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A separate post from Toei’s blog. I didn’t translate all of it since it covers much of the same information that was translated by Tokusatsu Network, but I thought it was interesting. 

Mūnsaruto* of steel, Rabbit Tank! An unlikely combination from a new hero who confronts evil - his name is Kamen Rider Build!

(*I don’t know what the hell ムーンサルト is. The best I can figure is the wrestling move Moonsault. I guess we’ll see?)

Best match! Experimenting with rabbits and tanks? An unlikely combo from a new hero!

Each year, our national hero Kamen Rider has a huge impact with its debut. Right now, the critically acclaimed Kamen Rider Ex-Aid continues to air, with the new series debuting on September 3rd - it is called Kamen Rider Build.

The default form is Rabbit Tank Form, bringing together the jumping of a rabbit with the power of a tank. Bunnies and tanks, at first glance, are contrary to each other - but when their abilities combine, limitless power is born. That is what’s known as a best match!

At the moment of opening a mystery box found on Mars - Pandora’s Box - the story begins from a huge wall suddenly appearing. This “Sky Wall” divided Japan into three capital cities. Unidentified creatures called Smash have emerged in one of the cities - a young man stands before the Smash, a belt wrapped around his waist, and strange bottles in hand. “Transform!” The young brilliant physicist called out, transforming into Kamen Rider Build to take on the Smash!


Wip - Cemetery/Church

Couldn’t stand it so I poked around at those walls from the Gondola set and they don’t have a specular so that’s why they are all shiny and weird. I gave them all a generic one and it seems to look better. I may go back in and make a bump map for them because they still look flat, but that’s a pain so not doing that right now. And I also need to make those flower ivy things from Murano to hide when the walls are down. Already changed the intensity of that red because it was killing my eyes but forgot to check the other flags. (Thank you Sandy for always doing your cc perfect)


Well, it’s finally done, the Master Grade of my all-time favorite mobile suit, the Nu Gundam! It took me pretty much all summer, but it was really rewarding in the end. It’s mostly a straight build (I toyed with the idea of painting the blue a more accurate black, though I decided against it) but I went all out. I did paint the thrusters and piping on the suit a metallic aluminum, well as the joints. I absolutely love this thing now that it’s all done. Now I’ll just have to figure out where to put it when I move back into my apartment.

KR Build: We must use all available combinations of Full Bottles so that we can formulate the best combat strategies. Don’t worry, I’ll handle that part. Wouldn’t want to burden you with such complex thoughts.

KR Close: Oh hey, yeah sorry…I wasn’t listening. Too busy figuring out a way to make myself a Dragon twice. That’s like two times as cool. It’s also a refined version of those Best Match things, so that’s cool too.

Places a rug randomly in the middle of the foyer so the room doesn’t look so big and empty…..

I can’t stand chopped up houses, I like my big open great rooms so I can keep an eye on all my Simmies.  But then, I’m left with big giant empty rooms….

I’m proud of myself on this build for breaking out of my rut!  I actually put the stairs somewhere different (totally stole the idea from EA) AND I moved the master bedroom to….


The other side of the house!  

Shocking, I know.


Latest Build info thanks to Dukemon

-Kamen Rider Build is the 19th Heisei Rider series and is confirmed to start airing on September 3rd

-Build is a young, genius physicist

-He views fighting as an experiment, and utilizes 2 different ingredients at a time to fight, taking various forms

Here’s the story:

“An expedition to Mars leads to the discovery of the Pandora Box; from it the Sky Wall is unleashed. This splits the islands of Japan into 3 parts. (Touto, Saito and Hokuto) In Touto, monsters called "Smash” have begun to attack humanity. Weilding the Build Driver and Full Bottles, a young man arrives to fight against them.“