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Malik: Isn’t that a bit dangerous?

Altaïr: Malik, please. We’ve been in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and we always escape unhurt.


Altaïr: Okay, we sometimes escape unhurt.


Altaïr: All right, we escaped unhurt once! And… then we hurt ourselves on the way home…

A Book of Headcannons!

Ok, I have never really gotten a chance to make headcannons for Jacob so here goes nothing. These are all original so if you see something that you have written about, do let me know so I can remove it. These are all based on our 1800s Jacob, nothing modern, and purely out of spontaneous scenarios in my head so I could probably be wrong in around 80% of them. Either way, hope you like this!

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- Yes, Jacob has no patience. He can give you like 5 seconds of his patience, even if you mean the world to him, but nothing more. The man doesn’t have time to wait yet you better wait for him. Oh, yes.
- Beware if you try and sneak up to him playfully.
- Don’t lose your head over his way of talking to you. 
- You either love him or hate him. No in between.
- Loyalty should be like his middle name. Though perhaps never learning the whole “Don’t trust anyone” way of living, Jacob is unconditional to a person he deems good for him or that their cause if worthy of his time and his view of justice. The man means no harm when trusting even a rock, but half the time he has no idea what’s in store for him thanks to this small little flaw of his.
- Of course he’s self conscious of his good looks but he uses them only to get what he wants. Jacob, as usual, has no time to be thinking why do the ladies fall for his charm because he’s into business. And don’t confuse that seductive look on his eyes as flirting, though he surely is an expert.
- No, he can careless of your looks if you’re a person that represents something important to him. The last thing on his mind is finding perfection when he is so misunderstood and all he seeks is someone that can accept him as he is and love him dearly.
- Yes, he’s lazy.
- Scars? Well, as much as he could pretend he doesn’t mind the probable scars on him, it does bother him that he finds them everywhere and some will be permanent. 
- He was born to be understood, not to understand.
- Jacob loves a good laugh.
- He drinks, but not because he enjoys alcohol, but because it helps numb the pain in his poor little heart. The man has issues, y’all.
- The only reason why he doesn’t sleep on the ground is because he doesn’t have time to stop running all over the place.
- Jacob only desires good for the world, despite how terrible his attempts are at making it better.

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- His hobbies? Having a good time with his gang or sleeping.
- Give him hugs often, he loves those.
- Yes, he’s sensible to smells and he will let you know if something either will make him vomit or will drive him nuts with euphoria.
- The words ‘quiet’, ‘discreet’, ‘plan’, ‘logic’, and, ‘lose’ are among many out of his vocabulary.
- He can knock you out with a slap, if he feels like it.
- Yes, he eats like there’s no tomorrow.
- Ezio Auditore da Firenze? More like Ezio Aduditore da LA LA LA.
- Don’t annoy him with silly talk. He’s got better things to do.
- No, he isn’t intentionally funny but everyone is so blinded by him that anything he says could be turned funny but he won’t understand why. 
- He’s a devil, and he knows it!
- Play with him because he loves to compete and win! Hide-and-seek, tag, fishing, soccer, anything! He won’t say no!
- Yes, he could be crowned the best daddy in the whole universe. Like, actually dad. But…though he doesn’t know it, he’s also a daddy.

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- No! Not the hair!
- He doesn’t mind the stares on his facial scars but don’t stare for too long. There’s too much beauty around to be staring at only that.
- Definitely has a sweet tooth.
- Yes, he loves to smile.
- And he cannot do the ice treatment. He has no practice in that nor will he ever.
- Don’t even bother test his limits. He will prove you wrong even if that means losing half of London in the process.
- Fear? Um, yes he actually does feel it a lot but does a good job at getting over it and turning it to courage in seconds.
- No time to ask questions! 
- He will forever love you if you manage to somehow get him a bed big enough that fits in the train just for him.
- He knows he can sweet-talk you into anything he wants and you will leave him in awe if you somehow manage to not fall under his spell. Still, he won’t give up. He always has it his way.
- He can observe your for a minute and know your strengths and weaknesses.
- Yes, he loves to be intimidating.
- He’s bad at jokes and he doesn’t get them anyways.
- He’s not as romantic as many imagine him. He’s too much of a kid and expects you to pamper him, not the other way around but if you do your job well, the reward will be delicious.
- Keep your distance. Jacob likes his space even if he invades yours.

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- He’s smart, but just street smart.
- Don’t be surprised to see him getting chased. What’s work without a little fun?
- He won’t laugh at dark humor; that’s not up his alley.
- Politics? Could we get some ice-cream instead?
- Tell him you love him; the way he will tell you the same will send shivers down your spine.
- He’s eager for an adventure even if he’s beat and is dying to sleep.
- He hates complaining but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t think it.
- Good luck trying to catch him.
- He doesn’t do hand-holding. He’s more of a side hugger.
- He loves originality. Surprise him!
- Don’t pull a prank on him, though.
- No Jake, Jay, or Joseph. It’s Jacob!
- He rolls his eyes often. It’s his way of showing you how much he cares.
- He always pays. Always.
- Watch your words with him because he won’t forget any conversation he has with you.
- Don’t try and get sarcastic with him. That makes him mad.
- Jacob will not listen to anyone that put boundaries to him. He will rub it in your face he does what he wants…LIKE A BOSS.
- He will likely reborn a parrot.
- And lastly,
Jacob Frye, no matter what, will be a person that you will never, ever, be able to forget once you had the delight to lie your eyes on him.

If you liked these and want some more, let me know in your replies! I was trying to stay as real as possible but I mean, we all got different perspectives on him. Either way, leave a comment if you want another book! I had fun making this one! If you want to use an exact headcannon of mine, please give credit! It wasn’t easy coming up with these many so do me a favor and tag or mention me! Thank you all!

Jacob: "You're an Assassin. Act like it."

They watched over London tonight, one of the many stops they would have to make on their way to Indian. Evie only got married once, she thought, and she needed to be there; but Jacob wanted to be anywhere else. This was the third pub they had visited, and she yawned. The moon descended it’s apex, and she grabbed Jacob by the scruff of the neck.

“I’ll be back boys! Save me another!” Jacob called as she dragged him outside. He beamed at her, an innocent, tipsy, goofy grin. “Isn’t this fun, (Y/N)? I haven’t had a night like this is so long!”

“This might be your last night then.” She pointed his chest with each sentence. “We have to be in India soon, and you’re wasting time! You’re acting like a fool!”

Jacob drew nearer, his face inches from hers, his eyes smoldering. “And how do you think I should act?”

She glared, placed a palm on his face, and pushed him away. “You’re an Assassin. Act like it.”

“And how do Assassins act?” He wiggled his brows micheviously. “Pious? Serious?” He did his best serious face, but broke down in laughter.

“Like adults.“ She crossed her arms. “We’re going home, we’re grabbing our stuff, and we’re leaving first thing in the morning.”

Jacob threw his head back and groaned. He looked like an outgrown child. “Good lord, no wonder you’re friends with Evie. You two are such bores.”

“Am not! I just know there’s a time and place!”

“This is a time, and this is a place.” Jacob gestured around.

“That’s not what I meant.” She took a deep breath. Arguing with a drunk person wouldn’t get her anywere. “We need to leave.”

“I’m an Assassin, therefore, I am acting like an Assassin. Now, I’m going to celebrate my sister’s wedding.” He walked past, her leaving her alone in the night. She took another breath. She could leave him here and head off herself, but she promised Evie she’d bring him as quickly as possible.

The music rose behind her, the light of the pub casting fragments and shapes onto the ground at her feet. She took her boot, and kicked a shard of light when someone tapped her shoulder.

Jacob appeared sheepish. His eyes flickered from her to the ground, and he held his hands behind him.

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry for my behavior. I suppose I was so excited for my sister that I celebrated a bit too much. You have a job to do, and I’m making it difficult.“

“So, you’re going to India?”

“If you’ll have me.” His dark eyes bore into hers, and she felt her cheeks grow hot. Quickly, she looked down, pretending to kick some dirt off her boot.

“You don’t have to go with me. She just wants you there.”

“I know, but I want to go with you.” She looked up and he was smiling. He extended a hand. “Now, you have to do something for me.”

She narrowed her eyes and gave him her hand. “Ok, now what?“

Jacob swung her up with the music. He put one hand in hers and the other on her hip, then he lead. He span her around, singing along to the song, and it was all so ridiculous that she began to laugh. Jacob smiled, and kept singing.

“Dancing? That’s all I had to do?” She said between laughs. Jacob dipped her. When she came back up, he was grinning.

“All you had to do? I’m doing all the work!” He teased, and she smacked his shoulder. He quickly twirled her out and then back in. She glared at him, but it wasn’t the same as before.

“You also owe me a dance at the wedding. Deal?” She rolled her eyes, and he tightened his grip on her and began dancing again. “Deal?” He asked again.

“Fine!” She chuckled, and he released her and bowed, signaling the end of their dance. She curtsied.

“Thank you. Now, shall we?” He lifted up his elbow and she linked her arm to his. Then they walked home.