in bed and him


We did a character (?) collab with @calista-222, and this is what came out !

I did the clothless version of the girl, they did the top clothless of the boy, then we switched and drew design for the others clothes !
(The last one is merging all the layers)

Also :


“I have a slideshow of diagrams from Midnight that, unfortunately for all of us, adhere to the curriculum. Mic will be over later with a disturbing puppet show. If any of you have less-than-human anatomy, I don’t want to know about it. That’s what masturbation and the internet is for. We have to do this today while Mineta is away. Bakugou, doing that will give you brain damage, stop. Oh, Midoriya, you’re allowed to sit outside, I got the note from your mother. Now. God, I need a pay raise. Does everyone know what a penis looks like? …Don’t answer that.”


in honor of national pokemon day, here were my 2 favs in my 1st pkmn game :’)

concept: yurio gets dragged by yuuri and victor into santa pet photos but turns out he (and potya)’s too badass for it 🔥 😎 (insp + redbubble + ko-fi)


it’s a tragedy