in all seriousness though that is a weird face to pull when looking a frozen head... ;)

soulmate! Mingyu (carat version)

requested by anon: “Mingyu soulmate au where hes a idol and the soulmate is a carat. Thanks!”

in which you have a clock that starts at birth and counts time until you meet your soulmate, which it then stops

part 2

  • you seriously have never been so excited in your life
  • this is the moment where you wish you could say “i’m about to meet seventeen” 
  • but no, let’s try to shoot for the lower baskets first
  • aka, you’re in L.A. for a little bit, before you and your friends drive to disneyland 
  • this is your spring break, a well needed break before you have to stress out for finals week
  • and as your first day here after a long road trip, everyone’s too tired to go out to some fancy place
  • so, you and your friend were put on snack duty and at the closest convenience store to your hotel
  • entering, your friend and you go to the drinks first
  • “hey how much cash you got on you” she asks
  • you smirk and answer “seventeen”
  • svt was your ulti group, you’d been a carat since adore u and your one goal in life: seeing seventeen live
  • she groans but laughs at your weird facial expressions, “STOP. But really though?”
  • “seventeen teen teen”
  • she takes the bottle of water she was holding and smacks your arms, not so gently
  • “oh my godeeuuuu” 
  • she almost smacks you again at your seventeen reference
  • by now all your friends knew of svt
  • you glanced down at your wrist, a habit formed from years of checking
  • the clock was still going and it was easy to tell ten minutes had passed since leaving the hotel
  • you used it often to keep track of time
  • even though you knew its real purpose
  • to stop the moment you met your soulmate
  • you’d never really been interested in searching like other of your friends have
  • going around randomly, looking at the clock on your wrist and waiting for it to stop
  • it didn’t sound very… romantic
  • at that moment thirteen guys are three aisles over arguing over what kind of ramen they should buy
  • “mingyu-yah get this one” 
  • “no no i trust jisoo hyung he’s probably had all the american ramen before”
  • mingyu kind of just blanks them out and stares at the two brands lost in thought
  • suddenly he hears something and speaks,
  • “seungkwan-ah did you hear someone say seventeen teen teen and oh my godeu”
  • the argument over ramen ceases
  • “ayeee mingyu what kinda shit you saying now, you must be really hungry”
  • “no no no hyung i feel weird”
  • “there’s no way right?” woozi says, everyone knowing what he was implying
  • the others shake the thought off as they resume arguing, only a few of the members notice mingyu setting the ramen down and walking down the aisle
  • meanwhile you and your friend ignore the commotion, too busy with your own
  • “okay i’ll get chips, you get some ramen” you say
  • going straight to where they have the hot cheetos, you grab two bags
  • “hey you want any other-”
  • as you turn around your face almost hits someone’s chest
  • your immediate thought is
  • “what giant did you just run into, lmao this would be me if i ever met mingyu”
  • you back up and look up to apologize
  • and then jump in shock 
  • getting a look at his face you realize, 
  • “holy fucking shit, kill me now”
  • “ah i’m sorry” he says distractedly in an incredibly cute accent
  • you’re screaming internally, though for all you know you could have been screaming aloud
  • are you seeing things? bc this must be one hell of a dream
  • that’s the only explanation of why kim mingyu is standing in front of you at a freaking convenience store
  • fate isn’t playing some kind of cruel trick on you right?
  • everything in your brain clicks together and of course i first thing you say is,
  • “i’m really sorry to ask you this but i’m a carat and i really love seventeen and your music and i’d really like it if you could like sign?”
  • these words rush out your mouth way to fast for his comprehension
  • he laughs confusedly and smiles, “carat?”
  • you almost slap your forehead, how embarrassing can you get
  • “yes, can you sign?” 
  • he smiles, “yes”
  • you thank the lord for this one moment where you didn’t clean out your purse and pull out a sharpie 
  • showing him your clear phone case you hold out the sharpie to him
  • he takes this moment to look at your wrist subconsciously, something he’s done most of his life when meeting people
  • he feels conflicted, when he also sees a timer on your wrist which has stopped
  • because although he can’t really speak that much english, he thinks you’re really pretty
  • so he kind of just ignores it,
  • thinking you already found your soulmate and couldn’t possibly be his
  • unknown to you, he recognized your voice from the seventeen teen teen earlier 
  • grabbing the pen, he takes another habitual glimpse at his own wrist before he signs
  • you hear the pen hit the floor and feel lost
  • “um -”
  • “OH MY GOD” 
  • he yells something in korean which you barely understand
  • twelve other boys come tumbling through the aisles yelling 
  • you’re going to have a heart attack
  • in a split second your head registers exactly who is in front of you
  • mother effing seventeen teen teen
  • aka the people who give you heart attacks on a daily basis
  • aka your one goal in life
  • mingyu talks quickly to all them, glancing back at you every second
  • you’re still standing there frozen in shock, like wtf just happened
  • and tbh you’re still confused on what they’re doing/ talking about
  • until
  • joshua smiles at you and grins
  • “you’ve just met your soulmate”
  • your first reaction: “?!?!?!" 
  • and immediately to look at your wrist and notice the timer has in fact stopped
  • you suddenly can’t breathe and both you and mingyu make eye contact
  • holding three packs of ramen your friend comes beside you
  • “what’d i miss?”
  • “everything girl. fucking everything.”
  • despite the almost movie like encounter, you and mingyu had some problems
  • to name a few,
  • he’s an idol
  • your a college student
  • um, language barrier
  • pretty sure you have to know more than annyeonghaseyo & saranghae
  • you show you friend you wrist and the first thing she does is squeals, grab both your hands and jump up and down
  • “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!! you know what! y’all spend time together, get to know one another WHATEVER, i’ll pay for everything! you come back to the hotel whenever!” 
  • she leaves giving you a hug and waving bye to the seventeen boys
  • suddenly this whole thing hits you, like damn these aren’t just some people you stare at from a screen, you guys actually have a personal connection
  • “so um annyeonghasyo? my name’s y/n” 
  • you are surprisingly able to be composed
  • the smile doesn’t fall from his face
  • “kim mingyu”
  • seungkwan starts saying something and everyone starts talking
  • somehow joshua and vernon get your phone and type in mingyus number plus adding everyones too
  • you get five minutes together before they have to leave
  • because of the language barrier, you both can’t say as much as you want
  • “i’ll try my very best to learn korean, soulmate”
  • “i try best at english?” mingyu says cutely
  • you laugh, and the time together comes to an end when their manager calls them home
  • with a leap of boldness, you wrap your arms around his waist tightly
  • you feel him stiffen but then wrap his arms around your shoulder tightly
  • suddenly you feel yourself being lift off the ground 
  • “KIM MINGYU” you screech, giggling
  • he sets you down with a grin on his face
  • “annyeong soulmate~” his to his members who are loudly saying stuff a mingyu
  • before he walks out he turns around one last time and lifts his phone to his ears yelling something in korean
  • “CALL ME!!”

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part 2

The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin seri

Prank War

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Summary: The Winchester siblings start a little prank war and it escalates quickly

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None, just some fluff

A/N: Special thanks to @nickiwinchester97 because she encourages me a lot and I love her. And to my dad who (unknowingly) inspired a lot of this :D

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

It all started out pretty harmless. Dean was annoyed by Sam who had complained about his unhealthy choice of food, and as soon as Sam went to the kitchen to get himself some water, you watched your eldest brother rip of a piece of carton from the pizza box and hide it under a pepperoni slice on Sam’s pizza.

It was hard for you to hold back your laughter when Sam came back and took a bite. He had somehow managed to bite through the carton and was now munching on it, completely unaware of what he was eating.

Dean watched him as well, and even though he was good at keeping his game face on you knew he was cracking up on the inside.

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Colors {Michael Mell x Reader}

request: anonymous asked:Can I request one of those soul mate aus with when they lock eyes or touch or something like that they finally see color? Michael x reader? Also your blog is amazing love you!


warnings: bullying, swearing, cute shit

word count: 2555

The world that you lived in was a very strange one. Devoid of color and aching to be loved, maybe people were desperate to find their soulmate, so that they could be allowed to see the incredible, beautiful world that awaited those in love.

You, however, were afraid.

Your shades of grey were familiar. The smokiness of your favorite sweater, the slate of your eyes, the silveriness of your hair - all of it was going to change someday. What if you didn’t like it?

From what you’d heard of the greatness of love, though, it might be worth it. So what if your entire world changes? Does it really matter anyway?

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Mistake - William Nylander

a drunk william nylander is a horny william nylander 

inspiration: “are you trying to turn me on?“ 

lowercase intended 

word count: 1606

warnings: nudity, steaminess

a/n: so this wasn’t requested buuuut i wrote it anyway  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hope you all enjoy!!

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you rubbed your hands together, your breath turning to mist in the cold toronto air. while the weather was chilly, you were boiling hot with rage. all you wanted was a nice night for yourself. you’d ran a bath, popped in a bath bomb, put on your favorite chill playlist, and poured yourself a glass of wine. you were right in the middle of putting your sheet face mask into place when your phone rang loudly, rudely interrupting ed sheeran as he sang about love and heartbreak.

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When you and Haechan kiss for the first time

Thanks so much for requesting! ^^ I absolutely loved writing this >< I hope you like this and if not, please tell me what I could have done differently~

i swear this boy is the worst bias list wrecker ever, please save me from this sweet, awesome, savage, TALENTED AF, savage, cute, HANDSOME AF, awkward boy T-T why has he grown up so fasttttttttt ><

Words: 1361

Fluff that will either make you squeal or just… cringe

Requested by anon ♥

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“Admit it,” you poked Donghyuck’s side with your finger. “Your heart fluttered a little, didn’t it?”

“I don’t think you are cute,” he stayed stubborn even though you kept poking him with your finger. “It’s time to face the truth _____.”

You looked at him - who was just staring at his phone - for a bit before turning away from him, crossing your arms and letting out a sigh.

You two were on a date that really wasn’t a date since you two just ended up staying home. You were sitting on the sofa side by side and for the past hour you had been trying to make him smile by doing aegyo. It hadn’t been a success as it had only resulted in him throwing his savage lines at you which he usually did.

Donghyuck lifted his gaze from his phone’s screen and glanced at you. You had your back turned towards him and you still had your arms crossed. He couldn’t help but chuckle silently at your behavior. In fact, the past hour had been pretty hard for him. Just to tease you, he had not reacted to your aegyo at all even though it made him want to giggle.

“Are you angry?” he asked and you felt his chin land on your shoulder.

You stayed silent.

“What? Are you giving me the silent treatment?” he asked, pouting.

Without a word you shook his chin off your shoulder. This made him slightly worried.

“You aren’t really angry at me, are you?” he asked, just to make sure.

“And if I am?”

There was a brief silence during which he got up and came to stand in front of you. He crouched down in front of you and looked at you with the most adorable puppy eyes ever.

“Are you sure you can be mad at this face?” he asked, not letting go of his usual behavior.

You held in your smile and turned away. He moved again to be in front of you. He sat down in front of you on the sofa and you looked at him expressionlessly. He pouted.

“You are mind-blowingly cute,” he said with a cute tone.

“I am?” you asked.

He nodded enthusiastically. “Of course.”

You doubted his word. “You don’t sound like you mean it.”

He let out a whiny sound. Then he put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer so that you were leaning on to him. That resulted in a silence. You wrapped your arms around him and hugged him with a small smile on your lips.

This kind of situations were very common between the two of you. You would have a playful “fight” and then it would end in a sudden silence. You both knew it was all just for fun so you never took the things you said during those “fights” seriously. And, if the other went too far you’d just say it and it would be resolved quickly.

“______,” he called your name while playing with your hair.

“Hmm?” you hummed, listening to his heartbeat.

“Did you change your shampoo?”

“No, but I’m wearing a new body mist,” you said and looked up at him.

“Hmm,” he hummed. “It’s a little weird.”

“You think?” you straightened up, letting go of him. He just looked at you when you tried to smell yourself. “It’s not that different from my old one though,” you mumbled.

“It’s not a bad scent,” he chuckled at your reaction. “It’s just… new. I’ll have to get used to it.”

You went closer to him and leaned on him again but this time his arm wasn’t around you. He opened his phone. You snatched it away from him.

“Hey,” he said and you giggled, getting up from the sofa with the phone in your hands. “Bring it back!” he whined.

“Come get it,” you showed your tongue at him.

“I don’t want to,” he whined, too lazy to get up from the sofa. He reached his arms towards you. “I’ll cuddle with you if you come here.”

You stopped for a second to think about the offer. “Nah,” you turned it down with a smile.

“Then…” he thought about what would make you give his phone back to him. “A kiss?”

You blushed at the mention of a kiss. You two had been dating for a while now and before you started dating, you were close friends which explains how close you two were around each other despite having dated for only a little while. However, you two had never kissed before. Holding hands and hugging weren’t a big deal for you two anymore but kissing… Even the thought of it made both of you blush a little.

“What are you talking about?” you asked, a little flustered.

“What?” he asked, a little flustered too.

“I don’t want our first kiss to happen like that,” you said before walking back over to the sofa and giving him the phone. “Take your phone back.”

He took the phone and you sat down beside him.

“I’ll just settle with cuddling,” you said and leaned on him. He laughed a little and leaned on you.

You two stayed like that for a while. He talked briefly about how his day had been and you did the same after he had finished. He played with your fingers the whole time. He smiled when you spoke, though you didn’t notice him partly because you were so used to seeing him smile but mostly because you were too busy explaining about your not so exciting day.

“You did?” was the only time he interrupted you. You had told him about slipping on your way home since the roads were covered in ice.

You nodded. “I had the hardest time trying to get up, you know? It took me like five minutes before I could stand again.”

“Did it hurt that much?” he asked, a hint of worry in his voice.

You shook your head. “No, it was just so darn slippery. I couldn’t get up even though I kept trying.”

He chuckled. “I’m sad I couldn’t witness that. It was probably hilarious.”

You scoffed.

“So, how did you manage to get up in the end?” he questioned, looking at you for the first time during the conversation.

“This amazingly handsome young man offered a helping hand,” you said and poked your tongue out. “He was really handsome.”

“Are you sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you?” he looked at you, amused.

“Now that I think about it, I think it was just an old man passing by mumbling something about how youngsters these days can’t even walk anymore.”

He burst out laughing.

“It was embarrassing!” you whined.

“Sorry, it just sounds really hilarious,” he laughed. “I would have helped you up immediately if I had been there with you.”

You smiled at his words and he noticed. Without even thinking about it, he leaned closer and pressed his warm, soft lips against yours. You were frozen to place and he pulled away after a bit.

You could only stare at him, surprised.

“I definitely just did that,” he felt giddy about it.

You couldn’t form words. The feeling of his lips on yours lingered on your lips.

“_____?” he called your name after you had been silent for a bit.

“Oh, sorry,” you awkwardly gave a laugh.

“Are you okay?” he asked and only now you noticed that he was blushing quite a bit. You on the other hand felt like your face was red as a tomato.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” you said and looked away, feeling shy to look at him.

“This shyness doesn’t suit you,” he whined since he was used to the you who was very comfortable around him. “Did I ruin the mood?”

“No, no, no,” you shook your head. “I just… didn’t expect that.”

“Same here,” he chuckled a little. “Was it bad for a first kiss?”

You shook your head. “It was nice.”

You both felt a little shy and just started giggling. The giggling continued until Donghyuck leaned in to give you another quick peck on the lips.

Number 44

Request:  Can I have a cute Morgan Rielly one shot?

A/N: I think it’s cute? But like, what do I know lol

Word Count: 1171

Warnings: None (? I think)

Up Next: Tyler Seguin

You were by no means a puck slut. But you did enjoy hockey, a lot. You were fortunate enough to have not only season tickets but your seats were also right on the glass. You should probably disclose, you never want to see anyone seriously hurt. You do however love when they fight. It reminds you of old hockey.

So, three games ago, when number 44 got into a fight with the opposing teams’ defense right in front of you, it should have been the highlight of your night. Instead, you found yourself worried about him. Wishing he wouldn’t have gotten into the fight in the first place. The other guy got a couple good hit in and busted number 44’s lip. You knew there would be some bruising on his face too.

The refs broke the fight up. He skated over the side to go to the box and locked eyes with you. You were frozen. His bright blue eyes locked on your (Y/E/C) ones.  You didn’t even know him and you were already falling.

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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 7

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 8 / Chapter 9 / Chapter 10…>>

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

Tags: @kwien-cee @saoirsewhittle @standalls @anonimereader06 @shantayok @thiscuriouslymiss @dashofsunshineblog @negative-love @sarasmismyonlydefence @sharenaloveyoux @hoedorshegort @teenwolfobsessed321

In this chapter: First day of school! So excited! Too much excited. I forgot my mission. I change the future again.

Word count: 2632

In the end I was so stressed, I didn’t close my eyes for the rest of the night. I didn’t want to fall asleep and make a nightmare again, and the excitement of going to school the next day kept my eyes wide open until morning. And it was Scott who knocked at my door to tell me I had to get ready, all while giving me an empty school bag.

“You’ll have to go to the director’s office, he’ll give you your schedule and also the textbooks you’ll need. The sheriff made it with the school management to have the same schedule as me. ”

I nodded as I ran my hand through my hair. I needed a good shower.

When I was washed, dressed, and combed as best I could, I put my bandage on my ankle and the splint on my hand before taking my crutch and heading for the stairs. Scott was waiting for me downstairs, a shy smile on the corners of his lips. He also had my school bag in one hand, and in the other he was holding a motorcycle helmet.

I stopped at the top of the stairs.

“Do we have to go by motorcycle?” I asked him, already knowing the answer.

“My mother is still at work, she had several emergencies. It’s not as bad as it looks,” he tried to reassure me. Then I remembered the reason why Melissa was still at work in episode 1 of season 3. The motorcycle accident with Isaac and Braeden, pursued by the twins. I hesitated. Should I tell him? But I was going to suffer if I spoke and if he rushed to the hospital, the future would change again. And then I remembered that in any case he would go there later in the day. I had to let this happen. So I went downstairs and took the helmet from Scott’s hands.

“How do we do for my crutches?”

In the end, the motorcycle ride wasn’t that bad. Scott had tied my crutches to the back and I had been able to take advantage of the position to hold him by the waist. Riding a motorcycle behind Scott Mccall. Little fantasy of many fans.

I tried all the way to recognize my surrounding, but the streets and houses I saw didn’t remind me anything. It was true that we didn’t really see the roads in the show. Finally, after a few minutes, I recognized the school and my heart rate accelerated. The facade, the many students who smiled and walked to their future. Everything was so unreal, I was like in a dream. I forgot my responsibilities and my mission so much I was amazed.

Finally Scott parked his bike in the parking lot and I pulled out my helmet looking around. Yellow buses, school, students. Then, aside from us, I saw two black motorcycles, which made me lose my smile.

Twin’s bikes. Problems.

In front of me I also saw the smile of Scott fall. He was so proud of his motorcycle, so seeing these engines before him, he was probably thinking his vehicle looked ridiculous.

“I prefer your bike,” I said shyly in order to cheer him up.

“Thank you …” He mumbled, smiling, then went down and helped me do the same. Then he gave me my crutches and headed for the school.

“I have to meet Stiles in front of our lockers,” Scott started, which made me stick to the sound of the name of my favorite character. Scott continued to move forward and noticed that I wasn’t following him. He turned around and my heart accelerated automatically.

“Something’s wrong?” He asked me worried as he put a gentle hand on my shoulder. I couldn’t tell him that the idea of ​​meeting Stiles was the reason of my nervousness!

“N-no, everything’s fine,” I lied even though I knew he would notice it. I had to find an excuse. A reason. I wasn’t ready to meet Stiles, not yet! It was one of my fantasies, a dream, I dreamed of it literally, I had a ton of images of him in my cell phone (which I still wanted to recover).

“I’ll go to the director’s office right away. See you in class?” I stammered quickly before taking my bag from his hands and putting it on my shoulder. Then I walked as fast as I could with my crutches toward the school, lowering my head, hoping not to meet anyone known. My heart was beating so fast and my head turning as a hundred pace. I no longer looked where I was going, so of course I rushed into something brutally. Or was it was the thing that rushed into me? Anyway, I fell on the ground shouting in surprise and pain at the same time. I had fallen on my wounded hand.

"Oh god, I’m sorry I didn’t see you, I’m so sorry! I’m very clumsy, are you okay?”

This voice.

Did I really have to fall on him the moment I ran away?

I froze automatically as I heard him picking up his things clumsily. He helped me get up and I let myself go, still paralyzed, eyes wide open and probably drool on the chin. I didn’t dare look at him. Don’t look at him. Don’t look at him. His hands were on me. His big hands I had always found beautiful. His smell was around me as he was right beside me. An indescribable mixture that made my head spun. He handed me my crutches, which I took a moment to grab, my head still lowered to look at the floor. I mustn’t look at him.

“Hey, are you okay?” He snapped his fingers in front of my face and for a split second I looked up at him. Only a fraction of a second, but I saw his face.

His honey brown eyes. His hair now longer than in the previous season. His moles. His lips. His eyebrows. Perfect perfection.

My heart was about to explode.

“Y / N! I saw you fall, are you all right? ”

Scott was running towards us. Now that I had seen his face, my eyes didn’t want to detach from Stiles. He was so beautiful and real, so good, precious, heroic, altruistic, intelligent. I still couldn’t move.

“You know her? She’s frozen like that since we’ve ran in each other. ”

“Y / N?” Scott said softly, putting his hand on my arm, which made me get out of my torpor.

"Ahhhh !! You’ve seen the time!” I shouted leaving as fast as I could from the two boys. They really had to find me weird. I was stupid. Dumb. What had taken me? Pull yourself back together, Y / N!

I wasn’t very far from them when I heard Stiles speak. And when Stiles speaks, I always listen.

"Who is it? ”

“It’s … my sister-in-law … she’s amnesic,” Scott replied, which made me stop again in the middle of the hallway under the curious glances of the students.

“Seriously, didn’t find better?” I mumbled before remembering that Scott could still hear me. Shit. I went back to the director’s office without further delay.

I was just outside the door when I saw two sheets on the bulletin board that stopped me again. Notices of research for missing person.

For Boyd and Erica.

Sadness invaded my heart. I was so excited by school, the new world. Stiles. I had forgotten my mission. I had to save everyone, but unfortunately it was too late for Erica. She was already dead. Tears rose to my eyes and I had to lean against the wall for a moment to catch my breath. It was real, the world and the characters, and it also meant that the pain and the dead were so. That suffering would stay if I couldn’t save the victims. Once my breathing calmed down, I entered the director office, whom held a long sword in his hands, a surprised, intrigued but also totally outdated expression on the face.

“Can someone tell me what the hell is that?” He asked another man who shrugged his shoulder as an answer. Then he saw me and hurried to hide Gerard’s sword.

“What can I do for you, miss?”

The time it took to sign papers again, receive my schedule and my textbooks made me 20 minutes late in my first class. The director insisted on coming with me to guide me but I politely refused his offer and went off in search of my class. I found it in the end and hesitated a moment before knocking at the door that was facing me. Was I ready to go inside? Starting my new life as a high school student?

I had no choice. The teacher came to open me, a radiant smile on her face.

But for my part, I froze, stopping to breathe, eyes widened by fright.

“You must be Y / N, we were waiting for you. ”

I couldn’t move. She was there. I have forgotten about her.

Jennifer Blake.

The Darrach.

She noticed my frightened look and advanced towards me, placing a delicate hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t be afraid, I am aware of your situation and I promise you that I will be there to help and guide you throughout this hard moment you’re living.”

And I’ll be there to stop you from killing, I thought forcing a smile.

Her sweet and gentle appearance hid the snake sleeping in her. Jennifer Blake. Anger and determination took the place of fear and I limped back with my crutches to face the class.

“Here’s Y / N,” Jennifer began. “Be welcoming with her.”

Among the thirty peers of eyes that scanned me I recognized only three who succeeded in restoring me the stress of this morning.

Stiles, Lydia and Allison.

But I couldn’t see Scott.

“You can take the seat behind Allison, Scott just left, he had an emergency,” said the teacher. I nodded, avoiding crossing Stiles’ gaze and sat behind Allison, who raised her head to me when I sat, my crutches beside me. Allison turned to give me a comforting smile. She wanted to help me, thinking that I was probably very lonely because Scott wasn’t there and that he probably told the whole pack that I was his amnesic half-sister or something. Whatever the reason, I appreciated Allison’s attention. She was very nice and kind.

“Hey, Scott’s half-sister!” A voice murmured to my left. I lowered my head as I felt the red rising to my cheeks. Stiles remembered me. Obviously … I had made the worst first impression in the world. He would remember me as the strange and amnesic half-sister of his best friend.

“I didn’t know Scott had a half-sister.”

That was Lydia’s voice sitting on Stiles’ left. But I didn’t dare look up at her, I was already very intimidated by the number of characters I met simultaneously.

The class continued as usual, as if I had never been there, but I wasn’t listening. We had to read some book I didn’t know about, but I couldn’t concentrate. I knew that Stiles was just beside me and a burning urge to look at him was stinging my stomach since I entered the classroom. I could not think of anything else.

“Hey, Lydia, What is that?” Stiles whispered next to me. I tensed up immediately and listen to their conversation.

“Prada bit me.”

“Your dog?” “

"No, my designer handbag. Yes, my dog. ”

“You should not keep it if it gets aggressive.”

“Prada never bit me before.”

“There’s a beginning for everything. ”

I began to panic. It wasn’t the discussion they were supposed to have. They should have talked about the accident with the deer, the correlations, never two without three. But they hadn’t had the accident. And after this discussion, after…

My heart missed a beat as I turned to the window and got up my seat.

“Y / N, sit down please, the class is not over,” Jennifer told me.

“Boom,” I said, and two seconds later a crow crashed into the window, startling everyone.

A surge of adrenaline rushed through my body as Jennifer walked over to the window, too absorbed by the phenomenon (caused by her, FYI), to tell the students to run.

“Everybody out! Get out of class now!” I shouted as I pointed the door. "They’re coming, everybody out!” I repeated, but nobody moved. Everyone was frozen by the black cloud that was flying towards the classroom.

“Damn, move!” I repeated again, hearing some students stand up. "Now! ”

Other birds darkened towards the windows when the students finally rushed to the door. Many succeeded in going out, but not everyone.

Then a crow broke the window and everything happened very quickly.

I grabbed Stiles by the shirt, which was near Lydia to protect her and pushed them to the door without saying anything. I did the same with other students who managed to get out of class. The rest of them were hiding under the desks, and I had a little satisfaction when I saw Jennifer being attacked by the black birds. I looked at the door frame to see Lydia and Allison safe. New feeling of satisfaction. But this feeling soon came down when I noticed that Stiles was no longer with them.

However, I was in the middle of the class, uncovered. Soon the crows melted towards me and I was attacked by dozens of mad birds that grafted and lacerated my skin. I fell to the ground trying to protect myself as best I could and felt a weight against me, someone protecting me with his body, but I couldn’t see who it was.

After long minutes of anxiety and fear, silence fell into the classroom. A grim silence where the hidden students came out from under the desk and where those who had left the class came in to observe the mess. The person on me drew back and I finally knew his identity.


“You’re okay?” He asked me, blood flowing on his forehead. I gave him a blow on his arm, feeling the red rise to my cheeks, and he looked at me without understanding.

"You were supposed to go out with the others!” I shouted after him, frustrated, the adrenaline still running my body at a crazy speed. I had done everything to protect them, protect Stiles. And I hadn’t even succeeded in completing this simple task.

He helped me get up and I lost myself again in his amber-colored eyes.

"How did you know what was going to happen …” He asked me, now suspicious.

I opened my mouth to respond when I felt an icy and shivering breeze passed in my back and a voice whispering in my ear as if it were behind me. But I knew that even if I turned to check, there would be no one.

“You shouldn’t have.”

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

“You’ll regret it later.”

No, I didn’t say anything! I had said nothing, I hadn’t spoken!

“But you did something.”

“You changed the future.”

“It’s now too late for you.”

“Y / N? Hey, why are you crying? ”

I shook my head as I returned to reality. I hadn’t noticed that I had begun to cry and wiped the tears on my cheeks.

“I didn’t want to blame you …” Stiles apologized, holding out a hesitant hand toward me, thinking it was his fault I was crying.

I sat on the nearest chair and put my head in my hands. I had changed the future, again, and the voice’s words weren’t reassuring at all.

It was too late for me.

In the next chapter : Scott is at the hospital to save Isaac from one of the member of the Alpha Pack. But I know someone at school that needs to be saved as well. However, I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing that I’m stuck with Stiles. 

Next chapter ->

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prompt: jelous phil about the anthony and dans video please i need it

Hope this satisfied your need! It turned out a bit longer than I was anticipating but thanks so much for the prompt!

Phil had never thought of himself as a violent person let alone anyone else, including his fans or other youtubers. Phil didn’t think Dan had even technically seen him all that angry. It rarely happened. And when it did it was usually for righteous, just reasons. Such as an abused animal or mistreated person.

That’s why as Phil sat at his desk watching the video Anthony had recently released in which Dan played a big part in, he desperately tried to push away these unfair feelings of jealousy, anger, and quite honestly…burning hatred. It was only natural right? Dan was his friend, his flatmate, his video partner. Dan rarely made videos with other people because he just didn’t care. He wasn’t a people person. So up until now, Phil had never really had to face exactly how possessive and jealous he really got. 

He tried to reason with himself. Why was he jealous? It was one video. It didn’t mean Dan was going to move out and never seen him again! But…Phil thought as he replayed the video for a third time, Dan had done a really good job in this video. He was really into it. He’d put everything he’d had into this video with Anthony. That’s what was doing it, Phil realized. Dan and Phil had gotten so used to filming with each other that everything came naturally to them. The banter, the comedy, things their fans would enjoy. They knew all of that and so filming together was just easy. Dan didn’t try that hard in the videos he made with Phil. Had their relationship really become so easy that Dan didn’t even try to impress him anymore? It wasn’t that long ago it seemed that Dan did absolutely everything to get Phil’s attention. Why had things changed? Was Phil doing something wrong? 

Phil leaned back in his desk chair, pausing the video and frowning at Anthony’s frozen face on the screen. He sighed, his anger replaced with a sudden twinge of sadness and fear. It wasn’t as if he could confront Dan about this. It would sound ridiculous and petty. And perhaps Dan would think Phil was jealous for other reasons… 

If someone asked, which many often did, he would describe him and Dan’s relation as a close friendship. There was no doubt in that. But the years they’d spent together side by side had brought them in a sense, closer than friends. Their had been those few drunk nights where the two had messed around a little. But they’d always woken up and ignored it. In fact, Phil wondered if Dan even remembered any of those nights.

So then, his jealousy was stemming from even more than he’d thought. Unspoken feelings it seemed. 


Dan jumped as his door creaked open. He clicked open a tab before spinning around, his heart pounding. 

Dan furrowed his eye brows and smiled amusingly. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Phil said stupidly.

Dan glanced at the screen over his shoulder and nodded. “Right. Staring at the Google home page is certainly a blast isn’t it?”

Phil opened his mouth to speak but Dan strode over to him and had the mouse in his hands before Phil could stop him. “Hey!”

“You’re a horrible liar Phil, I know you better than that. If you’re watching porn maybe I want to know if it’s any good.” 

“No, it’s not-” Phil started.

“What the fuck? It’s just Anthony’s video?” Dan scoffed. “Why would you be hiding this from me?” Dan stepped back and raised a brow at his friend, clearly confused and amused. 

“I told you it was nothing.” Phil insisted, trying to stop himself from stuttering and turning red. 

“Aww, were you admiring Anthony’s beautiful face? It is quite nice, isn’t it.”

“You’re only saying that because people think you look like alike.” Phil rolled his eyes, trying to act normal. 

“Duh.” Dan pushed playfully at Phil’s chair, spinning it around and stopping it once it turned completely. When Phil didn’t say anything Dan cocked his head. “Wait…do you really like him? Cause Phil, we to along really well. I bet I could talk to him for you or something.”

Phil’s heart flipped at the words. His skin heated and he felt the jealous boiling back up. “No!” Phil jumped up from his seat and paced to the other side of his bed.

“I don’t mind, really. He actually seems like your type. I think it would be really cute. I mean, you guys would have to keep  it under wraps for a while, with the fans and everything but-”

“Dan! Stop!”

Dan shushed instantly, his eyes widened a little with Phil’s seriousness. 

“It’s you Dan, I’m…you…in the video..I just…AH!” He growled through his teeth and pulled at his hair.

“Whoa, whoa, calm down. What are you going on about?”

“Dan, when did you stop trying?” Phil couldn’t get the right words out. In fact, he knew he shouldn’t be letting any words out at all but his boiling blood was making him say these things without thinking. 

“Stop trying?” Dan stepped away, taken aback by the insult. “Did I really do that bad in the video?” There was a pained look on Dan’s face and Phil immediately felt horrible. He knew how insecure Dan was about his video content, let alone what he did with other youtubers. 

“No, God, no that’s not what I meant. The video was amazing. But that’s just it Dan…you tried so hard to impress Anthony and I just…” His voice lowered and he avoided his friends eyes, “When did you stop trying to impress me?”

It was quiet for a long time. Long enough for Phil to swallow and risk a glance up. Catching site of Dan’s shocked expression though made him look away again quickly. 

“Phil…Oh my God. When did you start thinking that I’m not trying to impress you?”

Phil looked up at that, furrowing his brows. “What?”

Dan let out a sharp laugh and stepped towards his friend, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking up at him. “Every time I make a video I’m trying to impress you. That’s why I ask for you to watch it first. That’s why I always ask for your help if I can’t figure something out in the program.”

Phil shook his head, the words not quite computing. “But that’s just because you want to make sure your fans will like it and so that other youtubers are impressed. And I went to college for some of that stuff, that’s why you ask for me help.”

“Sit down.” Dan demanded, sounding angry but it was only because he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Phil sat gingerly at the bed beside him, looking at him hesitantly. Dan looked directly into his eyes. This was obviously extremely important to Phil, and Phil had actually no clue as to all Dan did to make him proud. “I ask for your help because I want your approval. I want you to be proud of me. I may not cower anymore when I look at ‘AmazingPhil’ but that’s not because I’m not trying to impress you. It’s because I know you wouldn’t want me to worship you like I used to. How weird would that be if I still gawked every time you spoke?” Dan laughed.

Phil gave a small smile, looking away. “Well…fanboy fetus Dan was pretty cute though.” Dan punched him in the arm. “Ow!”

“Do you understand that though? Sure, in Anthony’s video I put more into it maybe that I do say, our gaming videos but you know how I am when it comes to how people view me. I’m terrified that he won’t let me make another video with him if I mess up to many times, or that it’ll be awkward next time I see him at a youtube event.”

“Anthony’s not like that.” Phil assured.

“Maybe not but he’s still not you.”

“Not me?” 

“Yeah. I could mess up a thousand times in a video for your channel and you wouldn’t care. We would still have a blast, you would still invite me into another video, you’d still treat me like a good person and drink Ribena with me in the corner at a social event. You like me for me and I never have to worry about that.”

Everything inside Phil melted at the comforting words. He could see the genuineness of them in Dan’s eyes and in the relaxed way he held himself. “Okay, I believe you.”

“You better you son of a bitch.” Dan snorted. “How many times have you watched that video?” He gestured toward the screen. “Were you really that jealous of how I acted in Anthony’s video?”

“Well…yeah.” Phil said defeated, his shoulders sagging. “I know it was stupid. I tried to talk myself out of it but I just kept thinking about how you used to be in our early videos.”

“Do you mean how we used to sometimes do this?”

Phil looked up just in time for his eyes to widen as Dan closed the space between them, grabbing the sides of face and connecting their lips together in a deep, hurried kiss. Dan pulled away quickly enough. A warmth started from his toes and burned to the tips of his ears. Dan was grinning mischievously at him.

“W-what was…” Phil swallowed anxiously. 

“I think it’s been too long since we did stuff like that.”

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You Know Better - Part 27 - Firefight

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Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship.

Part Description: Peter fights the Cerberus.

Warnings/Labels: Violence, blood, nothing too horribly awful in terms of grotesque things.

Approx. Word Count: 3,100

A/N: Look at me! 2 updates within a week’s time? That’s insane!

Story Masterpost

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84 & 100 - Trimberly. Please?

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84. ‘We should go home.’


Kim’s totally wasted.  Just flat out smashed, Trini’s sure of it because Kim’s never that boisterous outside of training, maybe?  She’s loud, sure, laughs loudly and speaks animatedly, but she’s never like—like she used to be, Trini figures.  Or some approximation of how she used to be.

As it stands, a totally-intoxicated-Kim is standing in the doorway of the kitchen, clutching a red solo cup and grinning wide when she spots Trini.  

“Hey,” she says, walking towards her with purpose.  Her breath is sweet, like she’s been sucking down wine coolers and Trini guesses that she’s been mixing her drinks which probably means Kim’s a lot drunker than she’d planned on.  “I was looking for you.”

“You found me,” Trini deadpans, dropping her beer back onto the counter she was leaning against and straightening.  Jason’s gotta be around her somewhere and he’s their DD for the night (roughly translated: he drew the short straw and has been giving everyone shit ever since).

When Trini looks up, Kim’s struggling to focus on her, her eyes crossing slightly whenever she tries.  “I had something important to tell you,” she says after a quiet, bordering awkward moment where it feels like she’s trying to memorize what Trini’s nose stud looks like.

Trini waits a beat.  Then, when it’s obvious Kim’s zoned out again, Trini prompts, “And…?”

“Don’t remember.  You’re pretty though.”

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steve comforts you - imagine

requested by @girlsandgangsofficial - thank u for being so patient!
warnings: (implications about sex but nothing more than fluff here)

Nothing would’ve prepared you for what probably had been the shittiest day of your life. Was it even possible for so many things to go wrong in a single day? You expected that day to be relatively the same to any other day - it was just an ordinary Tuesday. You expected to wake up early, have your cup of coffee and get to school at a decent time. You’d sit through every shitty class and suffer through detention for occasionally skipping a few. Then you’d get driven home by Steve before he goes off to work his shift of the DX that day. Granted, some days were better than others. And there were times when Steve didn’t have a shift and would take you home, where you both knew no actual homework would be done. But on that awful Tuesday morning, as soon as your eyes flew open, you knew that this day would be particularly dreadful.

That morning, you quietly stirred awake with an overwhelming feeling of comfort - as if you’d finally managed to sleep enough, as if you finally figured out what it meant to feel well-rested on a weekday. But this feeling was then swallowed by the drop of your heart at the utter realization that the reason why you had felt so well rested was because you had woken up an hour late. Needless to say, it lit a fire up under your ass.

In what seemed like only a minute, you were fully dressed, hair and teeth brushed. The only things you hadn’t done was pour yourself some coffee, find your keys and put on your jacket. So off to the kitchen you went, knowing full well how terrible you’d function without it. Of course, in a matter of seconds, you managed to spill some of the hot coffee on yourself before rushing out the door.

Everything was fine. You put your key into the door and turned to lock it, only for the key to get stuck. You pulled your key as hard as you could, tugging this way and that - that is, until the key broke off so that half was still inside the lock. Realizing this, you hit the door with a heavy fist. “Fuck!”

It was very simple to say that the brown stain of coffee on your favorite white blouse had begun to string along the events that would make up what you would consider to be the unluckiest day of your life. You’d gone to school only to have a fight with your best friend, fail a test, be falsely accused of cheating, and to sit through about an hour of detention. To make matters worse, you had to walk yourself from school in the cold, pouring rain of the late afternoon since Steve never showed. To your dismay again, a mustang crept along behind you as you walked - of course, until it sped up over a massive puddle to splash you with the murky street water. You immediately flipped the bird at the car speeding away while zipping your jacket up, afraid anything might be visible through your wet, white shirt.

You felt like crying. Well, not because you were sad, but because you were teeming with an explosive anger you couldn’t express otherwise. Almost everything that could’ve gone wrong, went wrong. And it all just kept happening.

You couldn’t get home without your keys. You were pretty sure that your best friend didn’t want to see your face. But you knew that Steve probably had his shift at the DX, so that’s where you were headed. When you got there, you got a weird look from Soda, who you could see was calling over Steve.

“What in the hell are you doing walkin’ in the pouring rain like this? You’re gonna get yourself sick, doll.”

“I broke my fucking key off in the door.” you said through clenched teeth, your shoulders shaking and hair sticking to your face clearly bottling in the anger so as not to detonate on Steve.

“You what?” You could tell that he was trying extremely hard to stifile his laughter. “Well c’mon, don’t just stand there, Y/N. Soda could you get ‘er a towel?”  

Soda tossed you a partially greased up towel before heading into the rain to fill a car rolling up to get gas. It wasn’t perfect, but it was dry and and it was warm. You wrapped it around your shoulders, heaving some sort of sigh of relief. Then Steve stood behind you, wrapping his own arms around your waist. 

“Well shoot, Y/N, you’re real frozen,” he commented. “How ‘bout a way I know to get you warm quick?” Of course, he was talking about sex. Great timing he had.

“Not now, okay?” you responded, wriggling out from his relatively strong grip.

“Why not? It’s been a ghost town at the DX the past few hours, if that’s what you’re worryin’ about.”

“Just get it through your thick skull - I’m really not in the mood.”

“Alright, but what crawled up your ass an’ died?”

You didn’t answer.  But Steve took it as an invitation to drag you to sit inside the car he was working on just previously. Though bitter about the day behind you, you leaned against Steve, his arm around you, pulling you closer. “Today’s been the worst day of my life, Steve.”

“C’mon, Y/N, talk to me.” 

“I just don’t wanna talk. I don’t wanna do anything. Just let me sit here and feel god-awful.”

“Well, I don’t want you sittin’ here feelin’ awful. I know, I shoulda waited for you and gave you a ride.” He said, rubbing your shoulder, and then pressing his lips at the top of your head. 

“And risk gettin’ fired? I’m not paper, Stevie, I’ll live.”

“Look, at least you’re sittin’ here feelin’ awful next to me, right?”


“So, what happened?”

Both of you watched the rain beat down on the mix of concrete and gravel when he began twirling a strand of your damp hair around his finger. He’d always liked to play around with your hair. You sighed before you began to speak.

“I’m pretty sure that y/f/n hates my guts and that I flunked some stupid test. Then I got detention for something I didn’t even do. I got coffee all over my shirt, if you couldn’t tell - probably washed away with all that disgusting water splashed at me an-”

“Splashed at you by who?”

“A mustang. Socs, Steve, I dunno.” 

“What color was it? Was it blue? Cause if it was I’ll gladly jum-”

“Would you just drop it? It doesn’t matter no more.”

“Alright, alright,” he finally relented, although knowing that inside that head of his, he was continuing to ask questions. “But c’mon, don’t look so sour.”

“If I could stop looking sour, I would,” you said quietly, turning on the radio. “My Girl” by The Temptations was playing, which made you light up a little bit. “And I think I might be able to.”

You looked up at Steve, and he looked back at you. He knew that this song had been your favorite for a few weeks now and he knew you loved just dancing around to it - something you knew that Stevie never liked to do.

“Y/N, I love you an’ all, but no.”

“Oh, get over yourself, Steve. Soda’s seen you dance plenty of times,” you answered. "C’mon, what makes the difference with one more time?”

“Apparently nothin’. This is the last time, y’hear?” Steve let up, eyeing you seriously. But you knew he didn’t mean it. You knew that it wasn’t the last time and that he secretly liked dancing with you, no matter how much he ever complained.

“Sure it is.”

Before getting out the car to find that the rain had been letting up, you turned up the radio’s sound real loud, surprised that it worked so well. And with your hands at his shoulders, his at your waist, you swayed with Steve, singing along together.

You then brought your head to rest on his chest and your arms around his torso, laughing together at his poor lack of rhythm. You couldn’t help but let the grin spread across your lips. God, he was such an idiot sometimes. But you loved the boy dearly, nonetheless.

Maybe it wasn’t such an awful day after all.

anonymous asked:

I'm watching Doctor Who "dinosaurs in space" rn and all I can think of is that Lestrade is now an archaeologist. Also, earlier while watching another episode, it occured to me that Moffat likes the "it's all in their head plot twist". It's not impossible (or totally probable) that he used it once again in TFP.

Okay. So. I’m kind of freaking out right now, because your ask has just triggered my memory and I think I’ve stumbled across something incredibly important!

Now, if you haven’t seen Doctor Who, bear with me because I seriously think that this is a massive clue as to what’s been going on in season four.

We already know that Moffat’s written Sherlock into Doctor Who before.

I’ve considered a dream-sequence type thing as well. Not because of “Dinosaurs in Space”, though, but because of the episode “Amy’s Choice”.

Just to get this out of the way, I’m not sure whether TST/TLD are entirely constructed or not. It’s quite possible that they are partially real, partially fake. I highly suspect that TD-12 is the culprit in this case.

To anyone who hasn’t watched Doctor Who, but is following along with the conspiracy, I highly recommend watching “Amy’s Choice” stand alone because it’s got some crazy Sherlock parallels and will also give you a bit of an idea of Moffat’s particular brand of rug pull.

The basic premise of the episode is that it focuses around reality being contingent upon a single choice.

In this case, the Doctor’s companion, Amy, has to choose between either staying with her spouse Rory, or “the madman” aka., the Doctor. Remind you of someone?

The antagonist / bad guy of the day “The Dream Lord” traps the Doctor and Amy within a shared dream where they wake up in another reality in which Amy chose her husband Rory over the Doctor. They are both happily married, Amy is pregnant, and neither the Doctor nor Amy realise that they are dreaming at first.

Oh yeah. And The Dream Lord? He’s played by Toby Jones. How about those parallels?

Over the course of the episode the Dream Lord makes the Doctor and Amy wake up over and over again in both the reality in which Amy chose Rory, and the reality in which Amy chose the Doctor.

In the reality in which Amy chose Rory they are being chased down by aliens, and in the reality in which Amy chose the Doctor they are in the TARDIS about to be frozen to death by a nearby astrological phenomenon. A bit of a catch 22, then.

But the catch is that if you die in the dream, you wake up in reality.

Amy has to then choose which reality she thinks is real or a dream, in order to kill herself and finally wake up. 

I think this merging of dream and reality has been occurring on and off for Sherlock since his hospitalisation in His Last Vow.

Remember all the weird discrepancies and surrealist elements within season four? We get the same thing happening in “Amy’s Choice”, when the Doctor is trying to figure out whether they’re dreaming or not:

“The Doctor: Examine everything. Look for all the details that don’t ring true.
Rory Williams: OK we’re in a spaceship that’s bigger on the inside than the outside.
Amy Pond: With a bow tie-wearing alien.
Rory Williams: Maybe “what rings true” isn’t so simple.
The Doctor: Valid point.”

Meaning the glowing skull / lamp hell / OOC character behaviour / reused lines of dialogue all point towards constructed memories.

Moving along, where things get really incriminating is when you consider that the big reveal at the end of the episode: The Dream Lord is actually the physical manifestation of the Doctor’s darkest fears and insecurities.

“The Doctor: Drop it! Drop all that. I know who you are.
Dream Lord: Of course you don’t.
The Doctor: Of course I do. I’ve no idea how you can be here, but there’s only one person in the Universe that hates me as much as you do.”

“Sherlock Holmes: The point I’m trying to make is that I am… the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant, and all-round obnoxious arsehole that anyone could possibly have the misfortune to meet. I am dismissive of the virtuous, unaware of the beautiful, and uncomprehending in the face of the happy. So if I didn’t understand I was being asked to be best man, it is because I never expected to be anybody’s best friend…”

Just like the Doctor, Sherlock’s biggest weakness, central to the type of character he is, is loneliness.

The Doctor is so afraid of being alone that he conjures up a monster that traps he and Amy in a reality contingent upon her leaving him.

So to sum up the parallels, we’ve got …
- The Doctor // Sherlock
- Amy’s choice // John’s choice (post HLV)
- Amy’s Pregnancy // Mary’s Pregnancy — The Schrodinger’s Baby dilemma
- The Dream Lord // Culverton Smith // (John) // Sherlock
- Additionally Billy Kincaid (mentioned in TSoT) mirroring Culverton Smith as well 
- Possibly The Dream Lord // Eurus // Sherlock

Relevant quotes/references:

Amy // John

Amy is referred to in Doctor Who as “the Girl Who Waited”. She meets the Doctor when she’s young, and he promises to come back and save her, but due to the TARDIS malfunctioning accidentally disappears and only comes back years into the future when she’s already grown up. (Paralleling Reichenbach.)

This theme of the Doctor leaving Amy behind because it’s in his nature/that’s just the sort of man he is really links into John and Sherlock’s dynamic. John thinks that Sherlock is always abandoning him both literally (TRF) and emotionally (THoB, ASiB, etc.,) because he’s a “sociopathic genius”, it’s just who he is, when really, unlike the Doctor, Sherlock is only being forced away from John due to Moriarty.

“Dream Lord: Poor Amy. He always leaves you, doesn’t he? Alone in the dark. Never apologises.
Amy: He doesn’t have to.
Dream Lord: That’s good. Because he never will. And now he’s left you with me. Spooky old not-to-be-trusted me. Anything could happen.
Amy: Who are you and what do you want? The Doctor knows you, but he’s not telling me who you are. And he always does. Takes him a while sometimes but he tells me. So you’re something different.
Dream Lord: Oh, is that who you think you are? The one he trusts?
Amy: Actually, yes.

“Amy: I love Rory and I never told him. And now he’s gone.

“John: Just text her, phone her, do something while there’s still a chance, because that chance doesn’t last forever. Trust me, Sherlock, it’s gone before you know it. Before you know it!

In Doctor Who, in order to make the right choice Amy must choose Rory over the Doctor, the man she loves over the man she is infatuated with.

In this case, Sherlock, although he parallels the Doctor, also parallels Rory.

Originally posted by perttyodd

Sherlock // the Doctor

What does the Doctor say the first time he, Amy, and Rory are together again?

“The Doctor: Now. We all know there’s an elephant in the room.”

And what is he referring to? Amy think’s it’s her pregnancy, but the Doctor makes a joke and says that he’s talking about Rory’s terrible choice of hairstyle. Of course, that’s not what he’s actually talking about. The real elephant in the room is the fact that Amy is standing between the two men she loves and has to choose between.

Originally posted by johnlockshire

Weather Metaphors: “The Oncoming Storm” vs. “The East Wind”

Within Doctor Who we have the extended metaphor of the Doctor being referred to as “the Oncoming Storm” which can be seen as paralleling the “East Wind” in Sherlock, which is very likely referring to himself, namely his emotions.

“The Doctor: Someone—something—is overriding my controls!
Dream Lord (Toby Jones): Well that took a while. Honestly, I’d heard such good things. Last of the Time Lords. The Oncoming Storm. Him in the bowtie.”

The East Wind is coming, Sherlock. It’s coming to get you.“ 

And in mythology … “Eurus is God of the East Wind. He was thought to bring warmth and rain, and his symbol was an inverted vase, spilling water. His Roman counterpart was Vulturnus.” [x]

From The Blind Banker:

“Sherlock: Someone else has been here. Somebody else broke into the flat and knocked over the vase, just like I did.
John: You think maybe you could let me in this time? Can you not keep doing this, please?
Sherlock: I’m not the first.”

Plus Sherlock drinking from the vase in TLD:


”Amy’s Choice” provides a conceptual basis for what is likely going on in Season Four. 

Where Toby Jones represents the darkness within The Doctor as The Dream Lord, it is possible that Culverton Smith at times represents the darkness within Sherlock. At the very least this also links into how other characters such as Faith/”E”/Eurus/Mary can sometimes be seen as representations of characters’ psyches.

Amy’s baby, aka., Mary’s baby, is likely existent in one reality and non-existent in another. Season four shows us a reality where Rosamund does exist so we know certain scenes are not real, just like how Amy’s pregnancy is not real.

Amy’s choice between the Doctor and Rory parallels John’s choice between Sherlock and Mary. In S4 Sherlock’s worst fears to do with loneliness are being projected into reality, just like the Doctor’s, likely because of TD-12, which parallels The Dream Lord’s “psychic pollen”.

Within “Amy’s Choice” Amy and the Doctor are presented with three separate realities. There’s the real world, the fake real world on the TARDIS where Amy chose the Doctor, and the fake world in the village where Amy chose Rory. Due to this I think it’s quite likely that there are multiple layers of unreality we are seeing in season four, just like when Sherlock wakes up into fake reality in TAB and goes to dig up Emelia Ricoletti’s body.

This makes even more sense considering the fact that TAB can be seen as a key for understanding season four. Dreams within dreams within dreams.

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People Change|2|

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Chapter 2: Anything for Fro-yo 

Pairing: Taehyung(V)xReader

Genre: Fluff, Lil bitty angst, future smut, friends to lovers, fake relationship

Words: 2,600

Summary:  Taehyung is always in the spotlight but he’s gotten used to it. That’s just what happens when you become an idol.  At some point, however, he started to rebel a little. The fact that he was being watched, preyed on by paparazzi and fans alike, only spurred him on. Sometimes this meant pushing the boundaries of fashion and gender-norms. Sometimes it means getting tattoos and getting tipsy on a Wednesday night. Other times it meant dating openly, casually, and recklessly. After one too many broken hearts glittering on display, Taehyung is backed into a corner. That’s where you come into play. 

Ch 1: Come on, Sugar 

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Tinderbox (I)

A/N: The cliché beginning ‘It was a dark and stormy night’ inspired this while, while back. A one shot that turned out so big I cut it in two. The second part will be posted (sometime) next weekend.

Word count: 5011

Characters (pairing): Reader, Sam, Dean, Bobby (Dean x reader)

Warnings: angst, blood, gore, injuries (nothing major though), fluff (mostly in the second part)

A/N II: Unbeta’d. It’s not nearly my best work (sorry!) but I’d still love to hear what you think. Please? Pretty please? :-)

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The Night Before the Wedding

A/N: This collaborative CS bachelorette party fic was cowritten by me, @ladyciaramiggles @snowbellewells, @flslp87 and @ilovemesomekillianjones  

Rating: T+


Emma watched as Killian tossed her a saucy smirk before closing their front door behind him. Smile lighting up her face, she leaned against the door and sighed happily. Tomorrow!  Tomorrow she’d become Killian’s wife.  After tomorrow there’d be no need for them to ever spend a night apart.

Not only that, but for the first time since that period of peace after they’d stopped Ingrid, there was absolutely nothing hanging over her.  Rumple had managed to stop his psycho mother…and it had all happened without Emma’s prophesied death.  Nothing was waiting for her and Killian in the future except years and years of living and loving and growing old together.

(Well…it was, after all, Storybrooke, so there was bound to be some fairy tale character coming to town with a score to settle some time or another, but after tomorrow, she and Killian would face it together as husband and wife.)

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Jared x Reader: Part III

(Part I and Part II)

Pairing/characters: widowed!Jared Padalecki x reader, Jensen Ackles, other members of the cast mentioned

Word count: 1721 ish

Summary: You and Jared had an incredibly awkward moment the last time you saw each other, and now it’s even more awkward. (Hint: Jensen’s a sweetheart who sticks his nose into other people’s business [helpfully, ya know? lol.]) (Also, coffee again. I’m sorry if you don’t like coffee.)

Warnings: swearing (anybody surprised?), fluff, mentions of punching in the A/N (don’t ask. just don’t ask.)

A/N: Okay. Y’all (shit, I just said y’all and don’t usually/didn’t used to say y’all) Anyway. You guys have permission to punch me if you ever meet me. (Okay, I really wouldn’t recommend that. I’m jumpy/defensive and you’re probably gonna get hurt more than me. Just ask two of my friends who have accidentally gotten hit. Okay. Sorry. Totally off topic. It’s been a long day. hehe) I am so so sorry for taking so long in posting this. I may or may not have had most of it written for a while. But since it’s Jared’s birthday, I figured I just kinda have to finally post part iii. 
(Once again. No disrespect meant to any of the cast or anything.)

(gif not mine.) and maybe it’s not completely related, but he 
looks kinda nervous, and also very pretty, so whatever.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JARED PADALECKI. (You amazing, incredible human who has helped me so much.)

I grabbed my jacket and hat, trying to get out of the green room before Ruth, Gil, Misha, or Jared, God forbid, came in.

It was Jensen. Jensen came in before I escaped.

I bumped into him as I hurried out, and he grabbed my arm gently. “Hey, what’s up? You’ve been acting kinda weird today… Especially around, like, Jared.”

I shrugged, backing up to face him. “What do you mean? I’m fine!”

Riiiight. And that’s why you and Jared have pretty much been avoiding each other since we all got here last night.”

“We…” My voice trailed off, because I wasn’t sure what to say.

“You…?” He waved his hand, trying to get me to talk.

“Holy shit, Ackles…” I gave him a look, but I was more frustrated with myself than with Jensen. “Just… Something happened two weeks ago, so now it’s awkward.”


I glanced down at the floor, shaking my head, and blurted out, “Jared almost kissed me.”

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anonymous asked:

If it's not too much bother could you do radmond confession? I wonder who would've been the first to come to terms with their feelings and confess

Here ya go Nonny! Hope you enjoy <3

They’d been tiptoeing around the issue for weeks, neither of them able to muster up the courage to admit what they felt for the other. For starters, Rad was the worst when it came to dealing with emotions that were considered to be unmasculine by society. Sure, he could read all the articles on why crying was healthy and why it wasn’t a weak thing to do, but it would take more than a handful of articles urging him to open up before he could actually do so.

Then there was Raymond, sweet, egotistical, “Nobody could ever meet my impossibly high standards” Raymond. For the record, Rad met every single one of his standards. And that was scary. Incredibly scary. Part of the reason it was scary was that he had no clue as to what Rad’s standards were, so what if he didn’t even come close to meeting them? What if Rad only liked aliens of his own kind? Or what if he wasn’t interested in a mechanic being as himself? Welcome to Existential Crisis 101, folks, with Instructor Raymond.

So, it goes unsaid that the two were painfully awkward when it came to even considering the possibility of confessing to the other. So the silent dance around the subject continued, fights between the two always involving an easily detectable tension that Enid recognized from her Angst Daily magazines. KO, as innocent and oblivious as he could be, was even able to sense that there was something off with the two. So it should be of little surprise that he was the one to try and help them fix whatever was wrong with their relationship, or in this case, the lack thereof of a relationship…

“Do you have a crush on Raymond?”, KO asked, forgoing any pretense of subtlety in a move that normally would leave the turquoise alien full of pride. Since the probing question was directed towards him, though, the pride was quickly drowned out by embarrassment and panic. The soda can he’d been drinking from was quickly crushed as he tensed, the cheap metal giving way and spewing artificial colors and flavorings onto his work uniform. In between trying desperately to clean up before it dried (he’d learned the hard way that you couldn’t remove intergalactic soda stains from clothes), he stammered out a response that was telling enough for the tiny hero.

“You DO have a crush on him!”, KO exclaimed, bouncing up and down excitedly as his best friend managed to choke on air. Rad coughed harshly for a moment, turning purple in the face as he struggled to breathe. KO was actually going to be his cause of death, he thought, then shook his head. No, having a stupid as heck crush on a dumb, evil robot was going to be his cause of death, he mentally amended. “Oh man, I can’t believe it! Well, actually I can, you’re good at all kinds of stuff but you aren’t very good at being subtle.”, KO continued, giving his alien pal a giant, 1,000-watt smile.

“… Please don’t tell Enid.”, Rad whispered, daring to glance over at the inattentive cashier. She had her nose buried in another one of those weird comics of hers, the kind you had to read all backward like, right to left instead of left to right. She didn’t even look up from her comic, she just snorted loudly.

“Rad, everyone and their mom knows about your giant, dorky crush on Raymond.”, she commented, causing the poor stocker’s heart to beat in a way that he was sure couldn’t be healthy.

“Yeah! My mommy thinks it’s like one of her old romance novels!”, KO added cheerfully, getting a little laugh from Enid.

“See Rad? Literally, everyone and their mom knows! Except for Raymond, obviously. He’s just as clueless to your feelings as you are to his.”, she finished, turning her attention away from Rad’s love life and back to the love life of the charismatic lead in her graphic novel. The alien let out a sound that was somewhere between a hysterical laugh and a sob, the idea that everyone knew about his stupid affection for a stupid robot beside the stupid robot in question proving to be a little too much for his brain. KO poked him hesitantly, unsure as to why Rad had suddenly decided to let his head bang against a shelf rather roughly.

Mr. Gar shook his head, grumbling to himself about his best stocker getting a concussion on the job just because he couldn’t buck up the courage to confess. Fully unaware of how hypocritical he was being, he retreated to his office so he could mentally rehearse ice breakers in case he ran into Carol anytime soon.

Meanwhile, things at the large factory across the road weren’t faring much better…

KO had recruited Darrell to assist in his mission of getting his favorite alien and his favorite sports loving robot together, something that everyone needed to happen already. Shannon was so close to retiring her own auditory sensors just so she wouldn’t have to process the constant stream of sincere compliments followed by half-hearted insults geared towards her least favorite Bodega Baby. Lord Boxman, evil as he could be, was still very invested in the lives his robotic children led, and simply wanted the baby of the family to be happy. Darrell was more than happy to assist his hero buddy, especially since it meant he got to play matchmaker for once.

So here he was, standing outside of Raymond’s room patiently, waiting on his youngest sibling to open up the door.

“Raymond! C'mon, I know you’re in there! Just let me in!”, he called, leaning against the metal sliding door lightly. He could hear the tell-tale signs of mechanical life, the rustling of silk sheets (honestly what else would do for the Prince of Panache?) and metallic clank of his feet on the plush carpet. The door finally slid open, a rather weary looking Raymond appearing in the doorway.

“If you ever dare to reference that blasted children’s movie again, I will personally destroy every copy of it that currently exists, and set fire to any factory that hopes to produce any more copies.”, he threatened flatly, giving his older brother a tired glare. Darrell pretended his favorite movie wasn’t just insulted and stuck a grin on his face.

“You really need to let it go.”, he commented, ignoring Raymond’s little indignant screech. He pulled the mopey robot from his room, a surprising strength to his grip as he forced the younger robot to start walking down the hall with him. “Seriously dude, you need to relax just a little bit, and handle your thing with Rad.”, he added, now dragging his frozen brother along.

“I have no idea what you could possibly be referring to.”, Raymond eventually replied with, attempting to school his face into a calm, cool mask of indifference. However, the internal panicking managed to seep into his metal features, ultimately betraying his facade. “Oh god it’s really bad Darrell!”, he cried, throwing an arm across his face dramatically. “He’s just this stupid alien with a stupid crop top and power point high heeled boots and good GOD where did he get the NERVE to pull off pink pants, black heeled boots, and a blue crop top?!?”, he ranted, huffing loudly when Darrell began laughing.

“Jeez, you really do have it bad!”, he wheezed out, patting his baby brother’s shoulder spike affectionately. The two were in in the living room now, where the majority of the robot family had gathered. Shannon was wearing quite the snazzy business outfit (Lord Boxman had secretly had a field day making his daughter such a professional, evil outfit), and was stood next to some sort of projector.

“Ugh, it’s about time you brought the Drama King here. I’ve been waiting for way too long just to give this dumb presentation.”, she griped, adjusting her skirt before she started up the projector. After a couple moments, a power point presentation titled “How to Ask an Alien on a Date” displayed on a nearby wall. Raymond let out a loud groan when he read the title slide, his face flushing as Shannon started going through the slides, using a new laser pointer feature Lord Boxman had installed on her pointer finger to draw attention to key points.

Needless to say, Raymond felt every bit as embarrassed as Rad did. While they weren’t aware of it, they were connected by the crippling waves of anxiety and mounting panic as the day wore on. Now that they knew that everyone else knew, they felt prompted to act. The big issue still remained, though: How would the other react to a sudden confession of pesky feelings? It was Rad who picked up his cell phone first, hesitating and wasting nearly an hour over what to do before he finally gave Raymond a call. As his luck would have it, of course, it went straight to voicemail. He left a quick message telling the robot to meet him in the park at 5 p.m. sharp and hung up immediately afterward.

He actually got to the park about an hour early and decided to shut his phone off, just so he wouldn’t spend the next hour or so checking it frantically to see if he’d gotten even a message back. Five eventually rolled around, and Rad was well into chewing off the nails on his left hand before he saw Raymond casually stroll into the entrance. He jumped off his branch excitedly, forcing himself to try and play it cool in an attempt to not seem too eager. Didn’t want to come off as desperate as he felt, am I right?

“Alright, so what is ever so important that you just had to drag me away from my work to this park?”, Raymond drawled, smirking as his confidence kicked into maximum overdrive.

“Oh shut it, bolts for brains. It is something very important, I’ll have you know.”, Rad retorted, leaning against his tree nonchalantly. He examined the nails on his right hand, managing to look fairly disinterested despite the inner turmoil that his brain was in. “I think we should go do something, together, like together-together.”, he suggested, glancing up after a few moments of silence to see how Raymond was reacting. His face was blank, revealing absolutely no emotion, and that was only slightly terrifying to the teen.

“… Are you asking me out..?”, Raymond replied with, his voice shaking only a little bit. His circuits felt like they were going to explode, and he could hear the sound of his cooling fans turning on as he began over heating. Rad nodded, swallowing roughly before he took a deep breath.

“Yeah, I guess… Well, I know I am. So like… Maybe we could catch a movie this weekend?”, he elaborated, every nerve in his body ablaze as hormones surged through his blood. He got an armful of excited robot in response, a choked squeak passing his lips as he was pulled into a near violent hug.

“I would absolutely adore that, darling!”, Raymond sang, pulling away from the hug with a starry look in his eyes. Rad let out a nervous giggle in response, feeling the stress and worry melt away. “I’ll pick you up around six on Saturday, alright? I’ll leave the movie choice to you, frankly, I could care less what we see.”, he continued, seemingly unaware of the tension that dissipated. No, he was too busy planning the first of what he hoped would be several stellar dates! Truth be told, Rad was too busy trying not to faint now that he realized he actually had a date with his crush. He was going to need all the advice Enid could give! Maybe her comics could help him…

Shut In

Summary: After walking in on Holster and April, Ransom knows the best way to preserve their friendship is to avoid ever being alone with him again. Unfortunately the team has other plans.
Word count: ~3,000
Rating: Explicit
A/N: I just found out this is Ransom week, so I figured this is a perfect time for me to actually finish this since it’s been sitting in my drafts forever. 

Holster is annoying and beautiful and smart and had hooked up with April at a party two weeks ago and Ransom hates him. When Ransom had gone upstairs nearly an hour after Holster had disappeared into the depths of the kegster with April, he didn’t notice the hastily thrown sock that was on the floor instead of the doorknob. He’d opened the door to his and Holster’s shared bedroom and for six excruciatingly long seconds neither Holster nor April noticed. 

Holster’s head was thrown back in pleasure as April rode him, hips undulating against hers as breathy little moans escaped her mouth. Ransom should’ve said something - he should’ve backed away and closed the door - he should’ve done anything other than stand there like an idiot until someone noticed him. Holster groaned at a particularly vigorous thrust and twisted his head to the side, eyes widening as they caught Ransom’s. 

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(Hey look a picture that’s totally not just to get people’s attention haha wow)

OKAY SO- A BUNCH of people have asked Neon (@neon–nightmare) and I to make this roleplay public for reading! So we finally decided to do it!

THIS IS THE ROLEPLAY FOR THE FIRST TIME WALLIS GLOOM AND FRESH MET FACE TO FACE IN THE GV DISCORD RP. And not…. Face to mouth? Uh. First time they met and interacted in separate bodies. Yep.


- Wallis and Fresh have been at this for months, so there’s a LOT OF TENSION AND FEAR. Wallis has been possessed twice before, and in that time, got a look into Fresh’s own headspace- He’s a stubborn asshole, so he pressed at things, and Fresh let slip that he had lost someone very close to him.

-Fresh wants Wallis GONE because he won’t give up and keeps challenging his fragile worldview.   Wallis is stuck between wanting to be free of the parasite’s near constant harassment, and wanting to HELP because he can tell how much Fresh is truly suffering. He feels as though a compromise would be getting him to leave, BY helping.

-Wallis and Purple are actually back together in this rp! It took like 4 months of near constant rp, but we got there! At the point in time that this RP took place, Wallis was staying at Purple’s house recovering from the second possession. He’s… Pretty badly injured.

-Cake had also stolen his hat about a week or so prior, so he was totally defenseless! Geez, please help him…


-None of this is CANON!! This is just a RP between fans!! Fresh and Wallis belong to CQ, we just love them. A lot. Though we try to be as IC as possible, nothing that happened here is actually official canon!!

- This rp treats the events of the ‘loveball/time party’ (a rping event from a year or so ago that can be found in parts on @bestfresh90smess) as canon to Fresh’s character! This is for the sake of development, and to help give context to some of the emotional problems he’s currently having that have carried on from there! ‘Pacifrisk’ was Fresh’s only true friend that he met at the Loveball and slowly grew to care about, but right when he was coming to terms with that (and wanting to protect them even when it had no benefit to him, something he couldn’t comprehend) they were killed despite his protests.

-There’s a lot more drama and context surrounding this, so some things may not make sense!! We’ve tried to make it as concise as possible, though!

-THIS RP HAPPENED IN THE GLOOMVERSE ROLEPLAY DISCORD!! It’s applicant based only, but if you’d like to send in a form you can do so at @gloomversediscord !! OCs are welcome, too!!

So, yep! Please enjoy, and be nice!! :D


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