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mercherluv  asked:

Hey! Sorry, do you know what trailer or video is from the scene where Joker is angry and hits his head against the seat of his car? I need it but I can't remember where it was featured :/

There’s actually two different takes of that scene featured in different videos. The first time we got the shot was the

1st official trailer HERE and 

the 2nd (different take) of the shot was in the Sucker For Pain music video HERE :)

anonymous asked:

wasn't the minho thing already proven to be fake?

Ha Minho’s controversy started w/ the alleged screenshots of him flirting with girls- I read the translations HERE. Of course this doesn’t seem terrible to international fans, but you have to take into account that these things might be viewed differently in Korea. 

Edit: Just wanted to clear something up, just in case- When I said they (the messages) don’t seem terrible- I didn’t mean to make it look like I was downplaying the grossness of them, I was simply trying to say that to some international fans the messages may not seem terrible. This is obviously subjective to a person’s own definition of what terrible is. But to me, and to most other people, they are terrible and very gross, regardless of the sad fact that in some high schools (including the one I attended) these messages would seem like the “norm”.

Anyway, I assume when you say proven false you mean this tweet? I appreciate the effort that went into that but that’s honestly how jpegs look when they’re compressed. The screenshot was already low quality to begin with. There’s not much that proves other than the fact that the image is low quality. 

The main point of the controversy and his subsequent dismissal from the show and his contract isn’t the screenshots, though. While they may have started the momentum, his ex-girlfriend did come forward and shared her story (you can read a translation here) which is a lot more serious than the screenshots.

To be honest, at this point, whether the screenshots are fake or not doesn’t really matter. His company did not deny the scandal. They looked into it and obviously found at least something very wrong so they terminated his contract and pulled him from the show as soon as possible. That’s a red flag that SOMETHING is true. What that is, of course, is up to speculation (although I’m pretty sure it was the harassment/bullying), but either way, he was wrong to do it. 

my untitled contribution to thebatfamcontentwar by @camsthisky! ! ! 

[warnings for mentions of self harm, panic attacks]

Steph wakes up shaking.

She’s shaking and crying and she can’t quite remember why, until she presses her eyes closed and Black Mask’s face swims before her eyes.

Steph throws off her covers and tries to get out of bed, but her legs fail her and instead she falls to the ground, curls up in a ball and tries not to sob too loudly.

She doesn’t want to disturb anyone, after all.

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I got mad about something I saw on my dash so I drew these for my lovely friends that are fed up with some bullshit

The signs from the point of view of Martin Freeman
  • Aries: oh fuck
  • Taurus: like really fuck man
  • Gemini: LIKE FUCK
  • Cancer: fuck fuck ffffuck
  • Leo: fuuuuuuuuuuck
  • Virgo: did i mention to go fuck off
  • Libra: well just in case fuck
  • Scorpio: if that wasn't already clear fuck
  • Sagittarius: fuckity fuck
  • Capricorn: oh just fuck off
  • Aquarius: all together now FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCK
  • Pisces: wait did i mention how amazingly good looking and talented i am