in any case

                                     “you’ve been watching me, credence.  
                                           i’ve been watching you too.”
                                         [ vampire au with @opskurus ]

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awkward..... never thought you'd respond or see that... oh

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In any case, I want to apologize > <;) I take a long time to reply- sometimes I don’t know how to reply, meanwhile sometimes what’s happens it’s the exact opposite- I have an idea about how to do so, but I either don’t like how it’s turning out or I have to restart the whole idea for reasons ; 7 ;’)

In a way or another, I apologize for all the (still) unanswered asks, everyone ( ╥ω╥ ) ]

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this blog is still a baby blog not really much to see but i still hope you enjoy~

i really want to keep this blog fun and happy so i will do my best to stay out of the discourse™ 

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be well my fellow aces!

shoutout to the person in the u.s. house of representatives who was looking at pictures of hayley atwell on my blog today

you’ve singlehandedly made installing stat counter worthwhile and im glad you’re representing me in government


kaban no nakami free! boys version (*´・v・) a little..simplified, lol. i did a food version some months back too.

this is me conveniently assuming they keep textbooks in the classroom locker, and towels etc in the club room! yes, makoto brought two lunch bentos /eyebrow wriggle 8D

t’challa and sam though

t’challa respecting sam bc sam wasn’t all “your highness” he just straight up starts pullin shit with him, all “so you like cats”

t’challa and sam meeting up whenever t’challa gets some time off so sam can vent abt his dumb golden retriever and said retriever’s bf and t’challa just nods and at one point says “i’ll admit, i prefer birds” and sam just gapes, all are you- did you just- did you flirt with me?

t’challa teaching sam little things about wakandan ways of life, just little things at first. “who’s that?” sam asks, pointing at a statue, and t’challa always explains with patience and respect for a man that wants to learn. then bigger things, ideas and methods and rituals, because though he knows sam isn’t wakandan and never will be, he knows sam will respect their ways, and if he knows he will do his best to accept them and not judge.

t’challa going to sam for advice, sam just putting out this calming vibe that t’challa likes, that helps t’challa get through a really long day dealing with diplomatic bullshit

“you said you never liked the whole diplomacy thing, you’re doing well my man” sam reassures him whenever t’challa seems like he’s about to snap

t’challa and sam training together. it’s full of sam yelling and sniping at t’challa and t’challa is silent apart from “your flank is undefended” or “you would have caught that punch had you not been distracted by your own voice” but he’s exuding this air of amusement.

sam calling t’challa “kitty” as a friendly jab and t’challa deadpanning “birdie” right back at him

sam kissing t’challa’s cheek one day, then getting flustered and being all that’s what friends do in the united states but t’challa just shuts him up by pulling him into a real kiss

sam wilson accidentally becoming prince consort of wakanda and all his friends are like “????? how????” and sam just shrugs and says “oops”

If people are bitter over the title of Yuri on Ice being deceiving, then boy do I have news for you about Bleach having nothing to do with a laundry detergent.




Gong Gong [共工] also known as Kanghui, is a Chinese water god or sea monster who is often depicted in Chinese mythology, folktales, and religious stories as having red hair and the tail of a serpent (or dragon). He is often seen as destructive and is blamed for various cosmic catastrophes. In all accounts, Gonggong ends up being killed or sent into exile, usually after losing a struggle with another major deity.

In one legend, Gong Gong was ashamed that he lost the fight to claim the throne of Heaven; in a fit of rage he smashed his head against Mount Buzhou, a pillar holding up the sky. The pillar suffered great damage and caused the sky to tilt towards the northwest and the earth to shift to the southeast. This caused great floods and suffering to the people. Nüwa, an important and benevolent goddess, cut off the legs of a giant tortoise and used them to supplant the fallen pillar and alleviate the situation, but she was unable to fully correct the tilted sky. This explains the phenomenon that the sun, moon, and stars move towards the northwest, and that rivers in China flow southeast into the Pacific Ocean.

i made a guide for the main cast’s skin tones. wasnt that hard to make tbh.


I scrolled past this post again, and I can’t stop staring at this gif.

That was JIBcon 2014, when Jensen was doing a panel and he started to seem really pretty frustrated and unhappy with the stuff he’d been given to do. This was his face:

Somebody with the staff noticed and ran and grabbed Misha, sending him out on stage like a human mood booster. He immediately did this:

Jensen’s whole demeanor entirely changed, he looked a bit flustered and started smiling.

So just looking at the above hugging gif makes me emotional because he’s just relaxing his whole body into Misha like he’s so relieved to have him there, like his tension is just melting away and everything is better. 

He certainly seemed plenty happier as they played out the scene from Hitch, didn’t he?