in blickpunkt sport

*Andreas Wellinger becomes “Dog-sitter”*

Andreas Wellinger (21), Germany’s hope for the ski jumping world championship, apparently is needed as dog-sitter for skiing-talent Felix Neureuther. “When Felix visits Miri[am Gössner, German Biathlet and his gf], I’ve got to look for his dog,” says the victor of the Olympic team competition in the tv-show “Blickpunkt Sport” in the BR [german regional broadcaster]. Neureuther owns an Australian shepherd dog called Buddy. Wellinger became friends with Neureuther and the Biathlet Miriam Gössner through the “[winter]sports-family”, says Wellinger.
“Felix, Miri and I share our sense of humour and have a lot of fun together.”
- Frankfurter Rundschau, 01.02.17