in an alleyway

Specific Setting Ideas
  • Deserted gas station at 2AM
  • Church tucked away on the edge of town with only a glowing cross to light it up
  • Liquor store with a few high school kids buying stuff for a house party
  • At the drive-thru late at night trying to figure out your order/everyone in the car’s order
  • Hospital waiting room in the early hours of the morning
  • Birthday party with a bad clown and kids covered in cake and snot
  • Basketball court on a block with a bunch of ratty apartment buildings
  • Dark alleyway with only a lone street lamp light at the mouth of the alley
  • Bench/hill in the middle of the park as the sun starts to come up
  • Cluttered basement with a beat-up couch and an old TV
  • Sunny, warm enclosed porch on the back of someone’s house
  • Quiet field of flowers in the middle of a wooded area
  • Snowy mountain trail with black ice no one notices
  • Dark stretch of road without street lamps at 3 AM
  • Rooftop in the middle of the day
  • Driving through heavy fog early in the morning where you feel like you’re the only one awake
  • On top of a giant dune in the middle of the desert with a hot breeze that never cools anyone down
  • Teenagers playing Marco Polo in a store
  • Covered bridge at the edge of town
  • Abandoned building that other teenagers explore

London : Richmond, Hampstead, Kew, Kensington, Greenwich, Richmond, Greenwich, Richmond, Spitalfields, Hampstead

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a rant

i don’t even know where I’m going with this because this happened to me 10 minutes ago but i need to RANT 
i was walking down the street minding my own business with my headphones in (UNIversal ‘don’t talk to me or i will fight you’ signal) and this guys comes up to me and tells me he thinks I’m pretty i accept the compliment and get ready to leave but then he introduces himself i shake his hand (and he doesn’t let go for about 45 seconds - red flag numero uno) and then starts small talking w me so i go along he then asks me- wait not EVEN asks, he just takes my hand to move me to the side of the sidewalk almost into an alleyway at this point I’m like no thanks i have somewhere to go he then insists i stay and I’m like haha really no i am afraid for my safety and then he just asks me if I wanna go back to his hotel room????

you know those “i have a boyfriend” memes? picking fun at girls who always think guys are hitting on them? there is a reason girls are so fast to fend off certain people, it’s to avoid situations like THIS. Because i was talking to him he interpreted it as me being interested in him?? 

so from now on whenever a stranger approaches me in the street wanting to say anything to me u best believe the first words out of my mouth will be NOT INTERESTED BYE THANK YOU THOUGH


i am laughing 


“Could I ask you some questions?”

A quick thing on first encounters!
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This may have started out as a design study, but… Graves’ back, though 👌
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autumn house aesthetics

HUFFLEPUFF - tortishell glasses and cable knit sweaters; doodling in notebooks; crunching yellow leaves underneath boots; marshmallow scented candles; feeling quiet, feeble sunshine on your face; cats purring on warm blankets

RAVENCLAW - trenchcoats and corduroy skirts; the sound of rain on gray sidewalks; wire glasses and thick eyeliner; staying home to study on halloween night; sad eyes; writing poetry in quiet cafes; cobblestone alleyways; black coffee

SLYTHERIN - black lipstick and ripped jeans; staying up late; sly smirks blowing bubblegum; skeleton face paint; window shopping with friends; doc martens; cloudy, starless nights; cigarette smoke

GRYFFINDOR - pumpkin spice; going to haunted houses; homecoming night; talking during class; jumping into piles of leaves; scaring your friends; drive in theaters and thick blankets; scarves and beanies

Reasons to be happy today:

  • When Dick was in elementary school (back in the days when Batman was a Gotham City cryptid and no one had any evidence that he existed), his classmates used to propose that they “catch Batman” in pretty much the same way kids try to catch Santa coming down their chimney on Christmas Eve: they would try to stay up all night in places Batman seemed likely to show up.
  • Obviously, little kids with responsible, non-vigilante parents aren’t allowed to hang out in alleyways or on rooftops at two in the morning, so they made do with the next best thing– skyscrapers with big windows where Batman and Robin might swing past. You know who has access to a building like that? Dick Grayson!
  • So Dick Grayson, Robin, superhero and Batman’s ward, frequently hosted pizza-party sleepovers on the top floor of Wayne Enterprises, while Alfred supervised and all of his classmates crowded around the windows hoping for a glance at the legendary Batman.
  • Sometimes, nothing happened. They played boardgames and baked brownies and never saw Batman (because I’m busy, Dick), but every once in awhile…. there would be a shadow on the roof across the street, or the tail-end of a cape flashing past the windows.
  • Sure, it could be their eyes playing tricks on them, but what if it was the real thing??? It was all the school could talk about for weeks.
  • And then one fateful night, they saw him. He was right there, right in front of the window, and honestly? No one seemed more shocked than Dick Grayson.
  • “WOW WHAT A TRULY UNEXPECTED TURN OF EVENTS! [winks out the window] Anybody want another brownie?”