in a world where selena is open about her relationship

"Taylor Swift only writes songs about love and relationships"


A) NO SHE DOESNT, if y'all actually listened to her music other than her singles (which quite a few of them aren’t about love anyway!) you would find that she has several songs on each album which are about things other than love eg. ‘tied together with a smile’ , ‘change’ , 'a place in this world’ , 'the best day’ , 'never grow up’ , 'eyes open’ , safe & sound’ , 'sweeter than fiction’ , 'mean’ , 'long live’ , '22’ , 'the lucky one’ , 'welcome to new york’ , 'shake it off’ etc etc etc JUST TO NAME A FEW 

B) EVERY OTHER ARTIST IN THE INDUSTRY WRITES ABOUT LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS TOO, DUMBASS ! I honestly don’t understand how people forget that beyonce, ed sheeran, ariana grande, selena gomez, vance joy etc all write about love and relationships - in a majority of their songs !!! just because Taylor writes really well and vividly and makes her songs lyrically moving and beautiful ( to the point where you’re crying hysterically !! ) shouldn’t make her a target for all this criticism ! it only means that she writes about relationships with DEPTH. and doesn’t water any of the emotions down and when you’re really going through something, those lyrics will save you.

C) WHO FREAKING CARES, AMIRITE?? Taylor is an incredible songwriter and performer and although she could literally write a song about me failing an exam and it would still be the most beautiful piece art ever, she chooses to write about love and relationships and she should be able to write/sing about anything she wants without y'all slamming her, okay ? OKAY.