in bbs sora saves ven's heart

Aqua, trapped in an unending agony and suffering in the realm of darkness, fights inescapable evil and her own weakness to find her way to her friends and the realm of light. ;0

*did a derpy colored panel for kh 0.2 bbs as Aqua is precious to me and I know it, Sora will save you and terra and ven ;). 

Is Lea Norted and Where the Hyuck is MX’s heart?

Ok so like a month ago the memes @khsora and @traversedheart decided to let me in on a horrible prediction for KH3, and honestly it’s been grinding away in the back of my head all through Christmas. 

So. I need to vent I need to talk about this with my fandom. 

Lets start with some in canon facts to set the scene. 

In Birth By Sleep we get to see Terra try and block old MX’s heart by activating his keyblade armor, this does nothing to protect him and as we all know he becomes Terranort: 

Now the keyblade armor is pretty OP by the KH series standards, it protects you from the effects of darkness as well as allows you to travel between the worlds without any other protection.

Xehanort’s Report II: “Our Master instructed us to don armor while traveling between worlds, so that we might shield ourselves from the darkness. But there, in the Lanes Between, I could feel the force of it—the power—and from then on, I forwent my armor’s "protection.” I had been told the darkness would devour me, but what terrors could it possibly hold, so long as I found the strength to control it?“.

This is very similar to the black coats worn by both org 13 and Riku, as well as Lea in DDD. It stands to reason that even with magical properties such as the above, it isn’t enough to stop a heart from corrupting or entering you. 

I would argue the same for possession in general, as we see Ventus become rejoined with Vanitas in BBS despite his armor. As well as this, unlike Terra, Ven is pure light, and yet is unable to stop darkness from corrupting and controlling him. 

This brings us to the main point, Lea saving Sora at the end of Dream Drop Distance. 

Where does MXs heart go? Lea, as we can see, is just wearing a Org 13 coat, but as we’ve already established armor of this sort won’t protect the wearer from possession.

Not to mention, MX SMILES upon Braig/Xigbar’s questioning of “What now you old coot?!” The fact he finds the whole situation amusing rather than disappointing is interesting, to say the least. 

If MX really does have knowledge of the events that will transpire eg the chess game between him and Eraqus, then whose to say he didn’t predict Lea’s meddling?

And as if I have to remind everyone, right after this, what does Lea get? 



What if this wasn’t just a cheesy fan service moment, but in fact foreshadowing that lea is being affected by MXs heart inside him?

I’ve tried to find a way around the theory, such as why Lea wasn’t instantly possessed or controlled as a result. 

If MX is only inserting part of himself into the vessels, rather than a whole, it stands to reason the effect is gradual. 

It’s also possible that the heart is asleep or unable to control Lea due to the strength of his heart. We know already that to create a nobody with a human form, the original person had to be strong willed/strong of heart. Lea is one of those people, and unlike Sora or Terra, he hadn’t been weakened by MX prior to this moment. Also, unlike Riku in kh1, he does not willingly allow himself to be possessed.

What if MXs heart is now inside Lea? What if all it will take for him to be affected is something weakening the strength of his own heart? Maybe a battle with a old friend or manipulation from the darkness? 

Lea hasn’t been confirmed as a light or darkness yet.

The jury is still out, and I AM AFRAID FOR MY BAE.