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Taking a family picture

Coran: Okay a little to the left Keith, good good…
Lance: Keith, buddy, give me some space
Keith: I’m just doing what Coran asked me to
Hunk: *wavering smile* Just… take… the picture…
Allura: Oh Pidge, your hair. Here, let me fix it
Pidge: No! Stop!! My hair is fine!!
Shiro: Pidge; stop squirming
Pidge: *Accidentally socks Shiro in the eye*
Shiro: goddAMN IT
Coran: Okay I’m going to take the picture!
Keith and Lance: *shoving each other*
Coran: *runs over and stands next to Allura*
Coran: Well that’s actually the best one yet!
Hunk: Oh wait, wait, nope, I think I blinked. You know what, I definitely blinked, can we retake it?
Everyone: groans
Pidge: *running away* no more pictures I’ll fix everything with photoshop okay

Sometimes I’ll just be sitting and think “Hey, I don’t wanna die right now.” and there’s this enormous warmth, followed by the equally enormous weight of responsibility. Like I owe myself a life-debt just for surviving my own depression.

anonymous asked:

bro i just need a fic or au where somebody (LITERALLY ANYBODY) at least acknowledges bakugou's extreme bullying towards deku like ik that everyone expects bakugou to be all explosive and high tempered and they're all like "that's just bakugou" but ive yet to come across a fic where someone realizes that the way bakugou used to treat deku was fucking wrong

god yes bakugou’s behaviour, and how people are so lenient towards it sometimes pisses me off. in one of my fics i’m definitely going to establish how wrong bakugou’s behaviour was–even though he’s a lot more bearable now, it doesn’t mean what he’s done to izuku should be tossed under the rug or some shit.