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Things to do while going through a breakup

As told by someone going through a tough one:

  • Go for a long walk or run make an upbeat playlist first.
  • Clean and organize your room/closet/drawers/clothes etc.
  • Light some candles, put on a face mask and meditate for 15 minutes
  • Call a friend and ask them about their day or things going on in their life. It’s amazing how listening to another person can distract you from your own life.
  • Watch a light and funny tv show (the office)
  • Start a new TV series. I settled on Game of Thrones.
  • Read a book. I recommend anything by Jane Austen if you want to escape reality and get caught up in another era of drama and romance.
  • Go explore the library or used book store and find some new literature.
  • Try a new recipe. For example I found a really heathy and tasty blender muffin recipe! 2 bananas, 1 cup almond butter, 2 eggs, 1 TB of raw cocoa, 1 TSP baking soda and blend. Cook in mini muffin pan for 6-8 minutes.
  • Go out with some friends. Plan something, a movie or game night.
  • Have a good cry while watching a chick flick (ANYTHING Nicholas Sparks)
  • Try out different free fitness classes in your area. I go to orangetheory fitness and first class is free!
  • Blog.
  • Make lists, grocery list, to do list, goals for the week, month, year.
  • Go to a coffee shop and treat yo self to something yummy and people watch
  • Refrain from social media for a little. Block that asshole if you need to. It helps.
  • Get a massage. Look up local massage schools in your area they usually are cheap and long and gives the students the clinic hours they need!
  • Volunteer at an assisted living, hospital, shelter, pound, library etc. It can be a one time thing not a commitment but you may love it.
  • Yoga. YouTube some beginner videos if you’re just starting.
  • Go for a hike. Walk that trail you’ve never been to.
  • Cook yourself dinner and dessert or order out and watch a comedy
  • Avoid napping for long periods of time.
  • Reaffirm to yourself how fabulous you are and that this is just a small struggle and that one person does not need to control your thoughts and emotions forever. The old saying is true.. things get easier with time. So spend your time positively.

I Love the idea of comforting cryptids . monsters who live under your bed to assure that nothing bad can fit under there because They’re there & there’s no more room . unspeakable eldritch horrors that follow you around just so they can tell you shitty puns . Mom Friend™ poltergeists who passive aggressively disrupt all your electronics when ur a lil shit who should be sleeping because “you have an exam in the morning!!” , but Also tag along on blind dates in case you suddenly need an out . sirens who work as lifeguards & sing so instead of panicking you can focus on your movements & breathe easier . forest ranger Bigfoot who patrols the woods in case anyone gets lost & needs a guide out . 


How to Draw : Hairstyles Pt. 2

Finally sat down and completed part 2 of the hair tutorial. Here I discuss how to draw hairstyles for female characters, although I think it can be applied for male characters as well. I is hair xD

I didn’t cover how to draw hairstyles that are tied or braided or styled in a special way as I thought the post would be way too long. So I’ll be saving that for another day. If you have any questions just drop me a message or leave a reply and I’ll do my best to get back to you. Hope everyone has fun learning to draw hair as much as I did putting this together :D

And I just want to say a big thank you to all of those who checked out part 1. I’ll leave a link in case anyone needs it

How to Draw : Hairstyles Pt. 1

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hit me up w/ some voltron goodness 8)

Lance puts his foot down, and Shiro/Slav have a long overdue talk.

Shiro never figured Lance for the snapping type. They all had their moments, under the constant stress of intergalactic rebellion, but Lance kept a reasonably calm lid on it – his self-titled “rivalry” with Keith aside. Looking at him now, there is only surprise at the way he’s holding himself, the set of his expression: Lance looks both nervous and pissed off.

‘Keith – could you give us a minute?’ he says, in a deliberately calm voice. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Keith hesitate, as if reading the tenseness of the situation and worrying that it might get out of hand. ‘Now, Keith. Go check on Slav’s sector.’

Reluctantly, and with a suspicious look at them both, Keith exits. Lance looks even more nervous when he does. More so when silence settles on them, and he raises a brow at Lance. Well? says the look, say what you have to.

‘I just… you’re way too hard on him,’ Lance repeats, a far cry from the irritated way he’d snapped Can’t you just cut Slav some slack? ‘He’s trying to help, Shiro. I-it’s not… he doesn’t mean to annoy you. It’s just how he… is.’

‘Excuse me?’ His previous calm turns to surprise. He keeps his voice low, not meaning to menace – but Lance scowls a little deeper, mistaking it for nonchalance.
Don’t, Shiro. You sound just like Iverson when you do that, a-and he was an ass,’ Lance says, voice rising only in pitch. Angry and nervous, like a cornered cat. Shiro takes a small step back to give him breathing room, but Lance stays tense. ‘Slav only wants to help. You treating him like a nuisance isn’t – it’s not fair, okay. He can’t help being jumpy; he was a prisoner for ages –’

It takes a second or two for that to sink in. When Shiro goes quiet, when his stare goes vacant as he processes this, Lance steps forward, speech picking up momentum as he grew more defensive.

‘– and it’s not easy to adapt out here,’ there’s a note of hurt in his voice, and it hits Shiro more than the chastising. ‘Slav got taken from his people and thrown into a war just like we did. He’s handling it different. YOU handled it different, we all did. I thought you’d understand him because of it, since you both got tortured by the Galra.’

That’s almost an accusation, and now Shiro fully understands what has Lance so fired up, so recalcitrant. And that understanding brings with it a sense of guilt, especially with the way Lance had said I THOUGHT you’d understand.

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Small devotional acts.

  •  Leave flowers at empty graves
  • Wear that lacy/flowery dress and the leather jacket
  • Wear a flower crown or flower hair pin
  • Find nature and gentleness in the harshest of places
  • Practice your “don’t mess with me” look and posture. Use it while walking through crowds
  • Paint your nails dark red or wear red lipstick
  • When you find a small animal that has died, honor its life and death. If you can, bury it or leave it someplace for the other creatures of the forest
  • Go barefoot more often
  • Buy yourself a houseplant/s
  • Build your night vision, know your way in the dark
  • Take time to enjoy the sun whenever it is out
  • Drink coffee sweetened with honey
  • Demand respect and a listening ear from all – especially men
  • Decorate your home with dried flowers in the winter
  • When people do the unforgivable, hold them to their actions – do not forgive easily
  • Grow a rosebush or buy yourself some roses
  • Visit an arboretum or large gardens
  • Burn a candle for those who died unjustly
  • Volunteer with organizations that clean and restore forgotten places – graveyards, empty plots of land, etc.
  • Go swimming in natural bodies of water at night (be safe)
  • Offer a few coins/dollars to those who need it
  • Wear floral or fruity scents
  • Spend time outside in the winter too
  • Stand up for the abused
  • Go dance in or enjoy the next rainstorm
  • Don’t be afraid to defy stereotypes -  if she can be the Spring Maiden and the Iron Queen, you can be anything
  • Add more flowers to your garden
  • Take a candlelit bath
  • Know how to win a fight in case you need to
  • Don’t let anyone tell you who you can and can’t love
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

I’m as guilty as anyone of forgetting that characters need friends (in my case usually because I substitute them with a family member), but I’d love to see more references to emotional connections to friends.

Instead of having a character run into an ex, have them run into a friend they drifted away from and haven’t seen in years.

Have them follow a former friend on Facebook and think about reaching about, but not being sure of their welcome.

Show characters who can’t listen to a song without thinking of a friend they used to listen to it with all the time.

Show the pain of having an unhealthy or abusive friendship.

Have a character who would rather spend time with their best friend than their significant other—not because they are in love with their friend or because they aren’t in love with their significant other, but because their best friend knows them better.

Have friends who have known each other since before they can remember.

Have friends where, when for one their parents die, they are adopted by the other friends’ parents.

Have friends who enable each other’s bad habits.

Have friends who encourage each other’s good habits.

Have friends where one moved away but they still talk every day.

Have friends who have never met in person but still talk every day.

Have friends who only talk once a week or once a month but still consider each other best friends.

Have friends who can communicate with a look or a gesture.

Have friends who learn another language to be able to communicate with each other.

Have friends who help each other through hard times or life changes.

Have friends who can argue and debate for hours but back down instead of getting angry.

Have friends who get angry at each other but will always defend each other and help each other.

Have friends who are respectful of each other’s different religious or cultural beliefs.

Have friends who love each other.

in case anyone needed help, here are the function stacks of the types:

INTJ: Ni-Te-Fi-Se

ENTJ: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

INFJ: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

ENFJ: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

ISFJ: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

ESFJ: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

ESTJ: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

ISTJ: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

INTP: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe

ENTP: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

INFP: Fi-Ne-Si-Te

ENFP: Ne-Fi-Te-Si

ISFP: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

ISTP: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

ESFP: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

ESTP: Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

 Post-Reveal Superhero team with Nino ‘the normal human bestfriend’ Lahiffe

  • Nino having to make excuses in class all the time whenever the other 4 need to make a quick get away. 
  • “Girl’s travel in packs to the loo Sir, Adrien’s just got a weak bladder,” 
  • Their school has an unusual amount of fire drills, but no culprit is ever found 
  • Nino loosing count of the number of free deserts he’s been given when Alya’s had to run out on a date. 
  • Nino becoming pretty good friends with Sabrina as Chloe seems to just deposit her with him when they need to rush out. 
  • Nino becoming a pretty decent amateur photographer due to the fact that Alya makes him take photo’s of the four miraculous holders for the Ladyblog
  • Nino carrying around supplies in his backpack just in case anyone needs anything. This includes a first aid kit, snacks and drinks and a supply of tampons (because grumpy badass superheroes are not one to be messed with if they need something) 
  • Ladybug’s superpower may be to save the world with everyday objects, but it does help that Nino carries them around with him.
  • He also has an emergency makeup bag for Chloe so she can fix her face and hair before heading back to school.
  • Also carrying emergency supplies for all the Kwami (he smells of cheese a lot - damn plagg)  
  • Nino has a lot of casual selfies of all 4 of them on his phone, just in case, someone asks for proof that they are with him. 
  • Nino, who has never been very academically inclined, suddenly taking lots of very detailed notes in class and helping them catch up and study. 
  • Nino keeping spare clothes for them all at his house, just in case they end up all transforming there and feeling too tired to head home again afterwards. 
  • Just Nino being the ultimate bro, and defending and supporting his best friends as they save the world, with no complaints.