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i love how (almost) every time we plot out a stucky fic on tumblr, Bucky is like this absurdly incapable city boy who can't deal with life outside of Brooklyn, gets his survival instincts from television, and who really makes you question the rude awakening he would have gotten being thrown into war. BUT the beauty of it is that I really feel like this is the person he could have been in the right circumstances.

it just feels so RIGHT.

like, as you say in the right circumstances, he would be the guy who gets talked into going on a trip to a farm ‘to experience nature’ and ends up getting attacked by chickens and goats. he returns to brooklyn with one of his ass cheeks hanging out because a billy goat thought his pants were delicious.

This is one week set apart from the rest of the year that will be entirely dedicated to Padmé and Anakin, in the form of — ART! If you’re interested in participating, let’s delve into this, shall we? Calling all shippers, you are invited to show your love for this pairing using any artistic expression of your choice, be that; drawings, edits, videos, gifs, literature etc. Be creative, and take your muse wherever it leads you! This is not a contest of skill, but an event to showcase our appreciation for literally how much we cannot contain our love for this couple (it’s not something to be suppressed, believe us!) What will happen is between the dates of May 4th to May 10th there will be a theme idea posted each day. We hope everyone participates and has a wonderful time celebrating this beautiful, underrated couple.” 

 Here are the themes for each day: 

05/04. Day 1: Happy Skywalker family AU 

 What if Anidala and their children had their happily ever after? 

 05/05. Day 2: Favorite Anidala scene 

 Your favorite scene of Anidala from any of the movies, shows, etc. 

 05/06. Day 3: Modern AU 

 Anidala in a modern setting 

 05/07. Day 4: Favorite Anidala quote 

 Your favorite Anidala quote from any of the movies, shows, etc. 

 05/08. Day 5: Song inspired 

 Creations inspired by a song/lyrics 

 05/09. Day 6: Favorite Anidala kiss 

 Your favorite kiss they shared in any of the movies, shows, etc. 

 05/10. Day 7: Free day 

 A day where you can do anything you’d like. Any Anidala AU or prompt that you can think up! 

Just remember to tag your posts with #anidalaweek2017 as one of the first five tags so that we are sure to see it and reblog it! Have fun everyone and may the Force be with you ⭐️ 

 Thank you to @anidalafeelss for the beautiful banner!

Jean Marco Month: Modern day

I took the opportunity to celebrate pride month and do art work for the fic I am currently writing for these 2. JM celebrating and supporting their friends and community

In case any of you feel like reading it.

Harlots Appreciation Week,  22nd May - 28th May

Since the first season of Harlots has come to an end, I though that it would fun if we joined together to create fanworks that would celebrate this amazing series.

  • Day One (May 22nd) Favorite character(s)
  • Day Two (May 23rd) Favorite relationship(s)
  • Day Three (May 24th) Favorite costume(s)
  • Day Four (May 25th) Favorite location/setting
  • Day Five (May 26th) Favorite moment(s) or favorite scene
  • Day Six (May 27th) Fanfic day! (every type of fanfic is good. It can be set in canon setting, specific episode related, any kind of AU, modern AU or whatever you want)
  • Day Seven (May 28th) Free choice day! (Create anything related to the show, let your imagination run wild!)

If you have any questions check guidelines page or send an ask. Tag your edits and fanfics with #harlotsweek and enjoy all the beautiful edits and fanfics Harlots inspired!

post the first line of your WIP(s)

I was tagged by @jesse-is-inarguably-purple, who obviously wants to see me cry over all my WIPs.

the one that’s practically finished

Once upon a time, there was a man, and he sold his son to a demon.

the one I don’t have the guts to finish

Niva is fourteen years old when she first makes the orchids on the living room table grow.

the absolutely ridiculous wlw witch P&P one

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a witch in possession of her own practice must be in want of a steading.

the one that’s utter shit tbh

Simon’s never been that good at computers.

the au I’m so done with

Driving while talking on the phone is unsafe.

the original work

The secret is, I think, that we’re all perfectly ordinary.

the one where I’m always a slut for pipalypso

“Piper, what the fuck is this paper doing in my workroom?”

the one where I overreached and also dragons

There was nothing that Kailey loved more than listening to her father tell stories of his adventures as a knight.

 I tag U! @distractedbythedictionary, @onlyeveryone and @deservingporcupine


ModernDay!Peggy AU: Peggy is kidnapped by HYDRA and her death is forged when they find themselves in need of an item lost to them during the SSR takeovers shortly after the first war, no record of them is found since files went missing during the Scientific Reserve’s dissolution and former agent Margaret Carter is their last chance of tracing this vital resource. Once in their possession she is interrogated but they don’t account for her Altzeimer’s getting in the way of questioning and amidst desperation Peggy undergoes a violent process with an experimental serum that unexpectedly reverses her aging process in addition to curing her memory. HYDRA, however, also does not account for her force of will, loyalty and training. She is brutally tortured for a week but does not relent, keeping her knowledge to herself afraid of just what kind of object they could be after. The side effects of the serum take a toll on her resilience but on a strike of luck she manages to send a distress signal through an old SHIELD channel still being monitored by Agent Romanoff. While on her detour Peggy discovers there are several other people held captive in the base and forges an escape plan though she doesn’t know if her message was received or fell into deaf ears. A few days later she hears HYDRA officers murmuring about a SHIELD blockade a few miles from the base and she knows it’s time to act. She manages to get most people out of their cells but is hit during combat in the halls and blacks out before the battle is over, waking up in the hospital five weeks later after undergoing massive surgery to discover a SHIELD strike team, which included Captain Rogers, had rained down on the base and neutralized the enemy during her escape attempt. part 2


i am trying very hard not to put incomplete fics here ( bc i read those anyway ) 

  • ocean of fiction blue : modern days au, remus has to share a house with the marauders and lily *dramatic voice* but who is this mysterious artist boy with long dark hair who seems so distant ? *back to normal voice* siriusly, this fic is great and  it has very good characters dev , so go and read it !
  • inescapable fate : modern days au too. if you haven’t read any of angryspaceravenclaw, that girl is the best at representation, and obviously at writing and everything too. here, we have single dad!remus who starts to teach english at a school for blind people and meet the very sexy music teacher.
  • beautiful : hogwarts time. very short and cute and emotional fluff, where sirius wants to prove remus that he is beautiful.
  • we were infinite : hogwarts time. okay i know i said no incomplete fics but thisis still in writing and it is a masterpiece and if they are people who haven’t read it yet i dunno what you are doing with your life. the author is @captofthesswolfstar and it tells the story of the marauders from the beginning to the end.
  • text talk : modern days au. the bible/koran/torah/… of every fan of text fic out there. sirius is in boarding school, remus is in hospita. they text the wrong number. at some point they talk about fishes and sheeps.

for those in need of wonderful little ( or not so little ) fics !

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do you have any aus for modern-day witches/warlocks? thanks!

  • Character A doesn’t know how to tell all the people commenting on their “cool design” on their key chain is actually a sigil to help them always remember where they put their keys. Especially that really religious looking person wearing the crucifix and holding a bible who keeps asking where they got it.
  • Character A is a fashion designer and their signature includes incorporating sigils for different uses into clothing patterns and trinkets.Character B is a model for Character A and after “accidentally” mouthing off to Character A – something about how Character A could work to be a little more “imaginative” – Character B becomes Character A’s new hate muse.
  • “It’s halloween and you’re dressed up in a really offensive witch costume and it’s taking all of my self control to not go off on you.” AU
  • Character A works at a coffee shop that draws sigils for intelligence/charisma/peace/ext. in the coffee foam with a dissolving sugar syrup.
  • “I work part time at a candle shop and nobody ever needs this many candles unless they’re up to something witch-y so like, hey, do you want to go talk sometime and bond over our mutual witchness?” AU

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s t i for the fanfic ask thing, I didn't mean for it to spell out sti it just kind of happened.

S: Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?

Coffee shop aus, any modern day non-fantasy au really. Student/teacher as long as the premise isn’t too dodgy with the whole power imbalance or age differences. I really enjoy coming of age high school au type stories when they’re done well and about characters discovering their sexuality or falling in love for the first time. (Unfortunately with phandom most of those come with a side of pastel/punk/suicidal/teenagers into bdsm and daddy kink, none of which I am here for at all.)

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

Not into soulmate au, historical au, fantasy au, crossovers of really any kind but especially where it’s just two characters dropped into the plot of another story, don’t like character death or gratuitous angst, don’t like fake-dating stories unless they have a very compelling plot. Really really really can’t stand ‘woke up gay’ or fic where someone maintains they’re straight except for just one person. Not into daddy kink, pastel/punk/etc, and holy fuck keep the character death fic as far away from me as possible. Specifically for Dan and Phil I don’t like canon-set stories where they get together in recent years. 

I: Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?

I think my biggest guilty pleasure is reading fic for fandoms I’m not in if it comes highly recced enough/is au enough that I don’t need backstory, and also how if there’s a really really good fic I get kind of obsessed daydreaming about it and sometimes I write fanfic of the fanfic. (Mostly in my head. Once in a while I write it down. I’d never post it, though.) 

Welcome to the Hellmouth
Modern Day Supernatural AU

Colorado Springs, Colorado looks like any other mid-western town from the outside, shaded by desert mountain ranges, and landlocked by farmland on all sides. Its rich Native American history and proximity to Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountain keep it on tourists’ radars, but it’s also these things that make it a center for Supernatural activity. 

There are rumours among the more superstitious townfolk that it sits near a Hellmouth, an entrance to another world. From that mouth comes demons, abominations, and strange manifestations of power. There are others that simply believe that the town’s position near ancient rock formations, and hallowed burial grounds causes it to attract certain forces and energies. 

Whatever the case may be, Colorado Springs has been a haven for supernatural creatures for centuries — be they vampires, werewolves, dragons, witches, shapeshifters, or ghosts. This underground world churning beneath the noses of the city’s human population is wide-spread and rife with rivalries, alliances, violence, and politics. There are royal vampires, werewolf mobs, hunter collectives charged with keeping peace, and even councils of ancient dragons.

Where does your character fit in this chaos?

In order to get muses flowing again, we’ve decided to host an AU Event that pulls our characters out of their normal lives, and throws them into something completely different. Feel free to get creative and do what you want with this event; the more out there, the better. Bring on the kitsunes, the mermaids, the demi-gods, the sirens — we welcome it all.

This event will last for two full weeks, starting Sunday, July 30th, at 4PM (CST), and ending on Sunday, August 13th, at 12PM Noon (CST). Feel free to keep your threads going once the event’s closed, and remember to tag your starters with #exodusevent and #hellmouthau. And remember to …

                                         …  SURVIVE.

Too Much Coffee, Too Little Time



More coffee.

Too much.

He immediately knew after his third cup that he was going to be up all night.

Well, at least tomorrow it was Sunday. He could recover during then, and Monday too. Thank goodness he only gave his lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

He’d snuck his coffee (yes, all three cups) into the library with him. No one had noticed. Those that did hadn’t said anything, thank goodness. It seemed to be this silent, shared agreement with everyone in the library that they wouldn’t rat on each other for bringing food and drink in with them.

He was about to get up and dispose of his now-empty coffee cup when he noticed someone nearby. He sighed, standing and looking to them quietly.

“Please don’t rat me out for the coffee. I didn’t spill any of it on the books, if that helps.”

FenHanders week 2016! March 21-27

Hello all you lovely FenHanders shippers!
During the week we’ll be celebrating that lovely rare (but growing) ot3 of Fenris/Hawke/Anders with lots of fic, art, headcanons and more!

Here’s some handy themes for the week!
(Feel free to contribute in any way, these are just ideas!)

Monday, 21st - When did you Know?
- Fics/Art/Drabbles that explore when these three first knew that they were meant to all be together. First Dates, Internal monologues, Love at first sight?
- What brought you to the good ship FenHanders?

Tuesday, 22nd - After Skyhold
- What became of this threesome during the events of DAI? What letters did they send to each other? What happens to them after Skyhold?

Wednesday, 23rd - Into the Eluvian
- What’s any ship week without an AU day! Modern Day, Crossovers, Alternate timelines, Mermaids? Go wild!

Thursday, 24 - Fic/Art Rec Day
- Share the FenHanders that’s out there! List your fave authors, tumblrs, fics, art, spread this glorious ship!

Friday, 25th - Behind Closed Doors
- Romance day! From casual flirting to the dirty do, let’s see some fic/art/drabbles/headcanons of these three!

Saturday, 26th - Tales from the Hanged Man
- How does the crew react to this relationship? What’s the game of Wicked Grace like now? Is it a secret or do they show their love proudly?

Sunday, 27th - I Know Your Flaws, and I’m Staying.
- Let’s be real, Anders and Fenris have conflicting ideals and personalities. How do they work through them? What makes the relationship worth more than the flaws?

Tags -  #FenHanders Week, #teamblueandangry

We’ll also do some questions each day to answer! Let’s spread this good ship!

(FenHanders banner by the amazing @beammetothemoon)

Laveau Open

Flotsam Laveau, a dumpster saved baby of the current voodoo queen, stood outside the old tomb of the name sake many thought he wasn’t worthy to bear. But, he was the name’s  legacy either way. Marie Laveau’s descendant was his adoptive mother.To put it lightly he’d had a bad damn day. He needed to think and this is where he came. He wanted to pay homage and get his many great greats grandmother’s blessings and wisdom. He stayed outside the tomb and most tourists were afraid to get to close just because of the glare he’d give them when he they came by. So many tourists wanted photos of the famous tomb, but he kept standing in the way and not moving. He heard a camera snap behind him. “Is that really fucking necessary right now?” He muttered more to himself than even whoever it was. 


the-100-femslash brings you:
CLARKTAVIA APPRECIATION WEEK; monday, march 30—sunday, april 5

optional daily themes to inspire you:
           day 1: favorite canon scene/quote
           day 2: your favorite genre–angst, fluff, dark, etc
           day 3: song lyrics or a quote
           day 4: canon divergent au–must be set in the canon the 100 universe, but other than that, do anything you want!
           day 5: poly day: clarke & octavia + any other ladies you want
           day 6: au (modern, zombie apocalypse, historical fiction, whatever you want)
           day 7: anything goes

Track and tag your creations with #clarktaviaweek15 to participate in the fun! Any questions can be directed here.

This week is the first of several upcoming ship-specific appreciation weeks (possibly up to 9), so check back soon!

THE THREE PRINCIPLES OF MOTION; Bahorel was never still: ready to start a riot, hit a cop, bring down the government only for the sake of it. Yet, she was kind and her loud laugh brightened even the face of strangers. Probably Newton was the only one that could understand her, since more than a person, Bahorel was a motion. Diana Agron as Bahorel.

i. can’t stop/red hot chilli peppers ii. the boy with the arab strap/belle and sebastian iii. panic station/muse iv. tell me what is worth/lightspeed champion v. ain’t no rest for the wicked/cage the elephant vi. don’t stop/foster the people vii. back in black/acdc viii. (what’s your) angle?/andrew bird ix. another one bites the dust/queen x. devil’s spoke/laura marling xi. bad girls/m.i.a. xii. how to disappear completely/radiohead


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How dose the Hambone squad feel about the snow?

This is 100% the kind of question I love to answer.

  • Hamilton grew up on Nevis and St. Croix, and spent his teen years in Puerto Rico, only moving to New York City when he was 19 (he’s 22 at the beginning of the AU because he graduated in 3 years, which is technically possible at Columbia but it’s…ill-advised). He had literally no experience with snow before then, and since he preferred books to movies/TV back in high school, he didn’t have a very good sense of what a lot of snow really looked like. The first snowfall of his freshman year, he was completely enchanted, but that didn’t last long. Since he couldn’t afford a decent winter coat, he spent most of that winter stuck inside. He still doesn’t have a very good winter coat (every time he considers buying one, he thinks of ten other things he needs more), and his nice leather boots (pretty much the only shoes he owns) are essentially useless in the snow, so when it starts to get cold he makes as many excuses as he can to avoid leaving his apartment. He also has recurring bronchitis and refuses to admit it. His general opinion is, “fuck the snow.” 
  • As Laurens is quick to point out to his northern friends, it does snow in South Carolina. Not very much, and usually only a dusting in Charlestown, but it does happen. No one believes him. Laurens doesn’t mention that he’s been skiing in Colorado and Switzerland; as a kid he would leave his chairlift tag swinging on his zipper like a medal of honor, but now it seems like an embarrassing luxury, one his friends don’t really need to know about. He used to think of snow in purely aesthetic terms, and appreciated the change of scene it brought. It wasn’t until he met Hamilton that he realized how much of an impact snow can have on people’s lives/routines, and started to think of it in practical terms.
  • Herc, like any good New Yorker, complains constantly about the ice and the slush and the massive puddles that inevitably follow each snowstorm. As all his friends admire the fresh white landscape, he’s already grumbling about what a mess it’s about to become. His complaints are somewhat justified, however, by the fact that he relies heavily on foot traffic to keep his store afloat. As successful as his boutique is, rents in Brooklyn are just going up and up, meaning every day of lost business adds stress to his life.
  • It’s hard to find something that won’t excite Lafayette. It doesn’t snow much in France or England, at least not the way it does in NYC, and he actually left the office building to go stand in a blizzard the first time one hit the city (Ham and Laurens won’t let him live this down, since they had to leave their warm offices to drag him back inside). He refuses to complain about slush, even when he ends up knee deep in it, and whenever there’s a big snowfall he texts everyone pictures of the street like they’re not all living in the same damn city. These pictures are usually followed by five or six texts insisting that they all go to the park for sledding and snowball fights. This worked once, but Hamilton got snow down his boots and started to whine about that, and everyone rolled their eyes and ignored him, and then he promptly got sick again, and Lafayette felt terrible about the whole thing. 

Everything else aside, nothing beats the view of New York City from 285 Fulton Street. Hamilton, Laurens, and Lafayette can all agree that standing by the window in silence, watching the snow fall over the city, is the best part of any winter day. 

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Do you know of any modern day Navy Au's?

Call me Squid one more time AU

I’m gonna lose my scholarship if the Navy finds out about my asthma you have to help me AU

Boot Camp I can handle, but advanced physics?  No one told me I’d have to know this! AU

Im in the Navy you’re in the Army AU

Letters Home to their sweetheart AU

We’ve been on this submarine for 3 months im so sick of your stupid face AU

hope these help!  Im sure Nicole has more, she’s around Navy folks more than I am these days ~Lucy

Surprisingly I’m never around the Navy folk even though they’re all over the place and I know very little about it so I don’t have more prompts for you, sorry. Good luck! ~Nicole