in case someone tumblr saviors it

Shoutout to the people who blacklist things

  • It’s okay to have and to use the new x-kit, tumblr savior, washboard, or whatever blacklisting thing you use to avoid things that trigger you
  • You aren’t weak for wanting to avoid certain things, or needing a warning before you see them
  • You don’t need to have The Worst reaction to block something. It’s okay to block things that don’t case full-blown panic attacks if they make you upset/disturbed/uncomfortable 
  • Your tumblr dash should be a comfortable place for you 
  • It’s okay if you have to unfollow someone because they post things that trigger you or make you upset
  • You don’t need to justify why you block something. It’s okay to block things that just bother you even if you don’t know why.
  • Your triggers are valid. It doesn’t matter how unusual they are, they’re still valid.

Ewww Gabrinette how can you ship that, it’s horrible, think of the children! 

Man, lemme tell you, I do think about the children. I think about how my family used to try and censor this stuff from me as a kid and how if I hadn’t found it myself I would have had no clue. They still didn’t want me taking sex ed in fifth grade. FIFTH GRADE. I already had my period, I was already able to have children. I already had C-cup breasts and everything most predators would want. I looked older than I was. It was not a good situation.

And yet my parents were afraid if I knew too much, I’d end up in those situations. WRONG. Predators are after power over you and your ignorance. If you know what’s going on, you’re more likely to be able to get away from the situation than if you don’t. If you know what they’re going for and they specifically are a pedophile, they won’t find you as easy of a target as that kid over there who doesn’t know what sex is and has no idea what their intentions are. Guess which one they’re more likely to go after?

Pedophilia! You’re a horrible person!

Even at canon age, Gabrinette is not pedophilia. It is, instead, ephebophilia (attraction to mid-to-late adolescents). Not much better, sure, but not pedophilia. Pedophilia is a far worse thing and I can definitely say having that word thrown around is awful. After all, you’re throwing it at people who just draw a fictional ship when real pedophiles are out there and you’re gunking up the system with false accusations about FANART.

And, as many have said, we age up (or down, in terms of Teen Gabe AU) in most of our works. Even if they aren’t aged up, it’s usually a subject that is talked about and how they are going to wait until she is legal. She is legal in France, at 15, but there are many areas that protect those under 18 from those over 18 even if they are over 15. Because of this, I usually make Marinette a minimum of 18 in my things if anything sexual is being discussed. If not, then what the fuck, why are we talking about pedophilia/ephebophilia in the first place if they aren’t sexually involved???

I also wish to note, the difference in how someone looks between 15 to 18 is very minimal, especially in an anime-esque style, which most of these works are in. And Marinette will stay a petite girl (have you seen her mother?), so that makes it even harder to show the age difference.

I don’t care, they’re minors no matter what the law is in France! That’s not right!

Then I’m guessing you must not approve of any of the ships then? Since most of them involve minors? I hope I don’t find any canon age love square on your blog. It’s just not right.

This is a children’s show! You shouldn’t make fanworks that involve things inappropriate for children!

You know what else is a children’s show? Sailor Moon. You know what there’s porn of, involving monsters, tentacles, rape, etc? Sailor Moon. Hell, there’s porn and gore for My Little Pony and Lazytown. They also could just look and see an anime they haven’t watched and it could be hentai and they have no clue. 

Look, there’s far worse things kids will stumble upon than the fluff and angst I see all in the Gabrinette tag. I haven’t even found any actual nsfw stuff of this ship yet. Most don’t post porn in this fandom. There is porn, but it’s very minimal and most of it is Love Square. I have thought of making porn but prefer to keep it between my close friends and my girlfriend because of the attitudes towards porn here. But, trust me, if I could find tentacle rape just looking up Sailor Moon back when I was in elementary school, the parents of this generation should have learned by now that the internet is just not the best place for a child to go unsupervised. Not if they want them to not see this stuff, of course. Me? I was the person advocating that kids should be allowed to watch Deadpool, so trust me when I say I obviously have very differing views on what I think a child can take and understand and if life should be censored for them or not than you do.

It’s not my job to censor myself. It’s the parents’ job to keep their child from seeing things they don’t want them to see.

An age gap like this can only be abusive! You’re promoting abuse! Stop normalizing abuse!

While I would say most age gaps like this are not the healthiest of relationships, there are exceptions to this. As there are exceptions to everything. The world isn’t this black and white, trust me.

Besides, if I chose to go about it in an abusive way as well that still isn’t bad. I’m here for a good story and good entertainment. If that story is good while portraying an abusive relationship then I’m still here for it. This is all here for entertainment, not for Relationship Advice 101.

And many who have been through abuse use entertainment involving abuse to work through it. I am one of these people. So fuck you if you think I actually approve of actual abuse and would promote it as an okay thing. It is not. Entertainment involving abuse is okay, so long as there’s warnings. Sometimes, it’s helpful. Sometimes it can show people what the world is actually like and help prepare them for it.

I primarily go about Gabrinette in a non-abusive fashion. If I ever approach it in a different way, there will be warnings. I do not approve of abuse and never will. Do not throw accusations of that sort around. You have no idea who is behind that computer screen and you may very well be pushing someone over the edge with such hateful talk.

It’s gross and disgusting! You’re gross and disgusting!

And that may be your opinion, but you can keep it to yourself. By the point you suddenly start yelling at us for this, you’re being a bully. Which is actually abusive and wrong, unlike what we’re doing. Just stop.

There are many ways you can avoid seeing it on your dash. There are plug ins and add ons such as tumblr savior or x-kit which has ways to blacklist posts or tags. Most of us (once we can finally find the tag for it), will tag it as ‘Gabrinette’ and often even put ‘age gap’ in the tags, just in case. You can censor these things for your own experience. If someone reblogs it without such tags, please approach the person who reblogged it privately asking them to tag those posts, as the original artist/writer/etc likely did tag it, so reblogging with that is not nice as the OP will see that as well and feel attacked. 

It’s YOUR job to censor YOUR experience so that YOU feel comfortable, NOT ours. 

We’re being nice enough to tag it, you should be nice enough to use those tags to your advantage. It is, again, not my job to censor myself for anyone. I can be nice enough to try and accommodate (after all, I haven’t posted any nsfw yet and I also tag everything I post of the ship for others, just in case), but I do not have to hinder my own experience in this fandom for you and suppress my wants to draw what I choose when I haven’t had so much inspiration to draw in YEARS. I am enjoying myself here and the only time I don’t is when someone decides to come at me or come into the tag with stuff like this. I am not hurting anyone. YOU are. And if you honestly think you’re fighting the good fight, then you’re just as bad as the many people who try to block LGBT people from having rights or try to block women from having a choice in their matters because they think it’s wrong and against some moral code they hold dear. 

I don’t care about your ‘moral code’. Once you start bullying people in the name of said ‘moral code’, then your ‘moral code’ is corrupt.

Thank you and good night.

Tumblr seems to be eating into xkit’s recommended/sponsored post blocking capabilities again, so here’s a list of some of the Adblock Plus filters I’m using to clean the crap off my dashboard for anyone who wants to borrow ‘em. - blocks the flashing background gifs on the “URL not found” page. - blocks the recommendations that pop up when you like a post. - blocked the Nike banner; even though it’s gone now, I’m keeping it in in case they do a similar thing again. - blocks the in-dash recommended blogs - blocks the picture frames (which, if you’re using Adblock, are probably empty anyway) - blocks the “Explore” button at the bottom of some posts - blocks the “Explore all of Tumblr” sidebar link - blocks the “Post it Forward” button, in case it bugs anyone else

For anyone not using Adblock/xkit, you can Savior “sponsored_badge_icon” to hide sponsored posts.

And, while this functionality in xkit still works (and anything that changes that will probably also change these filters): - blocks, well, Tumblr Radar. - blocks recommended blogs in sidebar

Hopefully this helps someone on this usability nightmare of a website.