in all their colorful glory


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not dead yo, just out in parties.

(and actually self loathing a lot because my own drawing skills and perfectionist attitude)

BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT, the point is, i’m always cooking new things for you guys.

This drawing here, however, was inspired by two things: the Skullgirls N.M.O. Arena theme (i’ve been picking up skullgirls again) and the little funfact that Peach -of all mario characters- was originally intended to be the extra boxer in the remake of Punch-out wii (but wasn’t included because…you know…battle damage, DK was a more acceptable punching bag), so the idea of peach being able to duke it out with the best in the ring amuses me so.

So i got to work and this piece came out, i hope you all enjoy it in its colorful glory, because lemme tell you, this one was BIG.

Oh, by the by, the banners in the backgrounds? HAVE AT THEE.

Yes, i even spent some quality time with these lovely background thingies, I’m a man of detail don’t you know?

Timed Prompt (20 min)

  • Prompt: Kyungsoo likes art, and he sees a painting in an exhibit of a male dancing. Yet, he isn’t aware the inspiration for the art stands beside him.

Kyungsoo eyes the painting in all of its pure glory. Perched on a cream colored wall, it boasts its elegance and comes to life within the room. The dancer steps onto the pearly tiled floor, the light tap of his toes inaudible. Long and slender, his frame moves with graceful motions, each step practiced to perfection–for that it was he is; utterly fluorescent and enchanting. The dancer pulls him in with little to no effort.

As his eyes trace the gentle lines of the figure within the frame, he loses himself in thought and doesn’t notice someone taking a step beside him. Even breaths spew from his lips as his pupils travel from the top to the bottom, never breaking from the chromatic mixture of colors that speaks life into his being.

Inspirational–this painting, it almost wills his limbs to move. He misses dancing. It was once his passion. Yet, the cruel reality catches up to him quickly from the subtle ache in his knee that presents a restriction. An injury, an obstacle, something which he thought he could come back from. However, when fate can not turn back time, acceptance is recognized in its place.

“Do you like it?” A voice rich and deep says beside him. Curious tones hang from the ends of the man’s words and maybe even a bit of hesitation.

Kyungsoo doesn’t pick up on those things however, because his eyes have landed on a face of heaven. They soak in the richly bronze skin under the ethereal features of passionate eyes, plush lips and dark auburn hair.

“Yes,” his voice is scratchy and low from lack of usage, “I love it.” he says, turning his eyes to the painting once again. “The dancer speaks to me, I used to dance.” Kyungsoo continues, aided by an odd sense of comfort he seeks in a mere stranger.

“Why don’t you?” The question is soft, faint, as though he knows such a delicate matter could shatter Kyungsoo’s existence. And it very well could have, if he’d asked months ago, but not now. Kyungsoo has accepted his path.

“An injury…they said I can never dance again…” he fades into a tone bathed in sadness.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” The man says, and Kyungsoo thinks he is sincere. He turns to face the stranger again and sees a sharp jawline of a picture-perfect profile as the man looks up at the piece of art. “I hope that through this painting you can find the peace in your heart.” With those words, the man begins to leave.

“Wait…” he hears falls off his lips, and the man stops. Kyungsoo isn’t sure why, but this man, he needs to know. “What’s your name?”

The man turns with a simper on those soft lips before he says, “Jongin.” he continues walking and Kyungsoo bites back his next inquiry.

Contemplative eyes loop up to look at the art once more, and when they land upon the golden plaque situated just below–he reads, Jongin.

Warmth spreads in his cheeks as the sweetest smile stretches across his face, he whispers, “Jongin.”

In Dreams 3

10:02 AM

Noelle is sitting cross-legged on the hospital bed coloring a picture of Cupid in all his chubby diapered glory.

“Making a Valentine for someone?” Mulder asks as he sits on the edge of the bed.

“My daddy,” she says quietly.

“How’re you feeling?” he asks, watching her methodically fill in the cherub’s golden curls with a stubby yellow crayon.

“Okay,” she says.

Mulder leans in, trying to catch the girl’s eyes.

“Can I ask you a question, Noelle?” he says, “about what you said to me last night?”

Noelle looks up, eyes wide and fearful.

“I told you already,” she says.

“Who were you talking about? Your mom?”

“You have to let her go, that’s the only way,” she says solemnly. The light that danced in her eyes just yesterday has been snuffed out.

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So here is my weekly spread in all its rose and red colored glory! I’m very happy with how it turned out since it was inspired by Jimin’s rose colored hair for their comeback I mean did you look at him?? Oh and btw i died watching their new mv of Spring Day but I’m going to stop here since I don’t want to fangirl too hard haha and also because red and rose are some of my favorite colors 🌸

The Soaring Jester Commission

I recently commissioned @wrennpenn to create nine (9) illustrations of the Soaring Jester crew, and she came through with FLYING colors. So here they are, in all their glory!

@xxautumnivyxx - Autumn Ivy

@gentlemanraven - Creepy Raven

@demongirl20 - Jack Lover

@joseikage - Josei Kage

@matthewryanfike - Matt Fike

@wellheyproductions - Old Man Murphy

@serpentmythos - Serpent Mythos

@smaugthegoldenn - Smaug the Goldenn

@stephanieswanquills - Stephanie Swan Quills


I actually used a reference for the first time in 84 yrs…. also it was inspired by this pic by @pheberoni

anyways, my Ryder, Jericho, for me:a ft. way too much neon lmao