in all seriousness this show is a gem

Of all the reasons that people give for why Yellow Diamond was the one that shattered Pink Diamond, possibly the most absurd one has to be that she did it to increase her own power and control over Homeworld  and so she could increase the number of planets she personally had. 

Because, seriously, has Yellow Diamond ever been shown to crave power at all?  To want more gems and planets under her control? If that were true she would have taken Earth as her own. But she doesn’t. She wants to destroy the Earth; to put the pain it represents behind her. 

And her actions towards Blue Diamond also show that she has no desire to increase her own personal power at the expense of others. Blue had been neglecting her duties because she was so busy mourning Pink Diamond. And Yellow could have easily taken over the planets and gems had. Even if she still kept them technically under Blue’s domain, with them continuing to wear Blue’s colors and all, she could have easily taken control. After all, the Diamonds are all seen as perfect, infallible leaders. If you’re a Blue Diamond gem, and Yellow Diamond appears and says, “Do this”, are you going to disobey her because she’s the wrong Diamond? Of course not. 

Instead, Yellow goes to Blue to convince her that she has to go back to being a leader, to being what Homeworld expects of her. There is no attempt to take over Blue Diamond’s power and authority. Rather, there is an attempt to have Blue Diamond take her own power and authority back. 

Honestly, that whole idea seems to based on there must be a bad guy mentality, and that “bad guy” must do typical bad guy things. And what’s a more typical bad guy thing than killing for power? It’s positively cliche.  But Steven Universe (the show) has never done cliche bad guys doing cliche bad guy things, and I can’t see it starting now. 

Bismuth’s episode was the first time the show’s rating cracked 2 million since Story for Steven and On the Run. The only episodes that had higher ratings were Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem.

The show barely hit 1.3 million in rating for all of season 4.

Translation: the fans want Bismuth back, more Amethyst episodes (her arc nearly cracked 2 mil), new characters and more background stories.

I know that the majority of people hate it… but Sonic Boom is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Not only is it wonderfully clever while still managing to be simplistic, the characters are hilarious, and it is wonderful at cheering me up whenever I’m down. Whenever I start feeling just a little too angsty for my liking, I go to Sonic Boom for support.

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Like this gives me actual joy.

Life suddenly seems a little brighter knowing that Sonic Boom is around, a glimmering gem in the middle of all the hate and negativity. The show doesn’t let other people get it down. It keeps going strong.

And that’s something I admire about it.

Also, it gave us this.

Okay so here’s some SU crit stuff that has just occurred to me:


We’re seriously this far in and we haven’t even seen a flashback of her? We still don’t know her name! We don’t know what circumstances would cause the four CGs to form her! We don’t know anything about her! We’ve only “seen” her once in Historical Friction, but that doesn’t really count because the fusion in that episode had four arms not six, and while that’s not a mistake I’d put past the Crewniverse at this point… seriously?

Why haven’t we met her, even in a flashback? She’s been a secret in plain view this entire time. We know she existed, we have a decent idea of what she looked like, so why not bring her up? Has Steven seriously never thought at any point since Giant Woman, “Hey, the temple statue has five gems! And they’re all in the same places as OUR gems! She must have been a fusion of the four Crystal Gems! I should go ask about her because that’s super cool!” Like, this is the dude who begged Pearl and Amethyst to form Opal once he found out about fusion. This is the guy who had an absolute freakout at the prospect of meeting Sugilite and Sardonyx. Why wouldn’t he ask about this five-gem fusion?

Steven Universe, as a show, does this thing where they’ll drop heavy hints about something in plain sight, let the fanbase figure it out, and then reveal the true nature of whatever it was. In the past, this has worked pretty well - the Cluster, Garnet being a fusion, Pearls being servants, Bismuth, the Diamond Authority - because it lets fans feel good about themselves while still revealing things we didn’t catch. That’s one of SU’s writing strengths.

But… we’re this far in, and a figure who has been visually present in like 70-80% of episodes is still officially a nonentity. COME. ON.

⭐️Please support Steven Universe by watching the upcoming Steven Bomb Jan 30-Feb 2 at 7pm EST!!!⭐️

I know that with the bomb being leaked, a lot of people have already seen it (myself included) but we have to remember that watching SU on an unofficial site doesn’t help the show or the Crewniverse at all. If anything, it hurts them. Views/ratings on those sites don’t count.

If you want to support SU and help keep it going, then I’m asking you to please watch it when it airs! If you really love the show then you’ll do it. If you’re not able to watch when it airs, then you can DVR the episodes and watch them when you can or watch them on the CN website or on the official app!!

Please do this for the show! And come on, who wouldn’t want to watch that bomb again???💫

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The real kicker to all this is just how seriously critics take this show. “Don’t you fucking DARE joke about the gem war there were COUNTLESS casualties, gems died, my great uncle was KILLED in the gem war”

Dude let me sit you down and tell you somethin’. Buckle into your lounge chair because this might be shocking, not for the faint of heart but….it’s a cartoon

Like reading into it and analyzing every time Steven blinks and going “lOOK STEVEN IS CLEARLY A JERK TO PEOPLE WITH GLASSES AND VISION PROBLEMS HE JUST BLINKED FREELY WITH HIS ABLE-BODIED EYESIGHT”. Dude, my guy, my pal, chill. It’s a cartoon airing on Cartoon fucking Network.

It’s not that deep fam

to elaborate on that actually, because i want to: bismuth definitely wasn’t Filler but it certainly wasn’t like… idk how do i put this… like, incredibly…. memorable? 

sure we meet bismuth, which Should have been this Huge thing, but she’s only there for 1 episode. We don’t learn really… anything other than information About bismuth. nothing ever comes up again about bismuth. we never see her in any flashbacks, we hardly even see her mention. she’s been mentioned like, maybe twice since the episode she was introduced in.

so, it’s entirely possible that someone could just skip over the entire bismuth arc and just watch mindful education and storm in the room and put together that steven met a gem a while ago who he found out his mother wrongfully bubbled, and then he did the same thing and bubbled her again. 

this is, really bad writing? 

the way that the show should have gone After bismuth should have been with steven taking time to himself to reflect on what he’s been told of his mother and taking time to actually, really and seriously, ask the crystal gems questions and get Answers. this season and all episodes after episode 100 should have been spent watching steven prepare himself to talk to bismuth again under calmer circumstances, and season 4 should be ending with him unbubbling her again, this time for good. but it wont. 

and i honestly? if i can be honest???? i doubt unless she’s in a flashback, that we’ll ever see bismuth again. i really do. i mean fuck, we haven’t even seen centipeedle ONCE since she went off to her ship. like what’s she doing? is she happy? is she okay?? how are her crew mates???? are they feeling better??? are we EVER going to see steven trying to figure out what corruption IS??? have any of the other cg’s tried or do they just sit around all day doing nothing??????? 

are we ever actually gonna get answers or are we just gonna continue to be bombarded with more questions??

see i honestly can’t relate to people who like rose or even used to like her because from the very beginning she came off as a condescending and pretentious asshole. like she straight up treats humans like pets/playthings, talks down to and mocks greg, and trapped bismuth in a bubble for wanting to do something logical and GOOD and then goes and does the exact thing she bubbled her for

even before we found out what a piece of shit she was i got ugly vibes from her. she’s manipulative and plays with others’ feelings. we literally saw her do that to pearl, and none of you can convince me she ever had feelings for pearl because of that. she never fucking cared

she’s a hypocrite and a liar who fled from the mess she made. she never cared about humans or even her fellow gems, it was all about earth and breaking off from the diamond rule. she started a war that killed thousands of gems and bubbled the person who suggested the liberation of homeworld gems, when this stupid fucking show has forcefed us a pretty flawless loving image of rose down our throats from the beginning. she can choke

hell, when steven conjures up a fake version of her she takes the chance to emotionally manipulate him and make him forgive her, and that wasn’t even real!

like sorry if i’m being bitter but i seriously #can’trelate to y’alls fawning over her

I re-uploaded this because the first time I did it, tumblr inexplicably made it a sketchy quality. (edit: the video is still in fact a sketchy quality at the beginning. it’s tumblr’s fault, not mine. the rest of the video is good quality though)

Making this vid was seriously cathartic, and really that’s all I have to say about it? It’s emotional, but it’s got a hopeful vibe to it, and I like that. Plus, does this song not just feel like it was written for this show?

Song: Glass by Thompson Square

Show: Steven Universe but does anyone really need to ask at this point

There seems to have been some back and forth in my zoo post.

I will say this. One thing the fandom seem incapable to getting into their heads is that the Gems don’t see humans as sentient beings.  So many examples in the show make it damn clear. Blue Diamond was just one of them.  Even Rose, who was said to adore humans, had a hard time taking them seriously as her equals.

Hell, the Gems own caste system makes them treat lower-ranking Gems like complete shit. Meaning they treat their own kind as dirt. And this fandom thinks humans would somehow be different? 

WE might think we’re the be-all and end-all of the world, but why would they? They’re an ageless, non-biological alien race far more advanced than us. It makes sense why they wouldn’t view us as their equals. 

So if you’re gonna compare the zoo to anything, it should be compared to real life zoos where we keep ANIMALS, not people. 

Because from the Gems perspective, they are not keeping sentient, intelligent beings captive. They are “preserving” a lower race. Must like how we “preserve” endangered species. Who are only endangered because of us, much like how humans would be at risk of being wiped out by the Gems colonizing Earth. 

The writers did a good job with that. They emphasized how disturbing the zoo was, but they’ve also made the mindset of Gems very clear. Its hardly an excuse, but it makes it understandable. 

And, remember, understanding something is NOT the same thing as approving of it or even excusing it. 

Coldplay and Liam just made One Love Manchester go from good to absolutely mind blowing. Ariana is a true gem to have arranged the concert, because this is exactly what it’s all about. Staying united in the face of evil, showing that we will not be broken and sharing love through music. So proud and emotional right now. 🇬🇧❤️✌🏻

Why You Should Be Watching The Get Down

I finished watching it over this weekend and I thought I’d do a list for this Netflix gem because it’s nowhere near as appreciated as it should be:

- the fantastically talented young cast, there seriously isn’t a weak link anywhere here, but justice smith, herizen guardiola and shameik moore are absolute stars
- well realised three-dimensional lead characters, with realistic arcs and conflicts
- engaging secondary characters: like, there’s not really one secondary character who isn’t interesting in some way, shape or form
- poc representation, it’s seriously refreshing, speaking as a white person to have a show where almost none of the characters are white men, let alone white at all
- it’s co-created by baz luhrmann of moulin rouge fame, and if you like that you will most likely love this
- the scripting really really tight, with clear themes, satisfying plot progression and pacing, and fantastic dialogue
- fascinating mix of the historical and political, if you’re into that kinda thing
- positive female friendships and interaction!!!
- it’s seriously feelgood…not like in a cheesy, glee kinda way (sorry glee fans), the characters do have hardships and triumphs but the script never emotionally manipulates you, unlike certain other shows
- it honestly feels like an antidote to 2016 in general
- that being said, it explores some very serious themes and concepts and refuses to shy away from them
- the direction and art design…this is an incredibly stylistic show and looks amazing, the way it expresses its themes with some of the cuts is beautiful
- the original music… it’s just sex for the ears, frankly
- ezekiel figuero and his poems/raps
- mylene cruz
- herizen guardiola’s voice (technically an extension of the previous)
- shaolin fantastic
- lgbt representation, okay there’s only 2 characters thus far (both male, one white, one not) but a certain scene in the last recent episode and the cast hint at this being expanded in future episodes
- everything else…these are just my personal highlights but there is frankly so much to enjoy on this show

More Rose Quartz Headcanons

I’m finishing up another chapter for my Pearlrose fic and now I’m in a Rose mood. Prepare for good vibes.

-First and foremost, Rose Quartzes are Mom Friends™, every single one of them.

-They are very loving gems, however their individual brands of love depend on their personalities.

-As Mom Friends™, they can either be a little over-bearing and pushy or over-protective. Rose was the latter to a fault.

-They can also be a little conceited. I mean, with hair like theirs, they’d be the envy of all the quartzes.

-Rose Quartzes have a way with words. They know just what to say or do to make someone feel better, and they don’t even do it for thanks; that is what they genuinely enjoy doing: making people feel loved and happy.

-Sometimes they take this TOO far, and some of the things that come out of their mouths is enough to make a diamond blush.

-Seriously, they are forbidden from talking to or even looking at any of the aristocratic gems. They can’t be trusted.

-Solution: They flirt with all the Pearls. The Pearls certainly don’t mind cavorting with such a fine cut of quartz.

-Even if they hate you, they probably won’t show it. But they can be pretty harsh towards each other (the niceness overload can get irritating after a while).

I don’t know if anyone else is annoyed by this, but how the fuck is Aquamarine “the best” at anything?

Throughout every Are You My Dad and I Am My Mom, this little Aquamarine just rushes through her work and half-asses everything. Yellow Diamond gave her a task - to collect six humans, one of each type. Presumably, this is for the zoo, although it’s possible that it’s for another purpose.

The whole fucking time, this little bitch is just barely doing the bare minimum, and looking for any kind of shortcut to get her out of the task faster. Her methods consist of going around asking everyone if they are what she is looking for, with no effort whatsoever put towards identifying how to find what she seeks.

When Steven tells her that he is a “MyDad”, Aquamarine just decides to roll with it, for no other reason than that it would get her out of this task that much faster. When Steven tells her he’s Rose Quartz, she doesn’t even bother collecting the rest of the humans before taking off (despite not really giving a fuck about Steven’s “deal” once Lars appears).

Bitch is just lazy, and that annoys me more than anything. Seriously. Just about every gem we’ve seen on this show so far at least goes and gives it their all every time they’re tasked with getting something done. This little gem is one of those people, though  who kind of just does the absolute bare minimum with as little effort as they can get away with and then goes “meh, good enough.”

Steven Bomb 6: What Went Right, and What Went Wrong?

Another Steven Bomb has come and gone and it was… something.

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To be honest, since the last Steven Bomb, I’ve fallen into the SU Critical part of the fandom. This isn’t a bad thing for me as I do see a lot of the valid criticisms, and the show just hasn’t had the same kick as the earlier seasons. But I’m still that kind of person that likes to give the benefit of the doubt… constantly. I like Steven Universe even with its problems, but there needs to be something really impressive to get the show back on track.

So, here’s a quick run down on what I thought did and didn’t work with the new Steven Bomb in each episode. Lots of ranting, swearing, and spoilers ahead.

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One thing that I really hope they deal with is Steven’s tendency to want to see people happy, without really considering whether or not they actually *are* happy.

Don’t get me wrong. I think that Steven genuinely cares about everybody’s well-being. But when he sees something wrong, his immediate thought is to try and fix it, and it’s not always for the best.

Early on, we saw this in Keep Beach City Weird. When Ronaldo gets into a funk because all the weird stuff comes from the boring Crystal Gems, Steven immediately wants to cheer him up. He remembers that Ronaldo talked about sneople and rationalizes if he can show Ronaldo a snerson, then Ronaldo will be happy. He doesn’t even stop to consider what would happen once Ronaldo found out the truth. He just decides to give Ronaldo what he wants. And Steven’s actions would have made Ronaldo miserable if PeeDee hadn’t been there to help his brother.

And you know who doesn’t have a Pee Dee? Eyeball. Seriously, Steven’s actions in Bubbled were amazingly similar to his actions in Keep Beach City Weird. Eyeball is unhappy, and says that she wants to find Rose Quartz so she can have some closure. Steven reasons that if he can convince Eyeball he’s Rose, then she’ll have her closure, and everything will be fine. She’ll be happy.

But it’s not so easy. Steven underestimates the depths of Eyeball’s hatred for Rose, and how much Rose has hurt her. For Steven, Rose has always been this almost messianic figure of ultimate good. And as for Eyeball? Well, he has no hard feelings towards her in particular. They played baseball together! Why, if they can just talk, they could probably become good friends!

Giving Eyeball what she wants doesn’t help her. It doesn’t give her peace and happiness. Instead it just inflames her desire for revenge, and her anger at Rose Quartz for shattering her Diamond. And so she attacks “Rose.” Steven, finally realizing that he might not have done the right thing, tells her that he’s not really Rose Quartz but, of course, she’s having none of that. Why should she, when Steven spent so much time and effort to convince her that he *was* Rose Quartz? To save himself, Steven has to fling her out into space, to float aimlessly until the show decides to bring her back. His desire to have her be happy just ended up causing her even more misery.


I love these scenes that highlight how alien the Crystal Gems really are.

I mean, I think that, as the audience, we’re meant to consider the possibility that if Steven’s gem were removed, something really bad – like, infanticide bad – would have happened. But the gems aren’t human, and as was made very clear throughout the episode (and repeatedly over the series), they don’t have a great understanding of humans. I am 100% certain that Pearl wouldn’t consider removing Steven’s gem in order to damage Steven. I think she considered it thinking only of the possibility of having Rose back, and entirely unthinking – possibly fundamentally ignorant – of how fragile human lives and bodies are. And I think she stopped not because she understood that continuing would harm baby Steven, but because she was aware that being “trapped in a baby” was what Rose had wanted.

There’s so much potential for dark AUs where terrible things happen because of these alien/human misunderstandings, and I love that. I also love how the show does address that potential, and how through loving and respecting each other – even when they don’t fully understand each other – the characters in canon find good solutions. Even though the Crystal Gems apparently didn’t know that you don’t go around ripping parts off of babies, they did respect that Steven was what Rose wanted and didn’t seriously try to force him to transform, or unfuse, or anything else.

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl have grown and changed in their own ways (along with Greg) to adapt to raising Steven. All considered, it’s clear they’ve done an amazing job.

iwinterwolf  asked:

What are your Favorites GF Fanfictions?

just go through my “fic rec” tag:

outside of tumblr, you should totally check these out:

Mystery Twins - the stans adopt the orphan twins dip and mabel, but these two have a lot of emotional baggage to work through and everything that can go wrong, goes wrong (LOTS of feels, LONG chapters and so much cute “woah we are dads now” moments i still can’t believe this fic)

Crystalline - Ford gets abducted by gems (it’s unfinished but i love the gem backstory for this crossover and man …. poor Ford … poor dipper and mabel … poor everyone ;O;)

Reminiscence at Sea - pure billford fic, i repeat, a pure billford fic !!

A Midsummer Nightmare - a charming little tale with lots of side stories; feels incredibly like the show and is super in character and just all around perfect

EVERY SINGLE FIC BY GIROSHANE - seriously, giroshane, you are an amazing writer and i reread your fics almost monthly they are like literary classics to me i love every single one of them so much (i think the one with your amazing OC Si is still my fav ;U;)

Versability - i love evil!stan fics and this is one of the best, it has twists and turns in it that still tear my heart out just thinking about them :’D

Gaze into the Abyss - SUCH A GOOD BILLFORD FIC IM CRYING - the atmosphere building in this, as the things hapening to ford get more horrid with almost every sentence :’D

forever cursed in love are the observant - this one. omigod this one. i reread this way too may times. it’s just perfect angry, hate filled and the ending makes me so sad and i love it