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Kim Junmyeon//Green Eyes

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Prompt: You’re not really the jealous type, but you’ve noticed that your boyfriend has been hanging out with a very famous, very pretty and sweet idol lately, and can’t help but feel more than a little jealous. - request from @bomsenpai
Scenario: angst, fluff
Word count: 2,341

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NCT127 Reacting to their Idol Crush Doing a Sexy Comeback

Anon: Can i request a nct 127 reaction to their idol crush doing a ‘sexy’ comeback, please?

A/N: I didn’t do Mark and Haechan because this might be a bit mature and they’re smol babies? but let me know if you want me to do their reactions as well xx


Taeyong saw your comeback and found his eyes go wide with surprise. He’s liked you for a while, mainly with how cute you were. But as soon as he saw you in that tight fitted dress, dancing so sexily, he felt being pulled in even more. He wouldn’t be shy at ogling at your body and letting his imagination run wild

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This pretty brown haired boy would just stand back and watch your stage. He would feel quite proud of you because doing a sexy comeback needs a lot of guts and confidence. The whole time he would wish that you were his girl so that he can shower you with compliments but he just smiled and laughed, concealing his bubbling feelings for you.

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Johnny would be a shy, flustered mess. He was always fidgety around you but as he took a glimpse at your performance and your expressions, he suddenly grew sweaty and tried to walk away but was fixed on his spot, shamelessly watching you. Later on as you promoted your comeback, he even danced your part just to show how chill he was when in reality he was dying because he loved you so much but you would never know.

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Yuta being Yuta would act all chill and cool. He could feel his insides grow crazy just by looking at you walk in that sexy outfit. But he would maintain a sombre expression and a professional attitude. Later on in his own performance, he would try to make it more intense to get your attention because he wanted to make you feel the same way you made him.

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Doyoung would probably stay serious and wouldn’t pay too much attention. Mainly because he knew he would get flustered by watching your performance and he wanted to be lowkey about his crush on you. So he just joked around with his pals and acted like your group was just another girl group to him, nothing special. we all know this baby rabbit was dying to see you dance sexily 

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Winwin’s reaction would be similar to Doyoung’s. He would want to keep calm in case someone found out about his crush on you. But unlike Doyoung, he would watch your performance and be amazed at your dancing techniques and how well you fit the concept.

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Taeil would be a blushing mess and he would stare at your dancing body in awe. He couldn’t fathom how anyone can be so perfect. On the outside he would act like he was just watching a performance but on the inside he was dying. He was so engrossed in your performance that he almost missed Jaehyun calling out for him.

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if u don't mind, could you do some headcanons for Iida's smoll s/o wearing his clothes??



For real I haven’t written for my boy Tenya in a while, he needs some lovin’.

Iida Tenya

  • When he first gave the clothes tto his s/o, he didn’t really think of what that would look like in his head. Imagine his shock when he sees how adorable it is when his s/o walks up to him, using his t-shirt as a nightdress.
  • Very flustered and blushing. They looked so normal on him so why did it look so inexplicably perfect on his s/o?
  • Being very gentlemanly and offering his s/o a jumper or hoodie in case they were feeling too exposed in just his t-shirt.
  • Not wanting anyone else to see his s/o like this except him. It felt really personal and private. 
  • He would have a heart attack if he saw his s/o talking to a classmate while wearing what was undoubtedly his jacket/hoodie. 
Drarry; Uncovering Scars Pt. 2 <– Part One

Part Two: 

The next morning Draco woke up holding his pillow in his arms. Why can’t this be Harry? he thought. Shaking off the fact that Draco had already mentally changed from “Potter” to “Harry”, because Potter no longer seemed to fit him. He smiled and wondered what he was doing right now. Was he awake and thinking of Draco? How did he sleep? Wait–was last night a dream?? Draco’s mind was instantly filled with panic. It couldn’t have been a dream…he reassured himself that what had happened was in fact real. 

Rising slowly, Draco stood before the mirror. Even he couldn’t deny it, he looked pretty good. In the past year he had started to workout more, his body was becoming even more toned and he could see the six pack finally being sculpted into place. His shoulders had become filled out with muscle, and his hair was messy perfection. Am I being a little too cocky? Draco smirked. He could be as confident in his body as he wanted…he knew he could never say these things out loud to anyone else. In any case, his personality and past kept people away…until last night.

Draco’s mind instantly snapped back to Harry. He wondered what his body looked like. After last night he wasn’t too curious about Harry living up to any expectations of Draco’s. During their brief time together Draco remembered their bodies pressed up against each other, and Harry certainly wouldn’t be a disappointment if what pressed against Draco’s hip was any indication. Draco felt his cock stir as he wished Harry was with him alone right now…

No! Draco thought to himself. This is different, this is Harry. Draco returned his stare to the mirror as if to remind himself that this was about a lot more than just physical desire. This was the love of his life. Was it fair to say that when they had barely spent any time together? Draco smiled and started to get dressed. While fixing his tie he continued to let his anxiety grow, but he headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast. 

He was filled with disappointment when he looked over at the Gryffindor table and didn’t see Harry, but he remembered that they had stayed up quite late together, so he might still be sleeping. Pushing away the panic as much as he could Draco finished eating and started walking to his class.

“Hey Draco! Where were you last night mate?” his friend Blaise quickly walked to catch him before Draco headed down the staircase to potions.

“Oh uhm…I was tutoring. Got back late and went straight to bed.” It wasn’t technically a lie, Draco thought. Worried that Blaise might catch on to his thoughts he quickly changed the subject. “Did you finish the homework? I had trouble figuring out what was missing from the potions list that Slughorn gave us, it took me all night to finish.”

Blaise gave him a bewildered look before saying, “Yeah Draco. I’m sure you did…” he rolled his eyes, “you’ve always received top marks for potions. You were probably just overthinking it mate.”

Draco shrugged and just tried to make the silence less awkward during the long walk down to the dungeon. When they finally arrived to class Draco took his usual seat at the far right corner of the room. Harry still wasn’t there, although Granger and Weasley were hunched together talking. Draco suspected they were talking about Harry but he couldn’t be sure—they were constantly together now, which frankly confused Draco a little, but he also wondered how it made Harry feel. He seemed to be the odd one out of the group.

Just then Harry came into the room and took his usual spot next to Weasley. He looked over at Draco and smiled quickly before blushing and turning back to his books. Draco was a little disappointed, but also sort of relieved that they didn’t further engage with each other. Draco wasn’t willing to risk scaring Harry away, so he didn’t want him to be uncomfortable. He smiled to himself as he accepted that when Harry realized Draco was already so easily wrapped around his finger, he was completely at the mercy of how fast or slow Harry wanted to move along, if he did at all. Forcing himself to push all thoughts out again of Harry, he tried his best to think about potions. He almost messed up the potion they were making three times before Blaise finally shook him by the shoulder and asked if he was okay. When he went to respond he noticed that Harry was looking at him with a curious look. Draco discreetly mouthed, “Yeah I’m okay.” so that Harry would be reassured. Right after he did it he had to refocus and felt embarrassed. Harry had turned back to his potion almost immediately, so Draco followed suit and somehow managed to not blow them all up by the end. He quickly packed up and left the classroom, not waiting for Blaise or anyone to follow. His next class, Herbology, went by rather slowly and Draco found himself finally making his way up to the Great Hall for lunch.

He dropped down next to Blaise who grunted between bites of food. His friends were engaged in a conversation about something pointless, so Draco remained quiet while he pretended to listen to them. He looked over to see Harry sitting with Granger and Weasley at the Gryffindor table. He looked up every few minutes to see if Harry had left or even bothered to notice him but he never did. After barely eating anything, Draco excused himself to the library so he could finish a paper due later that afternoon. An entire scroll on bloody gargoyles. Who could possibly write so much about gargoyles anyways?! he thought as he slung his book bag over his shoulder and nodded to his friends on the way out. Draco was thankful that his friends could read him well enough to know that he wanted to be alone in the library. Even if he couldn’t write the paper, at least he was alone with his thoughts.

While struggling to find anything remotely interesting about ruddy gargoyles, he failed to see Harry who had walked up and quietly sat next to him in his corner. When Draco looked up he was filled with instant warmth.

“So you weren’t a dream!” Draco whisper-shouted at Harry. The two boys blushed as they realized they should probably be quiet even though they seemed to be alone. Anyone who might see them would probably be curious as to why they were even together.

“Draco…is it, would it be okay if we maybe kept quiet about this? I don’t want to…I just want to…you know.” Harry said while looking down at his feet.

“Don’t worry Harry, I get it. We can do anything you’d like.” Draco said with a smile, and placed his hand on Harry’s knee, giving him a light pat. “Really. I don’t want to push you to do or be anything that you’re not…ready for.”

Harry smirked at Draco, “It’s not like you should be all ready to flaunt anything! You also said nothing and seemed pretty nervous last night!”

Laughing, Draco tried to find the words to explain to Harry, “No Harry, I just meant…I want to do whatever you want. When we left last night I just felt like things were finally…okay. I honestly didn’t know that I was your first…” Draco trailed off.

“Honestly Draco you might as well spit it out,” Harry sarcastically looked at him, “I know I don’t have quite the same list of accomplishments as you when it comes to well, you know, stuff, but I’m not completely naïve!”

Draco smiled back at Harry. “I didn’t mean it like that…I just want to do this…right.”

The two sat in silence for a few minutes, just looking at each other before Draco realized that his hand was still resting on Harry’s knee. He moved it away when Harry gave him a look that made him freeze and put it right back. Harry smiled. Oh great, thought Draco. He already can tell how much control he has over me.

Harry couldn’t believe that he was sitting alone with Draco, again. He was in absolute bliss. Draco’s hand was placed gently on his knee, and had been for a few minutes. Harry wanted to take his hand into his own but he was scared that Draco wouldn’t want to. But when Draco kept smiling, Harry offered to move over so that Draco could join him on the couch. They spent a few moments rearranging themselves and their books so that if anyone happened upon them they could quickly act as though they were working together on homework. They opened books to random pages and then sat back again, this time Draco grabbed his hand and intertwined his fingers with Harry’s. Draco turned his head and smiled at Harry, “So…who would’ve thought we would be here?”  He leaned in to give Harry a soft kiss, but didn’t pull away. Harry felt exhilarated. As Draco went to finally pull away Harry leaned into him so he was practically laying in Draco’s lap. His arm brushed against Draco’s erection. He stopped momentarily before Draco said, “It’s okay…you can leave it there if you want.” Draco blushed. Harry let his hand rest on Draco. He rubbed him softly, but was unsure if Draco wanted him to do anything else.

“Harry?” He jumped. Harry had fallen asleep in Draco’s lap. When he woke, Draco’s erection was gone, but Harry was still in his arms. Draco smiled at him. “Hi sleepy head. Don’t worry, it’s only been a couple of hours. No one has even come by. You can stay there if you want.”

“A couple of hours?? But Draco! You had class, and a paper!”

“Trust me, that paper is not worth writing. And I’ll explain to Professor Binns some other time. You seemed to get a good sleep though.” Draco winked at him.

Harry blushed again, worried that he had disappointed Draco by not even going further. “I’m sorry…I was so tired, I didn’t even realize…”

“Harry it’s okay, really. I was happy just to hold you.” Draco smiled. “Want to talk?”

“About what?” Harry was still worried that Draco was disappointed that he had fallen asleep rather than going further with him. He didn’t want Draco to be under the impression that he was a tease. The only reason they hadn’t gone further was Harry’s lack of experience, he was sure of it. Feeling embarrassed, he waited for Draco to talk.

Draco could sense that Harry was waiting for him to say something reassuring, “I meant it when I said we can go at your pace Harry. I want you. All of you.” He placed a hand on Harry’s chest, over his heart. Harry smiled. The two both knew they were going so fast. Maybe too fast.

“Draco…do you think maybe we’re going really fast? I mean I really like you I just…it’s a lot.”

“I know that Harry. That’s why I want you to feel no pressure. We can go as slow as you’d like.”

“But that’s pressure too! I don’t want you to have this expectation building that I’m going to be amazing or good at anything. Merlin, Draco you know it took me this long to even admit I have feelings for you! I mean where are we going with this? I’m just…I don’t know! I—”

“Harry, Harry, slow down! Listen. Breathe. I’m not sure what the future looks like…but just take a moment to breathe.” Draco had to stifle his laughter. Harry hadn’t even been able to sit up and get off of Draco, he was just continuing his panic from Draco’s lap (not that he minded at all). Draco had to smile and shake off feelings about the future with Harry. Truthfully, he had thought about what a future would look like him. It wasn’t until the day before that he really thought about it. Of course, the former Death Eater couldn’t possibly tell Harry that he pictured a big house, kids, and a lot of love…no! He had to force himself to return to the current conversation. If Harry could read his mind, Draco was sure that he would run away as fast as he found out that Draco was already thinking that far. Instead he tightened his arms around Harry and just calmly looked into his eyes, “Harry. There’s no expectation of you to be anything other than yourself. Really, I don’t want you to even worry about stuff like that.”

He strategically flexed his muscles a little tighter around Harry, causing him to blush. Harry moved his arms to rub Draco’s bicep. Raising his eyebrows Harry said, “I just want to be…enough. For once.”

“Trust me Harry. Remember last night when you said you wanted me to see what I finally deserved? I feel the same way for you. I’m not trying to rush this. Believe me, I want to go further Harry…I really, really do…” he trailed off as he felt his groin stirring. Harry apparently felt it too because he smiled at Draco, “Then…can we maybe…?”

“No, Harry. Not like this.” Draco gave him a soft smile. “Just be here with me Harry. You honestly have no idea how good it feels to have you in my arms.”

“You honestly don’t know how good it feels to be in your arms.” The boys laughed at Harry’s last comment. 

“Just trust me, okay Harry? As much as I want to go further, I feel like I need to know you more. I mean I know you of course, but I want to be more than just…that. Maybe let’s take a step back. Let’s start with…oh, I know! What’s your favorite color?”

Harry turned bright red, “Green.” 

At that, Draco pulled him into his arms even closer and winked, “Hmm…I might have a few things you could wear.” The boys laughed, and continued to talk and cuddle well into the night, neither of them getting up to do more homework or dinner. This was the beginning of a beautiful time for both of them. 

~To be continued~
If anyone wants more, just send me ideas/prompts. I might be new to this but I’ve been in love with Drarry forever. <3

Be Mine

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Summary: Cas x Reader - The reader goes against the wishes of the Winchesters and Castiel as she uses herself as bait during an Incubus hunt.

Triggers/warning: Light swearing/violence

Word Count: 3989

Y/N = Your name   Y/H/C = Your hair colour


You carefully dabbed your red lips with a piece of tissue as you inspected your work in the bathroom mirror. Chuckling to yourself you knew exactly how Sammy and Dean would react, after all since they took you in three years ago they had viewed you as family. An innocent little sister they needed to protect and dote on.

Not that you minded, for the most part, you saw the Winchesters as your big brothers as well. And that over protectiveness came in handy from time to time, especially when some creep tried to chat you up at a bar and you were too annoyed to handle him yourself. But of course in cases like this it was always better to keep them in the dark for as long as possible.

You were hunting an incubus, one that seemed to have a specific taste for women about your age and with your looks, and needed to catch him before he attempted to impregnate another woman with his hell spawn. So from a hunter’s point of view you were the perfect bait to lure the bastard out, since he could look like just about anyone. Of course your “big brothers” didn’t see it that way. They only wanted to make sure their unofficial little sister was safe and sound.

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Chapter 4

Series summary and masterpost here.

Summary: Dean visits Bobby and gets a surprise contact from Sam. You receive a dreaded call from Gordon and have to decide where to take your hunt next. 

Characters: Reader, Kubrick, Gordon, Dean, Bobby, Castiel 

Word Count: 4.1k

Warnings: none

A/N: Phew! The troublesome chapter is done. Thank you to @impala-dreamer for looking it over for me and being honest about the quality. She’s a great beta, guys. Also, we have a couple appearances from favorite characters! Yay! Hope you guys enjoy! (If you’re wondering where Sam is, don’t worry, we’ll get more of him in the next chapter!)

The next morning, at exactly six twenty-two, before the beaming morning sun had a chance to pierce your eyes, a shrill ringtone came from your cell phone and jolted you awake. After you gathered your wits, you slapped your hand onto the bedside table and fumbled around until your fingers met the blaring device. You lifted your hand, preparing to throw it across the room until you saw the caller I.D. You groaned, remembering why you had picked this annoying ringtone for this particular caller.

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psa: past tense vs past perfect

   This may be just a new style, and I’m not singling anyone out (it’s not a cardinal sin, I do worse things to the English language myself on the regular–I am not in a position to judge.)

   But! I’ve been seeing this a lot lately and… as a past-tense, third-person narrative RPer/writer (with occasional fits of omniscience) I’d like to draw attention to this, just in case some aren’t aware, or want to do that style but just aren’t habituated to it:

   “The car was” versus “The car had been.” Or, “She was,” versus “She had been.” The first sounds more active, more immediate–the second is like an action being described after the fact by a GM in a tabletop game. There’s nothing WRONG with that, if that’s your preference–go with it, all I need to know is what’s happening in the scene–but some do have trouble reading it and… well… yeah. Just a quick psa, basically.

   Also, and I’m guilty of this myself, a reminder about the “zombie rule” of passive voice in writing:

   I’d offer examples, but I’m tired. If this gets reblogged any, maybe some others could chime in? This is meant to be specific to Tumblr’s roleplay/fanfic community, but… yanno, all input is welcome.

I really don’t think there’s anyone out there in the world who would disagree with me when I say that Smokey And The Bandit is quite possibly the best movie of all time–at the very least the best Burt Reynolds/Jackie Gleason truck driving movie–but I will admit that there is at least one huge plot point that nearly ruins the film for me. And I mean one huge plot point besides the fact that anyone would go to such outrageous lengths to get a truckload of hot Coors delivered to their big outdoor party.

That point is this: Big and Little Enos want the Bandit to drive from Texarkana to Atlanta with 400 cases of Coors: he has 28 hours to make it to the Southern Classic without getting caught. Which–spoiler alert–he does, and ably, with the utmost skill and derring-do. A good time is had by all. But this is where my issues with what is an otherwise perfect film come into play. When you see Bandit and Snowman in Texarkana loading up the truck that is to haul the Coors, you see that the entire trailer is filled with pallets, from front to back. Yeah, you’re thinking, of course it is–they’ve got 400 cases of Coors! That’s a shitload of beer!

And you’re not wrong. That is a shitload of beer. But you see, I’ve been working in a warehouse now for nearly two years, and I can tell you that while 400 cases of beer is certainly a lot, it is not a lot to load onto the back of a tractor trailer. You could pretty easily get a hundred cases of beer onto a single pallet. And a trailer as loaded as the one you see in the movie would hold somewhere around 20 to 24 pallets, depending on how they’re loaded on the truck and the exact size of the trailer, meaning that instead of 400 cases, you might be looking at as many as 2400, if not more. This newfound professional expertise really takes me out of the viewing experience, is all I’m saying, which is probably how Stephen Hawking feels when he watches some dumb time travel movie.

hey friends! you may have noticed already, but i made a chmergs wedding gold tag in addition to the chmergs wedding tag. the latter is up to like 27 pages and includes legit everything that was posted since friday and i’ll continue to add to it as more comes out. the ‘gold’ version is aptly named as it houses only the best, cutest, most fangirl-worthy stuff, as judged by me lol so keep that in mind (i will continue to add to this one as well). that’s not to say that the whole weekend wasn’t over-the-top perfection but if you’re looking for something and don’t actually need to see 19 ig stories of the flamingo float in the pool, then the gold tag is for you lol or at least for me. i know i’m gonna want to look back eventually and didn’t want to dig through everything to find certain stuff i wanted. just wanted to point that out in case anyone was interested. if you’re looking for the platinum edition, that can be found here.

go places au

yoongi is a professional photographer. he meets jungkook because the kid accidentally apprehends the guy trying to get away with yoongi’s camera. by which we mean jungkook is coming out of a convenience store with his arms chockfull of instant ramen buckets and happens to open the door right into the face of the failed thief. in slow motion yoongi sees this: ramen packs going absolutely everywhere, his camera flying out of the thief’s hands, jungkook flying after said camera and leaping higher than ordinary people should be able to…catching it. gently. he has enough awareness to clothesline the thief when he tries to scramble up and get away, which is apparently enough time for jungkook to walk over, toeing ramen carnage out of the way as he offers the camera back with both hands.

cue yoongi offering to thank him with dinner or something and jungkook asking to see yoongi’s work and yoongi asking what jungkook is up to jungkook explaining he would love to pursue photography but his parents don’t think it’s stable enough and yoongi agreeing but then telling jungkook that’s no reason to not pursue it because hey look at him. and then jungkook Looks at him. you know, the Look you give someone when they’ve given you advice that should be obvious but is so obvious you never thought of it or never heard it and it’s everything. 

so jungkook starts taking pictures. mostly of yoongi since he somehow slips more fully into his life because this is a story where for once the people you want to see win, win. and winning doesn’t even mean someone else has to lose in this case: it just means you recognize what you have.

you hold on.

scans @ xiutama

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Headcanon or reaction of Madara Tobirama and Hashirama becoming girls suddently

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千手柱間, Senju Hashirama

  • Waking up to become in a girl’s body is quite surprising for him, however, the shock doesn’t last long as he got things up his sleeves while being a female.
  • If Tobirama doesn’t recognize his own brother that turned into a girl, Hashirama would play as a flirter to Tobirama. Try to get close to him and even as far as dating him.
  • Place of appeal. He would explore every aspect of this womanly body of his.
  • Would definitely try to get close to his best friend, Madara and see how different can he be near a female.
  • Would spend hours of trying to figure what hairstyles and clothes fit best for him
  • Wouldn’t even tell anyone that he’s Hashirama Senju, the headmaster because he believes no one is going to believe him anyways until weeks later.
  • Secretly uses his wife, Mito Uzumaki make up. Try to perfect her style. You know for practice; in case he wants to do it for fun when he turns back to a male.

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千手扉間, Senju Tobirama

  • The first thing he’ll do is run up to Hashirama and yell, “WHAT HAPPENED?!” While Hashirama acts confuse like “is that you Tobirama? My my, I see you have let your inner self show.”
  • Would not go out in public because it is embarrassing to him. Turning into a girl all of the sudden frustrates him.
  • Would annoy Hashirama to death by asking questions and trying to answers.
  • If he is going out, he would cover his entire body.
  • During night time, he will stare at the mirror for hours even days…as he internally cries.

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うちはマダラ, Uchiha Madara

  • Look through the mirror and…..PANICK. He would definitely touch his face and every body parts. It must be a dream to him and therefore, he’s bone-tired.
  • If his younger brother, Izuna is in the room he would ask “Is this real? Am I dreaming?” (Though Izuna wouldn’t believe it is his older brother)
  • Give him a day or a half a day to absorb what’s happening. He would use this sudden transformation and go to the Senju Headquarters. This will probably give him an advantage on how to destroy them.
  • After some time of being a woman and getting intel, he would, like Hashirama, explore his womanly figure out of curiosity.
  • Since he is the headmaster of the Uchiha Clan, he would tell Izuna that Madara has left for some business and would be back shortly. If he tells his clan in a female body that he is Madara Uchiha, no one would believe him. It might appear as a joke.

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Any theories on Thea's potential storylines if writers actually wanted to write it :)

I won’t necessarily talk “theories” because I have no idea what the writers are doing, and they haven’t really hinted at anything for me to go off, so I’ll take it as more a “wishlist” for the bae that is Thea Queen, and for that I have: 

  • Returning to Team Arrow as Speedy — I’ve said it before, but I think Thea’s initial conflict was about becoming like her father, and becoming like her mother, but both of them sacrificed their lives to save her, and I think it would be an interesting response for Thea to realise that while she has darkness in her blood, there is the awareness and acknowledgement of what it means to be and do good, and she can tap into that by being Speedy, and by joining Oliver’s side on Team Arrow. It really isn’t the same without her.
  • Bonding with Black Siren — I think part of recognising a darkness within yourself and struggling to navigate your way around and often through that, can allow Thea to be a perfect candidate to help others confront their own darkness and not be consumed by it. Perhaps she can take what she’s experienced to empathise with what Black Siren has been through, and contribute in steering Siren towards the light. I also think it would be great for Thea to reference Laurel, and tell stories to Siren that help paint a picture of who our Laurel was for Black Siren, especially as its a perspective that isn’t from a lover or a father, but from a friend. 
  • Pursue Thea as the most important relationship for Oliver — I think the show, and in large part, the character of Oliver, has worked best when the writers have leaned in on Thea as his most important relationship. I hope they make hers a perspective that Oliver turns to more often, and make Thea a character that is crucial in Oliver’s personal development; their dynamic should always be at the forefront of the writers’ mind, and I hope to see more of Oliver turning to Thea in times of conflict, but to also balance that with more lighthearted, brother/sister moments. 
  • Bonding with William — I absolutely loved Thea’s support of Oliver in Season 4, and I just rewatched a scene the other day where she saw William for the first time, and it just made me want to see more. In remembering everything that happened that season, and how William’s mere existence was a conflict for one female character, I’d much rather see the show explore Thea as an Aunt than anyone take Samantha’s place as a mother, and in seeing how William is scared of Oliver (I think the trailer hinted towards that being the case) then I think Thea is the perfect candidate — a familial candidate — of showing William that he’s safe with them, and can trust them, and she’ll have his back. 
  • Looking after Quentin — I think the writers tapped into something great with the Thea/Quentin scenes in Season 5. I’m very protective over what was Laurel’s and her “world” — in terms of dynamics, characters, storylines, you name it — and so I tend to lean towards Thea being the one most associated to things related to Laurel, and so I prefer seeing her step in and look after Quentin in a way that Laurel would than any other character, and would love to see more of it in Season 6, especially with Black Siren kind of bringing some drama into the mix and complicated a lot of their emotions and their grief. 
  • A storyline outside of Oliver Queen — As much as I talk about wanting more between Thea and Oliver, and enjoy Thea’s dynamics with Quentin, and Laurel (and hopefully Black Siren, and William), I still want the writers to give her an arc that’s about her own individual development and progression as a character. I’ve always loved that Laurel, as the lead female of the series, had storylines that existed outside of Oliver, and Thea has had her fair share, too. So I want more of that, whether it comes out of something that happened on the island, or is about her returning to Team Arrow as Speedy, or something specific happens in Season 6 that involves her and bleeds into an ongoing arc, I just want something

And lastly — on more of a “please god don’t do this” kinda list — I’m not all that keen on romance for Thea. It just doesn’t work outside of Roy, for me. And the way they’ve done that romance has felt like it should always tie back in by the end of the series. Outside of them, Alex was a total hit and miss. And do you guys remember that creepy Chase, the DJ, guy? Ugh. And I don’t want her paired up with Wild Dog, either. I mean, maybe my opinion will change as the show progresses, but I just don’t like the idea of it. 

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I love prompt #160 that you reblogged! maybe with Michael talking to Calum idk or luke talking to Michael. man it's just a great prompt idec

(Prompt #160 by @writers-are-writers: “I really miss her, man. She’s perfect. I can’t see myself with anyone else ever again after this.”)

It’s been six months, and he still isn’t back to normal. Doesn’t really know what “normal” even is for himself anymore considering his baseline of happiness over the past two years has only ever revolved around you. And sure, Luke knows that sounds probably as codependent as it gets, but hey. Love makes people do stupid things.

The boys notice it in the way he doesn’t engage in conversation as much anymore. How he stares at his phone backstage instead of pumping to music with them before a show and in the way he immediately heads to the bus after one has finished. How Luke avoids pretty much any and all confrontation when one of the boys try to get him to open up and has kinda closed up and shrunk, like when you two broke up, you took your bags full of stuff and his heart (full of passion to live) with you. 

The fans realize he’s not doing so well either. They observe how evasive he is in interviews, see how Luke just kinda zones out sometimes and stares into space. They notice he’s not really as upbeat at concerts as he usually is, just bouncing around in his general vicinity and never straying far from his microphone. 

And the truth is, you see it too. You weren’t the one who brought up breaking up, but didn’t really protest it either. Didn’t fight for it because you were too shocked to even comprehend the thought that he didn’t want you anymore, that he was done. Hell, you didn’t even know something was amiss until it was over and you were left standing in the dust while Luke went to tour the world again. It was natural for you to be curious; to want to know what Luke was doing, if he was okay because even though you weren’t together anymore, he was still one of the people most important in your life.

It’s a Tuesday when he finally breaks down. They’re somewhere in the U.S., somewhere far away from home, so many miles away from the comfort of their own beds and families when it all comes flooding out. Calum and Ashton are hiking some trail a local had told them about at a gas station earlier in the day so it’s just Mikey and him on the bus. 

Immediately, Michael knows Luke wants to talk when the blonde shyly walks into the back lounge and curls right up next to him; tucking his feet under his body and head in the crook of Michael’s shoulder. It’s silent for a little while as they stare at the TV, but the elder knows Luke’s just trying to find the word’s to say, to accurately articulate exactly what he’s feeling. “I really miss her, man,” Luke starts, his voice small and feeble. 

Michael doesn’t mention it when he feels a growing wetness accumulating on his shoulder. Knows Luke’s always embarrassed when someone teases him about crying.

“She’s perfect,” the blonde breathes, his tone an odd mixture of enchantment, bewilderment, and regret. “I can’t see myself with anyone else ever again after this.”

Michael lets a small silence bloom, letting Luke have a bit of time in case he wants to add anything else before he gently coaxes, “Well, why don’t you tell her that?”

Luke pulls away from him, angry scratching at his cheeks to get rid of the tears that just seem to keep falling. “Yeah, let me just walk up to the love of my life, the one I absolutely fucked it all up with because I was scared and say, ‘Hey, what’s up, sorry I haven’t talked to you in six months! By the way, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love someone as much as I love you ever so like, congratulations, you’ve ruined me!’” Luke’s breathing heavy, his cheeks flaming red as he stares angrily at the ground where his toe’s digging into the carpet. “I can’t just do that, Mike!” he exclaims, before he lowers his voice to a level so quiet that Michael has to lean in to hear him. “She just… she deserves so much better. I couldn’t do that to her.”

And Michael laughs, honest to God laughs because you and him (unbeknownst to Luke) had stayed close after the breakup and really, it was just like the two of you to be just as miserable as the other. And though Michael abruptly stops laughing because he catches sight of Luke’s expression looking absolutely murderous, he doesn’t hesitate to say, “Just call her, mate. I know for a fact she feels the same way.”

And if Luke’s smile in the morning when he greets the band at breakfast and claim he made about having the best night of sleep he’s had in forever (even if he stayed up until four talking to you) were anything to go by, then Michael thought it was safe to assume Luke and Y/N were LukeandY/N again.


TL:DW SHINee MV’s Edition

Replay: These 5 young cuties confess their love over a smooth beat and relaxing melody with controlled but beautiful vocals. They got to dance in a set version of a dance room that was 10x better than the one they actually used at SM to practice, and Taemin’s hair was tragic, but his dance moves were magic.

Love Like Oxygen: A lot of growling, but at least no one’s hair was broken and a mess. Slick chair choreography and matching open vests. No one had a clue what the set design was supposed to be and they all kept walking away but looking back over their shoulders.

A.Mi.Go:  So a girl steals Minho’s magical light that keeps him from seeing in color and he’s like “Um no chick that light wasn’t cheap, SM said if I lost it I would have to add an extra 5 years on my contract, so give it back” but she said no and ran. He chased her while the rest of the guys sang and didn’t help. But it was cool because when he was running he decided maybe he should start acting irl. Then he caught up with the girl, and after some longing looks she gave the light back, and then he just stood there awkwardly touching her.

Juliette: Ooh look! Another song that Jonghyun starts! Go figure. Minho’s pants choice was unfortunate and bulky accessorized shades were all the rage. No one even dies or gets hurt in a song about one of the saddest tales in literature. Tie-dyed shirts were brought back even though no one really asked for them to reappear in the mainstream limelight.

Ring Ding Dong: The best song in Kpop history hands down. 5 super cool bad boys ride the rhythm of funky beats right into our hearts. Featuring confused stair climbing and seductive water dancing. Brought such innovative lines as:

We wanna go rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka, rock (so fantastic) go rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka, rock (so elastic) fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, elastic, elastic, elastic, elastic”

A lyrical masterpiece which depth goes so far as to leave you questioning your very identity and place in this world. Genius.

Lucifer:  Okay since dancing in front of one car in Ring Ding Dong went so well we should totes do it in front of 3 and REALLY blow minds dude! Bring back that weird light thing from A.Mi.Go and shave one side of Key’s hair completely…trust me it will be the best hair decision he ever made! Do you have some dull scissors? Okay good because we need to cut Minho’ hair in the dark too. Just get the same writer who gave us our iconic English lines in Ring Ding Dong and we’ll call it a day!

Hello: Onew’s smile melted your heart, as he and the rest of the guys confessed their love in the middle of a street while changing clothes, and hairstyles at least 7 times. Little known fact that this was one of the first recorded documentations of someone doing the *whip* dance and even the booty shake made popular by NCT U made its first appearance here as well.

Sherlock: SHINee’s Back. A museum that houses things that have already been found is a wonderful place to look for something out in the open with a magnifying glass! And oh floors that just happened to be good for dancing too! How convenient. Give Taemin a weave but only in certain scenes because consistency is for lames. Have a girl appear and disappear for mystery and so that the boys can give their smoldering stares to the camera. The Shawols will dig it like crazy.

Dream Girl: SHINee’s back…..again. Taemin started a song and thus began his world take over. Not quite sure if their clothing was matching but I’ll let it slide.  Onew cleaned the floor with his body, Jonghyun blessed our ears with a vocal roll to slay the angels, and everyone kept falling onto a giant trampoline.

Why So Serious?:  The harmonies were on point as they danced in front of yet another abstract set design. Pretty dope suits and coats for you fashion lovers, but no one dressed up like the Joker causing the video to fall a half a point. 99% chance that you’ll want a top hat by the end of it.

Everybody: The amount of guyliner used caused a temporary shortage in Korea. Taemin wanted to show everybody he and his body were now of age. Proved that the statement “Women can’t resist a guy in uniform” is totally true. Didn’t really make sense but when do these vids ever? The dancing was next level and iconic and it’s impossible to listen to without nodding your head at least once.  The “DJ” and “Zombie” dance really pushed this song to the cream of the crop.

Colorful: Awhh it’s Christmas! So let’s make a cute little song and use old footage from our Dream Girl & Everybody MVs.  You want more?? Okay well we’ll throw in some old concert footage and sing directly to the camera, while wearing cute coats on the outside of our shoulders….More?? OKAY LET’S EVEN THROW IN A CAKE AT THE END! If you don’t feel somewhat emotional  after all that you must be dead.

View: Proves that being kidnapped can be fun, if it’s by sexy foreigners with model bodies and flowing hair. Why be nice to your fans and make a video where we can actually see your faces when you can just use a blinding light effect instead?  Show skin and hold beer bottles just in case anyone forgot that we’re grown now and needs a reminder.

Married to the Music: The song that made you realize that maiming people for life is fun, and that 99% of SHINee’s bodies are utterly useless when you want to make your dream man. Beheadings, confetti ,plus awkward ponytails make for a perfect horror party. Probs should do a background check on the music you choose marry while you still have your whole body intact.

The Raven King Alternate Ending

So I had a lot of questions after The Raven King. I found the ending unsatisfying in a way that I’ve been carefully figuring out how to explain since I finished the book. There were so many components and it’s hard to articulate entirely, but in general, I was dissatisfied with Gansey’s plot, and more specifically the discarding of symbolism in the series surrounding his death. I felt that there were storylines that had been building to something that somehow fell flat. While there were some parts of the book I loved, the finale left me wanting so i pieced together an alternate ending to try to work out how i felt and I wanted to share it in case anyone else was feeling the same way.

Spoilers under the cut!!

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millin21  asked:

what are your favorite seasons from Red vs Blue?

Oo, that’s a good one I want to say that I enjoy the season as a hole, but my top 5 are:

Season 6: For taking EVERYTHING that was complete nonsense form Blood Gulch and not only making it make sense, but for being so unexpected. I don’t wanna reveal it in case anyone following wants to start RvB, but it was the moment that truly made me see why RvB was so beloved.

Season 8: Monty Oum’s animation was just so EPIC. It was a very fititng conclusion to the Recollection trilogy and the final fight againt the Meta is probably one of, if not my favorite, fight scene ever. I’ms o glad the Reds got to be the ones to finish him off too (I’m Red Team in case anyone’s curious).

Season 10: Carolina is such a well done character OMG. The whole season was a perfect end to the entire Freelancer storyline and the final episode still makes me cry. 

Seasons 12 and 13: I count them together since I lvoed them both and they fit together. 12 was so fun and had my four faves as the starts int he first half. The second half was just full of so many feels and epic moments and it made me love Tucker. Also the whole thing with Felix, OMG. And 13 kept it going and everything with Locus, Doyle, and the final two episodes were just perfection.

Seaosn 15: GRIF FINALLY GOT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! He’s my favorite character for various reasons so that made me INCREDIBLY happy especially with how well done it was. The concept of a team liek the Reds and Blues who didn’t get over revenge was also incredibly interesting and Temple was a great villain. A lot of people have issues with ti,a d they aren’t unfounded, but I really enjoyed it.

But I love the whole series as a whole. I’m so glad that I decided to give it a chance.


Summary: After a hunt, you and the Winchesters hit up a happy hour and drink your fills. Sam forces you and Dean to sleep in the same motel room… and you may have forgotten pajamas. 

Word Count: 2900

Warnings: *SMUT*, drinking, cursing

Request: I noticed you write oneshots based on country songs which I love! It seems like almost no one does and it sucks because I love country music! Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve heard “T-Shirt” by Thomas Rhett, but it always makes me think of Dean. So I was wondering if you could do a Dean x Reader oneshot based on that song??? You’re the best! Keep writing!!! <3

A/N: This is my entry for @roxy-davenport‘s SPN July Writing Challenge! My prompt was “I’m not wearing any underwear!” I based it off of the request above that I received (loved being able to use Thomas Rhett as inspiration!) I had such a good time writing this, and I hope you all enjoy! As always, like/reblog/send me some love if you enjoyed!

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Originally posted by deangifsdaily

“If we don’t deserve a couple rounds of beers after that, then I don’t wanna know what would,” Dean laughed as he wiped the blood off of his stainless steel machete.

You and the Winchesters had just finished up taking out a nest, one you had called them in on for help. It’s not that you couldn’t have managed it alone, you just might have wanted an excuse to get to see Dean. After being friends for years, the two of you always seemed to call each other for cases that didn’t exactly require backup. Not that anyone ever mentioned it.

“Can’t say I don’t agree with you, Winchester,” you winked. Dean laughed again, handing you a clean rag to wipe off your own blade. As you cleaned, your eyes landed on Sam. He rolled his eyes playfully at you and climbed into the passenger seat of the Impala. Sam joked about your relationship with Dean often; the fact that you both were ‘perfect for each other, but would never admit it to yourselves.’ What did he know? Dean never saw you as anything but a good friend, and despite him creeping into your thoughts every night, that’s how you saw him too. At least, that’s what you always told yourself.

“You comin’ or what, (Y/N/N)?” Dean asked, slamming the trunk of the Impala after you threw your blade in. “If we hurry, we can make Happy Hour at that bar we like a few towns over.”

You smiled, surprised he remembered a place the two of you had gone to years ago.

“You kidding? When have I ever passed up cheap drinks?”

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I just read this post and I was compelled to defend the ‘fans of Vision’ against the dismissal that we don’t see Vision for what he really is.

His arc at the moment is centred around the development of new feelings with the key moment being when he is distracted enough by the action of cradling Wanda in his arms that he misses Sam’s wings and hits Rhodey instead. What is never considered by most is that this is certainly not the first time he has felt emotions.

When he told Wanda everyone would be scared of her, he was being forced through the floor by the woman herself. He was hurt. I believe it’s a very natural response to want to lash out emotionally to someone who is hurting you (and I don’t mean in the physical sense). The look he gives Wanda as Clint falls through his arms is a look that can be likened to the reaction of someone who feels betrayed. And in the moment, I believe that’s what he felt.

As is expected, following their confrontation, I believe Vision feels guilty for what he said and when he hold Wanda, he apologises. Could you honestly tell me that no one ever says things in the heat of the moment they regret and later apologise for? I didn’t think so.

I also don’t think Vision knew the exact conditions Wanda was being kept in and was still shaken from being the cause of a friend’s paralysis.There’s no way of knowing what he was thinking but I don’t believe Tony told the rest of his team what their detained ex-teammates were being put through. It’s just no Tony’s style.

Finally, I don’t think anyone is perfect and Vision’s key weakness is his lack of experience in the real world. His loyalty to Tony is a direct result of his obliviousness because Tony is all he’s ever known. Tony created him. As Jarvis he spent nearly ten years by Tony’s side. I’m not justifying Tony’s action so I honestly believe that Vision is approaching a turning point in his story where he breaks away from Tony. He doesn’t agree with Tony in some cases and Wanda and Vision’s conversation in the kitchen is evidence of that. He tells Wanda he wants people to see her for her, and doesn’t have the same concerns as Tony. He makes it clear that she is being kept at home because of what ‘Mr Stark’ believes.  

I guess what I’m trying to say is Vision is not perfect, but part of what makes him an intriguing character is he is still developing and finding his own views and opinions. These characters are open to interpretation and I am not claiming what I have said is gospel, but Vision is not a ‘piece of shit’.