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“I don’t want to alarm you, but your dead brothers behind you.”

Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I thought I’d already posted the drabble for this!!! Better late than never though right?

Employees who are lucky enough to make it to the upper echelons of Wayne Enterprises - as in the literal higher floor levels where they are in direct proximity to Lucius Fox and whichever-Wayne-is-representing-the-company-now - are taught three very important rules. Rules that aren’t so important to the completion of whatever errand or job position has driven them to the top floors, but rather to the continued good sanity and wellbeing of the individual.

Rule number one: Do not ask Mr Wayne how he managed to get that bruise, or those stitches, or that broken bone this time. Not only is it pointless because you probably won’t believe him (it’s incredible what the wealthy can come up with to do in their leisure time), but it will only waste your time and the time of everyone who’s relying on you to do work as well. Just read the statement leaked to the press like everyone else. Whether you believe it or not is inconsequential to your job performance.

Rule number two: While it is true that there are no stupid questions, there are questions that you will look stupid for going to Mr Fox with. Mr Fox is a busy man and as such his time should not be wasted. If you’re here to ask something you could just as easily ask the employee in the cubicle next to you or your supervisor, please take an abrupt turn and return the way you came.

Rule number three: Timothy Drake-Wayne is not fit for social interaction, nor professional, business interactions, before his second cup of coffee. As such, no meetings will be scheduled with Mr Drake-Wayne before ten a.m. If it’s an emergency, please leave a message with his secretary, or send him an email. He’s remarkably good at responding to those no matter the hour, although there are no promises of intelligibility.

Personally, Tam thinks rule number three should actually be rule number one. Especially after the incident last week, which had led to the formalisation of the aforementioned rules on several printed notices around the top floor offices and a company-wide email memo.

Tim had been running late for work, which meant that of course he’d left his wallet in the car after practically running out before it had even stopped. And because the reason he was running late was that he’d been out doing vigilante stuff with the Red Hood, Jason had been the one dropping him off at work on his way to do whatever it is he does during the day (Tam suspects it has something to do with the drug money she once found in a pair of boots he left at Tim’s apartment, but she doesn’t dare ask). And because Jason is sharp eyed and much more alert in the mornings, he’d noticed the wallet left on the passenger seat as soon as the door had slammed shut behind Tim. So Jason, being impulsive and in the mood to do a good deed for once, had immediately snatched it up and chased after his brother. Right into the lobby of Wayne Enterprises.

Tam had been waiting down there to meet Tim with coffee and an armful of files for him to skim through on the way up to the meeting he was running late for. Unfortunately, the lobby being a busy place, she hadn’t been the only one to witness Jason skidding across the polished floors in Tim’s wake with a wallet in his outstretched hand. Even more unfortunately, the intern who’d stopped to ask her which floor she could find the records department on also happened to recognise the supposedly-dead Jason Todd (Tam doesn’t know why, but Bruce had conducted a thorough investigation and she hadn’t been missing from work the next week so it probably wasn’t because of anything dastardly).

The young woman’s eyes had widened almost comically, her lips moving soundlessly before she managed to say to Tim, “Um I don’t want to alarm you, but your dead brother’s behind you.”

And Tim had been running on less than two hours sleep and not even half a cup of coffe so of course his immediate response was, “Which one?”

Tam had done a lot of damage control that day. Like, the banks trying to hide how much they’d fucked up in the lead up to the financial crisis of ‘07 kind of damage control. Between watching the poor intern being intimidated by her father, getting in touch with someone called Barbara to delete all video footage of the incident and locking Tim in his office for a much-needed nap, she’d (somehow) managed to find time to type up the unwritten rules that the interns these days clearly weren’t being taught. It was in everyone’s best interests.

Just to be on the safe side, she also bought Tim a shirt that said ‘don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee’ and made him wear it into work the next day. Just in case anyone missed the memo.

So now Kevin Feige is stepping up all “oh, no, I agreed with Whedon the whole time, Clint/Natasha was only ever supposed to be platonic in the MCU!”

Well, here’s a thought.  If you didn’t want people to ship it so hard, and you only ever intended it to be platonic in the MCU, maybe you shouldn’t have picked two characters with a romantic past in your man comics verse.

If we were supposed to see it as platonic from the start, maybe you should have told your actors so things like this didn’t happen:

If we were supposed to see it as platonic all along, maybe you shouldn’t have been showing it as romantic in pretty much every -

- other -

- universe - 

- at the time, and promoting it as such.

(That one is even from Marvel’s own website)

Gee, I wonder why so many people shipped it and expected it to happen in AoU!  Clearly it was only ever meant to be platonic!  How could anyone have ever been led to believe otherwise?

The fact that they keep having to make this point, that they’re getting asked this question, means they must know that they’ve seriously upset a big chunk of their audience, and this whole thing smacks of very poor damage control.

I have never seen such a cruel case of shipbaiting in my life, and I can only conclude that if platonic was the goal all along then Whedon and Feige kept that very much to themselves, as the comics, cartoons and the movie actors seem to have missed the memo.  

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have u finished oitnb season 3? if so what did you think?

What did I think?

1. Omfg Alex is back fuck yes
2. Holy fucking lip bite jesus
3. Oh my god they’re fucking on the table. Is Laura’s vagina actually in Taylor’s face? Wtf is covering her here?
4. “I have enough gas in the tank to fuck you like you deserved to be fucked.” RIP ME
5. Oh my sweet lord Heavenly Father Alex made Piper a mix tape list young blood feellzzzzzz
6. Actual dorks in love Piper just asked Alex to be her girlfriend 😍
7. Hahahah, I fucking love Chang.
8. Woah Piper told her parents.
9. Aww Alex is paranoid af Piper go cuddle her.
10. Wtf Piper?
11. The meth heads are actually tolerable and dare I say interesting this season?
12. Lol days…. Remember when Dash blocked me on Twitter?
14. Where the fuck did Bennett go?
15. Piper you disgust me.
16. Less Piper, more Chang please.
17. Ugh, Stella.
18. Oh cute, Piper is offering Alex panties… Oh wait… Not as a gift duh of course not.
19. Piper’s brother knows waaaayyyy too much about the dirty panty fetishes…
20. Morello????? You just told Nicky you loved her and??? I’m so done.
21. What’s this lolly bitch doin’?
22. Baby Goth Flaca is amazing and so cute.
23. Are red and Healy…..are they gonna…??????? What the fuck am i watching?
24. Pennsatucky is actually okay????
25. If I hear Piper say Panty ONE MORE TIME
26. Stella acting like ALEX IS THE PROBLEM lololololol bitch you gonn get cut
27. Seriously fuck you Piper and your slut lips
28. Why the hell does Norma have a cult?
29. Lol, crazy eyes representing the fanfic writers everywhere ✌🏻️
30. Omfg Leanne is Amish. ~Plot twist~
31. Alex called Stella Justin Bieber I’m about to propose.
32. I really don’t care about Daya and her mama/baby daddy issues.
33. Pornstache has a mullet. How appropriate.
34. LOL Healy gave Red the kitchen back bc he’s DTF lbr
36. So glad Alex broke it off with Piper and not the other way around.
37. Wtf this weird ass guard is getting off on tucky acting like a dog….tf?
38. Oh fuck i actually feel bad for Tiffany… Damnit.
39. Transphobia fucking everywhere… Even in prison.
49. Morello had her weird speed dating BF to go fuck up Christopher I’m cryingggggg.
50. I could do without seeing Caputo ever having sex again, thanks.
51. Piper please get off my screen.
52. Justin Beiber tattooed trust no bitch on Piper’s arm does that mean I’ll have to look at that shit next season, too? Ugh probably.
53. Piper got screwed over, HA!
55. Piper is a fucking villain this season and it creeps me out.
56. They let that meth head out of prison ON ACCIDENT DUMBASSes
57. Daya had the baby blah blah blah who didn’t see that coming?????
59. ALEX!!!!
61. save Alex Vause 2015
62. Oh yeah, Stella went to max. Bye bitch.
63. The beautiful lake montage…..okay hurry up.
64. Is Alex okay?
65. Who’s going to save Alex?
66. Uuuuhgghhhhh Piper

That pretty much sums it up. I might have missed a few things as I was just going through my head on things that stuck out.

So pregnancy pacts are really a thing, huh? I must have missed that terribly put together memo.  I don’t know why anyone, let alone a submissive would feel the need to get themselves pregnant. Not only that, they end up making themselves completely undesirable to others - unless they’re into pregnant chicks, in which case… Good for them? I really don’t understand other human beings.

Poynter's New Ethics (Screencaps)

I made a mistake. 

On 03/14/14, I sent an email to Kelly McBride. It was just a little after 1am. I’d already sent her several tweets hours before outlining every single thing that was incorrect about the piece that she’d written about me on Poynter that I didn’t even know existed until some dude started trolling me. I found a link to it on his timeline & was sick when started reading it. I called her a “lazy & wrong lasagna” (layered with lazy & filled with wrong.) I told her that it was clear that she’d done ZERO research before writing the piece. She said I didn’t identify as an assault survivor. She tried to silence the voice that took me 14 years to get the courage to use. She said she’d love to speak with me. I told her I’d love for her to go fuck herself. (This was the 2nd time in 12 hours that I’d had someone attempt to interview me AFTER the rushed to post a story without speaking with me about it first.) This isn’t where I made the mistake though. My mistake came when I sent her that email and tried to connect with her on a human level. Somehow I thought that if I shared a story with her that I’d never shared with anyone before, she’d feel how I felt the previous evening when hundreds of women from all over the world shared their stories of assault with me. I was hoping that she’d say “Wow. I was wrong. I’m sorry that I just looked at your Twitter avatar & assumed that I knew enough about you to write about you without ever doing a teaspoon of research.” Instead, Kelly copied one of her male colleagues on that same email thread! Now the story of my assault is sitting in some guy’s inbox. When I pointed this out to her via email, she didn’t even say “whoops.” She never acknowledged it.  After pouring my heart out to her in that email at 1am, I woke up the next morning to discover that the story had been updated but I wasn’t able to locate any updates. (I’m so glad that I’d had the foresight to screencap the original before anyone went in & made any changes.) All of the wrong info was still there, including the title which essentially referred to ME as being “mad” at BuzzFeed for using tweets that didn’t belong to me. She said that I “missed the note.” The irony of referring to me as not getting the memo when she clearly never read the memo her damn self. This was never the case. The people who “got mad” were other survivors who were upset with the list-icle format & being exploited for “clickbait.” I was hurt. I remember laying in my bed that Friday morning looking at the unchanged Poynter piece on my iPhone with tears rolling down my cheeks. Her negligence resulted in COUNTLESS other posts being written based upon her WRONG information. Suddenly I became the girl who was too dumb to know that the internet is public & I was too stupid to know that I didn’t own other people’s tweets.  Below are the screencaps of the original piece that was posted on Wed, 03/13/14. And screencaps of the “correction” version that went up just before midnight on 03/14/14. Entire paragraphs & words were added to the correction (I’ve bulleted those changes below.) I asked for retraction in that 1am email. I was told by her editor (the same guy who she copied on that email) that Poynter has never issued a retraction before so that’s why they didn’t take the story down. (He also said that the reason why the site showed an update that next morning, was because the story had been moved from 1 place on their site to another.) I explained that it was SO wrong in SO many places, it needed to be completely re-written so a retraction was necessary. Instead, Kelly changed the title, & added paragraphs so that anyone reading the story now wouldn’t see what was wrong with it to begin with. But now you can. I’m not going to try to make this grown woman do the right thing any longer. It’s clear that it’s not in her nature and I have too many great things happening in my life to focus on her any longer. 

Changes from pic 1 to pic 2: 
  • Title (yay…I’m no longer the representative of the people who got mad! *throws confetti*) 
  • Changed “@steenfox challenged Testa for failing to get mermission to use the tweets” to “get permission from her.” She could’ve added “…to use her photo” but this would’ve changed everything written after that because her main objective was to write about “But that raises the question: permission for what?” YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!!! >_< 

Changes from pic 3 to pic 4: 

  • Changed “raises the question” to “begs the question”
  • Changed “@steenfox does not identify herself as a survivor & neither does Testa” to “@steenfox did not identify herself as a survivor in the two tweets that asked others to share their stories." BACKPEDDLE DOT COM. No matter how she tries to rephrase silencing my voice, she still silenced my voice. I identified myself as a survivor. Everyone who READ my TL that night knew this. In email she said I’m sorry that I said you did not identify yourself as a sexual assault survivor. I meant that in the context of asking the question of what you were wearing.“ I replied with a screencap of my tweet where I DID identify as a survivor.  
  • Added "In an email to Poynter, @steenfox explained her main objective with BuzzFeed was the use of her image with the story without permission." I also told her that Testa didn’t ask me for permission to use MY tweets too but whatever…
  • Changed "Journalists harbor great sensitivity” to “…great reservations.” Perhaps because she didn’t harbor great sensitivity? 

Changes from pic 5 to pic 6: 

  • Added the paragraph “This is tricky territory because BuzzFeed doesn’t identify her as a sexual assault survivor, and it’s not apparent if Testa even knew that fact. (BuzzFeed editors declined to answer that specific question.) Except for sexual assault victims, journalists rarely offer carte blanche anonymity.” UM, DATS ME DOE! 
  • The correction notes that the sentence where McBride *misidentified* me was clarified and that 1 other paragraph was “changed to amplify” what my issue with BuzzFeed was. Why didn’t the correction mention ANY of the other bullet points above? Oh, I know why…#NewEthics