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me, a person who genuinely loves seeing Louis wearing sweatpants, thousand dollar jeans, converse high tops, leather dress shoes, denim jackets, designer hoodies, oversized sweaters, formfitting suits, beanies, hundred dollar baseball caps, adidas, gucci, and everything in between: *always winning*


SPT’s main focus is promoting Harry Styles’ solo endeavors via twitter/radio requests and streaming as well as movie promo! We hope this tumblr will be helpful as we embark on this new journey of Harry’s career!

Here you will find:
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● links and info about radio requests via twitter, phone/text, and mediabase
● links and info about awards and polls
● info about movie promo (box office, awards, etc.)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Happy promoting! 
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at the end of every year, our band holds like an awards banquet, and people are given serious awards like “best brass player” “leadership award” etc.. But we also have funny awards like “cutest couple” and “two left feet” awards… Anyways. One year the cutest couple award was given to the the most fitting people: the first trumpet player and his ego.


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Hi again! How you knowI’ve been in a rest since this week, but this last days a lot of Fansites has been closing or resting and all are wondering why.

First: A Fansite called ‘BLOOM WITH JIN’ passed away before she started. A friend of her posted on twitter what happened to her and she wants to continue. A lot of people are calling her liar saying that she’s not dead and that she only wants attention. Also people wants her to show the death certificate of her friend. That’s rude, she lost a friend, she doesn’t feel right. She only wants to continue what her friend wanted to do.

Second: Directkill and more Fansites are closing cause people are calling them Sasaengs (stalkers) but why? The reason is because some of them took the same flight as BTS and is not because they’re harassing them, it is only coincidence. Also they have to go to the events (Awards, Concerts, etc) to take pics, mostly for us (International fans).

You know how hard is to be a Fansite? How hard is traveling everyday? We do our best to update you everyday, everynight. Even if we’re tired or we have things to do we are always here for you! ARMYs attacking other ARMYs because some Fansites are “close” to them that is not even true is just ridiculous. How many times BTS has been saying: “Be close to each other, share pictures with each other, love each other. We are a family, a team”.
Please respect each other, we are a family not enemies. We have to be together in bad and good moments, not only now ALWAYS.

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Bodoor and Rebecca.

Neither Eros Nor Agape

I keep thinking about the fact that Viktor was trying to choose between Eros and Agape before he quit skating to be Yuri’s coach. Its passed over lightly in the scene, almost as if is Viktor being fickle and indecisive, but I think is has some significance.

His last routine was Stay Close to Me, which was award winning and amazing, etc., but as someone (Mari or Minako, I can’t remember right now) pointed out, it would have been more moving from a more naive skater, like Yuri. It lacked a certain believability.  If someone else picked up on that, you can be damn sure Viktor did too. He knew that he didn’t have his heart in it. Who was he longing for? There wasn’t anyone. 

Remember how insistent Viktor was that Yuri and Yurio find the essence of Eros and Agape in their routines? I have to believe that he held himself to that same standard. As goofy as he is sometimes, he’s serious about his work. He knew he didn’t have that in his Stay Close to Me routine and, as he practiced Eros and Agape, realized he didn’t have that in him either.

We also need to look at love to understand the various kinds of love. YOI deals explicitly with eros and agape—simply put, erotic/romatic love and Godly love– but there are more nuances to that.

I like what Wikipedia says about Eros: “Although eros is initially felt for a person, with contemplation it becomes an appreciation of the beauty within that person, or even becomes appreciation of beauty itself.”

If that doesn’t sum up season one, I don’t know what does!

And while Agape means love of God for man or vice versa, it can also mean “ feelings for one’s children and the feelings for a spouse.” So maybe we should call it pure, selfless, or sacred love?

 We don’t see much about Viktor’s background, so I can’t say much about his family-related Agape.If his relationships with Yakov and Yurio are anything to go by, I don’t think he found much Agape there–but this is as much Viktor’s fault as anyone’s. He made a pretty hefty promise to Yurio and then just kind of forgot about it and ran off on a whim, never mind anyone else’s feelings. That’s selfish, not self less.

 And as for Eros, I’m sorry, but I don’t think he had that in him either!

Just compare Viktor to Chris, who oozes sex appeal (sometimes literally). Viktor is a little more of a distant love object, inspiring more of a worshipful awe. Lest we think this is a symptom of Unreliable Narrator Yuri projecting some unattainability on him, we see a few flashbacks of baby Yuri, Chris, and Yurio almost speechless in his presence. Viktor didn’t have that erotic love to draw on to make an Eros routine believable and true. He had former lovers/girlfriends (depending on your translation) but he was the sought after one. He never had to pursue. He never had to long for someone.

It was becoming clear to him as he practiced Eros and Agape that neither of them really  fit. 

This was his headspace when he saw the video of Yuri doing his Stay Close to Me routine. Viktor knew from the banquet that Yuri could churn out the eros, but here was some sincere innocence. What? How? And then he finds out Yuri is retiring. Nuh uh, not on his watch.

tl;dr Viktor left skating because he knew his heart wasn’t in it. He couldn’t get either Eros or Agape to fit. By the end of season one, Viktor has found both Eros and Agape with Yuri, with a bonus of agape for Yurio. That is why he’s ready to skate again! He finally has the Life and Love he has been neglecting.

hockey-pies reblogged your post:when you really wanna write some omgcp fic but…

if you’ve seen the video of ellen page coming out at an lgbtq event, something like that but with jack coming out….

Thanks for the prompt @hockey-pies! I’ve set this a few years in the future because Bitty needs to graduate, Jack needs to play some hockey and earn some awards, etc., etc. But I hope it’s along the lines of what you were thinking!

Jack’s hands shook and his stomach rolled uncomfortably as if he might actually throw up again. Nervously, he played with his tie until it got too tight and a production assistant had to swat his hands down to fix it. He started to shove them into his pockets before remembering the multicolored string wrapped around his wrist for moments just like this. Jack unwound it and thoughtlessly wrapped it around his fingers, creating intricate patterns between them. He watched from the wing as three, smiling men joked around on the stage and reeled off stats that only sort of made sense to him through the anxiety, “Art Ross Trophy…Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award…98 goals, 62 assists…”

The same assistant wiped a napkin across his brow one last time before pushing him forward just a step, “You’ve got this, take a few breaths and remember to look at the prompters if you lose your place. Ok… Go!”

He wasn’t ready yet! But ready or not, Jack’s legs propelled him forward and, shaking even worse now, he managed to rewind the string around his wrist before he had to shake anyone’s hand. 

He took a moment to settle himself and for the audience’s applause to die away completely before he looked up to speak. The stage lights blinded him though so he waited just another second to adjust. Selfishly, Jack was glad for the whiteness, seeing the men and women spread across the ballroom in front of him would have been too much. 

A final deep breath and he began.

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H 👑

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anonymous asked:

i desperately need taylor to release something in the same time as harry oh my goddd imagine award season and etc

And her sitting in the audience watching Harry’s performance YES PLEASE

It’s been too long since they’ve been at the same award show