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Alright you can hate the trump family but leave Barron alone please. He’s just a kid, he has no say in what his father is doing. Hes stuck in a bad light for all the world to see because of who his father is and throwing hate at him is just going to teach him to hate more.
Although his father is horrible, theres still room for Baron to grow to be a good person. But belittling him because of who his father is is going to do nothing but harvest more hate in that boy.

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bon jovi songs i love: wanted dead or alive, you give love a bad name, living on a prayer and it's my life. can you recommend any other ones?

I have been listening to their entire discography since before I was even born. That’s not a joke, my mum used to play their songs to me in the womb and she went to see them live whilst pregnant with me, I have…many a song rec. I’ll just give my personal favourites from each album:
Bon Jovi- Runaway, Breakout and Shot Through The Heart
7800° Fahrenheit- In and Out of Love, The Price of Love, Tokyo Road
Slippery When Wet- I love this whole album to be honest but, Raise Your Hands and Never Say Goodbye are great. Also everything that you mentioned but It’s My Life, is from this album so definitely check it out.
New Jersey- an iconic album, i love this album, Lay Your Hands on Me, Blood on Blood, Born to be my Baby and Wild is the Wind are my favourites on there.
Keep the Faith- I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, Bed of Roses, In These Arms and Blame It On The Love of Rock & Roll
These Days- this was the best Jon era and no one will tell me otherwise, the These Days 1995 tour look? Hella. Anyway, songs. Hey God is my favourite Bon Jovi song and potentially just my favourite song, These Days and Something to Believe In.
Crush- This is the album that It’s My Life is from and was also the first tour I ever went to. I went my whole life thinking it was the Bounce tour but turns out i was living a lie. But i love Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars, I Got The Girl, One Wild Night and She’s a Mystery.
Bounce- So straight up the entire Bounce album is crazy good. It was written straight after 9/11 so it’s about standing up and uniting in the face of adversity, so v relevant rn. Undivided, Joey and The Distance are personal favourites. (Also, All About Loving You is 110% a stevebucky song but that’s a different conversation altogether) Oh and also, Hook Me Up.
Have a Nice Day- Welcome to Wherever You Are, Last Cigarette and Complicated
Lost Highway- I love the title track, We Got It Going On, Any Other Day and Summertime
The Circle- We Weren’t Born To Follow, Superman Tonight and Work for the Working Man
What About Now- Because We Can, Army of Thieves and That’s What The Water Made Me
Burning Bridges- okay to be fair you can probably skip this album, it was weak but like they’ve been going since 1984, they’re allowed one less than stellar album it’s fine
This House Is Not For Sale- Knockout, Title Track and Scars on this Guitar.

Also listen to Blaze of Glory, as in the album not just the song, it’s just Jon but it’s probably one of my favourite albums ever

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I've heard deviant art sells artist right to a website that makes shirts and stuff I'm not sure about it but watch out

why yall think i left DA 4 years ago huh? tellin me like this is new news haha

I feel like people read my posts and think I’m being overly dramatic and are like “plenty of mentally ill people get jobs and work through it..” and I would personally love to be one of them but anxiety and depression while very serious are one thing but i literally don’t know anybody with my condition who has lived long enough to be considered a successful adult or like able to hold a job for very long or flourish without a sturdy financial foundation/partner assistance. And that’s really just not realistic for me tho I am very hopeful always the truth tea is there’s a high likelihood I will die in the next 4 years honestly it makes me sad to think about tho Demons will confuse that for overindulgent self-pity because I don’t want it to and I try very hard not to think about it in that way and even deluding myself otherwise but it’s probably like 99/100 possible outcomes for me.

Again, today is my 21st birthday, and I thought of sharing a few words before I share some cake to my friends.

About 3 to 4 years ago, I hardly had any experience to having a blog, or even maintaining one. I hardly had any friends, and no one really interacted with me.

However, I am so happy to find special people that made me happy to come on everyday! I love seeing the roleplays everyone is engaging, the funny reblogs and memes that occasionally appear, and the thoughts and words of being there for someone. You guys made is special, and you all hold dear to my heart.



Break ups

Genre: Older Brother!Jungkook

Pairing: N/A

Fandom: BTS

Request: a younger sister and she comes to the dorm in tears one night, because she found out that her boyfriend of 9 months has been cheating on her/ been in a 4 year relationship and lied about it.

(E/N=Ex’s name just to make that clear..)

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Jungkook was woken up by the sound of heavy footsteps in the hallway and someone finally opening the bedroom door. 

“Hey get up! You’re sister’s just sitting on the couch crying her eyes out.” Yoongi called. 

Jungkook instantly ran up out of his bed and into the living room, wondering what was going on. He found you with your face in your hands just where Yoongi said you’d be. 

“Y/N? What are you doing here? What happened?” He said, coming over next to you. 

Through the sobbing fit you were in you tried to muster out the words. 

“H-he…cheated on me…” You said, only crying harder when you finally said it out loud. Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, already starting to get mad. 

“He what?!” He yelled. 

You sniffled, looking up at him finally. 

“….I found out that he was cheating and I-…confronted him. I know I should have told you but I slept with him. Turns out he used me for that too.”

Jungkook clenched his fists, standing from the couch. 

“I even met this asshole once. He knows i’ll kick his ass!”

Taehyung stood in the hallway with his eye still closed, looking like he had been woken up by the commotion. 

“What’s going on?” He asked, coming over and sitting down on the couch as well. 

You tried to wipe the remaining tears off your face, still sniffling. 

“E/N cheated on Y/N. The guy that came here like 2 weeks ago!”

Taehyung looked over at you, putting an arm around your shoulder. 

“B-but she’s so sweet…and beautiful. Why would he do that?” Taehyung asked, innocently. 

“Because he’s an asshole! God. I never liked him anyway…” Jungkook mumbled.

Taehyung leaned his head on your shoulder more or less to comfort you but also to let him rest more. 

“Well, he’s the one who messed up. Isn’t it punishment enough that he lost her? She deserves better anyway. Beating him up won’t do anything Jungkook.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes. “If I even see him again I swear-”

You grabbed Jungkook’s hand, trying to calm him down.

“Seriously…it’s okay. I don’t want you to get in trouble for it. It’ll get you in trouble if that kind of news gets out…Please don’t..”

Jungkook sighs, sitting down again on the other side of you. “Taehyung’s right too. It’s his loss. How about I take you out tomorrow to make you feel better? We can even invite Hoseok and his sister?”

You nod. “Yeah that sounds nice….can I stay here tonight? I don’t really want to be at home all alone.”

“Yeah, sure.” 

Jungkook guides you to his room, letting you sleep in there since he’s the only member with no roommate. Taehyung gives you a hug, trying to be comforting. Jungkook ends up having to drag him to bed before he can head to the couch and sleep. 

“Goodnight Y/N.”


Before he almost shuts the door completely you call out to him.


“Yeah? What’s wrong?” He asks.

“Thank you…”

He just smiles in response, shutting the door to finally let you rest.

Got tagged by @panickedplatypus so here goes~
1.I really love video games (I’ve been playing them since I was ¾ years old lmao)
2.I’m left handed
3.I’ve been into kpop for about 2 years now
4.Before I got deep into kpop I was introduced to girls generation in 6th grade (year 7 I think if you’re in europe)
5.I love horror movies/games
6.I was born in 01
7.The very first fandom I was in was the Kingdom Hearts fandom
8.I love donuts with chocolate icing and sprinkles
9.I love drawing
10.I have a pet dog named Lyric but one of my friends loves to call her Larry
11.I originally joined tumblr back in 2014 but I deleted that blog
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Four codenames: Antarctica, Langdale, Porlock, and Love.

Five people in the room: Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Vivian Norbury, Lady Smallwood, and Sir Edwin.

It’s time to play…

“Who then is Porlock?”

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I am not an American. This was not an election I could affect. But the fact of the matter is, this affects me and the rest of the citizens of the world. Because he will run international relations to the ground. We will all live in perpetual fear of nuclear war - not because of the state of the world - but because there is a megalomaniac with the impulse control of a tantrum-throwing 3 year old with his finger on the button. And worst of all, it legitimizes this type of candidates in other countries. 

Yes, the white supremacists have already gained a disgusting amount of ground in Europe, but most of them under the guise that they aren’t “actually racist” and try to distance themselves from their neo-nazi origins. This will no longer be necessary. The KKK got their guy into the White House. Open hatred and contempt for minorities will flourish. Because people in a position of privilege will rather watch the world burn to the ground than share any of it. 

So my outcry, my pleading, my possibly dying wish if someone rubs that man the wrong way: don’t give in. Keep fighting. Double your efforts when you’re met with apathy or prejudice. Try and find the human in your adversaries and claw them out from their cocoon of bile and entitlement. We have to be better than them. We have to stand for what is right and good and not give up, not give in. 

But for today, for tonight? Hold each other tight. Crumble. Feel your sorrow and despair. Tomorrow we stand as one again, no matter where we live or where we come from. 

The best (non-spoiler) thing about Voltron Season 2

… was my child (4 years old) watching it with me and being unable to pronounce “Shiro”. Her names for him were as follows: - Zero - Chiro - Chiko - Cheeto And then when I had her slowly sound it out with me: “Shi… Shiiii-ro…(short pause) That’s too hard… Let’s just call him Taco!”

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im regretting falling into rare pair hell coz omfg its so freaking hard to find a good fic of them but at the same time im so happy to have fallen coz omfg once i do find a good fic it just pierces through my heart like “bam heres your rare otp enjoy it to the best of your abilities”

i opened the last package of starbursts today and they were both pink i think the universe is trying to tell me that things will get better

I don’t even know how trump supporters are gonna manage to come up with all the bullshit excuses for the next 4 years about trump’s future scandals

@avianmoon happy holidays!!! lmao im so sorry about how late it is! i hope you like it - you gave a lot of prompts but i really liked the idea of “platonic m/itsumayo” so here it is! miles would totally take her out to lunch somewhere fancy and she would be her usual self 

thanks again for your patience! also thanks to @aalgbtgiftexchange for their patience, and for arranging this whole event! its been very fun


Arthur as a Tough Customer from “Buster’s Second Chance.”

I like how in the third screenshot, Arthur does that anime nerd straightening his glasses.

However, there’s a continuity error in the fourth and fifth screenshots. Shouldn’t that boy with the beanie and that bear girl with very dark brown hair be older than Molly? They appeared in a flashback in “The Last Tough Customer” when Molly was 4-5 years old and they were about 9. Here in the present, they look the same!

And one more thing, what the hell did they do to the Sugar Bowl? That would have NEVER passed Health Inspection!

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