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This was my submission for the Hartwin SS which ended… what, two weeks ago?  In any case authors were revealed so I decided to throw it up here.  

For this interesting prompt from sarkany:  Eggsy goes through training and dies. The next batch of recruits includes a boy called Harry Hart with absurdly fluffy hair. Harry’s the only one that can see him.

Let’s call it a wip.  I like it a lot, but it’s not nearly as polished as I want it to be.  I did get some very lovely comments from people on ao3 though, which I am very grateful for.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish more pieces soon.

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When do you call an exorcist? Are they even useful in any cases? Which cases? Do u need one when u have a haunted house (by a bad spirit or a demon? (I'm just curious)

An exorcist is a person of Catholic faith who has expert knowledge of Christian demons and knows how to get rid of them. There’s a lot of problems with this, why don’t we break it down.

People of deep religious faith, particularly Catholicism, feel that all spirit activity is bad activity, and spirits that haunt your house are actually evil demons. We know this isn’t true, and it’s very rare to actually get a “bad” haunting, and they are extremely easy to deal with. However, if you feel you have a ghost in your house and you believe it’s a demon, you panic and pray like crazy to get it out, which only feeds the spirit more energy to do even worse things, and pretty soon you have what they believe to be a “demonic haunting.” Note that the only people who get these kinds of hauntings are very religious. That’s when they usually call in a demonologist, which would be like setting your house on fire when you find a spider. It’s totally unnecessary.

Second, “demonic possessions” are usually either a) faked, b) a misdiagnosed mental illness, or c) hysteria. There are very rare instances where someone has been possessed by a demon, and the most famous one is currently considered a hoax. If you’re a person who believes mental illness is caused by demons (and I’ve talked to someone on here who fevently believes so) then they would feel that’s a good reason to call an exorcist, which is what happened to “Emily Rose.”

So no, you do not need to call one if your house is haunted. You do not need to call one ever, unless a) you are Catholic, and b) you feel you are being haunted by a demon.

I’ll basically be writing all this in a big blog post once The Exorcist show comes out.

  1. however will they cope……. :’O
  2. i’m used to it but gosh they’re exhausting. thank u!
  3. yeah tbh!!! honestly any case where ur taking away a wlw or mlm pairing to pair them w/ characters of another gender, that is an act of homophobia
[10KFRP]  If My Yesterday is a Disgrace

Author: TBA

Genre: Drama, Slice of life, Slight Angst, Parallel Universe

Rating: PG-13

Length: 27.8k 

Warnings: Swearing, Super tiny bit of surrealism (or sci-fi, depending on how you look at it), Brief descriptions of a car crash, Non-exo off-screen character death, Vague allusions to homophobia

Summary: He tries to find a future in the past, and learns the hard way that all roads only go forward. This isn’t time travel. Or maybe it is. In any case, here is a year and back with Do Kyungsoo.

Read 1, 2, 3, 4

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The Darkseid War: Green Lantern one-shot and Green Lantern the Animated Series really turned me around on Hal Jordan, and I'd really rather we got those versions of the character consistently instead of whatever he's been for the past ten years or so.

Didn’t watch much of the animated series; maybe there’s more good material out there with him than I thought. But in any case, in spite of his kinda rightfully earned modern reputation as a total dickhead, Hal Jordan can in fact be pretty great in the right hands.

I wish @denizcampbell‘s old post on him was up so I could just link to that, but in short: Hal Jordan works incredibly well as a classical sort of hero, if with flaws, which is probably why Darwyn Cooke did such a good job with him in New Frontier that everyone just unanimously agreed a long time ago that that’s the best Green Lantern story even though there’s an argument to be made he’s not even the main character (I’d totally disagree, but it’s there to be made). If John Stewart is ideally the most overtly superheroic Green Lantern - demonstrating his bravery through standing up for justice instead of daredevil risk-seeking, he’s the one most associated with the Justice League to culture at large - Guy Gardner is the slightly tongue-in-cheek endgame of a totally honest and fearless guy, Kyle Rayner is the bearer of a doomed legacy and embodiment of the Corps as wielding imagination, and Jessica Cruz is a twist on the basic idea of overcoming great fear,* Jordan’s role is as the adventurer. He’s not in it to save the world, though he’ll certainly do that too, he’s in it to go higher and faster and do more, and the ring and the corps lets him do it and gives him something worth doing it for. Sometimes that means being shortsighted or cocky or so focused on his goals he winds up killing a universe or two before it turns out he came down with a bad case of magic space bug, but that’s what he’s about: he lives big and he lives free and he lives without fear. Hence why Sinestro’s his big villain, trying to put the entire cosmos on lockdown to keep it all safe and secure for his own satisfaction, while Hal’s never all the way happy unless he has something new and worthy to overcome.

* I don’t really know Simon Baz well enough to comment on his ‘role’.

Of course, there’s also this.

Yeah, Hal’s a total asshole in the majority of his major modern appearances. That comes down to Geoff Johns being the definitive modern voice for the character; while he’s done great stuff with him, the longer his run went on the more it dipped into the phase of his career where all events and characterization were to be screamed through a megaphone, and Hal turned into the reckless guy, the dumbass flying in without a plan, the self-centered dope playing team jerk to the Justice League without the comedy that part needs to be endearing instead of just being a jerk. And while Johns may have also written Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as varying degrees of pricks too, he wasn’t grand ruler of their entire universes. Then he left, and soon enough Eddie Berganza took over the Lantern books, and Venditti did whatever Venditti did - I didn’t follow that, but apparently Hal’s space-hobo phase didn’t go over great - and we’re at the current point where Hal’s visibly being sidelined as the main Lantern in favor of Cruz and Baz. And maybe that’s for the best: he can rest in relative unimportance until Tom King finally comes in to do the best Green Lantern run ever, or Grant Morrison decides that after having Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and soon Flash in his pocket he might as well complete the set, or Neil Gaiman writes a team-up mini with Sandman or something.

In the meantime, there is plenty of good stuff with him to dig into. Along with the aforementioned Darkseid War oneshot by King, Doc Shaner, Chris Sotomayor and Tom Napolitano (and really, cannot emphasize enough, get that), and Johns’ stuff up through Blackest Night, there’s obviously New Frontier, as well as Neil Gaiman and company’s Green Lantern/Superman: Legend of the Green Flame, Kurt Busiek, Joe Quinones and Pat Brosseau’s GL story in Wednesday Comics (I don’t recall, but I certainly assume Busiek’s Lantern issue in the incredibly fun Silver Age mini with Brent Anderson was good too), and Joe Kelly, Anderson and Bill Sienkiewicz’s Green Lantern Legacy. He’s also great in Mark Waid’s work with him in JLA: Year One and The Brave and the Bold (both his run on the ongoing with George Perez and Jerry Ordway, and his Green Lantern/Flash mini with Tom Peyer, Barry Kitson and Tom Grindberg by that name that was a small sequel to Year One), and I’ve heard very good things about both volumes of Emerald Dawn as well as The Road Back. He had a good moment in Final Crisis, just like everyone had a good moment in Final Crisis. There’s a template in place to make him work, he just needs a chance to shine.

In any case kids, I’m off to work.

When I get back I’ll spam y’all with the news reports of the race and Dany pictures because I’m super proud of my Russian child.

Feel free to tag me in any relevant content :) Cheers

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I've been going to the same dojo for over 5 years and generally it's a safe ish space but I just heard that we're going to be merging with another school and at a seminar we did with them they did some things that made me really uncomfortable, like having separate bows and stuff for men and women (our one is gender neutral but now we're changing it to their way) and the owner and leader of the other school also made a transphobic joke. How can I voice my concerns without alienating people?

If your leader(s) will still be in a position of authority through the merge, I would suggest talking with them to see if they’ll address this with the other leader(s).  That way you can remain safe and anonymous should any problems arise.  In any case, transphobic people are the ones doing the alienating, not you.  I hope that your dojo can continue to be a safe place for you.


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Hey Sarah :) How are you finding London so far? x

I’m enjoying it, but it has been quite overwhelming and I’ve had quite intense waves of home-sickness lately which I’m told is completely normal. 

I just have to do a day of work/London life to remind myself why I moved here and what moving here means to me. I had spent years wanting to be one of those people who knew their way around the tube map; now being faced with the stifling commute to/from work on the tube, and with this experience no longer a novelty but a reality and an ‘everyday’ thing … it sometimes strikes me how different my life is now, down to the smallest details. For the Bank Holiday weekend I am back in Birmingham for one of my best friend’s birthdays, and I’ve settled back into life here so smoothly the ‘London’ Sarah actually seems like a different person haha. 

In any case, I can’t quite describe or organise the thoughts and the feelings I have towards moving to London just yet, but when I do I’ll probably write a post about it. They’re all ultimately positive thoughts and feelings, but the reality of London is - and will be for a while - a struggle (financially and emotionally). 


Precure 10th Anniversary Official Anniversary Book

Now, this isn’t exactly the full thing but it’s what I managed to find on the net from the likes of Zerochan and such so it should suffice. In any case, each character more or less gets a description page and a poster, it seems, and that’s really it. Check it out if you’re interested. See ya!


animate-mush replied to your post “Rory Williams-Pond’s SPE”

Also, most onscreen deaths of any character? I take it then you are not counting regeneration as an onscreen death?

You make an excellent point. While regeneration is sometimes described as “death”, I was not counting regenerations as deaths when describing which character has died on-screen most often. If it were included, the Doctor would of course be the character with the most on-screen deaths. 

I admit that part of why regeneration was glossed over in that statement was because this blog focuses on the companions, and thus the question of whether or not regeneration counts as a death rarely comes up. In any case, River and Romana’s regenerations did not count towards the CMR. If it did, then the CMR for the seventies would be 1:7, and the teens would be 4:4 so far. This of course depends on whether or not they stay dead. 8:4 counting all instances of death.

Whether or not regeneration counts as a death, it would have been more accurate to describe Rory as “the companion with the most on-screen deaths” and avoid the matter entirely.

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Wow, Ellyna is really sure of herself! Go, girl!…

She’s not. She’s shamelessly bluffing :P He would never agree in any case……….. would he? *panic*

Her main problem would be Cass seeing Cullen naked though. She never says it aloud because she likes people to think she’s a generous&selfless Quizzy, but the truth is she doesn’t really like to share her favorite things ;)