in all his ginger glory

My first Ed Sheeran Concert / Argentina / May 2017

I know nobody reads my blog and I’ve got literally 5 followers and this is going to be a long post but I really need to write this down ❤️

So last Saturday was my first ever Ed Sheeran show (and first ever proper concert experience) and I’ve got to say…IT WAS THE BEST FUCKING DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! I’ve lived a pretty decent amount of years and had experienced some beautiful, unique things through out my time on earth but OH MY GOD THIS WAS SO AMAZING, I just can’t get over it, it’s been a week and I’m still super excited about it (I’m also a pain in the ass for everyone who knows me because I just can’t shut up, I’ve literally been talking about it non stop since Saturday) 

I arrived to La Plata at 10:30 am, I live in a small town 620 miles away from it, on the northeast of the country so I had to take a really really REALLY long 13 hour bus ride to get there. I rushed to the hotel, quickly changed my clothes and went to the stadium. My cousin/god-daughter was already queuing with her older brother who was saving my spot. All this madness actually started because of her, in September she’s turning 15 and when the tour dates were released I knew this was the most perfect present for her (she loves Ed). Long story short, at first I wasn’t going with her, her brother was (he’s not keen on Ed), I had to work plus I’m doing a master’s degree that should be finished by the end of may so things were complicated, but then I though fuck it, you only live once! and decided to join her. By the end of march I surprised her with the tickets (which I kept secret for a whole month) and our Ed Sheeran journey began.

I got to the stadium at 11:30am, we had general admision ticket (the front section) so we had to queue to get good spots, when I arrived there were like two blocks of people queuing, some of them arrived on Tuesday and were camping outside for 3 days! We started chatting with some girls who were next to us and spend the whole afternoon together, we were like 6 girls and a dad, laughing and having fun, talking about Ed and stuff, it was so nice to get to know them ❤️ We even heard Ed doing the soundcheck and started screaming like maniacs (Argentinean people scream a lot hahaha)

By 4pm the queue started moving and we were slowly entering the stadium in groups, we ran like crazy (while screaming, obviously) even though the guards kept telling us NO RUNNING! When I entered the stadium I was so shocked by how huge it was and how close we were to the stage! I had no hopes of being close since I was arriving on the date of the show, I even brought my glasses because I thought it would be so hard to see him but, to my surprise, we ended up like 6 or 10 people away from the barricade, we were so so happy we send a voice message to our family screaming in joy. 

And then the wait and torture began, we were literally compressed, I coudn’t even move my arms and sometimes it was really hard to breathe, my cousin ended up a little bit further away from me because I went to get merch when we arrived but I kept an eye on here most of the time. The first oppening show (a local singer) was pretty good, a bit boring. Then it was Antonio Lulic’s turn, he was super charismatic and fun but I was so uncomfortable I just wanted to go, there was a point where I though “this is awful, I’m never getting general admision tickets again” How wrong I was.

It was a really cold day, 9º and it rained a few times, by the time Antonio was done and we were waiting for Ed it started pouring heavily, but we where so hot and pushed together that it was a relief. At 20:30 exactly the screens were lit, we where like 40,000 people inside the stadium, and boom there he was, in all his ginger glory, playing Castle on the Hill with his small guitar sporting a red hoax t-shirt over a flannel (I was hysterical about the flannel lol I just missed them so much) and those lovely tight jeans. And at that moment I knew, everything was worth seeing him, the wait, the cold, the rain, the pain, the pushing, the hair of the girl in front of me in mouth, he was there, a few meters a away from me. It was surreal, seeing him there, I’ve watched so many videos, and I was seeing him live so clearly, he was incredibly beautiful, he had the warmest smile I’ve ever seen, his hair bright orange and the red suited him perfectly, his eyes bright and excited. 

As usual, when he arrived people screamed to the top of their lungs and the Ed Sheeran party began, we were so so loud, and he was so so impressed. After Castle on the Hill he said “Hello, this is amazing” and told us he was looking forward to coming back to Argentina because he remembered how loud we were, and dared us to be even louder than the whole european tour (we were).

The rest of the night was pure magic, I was still uncomfortable but it was so worthy, I kept moving from different spots because people literally dragged me, sometimes I was closer to the stage, sometimes not so much. I sang, jumped, cried and scream through the almost 2 hour show. Apart from being amazingly talented as always and his voice just as sweet, beautiful and powerful, he was super happy to be there. That was the best part, seeing him enjoying the experience as much as we were. 

He kept moving closer to the edge of the stage and I was swooning every time he did, you can literally hear me in the videos sighing “ahhh”.

He sang Castle on the Hill, Eraser, The A Team, Don’t / New man, Dive (which he asked us to sing the loudest while it was raining heavily), Bloodstream (one of my favourite to hear live, because of the energy that performance has and the heavy guitar action), Galway Girl, Feeling Good / I See Fire, Barcelona (every time he sang the lyrics in spanish he smirked, he knew we would scream even louder, Perfect, Happier (where he asked us to turn the lights on, the view was beautiful), Thinking out loud, Photograph (I cried through the whole song, you can hear me sobbing while singing in my video) and then something amazing happened. In between songs we, the people in the general admission area, started screaming “Give me love, give me love” to which he answered “Try next time”. After Photograph, he grabbed his guitar, looked at us while we kept screaming “Give me love” and asked Trevor to bring any guitar that was on tune and HE STARING SINGING GIVE ME LOVE, we were hysterical, we asked, he did it, it lasted nearly 9 minutes, it was breath taking, he even set up a chorus in the crowd, dividing us in Higher Harmony, Lower Harmony and asking to sing non-stop, no matter what happened while he sang and directed us like an orchestra (you must have seen the video by now) It was magnificent. Then came Nancy Mullingan (he asked us to sing the nanananana instrumental part) and Sing (we jumped and screamed like psychos, it was super fun and energetic). He then run to change and came back with the Argentinean football t-shirt, I have to admit I was one of those people who thought it was silly when singers do that, and I didn’t understand the excitement of it, but when he came back I nearly peed in my pants hahahahaha it suited him so nicely, bringing out the blue in his eyes 🎵 Shape of you began, we where all dancing and jumping, and for closure, You need me I don’t need you, where he got all excited moving and running trough the stage like crazy while waving an argentinean flag. (overly excited Ed in YNMIDNY is my favourite Ed) And then he was gone.

I took a few pictures, almost all of them awful (I’m really bad plus my phone is crap) and videos where you can hear the crowd (and me) more than you can hear Ed hahahaha I tried to enjoy the show through my eyes rather than my phone, and I’m so glad I did.

Since december I’ve been strugling with a lot, went through something I thought I’d never had to deal with that got me really really down. The person I loved the most, that I thought would never hurt me, crushed me into pieces and the last 6 months were awful. I was depressed, didn’t leave the house, didn’t showered, lost weight, cut contact with all my friends and family but then the latin american tour was announced and I bought tickets for my god daughter. By the end of march I made the decision to go with her and from that exact moment things got better, I was finally looking forward to something, dreaming about the experience, smiling once again.  Ed’s music lifted me up in a way I tought it was not possible. The moment I saw him my heart was pounding so much. He was there, he was real. People tell me “If you didn’t go you’d have regreted it so much”. Now, being aware of what this type of experience is, what it makes you feel, I would never forgive myself if I decided to stay. I literally never imagined it would be THIS GOOD. 

20.05.17 is, by far, the best day of my life, I’ll never forget it. Thank you singer songwriter Edward Christopher Sheeran. You’re a magical human being.

*Sorry for my english but as you might have guessed is not my first language.

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OKAY BUT SOMEONE DARING DEX TO DRESS AS ONE of Bitty's sexy Beyonce posters thinking he's gonna back out but he looks them in them eye and just "lardo I need your help" he matches it down to the eye liner.

(i’m sorry this is so late!!! i didn’t know how to end this but there’s a lil nurseydex so!!!!)

It was tradition for the team to play Truth or Dare the night before Halloween, Dex didn’t know when or how it started but it just was tradition. Ransom and Holster had bought a lie detector to make sure no one lied and the penalty for missing out on a dare was doing a shot of sunflower oil (which no one wanted to do), and even then you were only allowed to miss out on one dare. The unfair thing about that was you chose to miss out on the dare before you knew the dare or not at all.

“I dare you to dress up as Beyonce in the Single Ladies music video for Halloween, like that poster Bitty has in his room.”

That was what Nursey had dared him to do and he’d agreed, the two of them drunk on a little vodka and a little young love.

And that is the story of how William Poindexter was standing in Lardo’s room, in all his pale, ginger and freckled glory as she measured various parts of his body so he could fit into the black leotard she was making for him. Dex always thought his mom could sew because of all the times he’d gone to school in patched up trousers and then he met Lardo - Lardo, who sewed faster than anyone he’d ever seen while simultaneously shouting down the phone in Vietnamese and popping M&Ms into her mouth.

She’d finished the outfit by 4pm and Dex had mumbled a quick goodbye before grabbing the leotard and getting off her bed to leave. Lardo had grabbed him and sat him back on her bed with a menacing glare.

“I didn’t sew that goddamn leotard for you to just wear it!”

Dex’s eyes crinkled in confusion, “You didn’t?”

“No, you’re not just going to wear this outfit, you are going to own it. And owning it requires make up. So sit down.”

Dex sat down and let Lardo work her magic as she pummelled his face with the beauty blender, poked his eye with the eyeliner (though he feels she might have done that on purpose, her eyeliner was always too good for that to be an accident), contoured and highlighted the shit out of his face as well as touching his lips up with black liquid lipstick, which he only recognized due to his sister’s current emo phase.

He thanked Lardo as she told him he would probably have to top up the lipstick and left to go back to his dorm, leotard and heels in hand, which earned him a few weird stares along the way.

He’s gotten changed at around 8pm because Nursey had promised to come pick him up at half past 8 so he wouldn’t have to enter the party alone.

“Dex! Have you got your outfit on? Because I do have a bottle of sunflower oil on me, don’t ask how,” Dex heard Nursey from outside his door before he saw him.

He closed the lipstick lid and got up to open the door and smiled nervously at Nursey, who was currently taking in Dex’s appearance with comically wide eyes. Dex blushed at the attention he was receiving and rubbed at his arm harshly, looking around trying to distract himself from Nursey’s gaze.

“Holy shit,” Nursey whispered.

Dex wrapped an arm around himself, protectively, curling in slightly, “What? Is something wrong?”

“No, you look fucking beautiful.”

Dex blushed harder at that before he punched Nursey’s arm, “Shut up, Nurse.”

Nursey shook his head and wrapped an arm around Dex’s waist, “Fuck no. My boyfriend looks fine as hell, I am going to celebrate this all night.”

“All night?”

“All night.”

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If that is a Silverflint sword fighting lesson (which I'm 100%sure it is lol ) what are your headcanons for how it will go?!?

I’ve zoomed in on that photo approximately ten million times and okay so perhaps my ~wrist identification skills~ are not what they once were or it’s wishful thinking but…I’m like a solid 99.9% sure that is luke’s wrist…aND THE TOP OF HIS SMOL HEAD O:) so needless to say yes, same, I have Expectations™ now and I’m [SIRENS]

also omg…I JUST…have so many things…but I’m also super open minded about how it would go bc this show is always surprising me and turning my world inside out in really good ways. I mean, as long as it HAPPENS, I’m pretty sure I won’t be too disappointed >:)

but, some thoughts on the Silverflint Sword Fighting Lesson that will Inevitably Kill Us All:

  • I’m truly not sure how it will all begin. I can see silver now being comfortable enough to approach flint and ask “will you teach me?” the same way he asked “will you tell me?” in the finale. OR!!!! maybe he doesn’t ask at all. maybe our all grown-up badass babe with the power is just like, “I need to learn this. AND YOU’RE GOING TO TEACH IT TO ME.” and flint is just *raises eyebrow* welllllll then alright
  • alternatively, I can also imagine flint dramatically walking over to silver in all his ginger glory, dropping a sword on the ground in front of him, and simply saying, “Pick it up. Follow me” and then walking away. and silver looks at billy like “I was just gonna take a nap fuck my life” and billy’s like *shrugs* “YOU married him”
  • both of these make total sense to me because on the one hand silver would absolutely want to be capable in any way he can; the stronger he can look the better. on the other hand flint totally wants him to be capable in this way too, because he genuinely cares about him now and also probably maybe 10000% had a dream in which silver was kicking ass in a sword fight and he was like hey now hey nowwww this is what dreams are made of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • flint probably gets his best Professor Flint voice on (like when he was schooling silver on the darkness that lives inside us and cloaks itself) and guides him through the motions at first, and it’s slow and quiet for awhile as they both ease into it
  • but silver who is a) brilliant b) determined as heck picks it up so fast and starts giving flint a run for his money and flint does that face he does when he’s unbelievably impressed but is trying not to let himself be consumed by the BIGGEST SMIRK EVER SEEN…like he should probably be a little terrified at how quick and adept silver is, especially because he remembers that teeny tiny treasure hungry kid who he completely underestimated so well, but NAHHHHHHH >:) he’s so dazzled his cheeks are probably ON FIRE
  • everything about the way silver fights just screams “I will endure, I will endure, I will endure”
  • I can absolutely imagine them being completely silent the entire time, just turning the way they move into their own private language, and it just goes on FOR SO LONG because they’re SO EVENLY MATCHED. flint is strong and experienced but silver can read him like a book, and they’re both BREATHLESS with how effortless it is to speak to one another in this way, to understand another person so well. they can’t help but unleash a smile at one another when they lock eyes because the whole thing is electrifiying, like being caught up in a storm
  • at the same time though my shitposting brain can imagine them bickering and egging each other on the entire time. my tiny machiavellian bean of a son john silver never shutting up, talking and talking and telling stories and trying to distract flint, using words as weapons like always
  • (the first one is probably more likely/more preferable but I can’t help thinking about silver, all breathy, telling flint, “I met a man once…more incredible with a sword than anyone I’ve ever seen…but then…” flint: “what?” silver: “well, he cut off all his hair and his skill seemed to go with it” flint: -________- silver: [laughing])
  • even though silver likely doesn’t let up or show how much the effort is taking a toll on him, flint asks, “are you alright?” “does it hurt?” every so often. he knows that silver probably won’t want to stop - “yes” “yes, but keep going” - but he keeps asking anyway, because when he found himself trapped so many times, silver helped him see the way out, and now he wants to make sure he also presents a way out for silver, too. so he gives him that door, even if silver refuses to walk through it just yet.
  • they take time to rest afterwards and flint probably compliments silver jokingly (”Well…you’re not entirely hopeless.”) while nervously playing with his hands as he does, and after they’ve both caught their breath he turns to him and, just as he did in that boat with a giant shark before them so many days ago, asks, “Again?”

I know nothing about how a proper sword fighting lesson would ~actually~ go but…tHERE WE ARE. also did I mention they get sweaty. like…really really sweaty. SO SWEATY.