in case of zombie attack

Seven Hearts Foxy :P

psst he’s still in the middle of the apocalypse when he’s in suit for an event (try to guess bruh) and he’s keeping a gun under his suit in case the zombie attacks(???) /shrugs i made this to make him more aggressive xD

i used the rose petals instead of hearts…well hearts are kinda too mainstream xD and for the number seven, well yeah that’s my fav number :P

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Suspension of disbelief in video games and an easy step towards feminism

Pretty much from the get-go, video games have asked us to suspend our disbelief over what the hero can do. From Mario being able to standing jump many times his own height, to Guybrush Threepwood being able to fit an entire dog in his pants without anyone noticing (that happens, no joke), to the cops suddenly forgetting that you murdered a city if you make it back to your apartment in GTA. It’s part of what makes the game a game. Being able to bend the rules a little (or a lot) makes it fun. We use art and entertainment to escape reality (or at least circumvent it). Appropriate amounts of suspended disbelief are part of the experience. See also: movies, TV, comic books, novels, fan fiction, etc.

In gaming, the most common suspension of disbelief is the skill/luck of the hero, particularly in fighting games. The IRL record number of direct kills by one person for the entire human race is 505 (from a Finnish Sniper in WWII), and this largely because the Russians had some really bad tactics at the start of that war. In video game terms, it’s one level of Left 4 Dead. In most combat-oriented games, the protagonist defeats or kills a small army of enemies, often with little more training than his opponents should have (and sometimes less). Look at FarCry 3. You go from spoiled, rich-kid crybaby to killing two islands worth of armed mercenaries (and several tigers and sharks) in a matter of days. And we didn’t flip out about it because, hey, it was fun.

And on the defensive side, how many bullet wounds do our favorite heroes shake off? 10? 20? 50? Hundreds? In real life, shaking off one bullet is a big deal. You might even be able to survive 20 with proper medical care, assuming none of the shots are instantly fatal. But you certainly can’t get a shot a bunch, walk past a first aid kit, and then get shot some more. We accept that our heroes can take abnormally high abuse (or recover quickly) because otherwise the game stops being fun. We WANT to suspend our disbelief so we can escape from the hard realities of real life.

And yet, when it comes to female characters, there’s still a “girls-are-too-weak-to-do-that” mentality. There’s virtually no roof on how over-the-top male driven heroics can be, but the roof on female characters seems to be “average man” (without resorting to magic). There are exceptions of course (generally with empty-vessel characters like the Dovahkiin), but normally we don’t see female protagonists who “just happen to be tougher than everyone else”. There’s an undercurrent of disbelief about “why is this woman a better fighter than the average man” that’s stronger than “why is man a better fighter than every single other man he encounters”, as if the gap between woman and man is somehow greater than the gap between man and God. And it grossly limits our imaginations in terms of telling great stories (as well as reinforcing video game sexism).

When we started designing Aberford, even we had to ask ourselves “How do we make it believable that these 50s housewives are fighting these zombies?”. We knew that if we didn’t give them some edge, the game would catch flak for being “unrealistic”. (For balance, we also give any of the male characters who survive the first three chapters an edge as well). So we made Peggy more athletic, Doris stronger, Betty more skilled, and Sylvia more ruthless than an average person, giving them a reason to be able to do all the heroics Aberford calls for.

But we really shouldn’t have needed to. Very modest amounts of research will reveal that a ‘50s housewife is a serious customer, far more serious than most of the jokers who survive in your typical zombie fare. From the growing up during the hard years of the depression and WWII, to the inordinately physical nature of pre-appliance housework, the average ‘50s housewife in her prime could have soundly beaten any of us without breaking a sweat. (And I KNOW you all think you’d survive a zombie apocalypse with flying colors).

In the interest of both equality and accuracy, the main thing that gets people killed/zombified in Aberford isn’t a physical inability to fight a zombie one-on-one. It’s actually the mental barrier, the hesitation, the aversion to hurting someone. The zombies look like people (and not corpses), so most of the characters are reluctant to really cut loose. Or they’ve been ingrained from childhood that they can’t fight back (as is the case with oppressed people). And when you’re attacked by fast, vicious zombies, that split second delay will be the death of you. So our heroines are all women who know they can fight back and do. And that’s their biggest edge. If oppression is about making people believe they can’t do something, empowerment is about making people believe that they can.

Gender equality in game design only takes a willingness to suspend our disbelief for female characters as much as we are for male characters. Feminism in game design is that short, easy step to realizing it’s currently not how things are and that we should be doing something about it.

MBTI In A Zombie Apocalypse

ESFP: Eats too much of the rations and hunts zombies for fun.
ESTP: Swindles groups of survivors out of supplies.
ISTP: Lone wolf who has a good shot at surviving.
ISFP: Severely in shock throughout, potentially resulting in their death.
ISFJ: Does the survivors’ grunt work: organizing supplies, washing clothes, cooking, etc.
ISTJ: Extremely cautious about attracting zombies, managing rations, and delegating tasks.
ESFJ: A hard worker who always seems to have extra food to give to the sick or young.
ESTJ: Probably the leader of the survivors due to being commanding and pushy.
ENTJ: Finds a way to use people to get whatever try need.
ENTP: They survive well with or without a group; smart and resourceful.
INTP: Quiet and serious; always focused and ready to react in case of a zombie attack or other crisis.
INTJ: They probably have better ideas than the leader, causing a schism.
INFJ: The leader’s adviser, if noticed. Otherwise, they’re probably gathering firewood with the SJs.
INFPs: Either sitting alone crying about the apocalypse or on a killing spree against their enemies.
ENFJ: The ultimate motivator and morale booster when things get rough.
ENFP: Comforts everyone; risks their life for others in a pinch.

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Quick question about ybc... why was patrick hallucinating in where did the party go?

I don’t think we got a confirmed answer on this, but I do have a theory as to why:

Note how the anti-music symbol was spray-painted onto the reception wall, and how ultimately it was them that implemented the Demon onto Patrick. Chances are that the music that awakens Demon!Patrick was playing on the hospital speakers during the sequence of events. At that point of the series, the hospital sequence was the longest time Patrick had been under the hypnotizing music’s influence, which likely started provoking and stressing him further, hence him starting to see illusions. As the sequence goes on, you can see him starting to get more hostile as well (Attack on Coat Hanger, etc).

I believe the illusions in Where Did The Party Go likely represent what Demon!Patrick was seeing, thus explaining to us the reasoning behind attacking Joe. The zombies in this case could represent the type of people that the anti-music junction want: people that consume and don’t think freely or creatively. Judging by how Patrick led the illusions down the hall during the bridge, Patrick saw Joe as a non-zombie that he needed to be conformed to the anti-music standards, or needed to die in the process for defying the anti-music junction. Considering the length of time and levels of stress that Demon!Patrick was under, he was much more reckless and his strength ended up killing Joe.

..2035… This is where it all started…

Houston.. A once lively, happy place… Now a monstrosity, a unknown disease started it all.. Infecting people, turning them to blood thirsty monsters… Most people fled the place, others got turned or infected. Some surviving on their own.. But it didn’t matter now, no matter where you go there they are, zombies.. The disease is in the zombies blood, but it’s also in you.. In your brain cells, waiting for you to die so it can take you over…

It was a cold evening, buildings abandoned and zombies roam the streets. A fourteen year old girl was walking slowly, stealthily, crouching. She was aiming to go to that abandoned house, which she was rather close too. Samantha was a young girl, living on her own. She had a pink shirt with a black leather jacket on, to block the cold. She was wearing long skinny jeans with silver boots. Her hair was tied in a pony tail and she was wearing a scarf. She had a dagger in her hand, in case any zombies attacked her. She had on a belt around her waist, another dagger and a handgun was both strapped to it. She also had a switchblade in her pocket. She had a backpack, not to big and not to small about the right size, everything she needed was in there. Food, water, medicine, fist aid kit, ammo, another handgun, and a army knife. She also had a AK-108 strapped on her backpack.

She was all on her own, her family died before her eyes and she had to survive this monstrous place. She taught herself to be skilled with the knife and guns. Living alone was hard but she had to toughen up. She skillfully stabbed some zombies when they saw her, she eventually got to the house and settled there, hoping no one was there. She blocked the doors and windows, she sat on the cold wooden floor set a fire with some wood she found. Samantha sighed and thought about what had happened the past few days.

I hate this.. Surviving is hard enough but loosing my family sucks!…

Just then she heard something creeping up behind her, she quickly turned, taking out her hand gun pointing to the figures.


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I heard from a friend that there's going to be a season four. Is this true? I figured you would tell us if it was, but I wanted to ask anyway.

Hi there. (: I know this is something that’s on everyone’s mind, and to answer your question 100% honestly, I don’t know. Really. I don’t know if we will have a season 4 or not. These things are always tricky season to season, but especially 4th season, just because it’s a big one for Disney.

Now, do I want a fourth season? ABSOLUTELY. I would honestly love this show to go on forever. We have to live our lives with hope that it will continue on, but at the same time prepare in case it doesn’t. We have the time of our lives making this show and now we just leave it up to God, Disney and of course all of you. You all have a lot of power in your hands too. Let Disney know you love the show and how much you want it to come back. Feel free to tweet them, trend hashtags, and of course WATCH THE SHOW, because that has a lot of power all on it’s own.

When I, and the rest of the cast and crew, find out any info on next season we will let you guys know. In the mean time, please don’t worry about the possibility of us ending or anything negative. Enjoy the show. Watch our new episodes. Jam out to our songs. Learn our dances. Walk around quoting your favorite lines. Have a party with friends and family and laugh at us being ridiculous every Sunday night. Because that’s why we’re here, for you guys. To make you smile, make you laugh, and to bring all of us closer through a crazy foursome that gets into shenanigans on a daily basis.

& please don’t worry that if A&A does end, we will stop being friends. As the mother of the group I refuse to let that happen. We’ve all formed a special bond with the cast and the crew, and I promise we will continue to be friends, unless we get attacked by zombies, in which case I might have to sacrifice them for my own safety.

But we love you guys and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continuous support in everything we do.

All in all, I hope this answers you and your friends question. Have a great night, or day depending on where you are now. Xoxo