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British Experimental or Non-Regulation Naval Cutlass

An unusual model of cutlass. I believe this to be an experimental British model, as the Navy did experiment with contoured grips like this and the size and shape of the cutlass overall is similar to an 1845 model. It has no stamps or other markings to identify it more specifically than this, so an interest research prospect. It’s also an easy restoration project - someone has painted the hilt with a black grip and gold guard, probably as a theatrical or display prop. The paint could either be stripped easily with paint stripper or the whole hilt painted black, as most British cutlasses were. The blade is in overall nice condition, with a slightly blunted tip. The blade does move in the hilt, but this could be remedied by tightening the peen at the pommel, which is easy to see and work on. Overall, a nice piece which would be great with some easy work.