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Magic Water - 200 Followers Celebration - Request

This is from my 200 followers celebration.

Requested by @oaisara:  hello! if you’re not too busy i have another request for you! #19 with dean (of course) and the word is “magic” :) thanks love!

Prompt: 19. Give me a random word, I’ll google it and write whatever the

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Castiel, Rowena, Crowley, Lucifer (small cameo)

Word count: 2,911

Warnings: None.

A/N: It literally took me the whole day to write this because I was trying to choose between getting drunk with magic water or magic water being a spell/potion… So why not both? I wish I could’ve done something more of it, but school is being a pain in the ass right now. I hope you like it. ;)

The picture is:

Dean held the list close to his eyes. His eyebrows were furrowed and a disgusted looked was evident on his features.

The list read:
1. Unicorn hair.
2. Unicorn sparkles.
3. A feather from an angel’s wings.
4. Fairy dust.
5. Five red roses, six white roses and eleven pink roses.
6. Lavender oil.
7. A shattered glass.
8. Morning dew.
9. Red wine.
10. Chocolate crumbles.

“You can’t be serious.” Dean hissed, looking up from the piece of paper and to the red haired witch in front of him.

“That’s the spell, don’t blame me!” She defended herself with a thick Scottish accent.

“Rowena, this includes sparkles and chocolate and… We’re supposed to do a spell, not create the Power Puff Girls!” Dean fumed.

“That’s how the spell goes, you wee sausage!” Rowena roared.

Sam rolled his eyes and took the list off his brother’s hands before he could scrunch and break it. (Y/N) followed closely, taking a peek from the list herself.

“It makes sense, though.” She spoke. Dean gave her a dumbfounded look while Rowena smiled cockily. “Unicorns have a bunch of magical uses, and fairy dust – although it sounds like something from Disney – can improve said uses. The roses are common in spells, you know that,” she said, giving Dean a stern look, “and so is lavender oil. The red wine and chocolate crumbles are in fact strange, but it makes sense considering what we’re trying to get with this. Also, morning dew sounds like a typical, hard-to-get ingredient.”

“What about the shattered glass?” Dean raised an eyebrow.

“We all need to pour some blood for this one, so I supposed we need it for that.”

“At least one of you has brains.” Rowena winked at her. Dean rolled his eyes and walked out, with Sam and (Y/N) following him over to the Impala.

Getting the ingredients took them two weeks and a lot of embarrassing tasks, but once they had them all, they drove back to the place where Crowley and Rowena had been hiding, ready to go on with the spell.

It was just an experiment and they had no idea if that would work considering they were using an old pagan book to try and fight Lucifer, but they were running out of options and had nothing to lose.

The roses, oil, chocolate wine and the shattered glass had been easy to get. The morning dew took them a whole week of leaving a plate outside the bunker to get as much dew as possible. The unicorn and the fairy dust involved summoning said creatures and doing some favours for them – some of which Dean had made (Y/N) and Sam promise to never mention again – and the only thing left was the feather, but Castiel was more than willing to give it to them.

Rowena started mixing the ingredients just as the book said, chanting the spell as she mixed.

“The feather, please.” She asked, looking over at Castiel with her most professional glance.

Cas cleared his throat and asked the hunters to cover their eyes. The room shined, and even when they were covering their eyes, they burned a little at how bright Cas’ light was. Once the glow disappeared, the hunters looked back up to see the angel handing Rowena a huge, shiny feather.

“So you do have feathers.” Dean joked. Everyone gave him a death glare before looking back at Rowena, who continued to cast the spell.

It took her around twenty minutes of constant, clock-wise mixing. She chanted the spell and even got into trance to get better results, and it was until the mix started bubbling and making tinkling noises that the witch stopped her chants.

“Everyone grab a piece of glass and drip as much blood as you can over the mix.” She instructed. The spell required as much blood as possible, so they were willing to give as much as they could.

Crowley, the Winchesters, Castiel, Rowena and (Y/N) grabbed a piece of glass each. They extended their arms over the black mixture and, at the same time, made deep cuts across their forearms. Their blood poured on the mixture, causing it to swirl and start gaining colour.

They remained with their arms extended until there was no more blood to spill. The mixture was now swirling faster and making some sort of suction sound. It smelled like roses and chocolate, but also like something else – something that was different for each one of them.

“Books? You didn’t add any paper there, did you?” Sam asked as he sniffed the fumes that the potion was expelling.

“You have the worst smell ever, that is fine scotch, moose!” Crowley replied sassily.

“Nah, it smells like…” Dean sniffed a bit more, “Like mom’s perfume and something else, I don’t know what that is.” He said, looking over at Sam.

“I don’t think your mom smells like leather and…” (Y/N) inhaled deeper, sensing her favourite smell.

“Poor un-expert things.” Rowena spoke mockingly, “It smells different to each one of you. It smells like home.”

“Like an amortentia potion?” Sam and (Y/N) asked in unison, receiving a nod from Rowena.

“Nerds.” Dean mumbled.

“Why?” Crowley inquired.

“It’s a motivation inducer. Whatever it is that you smell, Is what you consider as home and as long as you smell that, you hold onto the human world. That way, you avoid dying while being under the spell.” Rowena explained.

“Wait, dying?” Dean exclaimed, “Why didn’t you tell us?”

“You always come back; I didn’t think it was important.” Rowena shrugged her shoulders.

“There’s a goddamn reaper after us!” He roared.

“Well then don’t die!” Rowena gave Dean one last stern glance and divided the potion into three cups. “Fergus, Castiel and I will keep an eye on you three.”

The hunters grabbed their cups. It was like some sort of galaxy was floating in it.

“We’re like hipsters now… Hipster hunters.” (Y/N) joked before drinking it completely.

“How bad is it?” Sam asked, analysing her every feature.

“It’s…” She couldn’t finish. Her body fell unconscious on the floor.

“She’ll be fine.” Rowena dismissed the Wincehster’s glares with a hand. “It’s part of the spell. Now drink up before her time runs out.”

“Time?” Both brothers exclaimed.

“The spell won’t last forever, you silly boys.” Rowena huffed.

The Winchesters chugged on their cups and two seconds after joined (Y/N) on the floor.

They were surrounded by pure darkness. The floor was covered in a substance similar to the potion they had just drunk. The brothers had to walk a little until they found themselves in front of a bunch of floating doors. (Y/N) was there too, staring at the doors in confusion.

“What now?” Sam asked as they walked closer to the huntress.

“I don’t know… We were supposed to look for Lucifer to hear his plan but this… I don’t know where to go.” She replied.

Dean continued to sniff the air. His mom’s perfume and that something else were invading his nostrils. He knew he had smelled that somewhere, but he didn’t know when or where. It was sweet, yet acid and it gave him an unbelievable sense of inner peace.

“Dean.” Sam called him for the thousandth time.

“What?” Sam rolled his hazel eyes before talking.

“(Y/N) and I have kind of deciphered which door to use… We’re not sure but we might as well try it.” Dean nodded in agreement and then the three hunters managed to reach one of the top doors and entered it at the same time.

They appeared at some strange looking bar. It was full of attractive women, and Dean couldn’t help but to check each and every single one of them out.

“Dude, gross!” Sam complained as he caught his brother red handed.

“What? They can’t see me, Sam.” Dean gave his brother a smug smirk. They were in fact invisible to those girls. It was some kind of astral travel thing, and Dean was surely enjoying that advantage.

“Can we please focus?” (Y/N) begged, hiding her jealousy. The smell of leather had decreased, and she was afraid that their time was running out. “We don’t have much time.”

They analysed every last corner of the bar, and it wasn’t until a tall, dangerous looking man appeared from the back door that they really felt Lucifer’s presence.

He had taken another vessel, and this one seemed to be stronger than the one he used before. Of course, all of the attractive girls in the bar were there for him. The huddled around him, begging him for some attention. Lucifer had a smug smirk on his face, and so Dean realized who he was.

“It’s Dr. Sexy.” Sam rolled his eyes.

“Not the time for jokes, Dean.”

“It’s not a joke, he really is Dr. Sexy… Or at least the actor that plays the doctor.” Sam squinted a little until he realized it was actually him.

“We need to follow him… It seems like he’s choosing a girl and… What do you think (Y/N)?” The brothers looked back at the huntress, who was standing still behind them. She had turned pale and wasn’t really paying attention.

“(Y/N)?” Dean asked, walking closer to her and finally getting her attention.


“Are you okay?” Sam inquired.

“Yes.” She faked a smile. She was dizzy and her head spun between the real world and that strange version of it.

Dean nodded and got closer to Lucifer, trying to catch a word among the squeals from the fangirls. Meanwhile, Sam remained still, analysing (Y/N). “You sure?”


“(Y/N), I… I know it’s hard, but just for once hold onto that leather smell please. He can’t afford to lose you here.” (Y/N) nodded.

“It’s the first time you get to ask me to hold onto him rather than push him out of my mind.” She laughed slightly. Sam palmed her shoulder and walked over to Dean.

Using the “what if you start fangirling?” excuse, Sam managed to be the only one to follow Lucifer to the back of the bar. He had taken two girls with him and, by the look on his eyes, he wasn’t planning to give them what they wanted but rather take something from them.

Dean breathed out a sigh as he stood next to (Y/N). She was starting to look grey, faded away, and yet she claimed to be just fine.

“So, strange potion, huh?” Dean spoke, trying to make the waiting less boring.

“Yeah… I can’t believe we drank Crowley’s blood.” She said with a low voice.

“Tell me about it.” Dean chuckled.

“So what does it smell like? I mean your mother’s perfume and what else?”

“I don’t know… I know I’ve smell it somewhere but I can’t remember.” Dean pouted, “What does it smell like for you?”

“Leather.” She replied nonchalantly, “Leather and…”

“Like Baby’s leather?”

“I think so… Yeah.” Dean gave her a tender smirk.

“You really feel like home with us?” He asked, leaning closer to her.

She chuckled and looked down, considering her answer carefully. “Yeah… You’ve been my family ever since I lost… You know the original ones.”

Dean nodded in response, looking back at the door through which Sam and Lucifer had disappeared.

“You are family, (Y/N).” Dean said, “Like a little sister for Sam… And for me, of course.” She gave him a half smile, feeling a bit heartbroken by Dean considering her a sister rather than a partner. “I don’t know what we would do without you.”

“You managed to survive without me for many years, Dean.”

“Not really, we died many times. Besides, everyone needs someone kiss their ouchies away.”

“You want me to kiss your ouchies?” She giggled, looking up at him.

“Wouldn’t mind if you did.” Dean replied honestly.

Before anything else could be said. Sam came out with a scared face and begged his brother to keep the questions for later. Then, faster than before, they moved around that astral word and back to reality were they found themselves still on the floor, sore and with the view of Rowena, Crowley and Castiel sitting at the table while sharing a few drinks.

“Really guys?” Dean fumed as he helped (Y/N) get up.

“We were thirsty.” Rowena replied cynically.

“Chill, Squirrel. I bet Moose has something very important to tell us.” And in fact, Sam had been looking for the proper words to explain what he had just heard.

“He is making a spell.” Sam began, “Angels can’t possess bodies unless they got permission so he’s trying to make a spell to break that rule… He isn’t sure if it’ll work but if it does…”

“He’ll wear you to the prom.” (Y/N) replied with a deep voice.

“It won’t work, Sam.” Cas spoke.

“Are you sure?” Dean asked and the angel nodded.

“God may be busy with Amara but he won’t let Lucifer break that rule… He can’t.” The angel explained.

“It’s like trying to get a spell to live without breathing. It’s a function your body needs, you can’t spell that away. It would be worse.” Rowena added. She and Castiel shared a knowing look.


Sam was still awfully concerned about the probability of Lucifer finding a spell to wear him without permission, so Rowena offered to give him a home-remedy for stress. Apparently, witches also know granny’s tips.

Dean was outside, leaning against the hood of the Impala and (Y/N) was with him. They remained silent for a while, thinking of a way to keep Lucifer away from Sam. Dean sighed tiredly after almost an hour and looked down at her.

“Do you still smell the potion?” He inquired, getting a frown as a response.

“No. Why? Do you still smell it?”

“Yes…” Dean replied, “Not my mother’s perfume but the other thing.” Dean started sniffing the air.

“You look like a dog.” She joked.

“I once melted my mind with a dog’s. Did you know that?” He wiggled his eyebrows, making her laugh.

“Sam might have told me about it.” She replied.

“Dammit, Sam.” Dean joked once more. “No, but really I still smell it.”

(Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows and stood on her tip toes close to Dean, sniffing the same air as him. Dean inhaled deeply and then his green eyes grew wider, he leaned down to be at the same height as her and inhaled again.

“Are you wearing perfume?”

“I always do… Why?” She asked, giving a step back.

“That smell… I…”

“You smelled me? In the potion?” Her (Y/E/C) were open widely.

“Yeah… Guess you’re also home too.” The shared a shy smile and then both looked to the opposite direction. Dean scratched his head awkwardly as he looked anywhere else but her.

Sam was standing at the door and he looked just the same as if he were drunk. He was balancing himself on his toes, and he had a smug grin on his face.

“Aren’t you two lovely!” He shouted. Castiel appeared behind him and tried to drag him back to the shed, but Sam wasn’t having it. “I wish you could tell each other already that…” Cas covered Sam’s mouth, giving Dean an apologetic look and dragged him back in.

“Guess Rowena gave him more than a home remedy…” Dean mumbled.

“I think that was Crowley, to be honest.” They both laughed shyly and returned to stare at the ground, trapped inside their heads.

Sam ran outside, Castiel chasing after him. The Winchester tripped with his own feet, falling right in front of (Y/N) and Dean.

“I always wondered, why aren’t you two to…” Cas jumped over him and covered his mouth.

“Don’t listen to him!” The angel ordered, remembering the specific rules Dean had taught him. “He’s delirious.”

Sam pushed Cas’ hand away and talked again. “You would be such a good couple.” He said using the gossip-mother voice, “Dean likes you, and you liked Dean so…”

Castiel held tightly onto Sam and then both disappeared with the flutter of Castiel’s wings.

“What was that?” (Y/N) asked, looking up at Dean who was redder than a tomato. “Dean?”

“He’s just being annoying Sam… Don’t mind him.” He cleared his throat and looked away.

“Why did he say you li…”

“Because I like you.” Dean mumbled.

“You do?” Her cheeks were red now. “I thought I was the little sister.”

“For Sam, maybe but… Not for me.” He faked a cough and turned his gaze even farther from her.

“Well, if it works… It’s mutual.” Her voice came out with a tremble, almost inaudible but Dean heard it and had snapped his head back to face her.

“Really?” She nodded in response. Dean smiled widely, not knowing what to do next.

“MAGIC WATER IS GREAT!” Sam shouted from inside the shed. (Y/N) and Dean laughed.

“I think we should really watch out for Sammy right now.” Dean suggested shyly.

“Yeah…” Dean licked his lips and left a small kiss on the corner of her lips.

“We’ll figure it out.” He said.

“We always do.” She continued, giving him a warm smile.

Dean wrapped an arm around her waist and they both walked back inside the shed. Sam was standing on a table and, because of his height, he had hit his head more times than they could count. That would sure as hell be a long night, but at least Dean had (Y/N) as his right hand and maybe even more.