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I do not understand this sentiment that people seem to have with the relationship between Haytham and Connor. Haytham is often drawn as a good father figure, there’s tons of fanart with him playing with Connor as a child, then people are concerned with the way the relationship ended-HAYTHAM WAS NOT A GOOD FATHER, HE LEFT ZIIO WITH HIS CHILD-HE HIT AND QUIT THAT SHIT- DO NOT CONFUSE THIS-don’t get me wrong I friggin love Haytham, he’s my favorite Templar aside from Shay, but I don’t understand why the fandom dresses him up as if he gave a 4th of a shit about Connor’s existence until they crossed paths later.


Our awesome fans turned out in force to help us celebrate Ubisoft’s first official presence at Montreal Comiccon, and the debut of the Assassin’s Creed Community Corner. Check out a recap of the action via the video link.

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What I got these days:

A return gift from the-fashionable-assassin for her Shay costume donation. It’s so beautiful! Thank you very much! And I can’t wait to see Pio in Shay’s costume! XD

And my good friend got Steven and Tristan’s autographs on Montreal comic con for me ;;v;; I ordered a frame for it ❤

Printed several copies for my native friends, AC Rogue one year anniversary (since August 2014 cinematic trailer revealed) fanbook. It has 180 pages, I don’t remember I drew so many for Shay…

The most important, too busy working on my Shay costume and lots of other things… but still so slow =_=

Want an apple? :D

Why Connor joins the Assassins: Juno realizes that the Colonial Templars will eventually access the Grand Temple, and she wants Desmond to be the one to enter. She then manipulates the shit out of Connor to make him think that the Templars would kick his people of their land. We all know Haytham wouldn’t allow that, hell, Johnson didn’t want that; maybe Lee, but fuck him. So Connor backs the revolutionaries, who then take his people’s land. Ironic ain’t it? Thanks Juno.

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i finally got Assassin’s Creed: Unity and let me just tell you, i’m nearly dying here of all the AWESOMENESS THIS GAME CONTAINS. 

there’s just so much to do and all the people look different and they’ve actually made gameplay a little more realistic, and therefore more difficult and i love it. 

yes, true, there are some bugs but i’ve gotten used to them and haven’t encountered anything that’s devastatingly buggy so it’s all good. 

also, Arno Dorian is the new love of my life.  

thank you for your time.