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So, I'm new to B.A.P., an I simultaneously want to watch/listen to all of their songs, interviews, and stuff. Where do I start? Halp?

I’m more than happy to recommend you some stuff to watch!
as for songs, here’s a playlist of all of their mvs that you can look at

(everything after this point I just going to be more recent stuff- listing everything including stuff pre-hiatus would take quite a while so i’m just going to stick to stuff from young wild and free onwards for now)

they do really good live performances to so I’ll recommend some of those:
- Wake me Up (their first time performing as ot6 after yongguk’s hiatus during skydive era)
- Skydive (no yongguk, but any performance of skydive is great)
- Carnival (idk they just look like they’re having a good time)
- Young Wild and Free and also this version too

I could go on listing great live performances for ages but i’ll be doing it for ages so i’ll put some links to stuff that’ll help you get a better idea of the member’s personalities and stuff
- one fine day (i’ll put a link to episode one and the rest shouldn’t be too hard to find)
- that’s my jam waiting room (someone stop them from dabbing)
- wake me up idol arcade (in which one of the main dancers fails at just dance)
- feel so good dance practice
feel so good let’s dance 
- young wild and free qmentary
- fan heart attack idol tv (idk if thats the proper name for it but this is a mess honestly)
- and then this mess

im going to stop listing stuff there- thankyou for deciding to stan b.a.p, they’re brilliant and im sure you won’t regret it

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hey guys

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Sorbet is my newest baby, who I bought from @modofpitchpatch! She is a ditzy, sweet, kind-hearted ‘idol’ of the teen/young adult world. She sings, dances, models, and everything in between. She tries extremely hard to put out a good image for her fans, and wants the best for all of them. Here she is, modeling a new fashion line!