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Okay, so I was watching my favorite episode of Yo-Kai Watch episode 75 once again. Can you even guess why?

And while I was listening to Chansin’s perfectly-spoken Japanese voice in the dub, I slowly noticed something in his speaking parts. Aside from his pretty-dorky catchphrase, I heard closely that there were two words that he says at every end of his sentence…


Chansin actually has a verbal tic in his sentences! It’s actually “de gazaru”!


OKAY I’M ACTING LIKE A DORK RIGHT NOW. Yeah, maybe I should stop being a dork over this guy–


me: i wonder if there will ever be an SU song that resonates with me personally just a bit in some way

SU: Here Comes A Thought

me: oh

Ok so we’ve got Flora, Kat, and Alfendi… But didn’t Alfendi say that he has a brother? Assuming he’s not talking about Potty Prof, that means that Layton has 4 kids…

How many more children will you adopt Hershel???

When I Meet New People
  • People:You're a white girl, you're blonde, you MUST love makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and shopping! You're life must revolve around your appearance and you MUST not care about others.
  • Me:*Sicks Markiplier , Jacksepticeye , and Mattshea on them* *Chucks every one of my 200+ books at them* *Hurls StarWars meta* *Writes them into a FF only to horrifically kill them off* *Gags them with t-shirt bought from a charity project* *Rants endlessly to GC of online friends* *Beats them with xbox controller*

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#that’s right i’m making even posts that are just about parker/hardison about parker/hardison/eliot#take that internet - never stop, the OT3 is canon and good and so very pure :)

Oh, believe you me, I have no intention of ever stopping. Like, up until I watched Leverage, I never understood what people meant by OTP (like, back in the fandom days of yore, before it lost its precise meaning the way drabble has no meaning anymore) (I am a crochety fandom elder, I am sorry) because like. How could you care that much about just one pairing? Like how could you keep coming back to the same pairing over and over and over again without, like. Getting bored and having to take a break with a different pairing and things?

And let me tell you my buddy, my pal, my friend, I did not know what I was saying. Because holy shit. I assumed that my OTP was Mulder/Scully, because that was the pairing I loved most, and kept going back to. But I also read tons of other fic, and was invested in tons of other fandoms, and wrote toooons of fic for other fandoms.

And then, right around the time the phrase OTP had kind of given up the ghost and come to mean “the pairing for this specific fandom that I like” and not “the pairing that consumes my soul out of all fandoms”, Leverage happened.

(Probably the semantic drift of OTP had occurred earlier than that, but I lived a very sheltered fandom life because I am a delicate flower and stuff.)

The way I feel about Mulder/Scully doesn’t pale in comparison to my feels about Parker/Hardison/Eliot so much as it disappears entirely. Because I just have so many feelings, and have for literal years. Like, I watched Leverage live, and shipped the everloving fuck out of them before The 12 Step Job, and it just got worse.

So here is my embarrassing truth: sometimes I get so focused on how fucking much I ship the fuck out of them, and how much they love each other, and how literally canon it was, etc that I have to take a break from thinking about anything Leverage-related because it starts giving me hilarious panic attacks because I’m so overinvested (note: the panic attacks are not actually hilarious). Which is why I disappear for months at a time.

(And no, I do not know why all these feeings end in panic attacks. Like it’s fucking weird, but I’m such a fucked up ball of anxiety anyway that I know that they’re definitely panic attacks, and not, idk, something else. So that’s good, I guess.)

What I am saying here, is that I received sudden clarity as to the original meaning of OTP, too late to actually use it to express how I felt. We don’t have a word that means this anymore, I don’t think. Like, we’ve lost that level of accuracy when it comes to describing feelings about our, well, OTPs. Which is kind of a bummer.

So no, I am not ever going to stop making everything ever about the three of them being in love. At least not on this tumblr.

Tell Me What You Want, Alexander

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by Cjblack

Magnus and Alec have been dating for a few months now, and it’s all so new to Alec…Seriously, if he could maybe make it through one date without feeling like the world’s biggest idiot, that’d be great. Good thing Magnus Bane has the patience of a saint, which is ironic considering the whole half-demon thing…

Magnus encourages Alec to tell him what he wants and somehow they both end up shirtless.

Words: 3086, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

hi guys!! it’s been eating at me that we still haven’t written anything yet although we announced we are indeed back. school just started this week for me so it’s a definite that i’ll be busy for long periods of time now, and all along with that king and i’s motivation have still been the slackiest (look at me, making a new word) thing in the world. i’ve just been feeling really bad about it and thought i should update ya’ll so at least it’s not like, we’re back!! and then poof, we’re gone again. i’m guessing from this point on they’ll be at least one imagine every month? …maybe two?? there’s been a few match-up requests too that i think i’ll get to after we at least get one scenario done. i’m figuring once we hit fifteen in the inbox we’ll close it until we feel comfortable again (i’m sorta just guessing since i haven’t gone over it with king and they don’t even know i’m making this post). i want to thank you for your patience! since by this point we’re being some of the worst admins in the world, so thank you for putting up with this blog and to all the newbies that have followed us recently i want to thank you too! i’ll definitely try to write something soon, i would hate to keep you guys in the dark even longer, maybe next weekend i’ll write something! (i usually don’t write in lowercase the whole time i have no idea why i’m doing this) again, thank you for your patience, i love you all very much and hope to be writing for you again soon! much care, admin queen ☆

Listen, I love Rucas so much and I love Riley Matthews and everyone in the fandom who loves them. But I will not support and/or back you up if you’re attacking people who have different ships/opinions. If your only argument is calling another person names, insulting what they know and who they are, you have lost my respect. 

Just because you are talking to this person through a screen doesn’t make them any less real or hurt them any less either. 

There’s certain Rucas accounts on here that make me cringe with every word they say because they are so rude to everyone around them. These people are so angry and sad and though they won’t admit it to themselves or anyone else, they are hurting. I never want anyone to feel bad because of me. I never want anyone to hurt because of something I say.

If I unintentionally hurt anyone I feel so bad and I regret it, it makes me feel bad. Making other people happy, makes me happy, makes me feel like I did something nice. 

I hope the people that just spew out hate can find peace within themselves and happiness in their lives so that they can finally move on from the hate filled place that they are in. 

I love you all, I hope you’re all having a good day, but please do not come to me and try to get me to ‘help’ you out by hurting someone else and when I say no tell me that I don’t deserve to have a blog dedicated to rucas/riley.

everyone else is convinced that lion is a corrupted pearl/gem…

and I’m over here like “where the gem at tho?”

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NAME: Haruka Kujo
AGE: 12

HEIGHT: 4′ 6″ (139 cm)
BIRTHDAY: November 8th
SUN SIGN: Scorpio
RESIDENCE: Kujo family mansion. But, he also spends like 90% of his time at Souta’s place.
MARITAL STATUS: Dating this fuckin’ dork @aoiichu
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good (I actually haven’t really thought about this much, but lawful good probably fits him the best)
FOOD: Strawberry Cake
SNACKS: Strawberries; I would imagine they’re his favorite snack. Maybe something else fairly light and sweet, like eclairs and sobaboro.
SONGS: Undertale OST - Memory, Coin - Colour My World, Itou Kanako - Crystalline, Florence + The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), Florence + The Machine - Blinding, The Cat Lady OST - Devil Came Through Here, XYLO - Afterlife (Ark Patrol Remix), Message To Bears - Mountains

PET: A white rabbit named Wilhelm; headcanon based on the video game. He shares some responsibility for Souta’s cats, Kirby and Mickey, as well.
COLOUR: Pink and blue
SEXUALITY: Homosexual. So, in the video game he’s one of the boys that the female character can romance. But, the video game is basically just an otome dating sim and like only four people know about it, so I don’t consider most of the game “canon” lmao. I guess technically, he would be bisexual since the game exists?? But, I really think it depends and I interpret him as gay.
BODY TYPE: Skinny/Slender. He’s very short, but he has long limbs. Long fingers, legs, etc.
HAIR COLOUR: Grey/Silver

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