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My Thoughts on Bughead’s Physical Intimacy

These are my thoughts on just the physical intimacy of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones both with each other and with other people. It will (hopefully soon) be followed by my thoughts on their emotional intimacy/vulnerability. 

On Riverdale, neither Betty nor Jughead touch or are touched that often in the whole series thus far.

Betty doesn’t reach out very often. But when she does, She tends to reach out as a gesture of comfort. I think that Betty’s personality makes her want to reach out and offer the support and comfort she doesn’t receive in turn. She’s a very caring and emotive individual who instinctively reaches out to people. It’s a part of her that has evolved from being forced to be “perfect” so that she can provide for others. Like she says she “does everything for everyone”. It’s something that now comes natural to her.

Examples of Betty offering comfort through touch is her reaching out to Archie when she sees his bruised eye and putting a hand on Ethel’s shoulder. When her mother is upset in 1x08 Betty is the one cradling her mother and offering comfort. In 1x09 she follows Veronica into the restroom and cradles her through her tears just as she had with her mother in the episode before.

Betty hardly receives any comforting touches in return. From the condescending touches of her mother to the way that Archie grabs her arm when she’s upset and walking away from him, there are very few non-forceful or welcome touches that Betty receives.

The majority of comforting touches are shared with Jughead.

Jughead is almost NEVER touched in any episode. Poor kid is touch deprived. The only touches he receives are a violent shoulder knock from Reggie and a threatening arm grab from Archie when Jughead confronts him about Grundy.

1x04 is the first time Jughead voluntarily reaches out to anyone. TWICE. The FIRST TIME Jughead reaches out physically to anyone is to Betty when Betty is going to go confront Archie. She slides out of the booth and Jughead ries to stop her by saying “Betty, wait”. The second time is to lead Archie away from the crowd so that he can convince Archie that Betty wouldn’t hurt him willingly.

And I noticed something. In 1x04 Jughead reaches out to Betty but HE DOESN’T PHYSICALLY TOUCH HER. He could have. If he had reached a little bit farther, it would have been easy for Jughead to physically pull her back. Betty wasn’t far enough away yet for Jughead to not reach her but even as Jughead reaches for her, he also holds back from physically forcing her to stay.

Other than Betty and Archie, Jughead doesn’t really reach out to anyone or is reached out to by anyone. The exception to that is his dad, F.P. In 1x07 Jughead grabs his dad’s arm to stop him from confronting Sheriff Keller. Minutes later, F.P. grabs Jughead’s face to get him to try to understand that F.P. will make an effort to get his life together. Even then, it’s less F.P. giving a comforting touch, but a desperation where Jughead is the one offering belief and stability and comfort. I think this can be directly compared to Betty consoling her mother in episode 1x09. Both times, the child is the one taking on the more responsible role, being more of an adult and offering comfort to their parent when they should be the ones comforted instead.

What is incredibly interesting to me is the way that the touches between Betty and Jughead have evolved over the course of the season. Especially in contrast to how they touch and are touched by others. From that first non-touch to THE KISS and to the more casual, intimate touches of his hand on her neck or the knee touches, Betty and Jughead have created this easy and comforting physical intimacy between them that is unlike any other relationship portrayed on the show.

Jughead’s and Betty’s touches are all very soft and tender, even before the kiss. The touches on the shoulder that Jughead offers Betty are some of the very few non-forceful physical touches that Betty receives throughout the season. And that trend continues after they start dating. The only time when Jughead’s physical actions can be read forcefully is that first kiss which softens immediately and Betty reciprocates. His hands on her face bring his lips to hers and she returns the gesture by leaning into him and putting her own hand on his shoulder.

Jughead and Betty’s touches are so incredibly intimate because we can see how it evolves from more hesitant to the more sure. It becomes instinctive to reach out to one another and find the other one ready to return the gesture. There’s no hesitation now in the way that she grabs his hand or puts her hand on his cheek/neck. The way Betty touches Jughead in reality, the sweet and gentle way she clasps his hand in hers is the EXACT SAME way that she grasps Jughead’s hand in his dream.

Every touch between them speaks of familiarity and comfort born of being friends for so many years which has now bloomed into a more intimate romance.

ESPECIALLY the kisses in 1x08 and 1x09. That they both reach out to each other in the 1x08 kiss in mirrored poses shows it’s not just Betty reaching out to Jughead or Jughead reaching out to Betty but they’ve come to a point where it’s very much reciprocal, it’s very much mutual between them and they both acknowledge that.

Neither Betty nor Jughead are touched by anyone all that often but the touches between them are incredibly significant. Even though they are arguably the most chaste couple on the show, the physical intimacy between them is remarkable. Not only do the touches they share outnumber any other touches they receive or give to others by a fair amount but it’s the fact that the touches between the two ARE SHARED. It’s not one or the other but both of them taking and giving comfort in equal measure.

i knew the taste of pain
like i knew the taste of your lips.
so often the two
seemed to intermix.
i knew the pulse of your heart
like i knew the beat of a drum.
a rhythm armies marched to,
but could never overcome.

i knew you in the way
the wolf knows to howl at the moon;
the earth to turn,
the fire to burn,
and the flower to bloom.
—  intimately | m.a.w
I don’t think Sana and Yousef are going to kiss

In the sense of the “usual” Skam.

Every season has been centred around a relationship, even Eva’s, and what I love about this season is that it’s about Sana. It’s about how she’s trying to figure herself out, being born and living in Norway while being Muslim and Moroccan. It’s difficult for her, and that’s what this season has focused on, which I think is amazing.

I’ve loved all of the other seasons (especially season 3 because I relate to Even a lot) and I know some people think this season’s plot is a little slow but it’s also so educational. It’s given me an interest in learning more about Islam, to understand it better so I don’t have misconceptions.

And when Sana and Yousef discuss religion and their different views on it, I saw myself and my very close friend who is religious.

And yes, there’s Yousana in the background and I really want to see what happens, but at the same time I’m really glad that their relationship isn’t the main focus, that’s it’s more a part of Sana’s growing understanding of her religion and the people in her life.

With the theories going around, I really hope that Noora and Yousef met up to talk about Sana. I hope that that kiss was a one-time thing. Because I don’t think Noora is over William, and Yousef has obviously been getting mixed vibes from Sana (who, in return, has been getting a lot of mixed vibes from Yousef) - which is another major Skam theme: misunderstanding. But that’s another discussion.

So I hope in the next two or three episodes we get a better understanding of what’s been going on in Yousef’s head. I hope Sana and Noora get to sit down and talk it out. I hope Yousef explains himself to Sana. And I hope that they can talk in general because I love their interactions; they’re so simple and toned down (which I personally love and I know it isn’t everyone’s thing).

So if Yousef does get around to talking to Sana about how he feels for her and Visa Versa, I don’t think it’ll be a big thing. It’ll probably be intimate, maybe on a walk, or on the swings (which has been used quite a bit for important conversations lately, both with Elias and Jamilla). And it’ll be sweet. These two don’t really talk out loud to each other often, but rather through smirks and eye talk. I think their eventual conversation will be like their discussion on religion. Neutral and just that, a discussion.

If all goes well, they’ll both clear up the messy misunderstandings and Yousef will say that he wants to get to know Sana better and that yes, she likes him too. But I don’t think that’ll magically manifest into a kiss. I think, biggest possibility is, their feelings are out in the open and they’re both willing to give it a shot.

So no, I don’t think we’ll get a Yousana kiss (if we do, though, I will be extra happy!). Hopefully, we’ll see their relationship start to flourish, that they talk a little more and become comfortable in each other’s space. Maybe knock knees, or have their hands brush by accident. Because we haven’t actually seen them touch (except maybe when Yousef handed her the carrot and when he called her because The boys were fighting at SYNG).

I want to see Sana take a little leap forward and let their hands brush or their shoulders press together. And I want Yousef to look at her and ask with his eyes, “Is this okay?” And I want Sana to return his look and nibble at her lip nervously. And I want Yousef to smile that smile of his and lean in a little more, let their hands overlap enough for it to not be an accident. And I want him to look at Sana and assure her that yes, he wants to too.

And Sana can smile her smile, dimples and all and they can just stay like that, a little closer, a little more comfortable with each other.

I don’t think Sana and Yousef will kiss.

I do think (and hope) their relationship will bloom into something intimate and beautiful though. 

Uninvited, unexpected, but definitely not unwelcome

anonymous asked:

Can we please get something to do with Sami Zayn walking into the reader’s locker room uninvited and unannounced after a match with her teaming with KO against him and whatever woman you want to pick and him just dominating? With a little Sami Fluff at the end? Please?

Originally posted by cloacacarnage

     You let out a soft huff of breath as you shut the door to your locker room, looking forwards to taking a shower after that match with Kevin against Sami and Becky.  You pulled the top of your gear off and tossed it on the couch, not even bothering with putting it in the bag, you did the same with your shorts and wrestling boots before letting your hair out of the ponytail that you’d put it up in earlier that night.  You grabbed a towel that you’d stuffed in your gear bag and headed for the shower.

     After about ten minutes in the shower you were just standing under the water since you’d already rinsed off you could’ve sworn that you heard your locker room door opening.  You shut off the water and listened a little while longer, not hearing anything more and dismissing that as your imagination.  You stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around your torso after drying your hair off a little bit with the piece of cloth. 

     You stepped into the main part of your locker room, jumping slightly as you turned around and saw Sami on the couch in the room, causing a small squeak of surprise to fall past your lips as you clutched your chest.

     “What the hell Sami!  There’s this thing called knocking!” you said, becoming acutely aware of the fact that his eyes were trained on you with  look that you’d never seen him give you before.  His eyes were trained on the towel wrapped around your body, before they trailed up to meet yours.  He stood up and started to make his way over to you, the look in his eyes making you feel the need to back up as he got closer, your back eventually meeting the cold cement of the brick wall.  You could feel you heart starting to beat quicker as he practically caged you in by pressing his hands to the wall on either side of your head.

     “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this opportunity.  The chance to show you what I’ve wanted to do to you since NXT,” He started, his forehead resting against yours, his eyes boring into yours “The chance to fuck you senseless” he continued, causing you to feel the wetness bloom in your most intimate parts as the fingers of his left hand deftly untucked the towel, causing it to fall around your feet, his eyes devouring the sight of your bare skin.  “The chance to make you mine.” he growled, his lips crashing onto yours and his hand tangling in your damp hair.  You definitely weren’t expecting this when you saw him chilling on the couch, but you had no complaints whatsoever.  You’d imagined this countless times when you were alone in the hotels, but the real thing was so much better.

     You felt yourself being lifted up and took it as a signal to wrap your legs around his waist.  HIs lips trailed down to your neck and chest, leaving marks the whole way, biting down on the sensitive flesh once he found your sweet spot, causing a soft moan to fall from your lips.  When he sat you down you realized that you were back in the area of your locker room that had a counter, a mirror, and the shower. 

     You could feel every fiber of your being practically buzzing in anticipation of what was going to happen next.  Sami said nothing but he turned you around and bent you over the counter, growling out something that you understood as ‘stay there.'  He was gone for a few moments before he came back with something and bound your wrists together.  By the feeling of the cloth you were guessing that it was the towel that was wrapped around your body earlier.   

     Your gaze went to the reflection in the mirror that was directly in front of you to find him looking in your eyes through the mirror, his gaze heated and more lust filled than anything that you’d ever seen before.  He quickly pulled his shirt over his head and pulled the pants of his gear down so that he was just as bare as you were. 

     You weren’t expecting him to drop down to his knew behind you, but you weren’t complaining because the question that was on your lips was cut off with a filthy moan as his tongue trailed down your slit.  The groan that he let out at your taste caused delicious vibrations against your dripping cunt, “Good lord, you taste even better than I imagined.” he mumbled, obviously pleased with himself when the vibrations from his voice caused your hips to jolt.  “And you’re absolutely soaked, all because of me.” he said, flicking your clit with his tongue, and drawing a muted moan due to the fact that you were biting down on your bottom lip to try and muffle them.  Once he figured this out his hand smacked against your ass cheek, causing you to cry out and curse in surprise.

     “Don’t you fucking dare try to be quiet.” he growled, actually nipping at your clit “I want every god damned person on the roster to know who you belong to.” he said, landing another smack on your ass before burying his face in your pussy, his tongue dipping into your folds before trailing down and circling around your clit a few times before he latched his lips around the bud, sucking and tugging, actually shaking his head back and forth. 

     By this time you were a moaning trembling mess.  You could tell that you were close to your first orgasm and he obviously could too due to the fact that he doubled his efforts, slipping two fingers into your slit and pushing them in and out at a rapid pace.  “Fuck!  Sami I’m close!” you warned and he simply nodded, pulling his face away from your cunt and using his thumb to stimulate your clit.  You let out an unrestricted scream of his name as you felt your orgasm crashing down on you.  He pulled his fingers out of your heat and lapped up all of the juices that you had to offer before standing up and undoing the towel that was binding your wrists together before turning you around and setting you on the counter, licking his fingers off while making direct eye contact with you as he did so. 

       "Are you ready for the main event?“ he asked, stroking his cock as he was lining it up with your entrance.  It looked almost painfully hard s his hand glided over the skin.  He trailed the head of it up and down your folds a couple of times, causing you to gasp since you were still hypersensitive from your previous orgasm.  

     "Sami, please.” you begged in-between labored breaths.  “Please what?” he sked, his heated gaze never leaving yours as he dipped his head into  you for a moment before you let out a shaky breath “I need you to fuck me."  you said, just the mere words bringing a groan from his lips.  He pushed into you slowly, relishing the feeling of being inside of you for a moment, both of you moaning at the sensation. 

   "Fuck, you’re so tight.” he said, starting to move slowly at first, taking slow deep thrust.  You raked your nails down his back, moaning his name which spurred him on.  He started to move faster, his pelvis hitting your clit harder each time he thrusted, the feeling driving you over unexpectedly.  He looked in your eyes as he tried his hardest to drive both of you over one more time. 

   “I want you to cum again, and look in my eyes.” he said, causing you to whimper “Again?!  I-I’ve already came for you twice!" you exclaimed and he chuckled.  "I know, just one more time.” he said, continuing his movements, the sensitivity of your cunt almost overwhelming.

  You could tell he was getting closer as his thrusts got even harder than before, causing you to start crawling towards your release again.  What sent you over the edge was when he reached down and pressed down on your clit, the two of you keeping eye contact the whole time.   “N-now!” he nearly shouted, pressing down harder on your clit, driving you into your third orgasm, this time something in you snapped and you squirted, something that had never happened to you before, some of it went to his lower stomach and you blushed crimson.

     “God damn girl.  That was hot as hell, don’t be embarrassed” he said, kissing your forehead as he tried to catch his breath.  “I love you.  You know that right?” he mumbled quietly, causing butterflies to erupt in your stomach.  “I love you too Sami.” You mumbled as you rested your head against your shoulder, just basking in the feeling of just Sami.

A/N:  OK I got really carried away with this.  Thank you for this wonderful idea anon!  Requests are open to anyone else that wants an imagine :3