in an attempt to get into art mode



Left to right (trying to get out of my habit of drawing right to left)

I was writing an accompanying fic but it’s not done and I haven’t uploaded art in over a week. So we have:

-Chat getting caught de-transforming by Marinette.
-They become buds
-Kim’s bro-mode and big mouth lol

Use your imagination for the rest.

(Excuse my attempt at the background. I still can’t grasp perspective. Actually, excuse everything. This is awful.)


ming hua deserves more fanart.  i really love her design.  please ignore the sad attempt at water-arms; i can’t draw water.

also, here’s a vague attempt at a walkthrough!  i’ve had a lot of requests for livestreams and/or video walkthroughs, but i don’t currently have the programs to do that.  i wish i could put together a more comprehensive tutorial, but it’s difficult to remember to take screenshots when i get into the painting mode.  i also realize that this is a very “step one, sketch, step two, finish the painting”, buuuuuuut hey.  (it’s probably because i tend to work quickly on everything at once.)

my art

commissions (i’m still open!  let me draw pretty things for you!!!)