in case of emergency break dance

I Want You to have this realization as a gift

Oh, I’m sorry…

Did you find out
I am a real person?

Not a poem.
Not a drawing.
Not a lyric from
one of your favorite songs,
Not a fantasy reel
that plays incessantly
in the background
of your expectations?

Swearing, sweating

Some of my dreams
have been torn from
the hems
of pants I wore
when dancing round
and round to ragged music
created by records
I found in sugary cereal

Some of my stories
emerged with their
claws digging and sore,
taking breath and light
for the first time
since I attempted to murder
them as witnesses
to my failures.

Some of my love
will find you
and bring you home to me,
carrying a flashlight
and a bat just in case.

In case of emergency
I will break the glass
and present you
with bills,
and a wide assortment
of unflattering treasures
I hold.

Love isn’t blind,
it just refuses to
open its eyes.