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Longest walk yet on just her flat collar! It was only about 4 blocks at a very quiet time of day on the quietest route I’ve found, but she did it with very little pulling - none once she figured out how much leash she had. She froze/alerted at a few things but disengaged on her own without any escalation past the initial stare-down, which I’m super happy about. I have no problem with her looking around and noticing things as long as she can keep her cool, which she did very nicely!

Also her nose is really cute. And some kids called her a dalmatian again.

Story time: this Champs Les Sims game is actually an import from maaaaaany years ago to preserve Andrei’s quest history if he has any.  The save is dated at a time when I used to keep all the travel locations he went to in one save (not a good idea).  Sooo imagine my surprise when I get in and see future descendants and Monte Vista residents and shit in it when this iteration of Andrei has conveniently “forgotten” these people.

The save for JUST France was also over 50 megs, which shouldn’t happen.  So I reset the town, exited, and went in and tore the .nhd file apart…

So much garbage.  So many references to photographs that don’t really exist BUT THEY DO.  Photographs in TS3 are the literal devil.  No one asked my advice, but don’t have your sims take photos of any stripe - no greeting cards, no prom pictures, no photobooth photos, no photos with your sim’s phone or camera, nothing - you’ll thank me later.

The save is now down to 20 megs.  :|  There are still phantom tourists (tourists that belong to games Andrei shouldn’t know about) though which weirds me the hell out and if I didn’t really want to preserve his quest history I’d totally reboot this world, but alas.  xD

And there’s the damned Eiffel Tower for the first time in ever.  Excitement.

Before I went to bed last night, I decided to attempt a short chain in Moon, just to see how it’d go for me. I went to Ten Carat Hill, and the second pokemon I encountered was a SHINY ROCKRUFF. I didn’t have to chain AT ALL.

I caught it with a Beast Ball on the third try. Too bad it has a timid nature. No perfect IVs, but it’s decent enough for non-competitive playing. And he’s so cute!

At least I’ve got a shiny Rockruff to breed with my international Ditto. Hopefully I can get another shiny using the Matsuda method. Maybe I can give one away if I do!

1/13/17 @coldsunnyday The ducks aren’t actually green. They’re untrustworthy creatures, and they’re lying about what color they are. Don’t listen to them.

It’s an optical illusion called “structural color.” Their feathers are black. The fluffy side bits of the feathers (barbs) are also black. The little hooks that keep the barbs all lined up (barbules) are also black. There are microscopic little ridges (tubules) on the barbules that are also black. But the tubules are exactly the same size as a wavelength of green light, so instead of absorbing green light the way a black object should, they reflect it and the ducks look green. 

If you put one of the ducks under a good enough microscope, you’d see that no individual part of it was actually green in any way.

Avian biology generally can’t produce blue or green pigments. Birds that look blue or green are lying about it. Don’t trust them.

Except for turacos. They’re actually green, and very pleased with themselves about it. Look at this guy, here’s a bird you can trust: