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Once More, With Feeling

Description: To put off his meddlesome, matchmaking mother, John convinces Sherlock to play the role of his significant other. Unparalleled awkwardness ensues.

Review: I liked the switch here. It’s usually John meeting Sherlock’s parents. John is oblivious to Sherlock’s feelings and I just wanted to smack him a little, but he eventually catches on. Bed sharing.

Rating: Teen


anonymous asked:

HARRY AND THE MISSUS PLAYING HIDE N SEEEK. Like when there newlyweds and feeling playful. All the giggles when he pulls the missus feet from under the bed. Denying his kisses when she releases that he cheated (not counting all the way to 100 and peeking between his fingers to see which way you went)

And she shrieks when she feels his hands on her ankles, a knee-jerk reaction even though she knows he’s meant to be looking for her. This in turn, startles him, and he gives a surprised shriek right back. Which causes them both to dissolve into a fit of laughter, crumbling to the floor beside the bed. 

Once they can finally breathe again: 

“’Ow ya get under there?” 

She pushes him to his back, a small “oomph” leaving his lips as he lands back against the hardwood. 

Lifting herself up so she can straddle him. “Very carefully,” she says with a smirk. “How did you get up here so fast, huh? You cheater.” Playfully, she blows raspberries on his neck, tickling his sides so he’s squirming.

“I didn’t cheat!” he squeaks. “Counted all the way.“

“What, by multiples of ten?” 

He sticks his tongue out at her, still fighting the giggles., trying to pull her closer “Listen here, now. Gimme a kiss.” 

“Uh uh,” she’d laugh, as his fingers scrabble at her sides. “I don’t…I don’t kiss…cheaters!” 

“Okay, fine! I only counted to 50!” 

“I KNEW it!” She grabs his face and kisses, loud and a little slobbery, before collapsing on top of him in a giggling heap. xx.

Concept: Your arms are wrapped around me as we lay in bed. We talk and make jokes and call each other empty insults to make each other laugh. You press kisses to my cheek every so often and I can feel your fingers tracing my side. We’re finally together and everything feels right and happy.