in any case

listen to me. listen. jensen ackles is so hot. the only singular thought in my head when he’s on screen is “hot.” I’ve been staring at his fucking face for the past four years of my life and still it’s just. hot. you’d think I’d get used to it? get over it? grow weary of it? my tired eyes cannot take this much longer. he’s so hot. why am I like this. hot.


It’s a story about hockey and friendship and bros and trying to find yourself during the best 4 years of your life.

not enough fanfics use naturally occurring hot springs as a plot point, and if they do they never go into how fascinating they are, it’s just straight to the sexy bits and no mention of the amazing algae at all.

Happy Birthday Killua! 7.7.17 

I’m looking up the dates on which various podcasts were created and I can’t help but wonder about the role Welcome To Night Vale might have played in establishing such an extremely lgbt+ -friendly atmosphere among fiction podcasts