on the radio and thought it was okay to buy a shirt
  • Me: no that's not the case even if it was that wouldn't be a problem
  • Girl: I'm just so annoyed. All the alternative kids should be in our own corner those preps shouldn't like our music
  • Me: oh wow I didn't know this was 'My Immortal'
  • Girl: what?! Never mind. What's your favorite song if your not apart of the clique, I bet you don't know one other than "Stressed Out"
  • Me: Anathema. It's just got a lot of meaning to me.
  • Girl: that song isn't even BY TWENTY ONE PILOTS
  • Me: oh good lord...
  • Girl: whatever. *storms off*

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Do you guys think that constantly talking about and bonding over your mental illnesses/meds etc is actually going to help? No, it won't. Believe me. You have ups and downs of your entire life ahead of you - your career, relationships, kids maybe, family, future house/apartment. There is so much more than this stupid hormonal period of your teens/early 20s. I don't know how to tell you guys that without sounding condescending but I just know its true... Also go see a psychologist, they're good.

Harsh but true shit here Jessy… The fact that you are unemployed is most definitely contributing to your depression. Human beings are supposed to feel productive and when that’s not the case depression/anxiety results. i was unemployed for 6 months and quite literally wanted to kill myself. Apply for anything that will distract you from thinking about how sad shit is. Tbh you need to get rid of this blog for like a solid month and see how you feel… All the best.

What kind of neurotypical bullshit… Firstly, I have an autoimmune disorder that directly corresponds to my depression/fatigue. Do you have antibodies attacking your thyroid, making your energy levels so low it’s almost impossible to get out of bed some days? I’m guessing not. What kind of… “bonding over mental illness and meds” are you kidding me? Having a community is EXTREMELY helpful when going through a mental illness. If I didn’t have people to reach out to, I’d have felt even more isolated than I already did.

I’m well aware life is full of ups and downs. Guess what makes that harder? A mental illness.

“There is so much more than this stupid hormonal period of your teens/early 20s” cool, doesn’t change the fact that I have a diagnosed mental illness

“Harsh but true shit here Jessy… The fact that you are unemployed is most definitely contributing to your depression.” Again, the fact that I have an autoimmune disorder and have been sick as a dog for over a year has probably been contributing more than that, but thanks. Additionally, I’m a full time student who goes to one of the hardest schools in my state year round for engineering, and I don’t have time for a job due to the enormous amount of schoolwork and projects I deal with year round. I don’t get summers off, and honestly, the constant stress and pressure is more harmful to my mental illness than taking time off. 

“Tbh you need to get rid of this blog for like a solid month and see how you feel…” why are you on tumblr if you think it’s so bad for mental illnesses? since you seem to have all your shit together? i run this blog because it’s my escape. idk if you noticed, but i’m gay, and the real world isn’t so nice to gay people.

Idk if you’re trying to help or preach bullshit about how you know my life better than I do, but honestly fuck off. I’ve been going to therapy for a while now, I finally found a med combination that allows me to function without daily panic attacks, and yes, I’m going to help people who come to me for advice with medication. The medication stigma needs to STOP, now. I suffered for a ridiculously long time because I thought meds were ~bad~ and taking lexapro saved my fucking life. 

Dude, fuck off

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Okay I'm a Larry but everything has me confused lately but what if the tweet is meant to be a message to us. We are the convinced. They keep sending us messages that Larry isn't real and that the kid is Louis' but we're all too invested in Larry to believe it. What if it's to us saying, we're trying to tell you that it isn't real (not that it wasn't ever, but that they aren't together now) but we don't get it

1) why would harry be commenting on louis’ baby drama if that was the case lol

2) if he really wanted us to stop thinking he and louis are together he would have said it clearly by now

3) i think “preaching to the convinced” is more like “preaching to the choir” meaning that everything that’s being done with this stunt (the pics, the bc, etc) is only convincing people that are already convinced. people who don’t think it’s real and have never thought it’s real aren’t buying it. that’s what harry meant