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That. Was. Stunning. My mind was reeling, my heart was aching, my eyes were full of tears. It was incredible. I loved every single second of it. All the characters were mesmerising; Ben and Martin were, as Mycroft put it, ‘incandescent’, the direction was awe-inspiring, the writing was marvellous, the acting was beyond BAFTA-worthy, the artistic/cinematic elements were superb (that music, too! One whole scene with just violins used as voices in the conversation between Sherlock and Eurus. Plus, we got a little nod to Irene too!) I can’t even get my mind around it all, it was inspired, beautiful. Perhaps there were flaws; I didn’t even noticed them. I was so immersed. 

It was groundbreaking, in so many ways. 

My goodness, Sian is such an amazingly talented actor. But of course, they all are. Ben, Martin, Mark and oh gosh, Louise Brealey - I don’t even know how to start! That scene was so special, so painful, so heart-shatteringly sad and beautiful at the same time. He said he loved her, and he really, truly meant it. And then he just fell apart and argh! Stunningly acted by them both. I am in love myself, with all of it, everything about that scene and those two characters and what they said and did and felt. 

Honestly, to me (and I know others will disagree) that was the best Sherlock episode to boot. I’m still sad for the lack of Molly, but the part she played was so epic, so important to understanding the complex nature of Sherlock’s character development, that in so any ways it did not matter. She is strong, she is stunning. She is not diminished, she shines because of who she is, as well as for the love she has for Sherlock - they both do. It is a ’beautiful’ and ‘redemptive’ love, just as Loo described it. 

Eurus was such a gift, a piece of artwork of a character. Mycroft - I just so want to hug him, I loved how integral he was to this story. And Sherlock and John, the two of them against the rest of the world again - as it should and always will be. And Sherlock cuddling little Rosie like a proper uncle (or big brother)! 

I watched it in the cinema with my parents. They were blown away, awe-struck, and it was so rewarding for me to see that. My dad’s always loved the programme and we’ve watched it together since ep. 1. But my mum… she fell in love right then and there. Said it was the best thing she’s ever seen on British telly, maybe even T.V altogether. 

Mr. Gatiss and Moffatt, you truly are wonders of the world - thank you.

BAP: You Wife Him

Daehyun: Kicks back and relaxes as much as he can with his schedule, now that you are doing the chores he should have been doing. 

Himchan: He’ll be all fond smiles, sweet compliments and gentle pats on your ass. 

Jongup: He quite likes it, but will not let you do everything on your own. No matter how hard he has worked today, he will help you with the chores. Because he secretly a sweety.

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Junhong: He’ll actually become a bit shy and tell you you don’t have to. He’ll blush and be mumbly and adorable.

Yongguk: He will be planning the wedding and be stressing about the fact that you might not even say yes, which is totally unnecessary, but it is just Gukkie. In the meanwhile he will gently thank you and hope to the gods you stay five ever.

Youngjae: Awe yish, he loves this and he will do his best to act every little bit the husband for you.

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Can we talk about some beautiful moments from that episode? Those heart wrenching moments that definitely made me cry. When Sherlock finds out that his sister killed his best friend, Victor, that scene had me bawling my eyes out. In the end when Sherlock is trying to be a better brother and best friend, that got me bawling my eyes out. Can we focus on the positives? I know this is not the episode most of us asked for but please let’s be positive. Benedict and Martin did such a beautiful job portraying these characters. Benedict and Martin made us fall in love with the stories and adventures from the first episode. They helped us get through rough times, they made us laugh and cry and they taught us about family and friendship and trust. They did their absolute best and right now we should be praising their hard work and absolutely astonishing acting. I would also like to focus on Andrew Scott who made me fucking despise and absolutely love Moriarty!!! I am in awe of his acting. Love love love love !!! Guys, this may/is the end and we need to remember it with positivity.

Papyrus Joins Tumblr
  • Papyrus Joins Tumblr
  • hellsinners

When a very innocent and naive skeleton joins Tumblr, he has to ask his not so innocent brother about certain things that he seems to be quite familiar with…

This does not mean that I hate Underlust, Undertail or Fontcest, this is simply an interpretation of how I think Papyrus will react. I, in fact, quite like all 3, which you can see on my blog XD

Please excuse my dreadful voice acting and editing… I can’t do either of their voices well, and yes I do ship Papyton and Sansby, but that’s my personal opinion.

Anyway, enjoy :) (pictures below)

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Honestly it’s so stupid to be against medication for mental illness, saying “you shouldn’t need a pill to be you”. That’s basically letting the “it’s all in your head” people win.

Here’s the deal: mental illnesses are REAL illnesses. Caused by abnormalities in ACTUAL, OBSERVABLE physiological processes in the brain. No, for real, Google some brain scans for people with/without mental illnesses. You can literally SEE the differences.

Educate yourselves, and act accordingly. How awful would it sound if you shamed a diabetic for seeking help and telling them they shouldn’t need insulin to be them? Is it very? Yeah, exactly.

Illness is illness is illness.

Shakespeare, but every instance of “alas” has been replaced with “aw shit”

 “Aw shit, poor Yorick!”

-Hamlet, Act 5 Scene 1

“Aw shit, that love, so gentle in his view,

Should be so tyrannous and rough in proof!“

-Romeo & Juliet, Act 1 Scene 1

“O, no! Aw shit, I rather hate myself

For hateful deeds committed by myself.”

-Richard III, Act 5 Scene 3

“Aw shit, poor country, almost afraid to know itself! It cannot be called our mother, but our grave.”

Macbeth, Act 4 Scene 3

So I recently watched a video by a young actress who spoke about how shady Disney channel can be through her experience with them that was so awful she literally hasn’t acted since and what I learnt is:
Apparently Disney signs their talent to a five year contract to secure them to their projects for as long as possible. So despite the cancellation Row, Sab, Peyton and Corey are still in their contracts. This explains a lot about why a lot of Disney stars go to great lengths to ‘break’ their images to get out of their contracts and what not. It also explains why Amir chose to be semi-regular.
This is so upsetting because even with the cancellation they’re still contractedly obligated to the company so it means they can’t be done with Disney despite how dirty the network has treated them.
Fuck Disney. Fuck them for cancelling their only show that actually means something and fuck them for essentially trapping the stars despite how much dirt they paid them.

Why do ppl keep acting like JJ is this like, awful evil person like the kid’s conceited but he’s not the devil like he asks Otabek to come to dinner? Because he’s always alone???? He tries to joke with the others about the marriage thing like he’s totally relaxed like HaHA I’ll beat u to it!!! And he’s upset when they leave like they didn’t realize he was just messing around. He does a LOT of charity work during his off season, he teases Yurio but he’s never mean to him, he’s just a confident guy like I get that some people are put off by that but all the “UGH  JJ is the WORST he’s so aWFUL”and  “LOL token straight character” like 1. Where are you even getting this 2. No straight boy has a tramp stamp that’s like some kind of fucking Cryptid. 

Dating Sherlock Holmes would involve...

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  • “I hate you less than I hate everyone else.”
  • “Aw Sherlock, that’s so sweet.”
  • Him trying to act annoyed when you solve something before him, but not being able to stop smiling because he’s so proud of you
  • Sherlock giving you his scarf whenever it’s cold
  • Not a lot of PDA, but at home if he’s in a bad mood or feeling down he’ll just collapse on the couch next to/on top of you and fall asleep for hours
  • Always holding hands on cases, which gets difficult sometimes when you’re both trying to examine different parts of a crime scene
  • You and Mary teaming up to gossip about John and Sherlock
  • Mrs Hudson doting on you, since she can see how happy you make Sherlock
  • Sometimes he accidentally upsets you, because he’s not the most emotionally understanding boyfriend out there
  • Whenever he does upset you, he sits outside your bedroom for hours until you’ll talk to him again, constantly talking about how stupid he was and how amazing you are
  • Sherlock having to physically restrain you from attacking Anderson and Donovan when they’re putting him down
  • He tells you it doesn’t bother him and that you don’t need to defend him, but he’s secretly very touched by your loyalty to him
  • Whenever things are getting dark or tense around the flat, you’re always there to cheer everyone up and lighten the mood
  • You’re a strange couple, but you work together perfectly

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why do you even like danneel, she doesnt do anything

Oh idk, she’s just one of the most amazing woman on the planet! All she is most known for is for being Jensen ackles wife and that pisses me off, she is much more than that. 

Danneel gets far too much hate and for what?? For loving a man, for showing off her perfect body that people would die for?? For giving birth to three amazing children?? Some people need to get a life.

Danneel cares, she cares for the people she loves, she cares for charities, she raises money for people who need it, she supports equal rights and LGBT rights. 

Danneel is so talented, yes she hasn’t been in a lot of things and some of her movies and tv shows have been awful but her acting is fantastic. A lot of actors go through that.

Danneel stepped back from her career to start a family with the man she loves, she’s a mother of three and doesn’t have an awful lot of time to work on other things unlike her husband. 

Danneel is a wonderful wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and JUST a good human being which is hard to find. She also doesn’t give a fuck about what people think and I fucking love that.

Good day! 

I think fans need to come to terms with the fact that there are characters whom are objectively good and bad, and characters whom are aligned with or the middle of those persuasions, and that not everyone is in the wrong or in the right for liking a particular character in spite of their affiliations.

For instance, Charlie Bucket of Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an objectively good character and isn’t poorly written, but I do not enjoy his character. This does not become equivalent with who I am as a person. I’m not a bad person for not liking a good character. Likewise, the Joker is an objectively awful character (though usually well-written) who does heinous things and acts heinously, but I enjoy his presence in media and find him engaging. This doesn’t mean that I myself am a bad person for liking this character just because he is bad.

I don’t mean to be patronizing at all, but I really wish for this to be addressed because the mentality that you are just like the character you enjoy on screen or read about isn’t progressive or fun. We could go into specifics about how media does affect the way we think and act, but taking the fact that you like a character at face value is so absurd it gives me a headache.

now, more than ever, I beg of you, Star Wars fandom: -stop acting like torturing, mass-murdering white male fascists who abuse women & PoC are ‘cute’ and more worthy of empathy than their victims

anyway mental illness isn’t normal and it isn’t good it’s a fucking illness it’s debilitating and suffocating horrible and acting like it’s anything other than awful is the reason people think it’s cool and quirky to fake being mentally ill lol stop fucking normalizing being mentally ill it’s not normal it’s a horrible thing and it’s not something ANYBODY should want to deal with. mentally ill people aren’t “abnormal” or bad or disgusting but mental illness itself sure as hell is stop fucking romanticizing the thing that makes it a daily struggle for me to survive you nasty fucks

Just RWBY things

A list of things about RWBY that irritate me to no end i thought i’d make because why not my dude, let’s go number 1,

1. The awful voice acting from most of the characters that persists for the majority of the series.

2. The animation isn’t that good in the early seasons and is only marginally better later on, everything looks awkward and stiff when it’s not a fight scene.

3. The show states that the primary fuel they use for goddamn everything is running low due to theft, but it’s only ever said, there’s no blackouts, they don’t have to conserve bullets or magic juice and ultimately, nothing really comes of it till you’ve forgotten about it.

4.The show tries to hard to set up a large cast, new characters get introduced and leave just as fast. The main characters are as interesting as planks of wood. RWBY has an almost supernatural (the show) way of introducing villains, there’s a bigger bad every season to overshadow the other big threat instead of having a consistent main antagonist.

5. The grimm are really bland and uninteresting as a whole, there’s a few good designs, but overall they just feel kinda sloppily done.

6. Every season is ended with a dues ex machina, non of the characters are allowed to build up power over a season for the finale, it always has to be something big and flashy

7. Ruby’s “I have special eyes” power is idiotic, plain and simple. It’s never established prior to her using it (Well, technically once, IN A THROWAWAY LINE IN THE FIRST EPISODE) and it’s just there to cleanly finish an ending they seem to have written into a corner.

8. Jaune. I DESPISE this character. I LOATHE him. he’s an idiot who cheats his way into a combat school when he has no training, where he could’ve gotten himself or others killed due to his lack of training, and is only allowed to stay because he “proved” himself or some shit. Not only that, he gets no punishment and is allowed to stay despite being years behind everybody else and would’ve just ended up a liability to everyone in any sort of realistic scenario.

9. Salem and her other minions are the lest interesting characters in anything I have ever watched. I don’t care where they came from, i don’t care about their names, i don’t give a shit about a single detail they carry because they aren’t interesting. Their designs are bland as hell too.

10. Magic and the Maidens are horrible additions, I had actually like the fact that it was explained that their elemental abilities came from something natural in their world that could be understood by their culture and clearly understood. But nah there’s also magic now and 4 chicks who control elements based on a season fuck you Buck’s the coolest”

That’s all i remember right now, feel free to add on what you hate about this shitty show. later