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Where is Galchenyuk really from?

Montreal Canadiens Forward, Alex Galchenyuk has announced again and again that he is, in fact, American despite having lived all over the world. While he freely admits to having Russian and Belarusian roots, we here at NHL News Desk have gotten word that those might all be lies.

NHL News Desk has just recieved this startling image of what looks like Alex Galchenyuk wearing a Team Brazil jersey.

And since we all know that photoshop is illegal, these rumours have to be true.

“I don’t think he’s ever even been to Brazil” close friend and teammate Brandon Prust stated when we told him, “But i guess pictures don’t lie.”

No word yet how Brendan Gallagher feels about this breaking news.

seidenbros  asked:

Maybe not my FAVEfave, but Brandon Prust was absolutely wonderful, when we met him here in Germany. His team lost against the home team, and we thought he'd head straight to the bus, be in a foul mood, but instead he spent a lot of time with the people there, took numerous photos, gave autographs and I asked him, where he enjoyed playing the most, and he only took a second to think about it, and then said he really loved playing in New York, whcih made me happy.

Aww that’s nice 💕

send me a story or fact about your fave player

2. Brandon Prust

“Resident bad boy, Brandon Prust is what we in the hockey community call a modern day “goon”. While this term may seem to have a negative denotation, when it comes to Prust, he has his teammates back and is ready to knock down (or out) anyone who gets in their way. He’s a pretty small guy compared to other aggressors in the NHL, and was actually ranked the #1 lightweight in the league, but he truly holds his own when the gloves come off! When he is not playing hockey, Prusty can be found playing baseball, or on the golf course. His significant other of over two years is Montreal native Maripier Morin, a local TV host, and featured on the show Hockey Wives. He also really loves poutine!!”