in an alternate reality that is

What about pre-shance where the two found other versions of Lance from other realities and they figure out that out of every Lance in the same room, only (canon)Lance is not in a relationship with Shiro?

Lance (A) is carrying a little girl in his arms who is later introduced to them to be his three-year-old daughter with his husband, Shiro (A), who is working as a police officer in their reality(Shance (A) can be a little older??)

Lance (B) is in his garrison uniform, which means he is already going out with Shiro (B) back at the Galaxy Garrison, but in secret, as Shiro (B) was just recently promoted to be a senior officer there.

Lance © is not only an Altean, but also Allura’s younger brother which makes him a royal prince, while Shiro © is a Galran/Human prince who’s betrothed to Allura © but is in love with the younger brother instead (discussed some bits of this AU with @bijellyfishy and I had a really great time~<B)

Lance (D) is…, I’m not sure how to explain this but his Shiro died???(Okay, originally this was supposed to be Shiro (D) with his Lance being dead while he explains that the team (D) especially he and the blue lion have been mourning over him. Idk how to sort this one out but I just love the angst it brings)

I’m not sure what other Lance(s) I’d wanna add to this but yeah, that’s the idea :) and also, I kinda thought of having the Shiro(s) from the Lance(s)’ separate realities to join them.


*whispers* i should be studying but i just had a Thought

i wanna see an AU where we get to see more of the alternate realities thing, but like! it’s voltron that’s evil in one reality, and the freedom fighters that our team voltron end up meeting are, like, Sendak, Haxus, Throk, a bunch of other “bad” galra that are in our reality (maybe Lotor and his generals?? that’d be super neat!!), and at first they have to work out the whole “we’re not evil, and you’re not evil, but holy shit our alternate reality selves sure are!” 

and then our team voltron has to fight Evil team voltron, and the other reality freedom fighters have to fight our reality Galra empire/Lotor and his generals so that our team voltron can concentrate on fending off the Evil team voltron, and just!! idk, i think this would be fun! and very interesting! especially cause i’d want to largely keep everyone’s personality, just add or subtract the Cruelty Factor.

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Ehy, have you already seen Felipe Smith's interview on Raph's design in the last episodes? During the video he said "in this reality" when talking about the episodes. Maybe they take place in an alternative universe!!! It's just a theory, but why would he need to specify if it was the same reality?

Not gonna lie, that got my attention too. 

But ….. that would be a huge spoiler before airing the episode, isn’t it? 

Maybe it was nothing, just saying what the future is about

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I was thinking yesterday that usually when a woman remarries and she's got a daughter, both change their surname but if she has a son, his doesn't. if Joyce and David get engaged in BTS maybe Chloe will have to say her name is all of William she has left

Oh but Chloe has more of William than just his surname. She has his sense of humour as we can see in the alternate reality. He makes the same jokes Chloe makes: bla bla bla… get it?

C: Boo yeah! Get it? Like I’m scary punk ghost

C: I think we made that dog our bitch… get it?

W: The Price is always right.. haha.. get it?

William lives in Chloe forever.
In fact, I think Chloe has something of every important person in her life. She has Rachel in every hella and she has Max in her pirate soul.

Oookay I think I’m going too sensitive and poetic here.

Our local church rings it’s bells for hours every Thursday evening but apparently they decided to do it tonight for some reason and I swear I have never been so thrown about days of the week in all my life. I feel like I slipped into an alternative reality?

While I’m on the topic: I know that ‘Daybreakers’ is essentially just other 2010 movie trying to cash in on the whole vampire popularity at the time, but it does at the very least propose an idea of perhaps why Aro and the rest of the Volturi are so adamant about keeping vampires a secret from humans. 

Like biology aside, this movie could take place in an alternate reality that was run by the Romanians instead of the Volturi.

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one of my friends is from paris and english isnt her first language. today she told me that french doesnt have a gender neutral pronoun? and she wanted to know if i preferred 'she' or 'him' when my friend talked about me to her family because she wants to tell them about what we did during the summer. im nb and i use they/them pronouns but i just. said she could use she/her but i feel really weird about this?? i dont know what to do

unfortunately i don’t think there is much to do besides cope w it best you can. it’s a difficult reality, but i don’t think there’s an alternative :/

-mod tabby