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feeling like a princess tonight thanks to @delinamedhin (makeup) & @nappstar_nyc (hair) 😍 and before you ask…my romper is from that incredible @milly sample sale Delina & I were acting a fool at a few weeks ago. you know I love a bargain & for $35 I had to have it. the bag is also Milly but a treat to myself from last fashion week 😁

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She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.

My Sassenach - Chapter 10

Hello my lovelies! While scrolling through my dash the other day, i came across a gif-set of this interview and it got me thinking. It’s been an age since I posted any fic, so I decided it was just about time.

As always all my other J/C and S/C fics can be found here.

Love at First Sight Isn’t Real

Did she believe in love at first sight? No, of course not. How could she? Such a ridiculous notion. How could one meet a perfect stranger and just instantly love them. Love. Real love? Lust, yes. That answer felt comfortable to her. Safe. True. Obtainable. She had felt instant lust for several people in her life. Sometimes she had acted on it. Other times not. But Love? No, love at first sight didn’t exist.

Except it did.

And now she knew it. Love at first sight snuck up on you. It crept on silent feet, sidelong, so as to prevent you from seeing it coming. It didn’t tap you on the shoulder or whisper in your ear. It didn’t ease you into the idea, giving you time to let it settle and find it’s home. It overtook you in an instant. A literal instant. It consumed you, besieged you until you were inundated with emotions so powerful, so real that you couldn’t even take air into your lungs. The ability to breathe, to think, to respond simply stopped. You were left with only love. Overwhelming, uncontrollable, insistent love. It could be denied. It could. But not for long. She had denied it, when it swept into her life like a tsunami, washing away all the order and organization and control she had spent more than a decade perfecting.

Her life was just how she had meant it to be. The early days were terrifying, stepping off an abyss into a career she hadn’t anticipated, traveling the world in a way she had always wanted but never expected. It wasn’t always an easy life, or a calm one and true, she had experienced setbacks. Money that should have come but didn’t, causing legal pursuits that went nowhere. Relationships that should have progressed but ended instead. She’d had the overall instability of a nomadic existence and it had suited her. She’d had ups and downs, imperfections and messiness, but it all fit within the confines of her expectations. She had found success, had developed a life and a circle of friends so tight that she would never be alone, never without support. Truly, life was good. Even the terrifying and risky change of careers at an age that any expert would tell you was not ideal seemed to fit. It worked. It may have caused temporary unsettled feelings, but it all meshed within the scheme of her controlled and ordered, beautiful and rather exotic existence.

So when she was asked, during a silly game, for another round of promotion whether or not she believed in love at first sight, she panicked. She was well practiced at covering panic, or any other emotion for that matter. As a model there was no room for ‘Caitriona’ on the runway, only sass and sex and skin. That’s what she was paid for and that’s what she had learned to provide. Mastered, really. It was serving her well in this newfound form of fame. She was adept at being ‘Cait’. Just as she had learned what she needed to project on the runway, so she was learning what she had to give as an actress, always laughing, joking, answering endless inane questions on repeat and deflecting those that veered too close, with a grace and charm that she was finally old enough to admit came naturally to her. She was made for this. So why did she panic?

The question had caught her off guard, is all. She didn’t want to think about it. It wasn’t panic. It was the fact that true love was a romantic fairy tale that didn’t exist.

Except it did.

And Sam was sitting right next to her, warm and real, smelling like love and sex and contentment. She’d read all the descriptions on-line about what Sam smelled like. Woods, musk, sweat, spice, pine, man. Women went on at length about his smell and what cologne he wore and fantasized about what they would do if they ever got the chance to smell him. She would love to be incensed by that, offended by a sense of female propriety that disdained throwing herself at a man, or objectifying him in that way, except that she had smelled him for the first time, too. She remembered that smell. Creeping through the air, ghosting through her nostrils, into her lungs, dispersing through her respiratory system, traveling through her blood into every cell in her body, changing her DNA, modifying her code, and reprogramming her brain. His scent was insistent. It demanded acknowledgement. Caitriona was unable to describe it in terms of individual smells, though. It wasn’t ‘woodsy’ or ‘spicy’ or ‘athletic’. He smelled like security, comfort, companionship, strength.  To her, Sam smelled like forever. Maybe it was that early infatuation with how good he smelled that confused her and made her think love at first sight existed. Maybe that’s why she panicked. She was asked, and he was there, insistent, demanding acknowledgement. But he’d been joking, right? Playing along for the cameras. How silly. Love at first sight wasn’t real.

Except it was.

Sam had leaned in to her, playfully gazing at her like a puppy in love. Only she could see right into he eyes, those endless pools of blue, deep and fathomless, full of mystery and energy. So much energy. She’d never met anyone with such an endless supply of enthusiastic energy. He was like a bloody Energizer Bunny. He kept going and going and going. Sometimes it annoyed her, like at 5am when he was up for the blasted gym and all she wanted to do was curl into him and sink deeper into the quilts. Most of the time, it amazed her. It inspired her. She was motivated and hardworking, but she was nothing compared to the human tornado that was Sam. He ripped through life, absorbing it’s essence, taking in every experience, always learning from them and then finding a reason to give, everywhere, to everyone. It’s like he had so much inside of him that he had to keep giving things away so he didn’t explode or combust. He gave everything, except that part of him that was secret, guarded, hidden away from everyone, even his closest friends.

How had she come to know about that part of him? She told herself that she saw it in those eyes, that she’d read it when he looked deep into her own endless blue pools, but that wasn’t quite right. True, he had the ability to look deeply into everyone he met, not that he always chose to do so, but she was pretty sure that not everyone who got seared by his gaze saw what she saw. Anyway, it was more like she absorbed it, rather than saw it. She didn’t see his soul, she simply knew it. She couldn’t explain it, but it was a part of her, as soon as she became aware of its existence. Like there was a void in her that she’d never even paid attention to. It didn’t hurt; she wasn’t searching for a way to fill it. In fact, she’d never even noticed it until one day, one instant it was filled and she had a sure knowledge that she had always been waiting for it to be filled – that with this completion deep within herself, she would never be the same, and it could never be undone. If she ever tried to explain this, even to her dearest friends, they would laugh and pretend to gag at the sappiness of the description, just as she would if one of them tried to tell her the same. She was far too sophisticated to believe that souls, if they even existed, could connect like that, in some crazy, instantaneous love bond. That wasn’t possible.

Except it was.

She’d kissed him, already knowing. She’d actually had her eyes open. She watched his lips, full and soft, parted ever so slightly, pause just a breath away from her own, his fugitive tongue flicking out ever so briefly over his bottom lip. Was it a nervous response? No matter, she found it endearing and erotic and she wanted more than just a flicker of that tongue. As heat started to spark and shimmer inside her, he touched her and his lips were as delicious as they looked. She’d been mad to find out how he tasted. Oh, how he tasted. Sweet and rich, warm sunshine and the sharp tang of, what? Vinegar, citrus? He was mellow and spicy with just enough salt to bloom the flavors. He tasted like nothing on earth she had ever experienced, and she could kiss him, taste him, his lips, his skin, is essence every day and never tire of it. To her, Sam tasted like forever.  The kiss was slow and so sweet. Not tentative, but methodical, searching, seeking, learning. The heat that flashed and sizzled followed the new pathways in her body, the ones that had been forged when she had first smelled him and been forever altered.

She was hot and dizzy, her brain a jumble of muzzy half thoughts when Sam had stopped kissing her, moving to nuzzle her neck, just beyond her jawbone, and whispered her name, 'Caitriona’, with such raw sexual urgency that every nerve in her body exploded and she felt her legs literally go weak. But that was just lust, right? The fact that his scent and taste and touch seared her and erased the memory of any other person from her life just meant lust – didn’t it?

It was a stupid question. It was a stupid game. Sam loved those stupid games. He loved to smirk and flirt and be naughty, knowing that it would get everyone and their Aunt Fanny riled up, which did nothing but benefit the show. He loved acting just a little bit too familiar with her, knowing that it’s what everyone would be talking about as soon as the interview aired. But acting – that was the key word, wasn’t it? Sam was just acting. She was just acting.

Except they weren’t.

Caitriona had learned on that day when Sam blew into her life with destructive, bruising, tempestuous force that everything was changed. That the moment she saw him, smelled him, tasted him, felt him, she was uncontrollably and irreversibly in love. Just like that. Almost like love at first sight.


Caitriona sighed and dried her hands before leaving the ladies room. She was flustered and prickly. She was in danger of picking a fight with Sam, over nothing, simply to justify her irritable feelings. Things like this never flustered him. It was so annoying! She walked passed him towards the exit without looking at him and he jogged to catch up. He stopped her with a hand at the small of her back. She turned, brows furrowed, ready to bite, but the look on his face stopped her from lashing out. He didn’t say anything, merely opened his arms and enveloped her. His hands, his beautiful, graceful hands smoothed her hair, caressed her back, and she sighed, allowing herself to sink into the comfortable security of his embrace.

He didn’t ask. He already knew. He simply held her, and whispered into her ear, “Caitriona, don’t worry. It’s not theirs. It never will be. Even if they know, even if a hundred articles are written and the paps follow us for pictures, it will never be theirs. They can never really know. Call it love, call it lust, don’t call it anything, it’s doesn’t matter. Whether you believe in it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, it’s real. One day, your heart will drown out your brain, and you’ll stop torturing yourself. This is love at first sight. This is forever.  In the meantime, I’m here and I love you. What you said back there is right; love does take time to grow and develop. But it doesn’t take time to exist. It existed the second I met you. Neither of us could have stopped it. Now we grow it. We nurture it. We spend the rest of our lives feeding it and then reaping the harvest.”

Caitriona hugged him closer, burying her face in the forever of his scent and his taste and his feel. Love at first sight did exist. It was real. She could never answer the whys. Why it happened to her. Why she got to have this man, in this life. Why she got to know him so completely and be known by him in the same way. Maybe one day she could be as carefree and unquestioning as Sam, but for now she would give him all her worries and he would carry them – for as long as she needed. And when she finally got to that place where forever didn’t terrify her, and love at first sight could exist without justification, he would be there, and he would still love her. And that, she knew, was what love at first sight really was. It was love forever.

Ok so

As someone affected by Jen’s con cancellation, I gotta say this to others in the same place.

Please do not hate on Jen. She loves us, and she even said she was gonna try to juggle everything so she could be there. But it’s not her play and she doesn’t make the rules. She tried and it didn’t work. Acting is her job. And her passion. And something she fell in love with came up and she landed it! That’s so great for her! And I’m so proud and happy for her.

That doesn’t mean I’m not absolutely heart broken. I am devastated. I so wanted to meet this precious ray of sunlight and I SO was looking forward to it. Like. So much… :(

But I’m not for a second angry at Jen, nor blame her. She took an amazing career opportunity. Yeah the cons suck for not offering refunds on the day she was headlining but Colin is (at this time) still attending.


I mean I’m hella excited to meet this amazing person.

So please, be sad and upset. I am. But never ever for a second think it’s ok to express anger towards Jen! Especially on social media! It’s NOT ok! She’s living her life. And I’m sure she’s sad that a lot of people are sad. Do not spew negativity her way. Just don’t. Don’t.

I’m reading what the people who went to see Det Går Bra wrote about it and I’m so happy??? Everyone is saying how confident Tarjei seems and how happy he looked being on stage, how he was being ironic about skam and how good his acting is and it’s just nice to know that he’s out there doing his whole acting thing bc he’s so good and lovely and ufhshbsa ok im done

What is the first thing we shouldn't do when we fall in love

Don’t depend too much on your lover. Always be strong and independent irrespective of you being committed or single.

Don’t get stuck in the comfort zone of love. It will make you blind sometimes. Act smart.

Don’t give yourself so much to your lover that he/she take you for granted. Be careful.

Don’t sacrifice or change your priorities that you were never wished to do so. They need to understand you and respect those for why they are important to you.

Don’t lose your self respect and dignity for the sake of love.

Don’t forget to love yourself.

Maintain emotional balance, (don’t act stupid or commit crimes in anger during conflicts. In that case better to leave them. “Live and let live”). Also, don’t take hasty decisions. PEACE.

If I’ve posted it once, I’ll post it a million times.

Your interests matter. Go and paint, act, play, sing, work, anything! Do what you love to do.

-Mod Mercury

This photo looks a bit like Eddie Redmayne. Eddie Redmayne should play Heath in a film about his life


Originally posted by giffix

A film about Heath Ledger and his 28 years in the film industry is a disaster waiting to happen. Please, Hollywood, do not do this! I like Eddie but this a role I hope to never see him or any other actor portray. No amount of talent or number of awards will ever compare to the type of impact Heath left on the world and everyone who ever knew him, especially his famiily–his daughter. I fell in love with his smile, his acting, and his personality - shy, quiet, friendly, funny, gentle to name a few. My God I miss him like crazy! Nine years later and I still refuse to believe he is gone.

Yeah, so, anyway… a famous dude trying to portray Heath Ledger in a Hollywood film is a stupid idea and it better not ever happen.

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Since you wanted fluff, can you imagine Blue helping Gansey study for a test or something and as she's pointing to a question her hand hits his and it's an accident but Gansey's love eyes come out and he acts like she just gave him a loving embrace, he tangles their fingers together and kisses the back of her hand. Blue fails at protesting and just lets him kiss up her arm before kissing her lips and they're gone. Studying forgotten.

This is a Blessing 😌

dating Artemis Crock would include...

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  • total badass gf but she’s not the best at communication
  • she’s hard to read sometimes and while she’s not the most verbally expressive she makes it clear to you how she feels about you
  • artemis realized she liked you as more than just a teammate when you almost died and she saved you
  • artemis couldn’t bear the thought of losing you and when you guys got back to base she needed some alone time to figure out her thoughts
  • she was totally awkward on your first official date 
  • you thought it was cute she was nervous around you because normally she just kicked ass and took names
  • you were the one to say i love you first and artemis couldn’t believe it at first, she was just surprised you said it
  • the next day while getting ready to go out on a mission she wrapped her arms around you and kissed your cheek saying “I love you too”
  • then she acted like that never happened in front of the team
  • when she’s getting too in her head or too frustrated you help calm her down and get her to see logic
  • artemis is very “fight me” on literally everything and you think it’s cute sometimes
  • her stubbornness isn’t cute when you two are having an argument where you’re clearly right but artemis just doesn’t want to admit she was wrong
  • but she eventually does and apologizes for not listening, even if her apology is a mumble…
  • artemis is a very protective gf and she will always try her best to keep you safe
  • she seems like she would be the big spoon but she’s totally the little spoon
  • she loves protecting you but sometimes it’s nice for her to feel like she’s being protected too
  • you two are a kickass crime fighting duo that work waaayyy too well together in the field 
  • you guys have lots of stories of almost near death experiences in the field and love to joke about it 
  • when you and artemis decide to take the cowl’s off for good but you find out you kinda wanna get back in the game she supports you even if at first she doesn’t love it
  • artemis ends up going back too but for different reasons
  • you and artemis have been through thick and thin and have come out stronger, that’s what makes everyone around you guys a little jealous but also very happy to see you two still going at it 

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Oh my gosh you older Chara with their long swishy hair is the friggin best I swear I live for swooshy


I generally love drawing older Chara, there’s something about them that’s simultaneously beautiful in an otherworldly kind of way and still more human than when they were a kid

maybe it’s the fact that they don’t pretend so much. they let themself be more closed-off and reserved instead of feeling like they have to act a certain way.

I love my child ok, I love seeing them grow up big and tough and true to themself

You know what troubles me?

How much you have changed.

It’s not just the fact you don’t love me or that I’ve gone from being the center of your life to meaning less than a stone you stub your toe on.

It’s how your clothes changed, your voice, your schedule, your sleeping hours… 

They changed completely in a very short period of time and I catch myself wondering if everything you showed me was just a lie.

If the sweetness, the caring, the love, the patience were all just an act or maybe a hope of what you wished to be.

I now think it was all an act.

That you are nothing like that person and maybe being romantic and sweet, committed and patient is just the shadow of what you once were.

I think you were good once. Years before we met.

But life toughened you up in a fucked up way.

From that rape (yes, “surprise sex” is rape), to someone trying to take everything from you and giving nothing back but lies… I’m sorry you became this. 

I’m sorry for those half assed relationships you have now. For how you think you’re in love with a different person every week and so you get a new disappointment every time they show you you’re just not good enough for them.

I wish you could open up your heart (and your eyes) enough to realize that being in love is more than one good conversation, one good date or a stolen kiss from someone who does not love you. 

They say that “The same hammer that shatters the glass, strengthens the steel”. 

I’m sorry you’re not the steel, sweet girl.

You didn’t get strong as you think you have. 

You have become shattered and deformed and so your heart ends up trying to find anything that will make it feel like it’s beating right again.

You won’t find love in the bed of a stranger or at a random party after you’re way too drunk.

You won’t find love pursuing some girl who is in love with someone else.

You won’t find love trying to convince yourself that these girls you meet and try to date are the ones that will make you happy. 

Love won’t come to you by forcing it. 

You can’t force your heart to fall in love with every girl you meet because they would be easy to be with or a logical choice.

The fact that you have a lot in common doesn’t mean you two can be in love at a snap of a finger.

Enjoying the same songs, having the same favorite writer, rooting for the same team, having friends in common… None of that assures you that love will be there.

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(Prompt): "How did we come from hating each other's guts to actually liking each other?" with Maze

“How did we come from hating each other’s guts to actually liking each other?” It was strange to think that here you were curled up with Maze when a mere 2 months ago the two of you were constantly at each others throats. 

2 months ago you would never have imagined her sitting her with you, legs twined together watching some stupid move, alternating between being the one who kisses and the own whose kissed. 2 months ago you couldn’t even imagine have a conversation without getting annoyed with her and now…

Now you were pretty sure you loved her. 

“You got cute.” The grin tells you she’s joking and you playfully push her shoulder because she’s such a pain but you love that she acts like a child with you. You love a lot of things about her.

“Hey! I’ve always been cute!”


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After watching the Maggie/Alex couch scene in 2x17, I've rewatched all of maggie's scenes of s2. She is such a good and complex character. I LOVE Flo's acting choices (body language and micro expressions) because it fits so well with her past and it puts her story in a whole new light (especially 2A). So glad that Sanvers found a home in each other and that they'll grow stronger together. Pretty sure that I'll wont't survive 2x19 tbh....

Agreed on all accounts, anon. Truly. It’s been a wonderful gift, watching this story unfold. I can’t wait to re-watch everything from the start (thanks, Dani). And I certainly CAN’T WAIT FOR 2x19! I’m so ready for Sanvers to wreck me. Bring it.

vallanoble  asked:

If you like RPGs, you should play Rune Factory, especially Rune Factory 4. One of the characters, Leon, is a long white haired boy with a personality similar to Zen, a tragic backstory, and inhuman/supernatural powers. He's very smooth and flirty and makes innuendos similar to Zen's "beast" ones. He's also hiding a lot of sadness and insecurity under a confident mask. I played RF4 before MM, and I'm now realizing a lot of the characters I romance in games have similar themes and traits, like Zen

Sounds like my type of character! I love characters with tragic backstories but act like they’re a-okay. I don’t know why, but I just do. If they’re flirtatious, that’s an absolute bonus (even though irl I would dislike any flirtatious guy who approached me).
But honestly, asides from the fact that Zen drinks, smokes, and can’t cook all that well, he’s pretty much my absolute ideal man. ;____;