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Here’s Mortimer aka Mo aka the best dog ever. He’s a pibble super mutt mix with probably some retriever thrown in. He’s always been so calm, likes to shake your hand, and even play with puppies & kittens. He lives with an older couple now who adopted him, so I don’t see him much anymore but I wanted to share him!

And here he was as a puppy! He was always so happy

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything more than that one pic yesterday. I’ll post several extra bonus pics today to make up for it. Starting with my own little ruffian, Colt. He’s my Great Boy who’s a little ‘special needs’ in some ways. My favorite kind of dogs obviously. Maybe one day I’ll explain a little more if anyone was interested.


Bear Alexander | Bear is a Labradane (Lab/Great Dane mix), who enjoys sleeping, playing with his favorite ball, long walks, backyard chilling, playing with his brothers, and EATING! He’s a love bug with a killer begging face. He currently is in a Romeo and Juliet style relationship with the beautiful black pit-bull next door.


Kevin Thorn
[June 13th, 2006]

In the debut episode of the WWE’s Extreme Championship Wrestling brand, several superstars who’d either been ostracized by the WWF or simply held in developmental made their televised debut. Among them was Kevin Thorn, a vampire who merely bared his fans in front of a marquee sign displaying ECW TONIGHT!! The vampire gimmick was said to appease to fans of SciFi, which was rumored to also include aliens. That was later (thankfully) scrapped. Thorn was later accompanied to the ring by Ariel, a vampiress formerly known as Shelly Martinez.

Thorn formerly competed in the WWE as Mordecai, but would have much more success as Kevin Thorn, even competing at WrestleMania 23 in a battle of The New Breed versus ECW originals.


Headcanon: I think they would make a great workout buddies. They could learn a lot from each other. Uraraka from Bakugou would be in physical aspect and Bakugou from Uraraka would be in mental such as working out as a way to get a peace of mind!

p.s. I honestly love most of the contents of the Kacchako tag. IT’S JUST SO PURE??? No nsfw or dirty stuff?? Just them being funny and stupid couple or buddies?? I seriously love all the fans of this ship!!