in a world filled with distrust

the signs and their downsides

Aries: is both the protagonist & antagonist of their own life
Taurus: constantly torn between what they want and what they need
Gemini: doesn’t know how to function without stimulation
Cancer: they make “homes” out of people, and relies on others rather than themselves for a sense of security.
Leo: sees everyone as a threat or competition
Virgo has an all-consuming fear of insignificance and lacking in all forms (major preoccupation with proving their worth)
Libra: frequently loses their sense of self (by tending to define themselves by their friends & the people they surround themselves with)
Scorpio: extreme distrust in not only others but also in themselves, seeing their emotions & obsessions as treacherous
Sagittarius: has bouts of overwhelming loneliness and emptiness (and will do anything to fill the void)
Capricorn: can’t handle failure, it feels like the end of the world to them
Aquarius: has an existential crisis every other week
Pisces: constantly waiting for something to happen, having absurdly high hopes & therefore getting them crushed over and over again.

Neptune eyes ~ real eyes realize real lies

Neptune’s placement in the natal chart suggests a space of life where we see what other people can’t. Our perception here is psychic and unifies with the whole cosmos. It could be where we behave unusually, creatively, or people comment that ‘I cant get through to you’. We deny logic and material experience where the Neptune mist blows. Something special is revealed to us, something inexplicable and enchanted. But Neptune can also tell us lies, whispering hollow promises, or staining consciousness with desires of escapism, substance indulgence, spiritual fanaticism, or sexual gratification. The music is here. It’s where other people are deaf. But it’s something you can hear. So sometimes we don’t talk about these things. Everybody will call us delusional. Here we are awake where other people are asleep.

Neptune in the 1st house: the self is cast in a divinely mystical light, but this is foggy, the sacredness of the self is elevated, the image of the self may be completely out of touch with reality

Neptune in the 2nd house: self worth may be fluctuating, at times intimately sensitive with all things, at others the separation and emptiness becomes a longing for material consumption, the individual can see opportunities for developing wealth that other people cannot 

Neptune in the 3rd house: unspoken words of other people, and the messages of divine voices circulate in the mind. the individual learns in a very unusual way that may be difficult for educators to grasp. they are pulled between dimensions of consciousness, often seeming in a state of confusion, understanding the language of many things

Neptune in the 4th house: the messages of divine wisdom from the inner guides are projected in the outer world, it tends to be filled with psychic activity. there is an insatiable feeling of abandonment. the mother image is contained in fantasy here, she wanted goddess as her mother

Neptune in the 5th house: romance is the tea party of life. they are soaring on infinite melodies. they can perceive their own eternity when they are holding a baby. the inner child speaks the words of the holy cosmic child. life is an enchanted stage 

Neptune in the 6th house: sacrifice feels sacred with neptune in the 6th. there are imaginary ailments and anxieties that other people cannot soothe. daily life is filled with hidden, although secret miracles. a perfectionism that is so threaded with idealism that could never materialize 

Neptune in the 7th house: the eyes of god reflect through the faces of everybody they pass. divine light is cast over those in contact, this gives the individual a romantic and kind view of the world. there may be betrayal because the individual idealises people so richly 

Neptune in the 8th house: the perception for the spirit world and the dead is active, the individual may be a medium or be frequently visited by ghosts. there are feelings of abandonment and distrust in the self that become projected onto others, the individual imagines people to be more deceitful than they are

Neptune in the 9th house: sinking into spiritual symbolism and longings to create intimacy with the divine. indulging in many esoteric pursuits becomes the voyage of life. there may be religious fanaticism or complete separation from spiritual awareness

Neptune in the 10th house: the profession is an ideal and the person secretly longs to heal humanity in godly way, out of touch with what is humanly capable. it may be difficult for the person to decide upon a career because the dream is always calling in many directions

Neptune in the 11th house: friendships serve as a source of spiritual energy for the person. they can see collective humanity dancing in unity, friends make them feel at one with god. this person feels the injustice of the world on an intense degree

Neptune in the 12th house: the inner world calls with a honey voice of seduction, promising a source of comfort if only the individual would withdraw completely and lose touch with the world. the feeling of spiritual discontent seems impossible to satisfy



“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

- Michael Jackson

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Pregnancy Scenario’s Part 3 - Alistair and Vladimir

Sorry these took longer than expected guys, I had some issues deciding just how I wanted them to play out. 


Alistair was the most suspicious person you’d ever come across and when you’d decided to be together you’d known that. Yet right now it really wasn’t something you were particularly fond of, after all Alistair had clearly noticed something was not quite right with you lately and it was only a matter of time until he asked about it.

What exactly were you going to tell him?

“Y/N what’s going on with you lately?” Alistair asked as he strolled in, interrupting your musings on the couch with exactly the situation you were trying to avoid.

“I- I know this is supposed to be impossible but I think-“

“Think what?” Alistair asked coming to hover next to you, eyes narrowed.

“I think I’m pregnant.” It sounded more like a question than a statement really, even to your own ears.

Alistair’s face was suddenly quite hard as he stood motionless, staring at you his eyes burning with anger.

“Whose is it?” His voice had an eerie calm tone to it.

“What do you mean whose is it?” You asked, confused.

“I mean which human have you been seeing behind my back?!” Alistair snapped, sounding livid.

You gaped at him. “I haven’t been seeing anyone behind your back!” You hissed back, jumping up and standing in front of him, anger rolling off you in waves. “That’s why I said I thought it was impossible! Impossible for you, a vampire to get me, a human pregnant!” Your breathing was heavy as you stood, fists clenched at your side, glaring daggers into the side of Alistair’s head.

He gaped slightly for a second or two, before sniffing as he straightened up and wrapped his arms around you.

“Well this is fabulous.” His rough voice was filled with sarcasm. “Another person to hide from the forces that be in the supernatural world.”

You rolled your eyes at his distrustful words, placing your hands against his chest and tilting your head to look up at him.

“At least it’s a very tiny person.” He muttered. “A very tiny person we can trust.”

“Alistair,” You interrupted his musings and his red eyes flicked down to meet yours. “Shut up with the conspiracy theories for one second and kiss me. We’re having a baby for god’s sake.”


This was it. You’d decided. It was time to finally get it out there and this was the best possible way you could think of, two birds one stone and all of that jazz.

“Vladimir, we need to talk.” You announced walking into the room where he and Stefan had been plotting their next crazy revenge plan.

Their eyes found yours at the exact same time. “I’ll go for a while then.” Stefan said slipping quietly out of the room once he had seen the look on your face.

Vladimir frowned and walked over to you, skirting around the large table he’d been bent over seconds before, until he was standing in front of you, his eyes locked on yours as he placed his hands gently on your hips. “What is it that troubles you my love?” He asked.

“This. All this.” You replied, gesturing to the table he and his brother had been plotting over seconds before. “It has to stop. What the Volturi did to you was terrible, horrible I get that but…it’s not safe. It’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for me, it’s not safe for Stefan and it’s certainly not safe for the baby.” You finished hands, resting just below Vladimir’s on your hips.

“I know it is not safe my love but you must understand the Italian scum-“ He froze suddenly mid-sentence and his eyes began wildly searching your own.

You placed your hands on his forearms carefully and looked into his beautiful red eyes as you waited for him to continue speaking.

“Baby?” He asked, voice little more than a whisper. “What is this baby you speak of?”

Smiling you slid your right hand slowly down the arm it was holding onto until you reached his hand and gently tugged it round until it was splayed flat against your stomach.

“This baby Vlad, the one in here.”

He sniffed sharply and then a weak smile came to his face as his eyes flicked down to your stomach and then back to yours. “It is not possible.”

“And yet it’s happening.” You shrugged. “Perhaps someone, somewhere thought the world needed a Romanian prince.”

“Or princess.” Vlad grinned.

“Let’s hope it’s a prince. We already have one woman here and she is more than enough trouble on her own.” Stefan announced playfully as he strolled back into the room.

You resisted the urge to throw something at his head as you turned to look at him while Vlad pulled you closer to his side wrapping you in his embrace much more securely than before. “Watch what you say Stefan, that is the mother of my child you’re talking about.”

Hope you liked these two as much as the others, more to come! Up next (and the last two) Garrett and Alec.

- Admin Tuch

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nightfurylover31  asked:

I read your Tiny and Terrifying Cute posts for the Doma arc (great drawing by the way), and I love them! I wanted to ask you why Yugi played the Seal? How did they get in that scenario in your AU?

“I discard one card to destroy your monster!” Yuugi declares. Timaeus opens his maw, immense energy pooling in it. Dark Magician Girl braces herself. “Dark Dragon Burst!”

The pair shoot a beam of light towards Guardian Grarl, the attack so powerful that the plateau trembles.

“Reverse card, Self Tribute!” Raphael declares, revealing his face-down card. “By paying 1000 life points, I can bring back my monster that was destroyed!“ 

He cries out in pain as the effect slowly takes away his points. He’s sweating once Guardian Grarl is back on his field.

Raphael’s LP: 4000 → 3000

“You really will do anything to protect your cards,” Yuugi murmurs, amazed at the man’s determination to keep his monsters on the field. Even he never went through such lengths.

“Yuugi Mutou, wielder of the Puzzle and caretaker of the Nameless Pharaoh, do you know why we will not lose?” Raphael asks, wiping away his sweat. “Because DOMA has a strength that you don’t have.”

“If it’s kidnapping, I’m afraid to say that I’ve beaten people who’ve done that.”

“It’s the strength to accept the darkness in our hearts.”

“The darkness in your hearts,” Yuugi repeats flatly. “I guess that explains the kidnapping, very dark thing to do–taking people against their will.”

“Joke all you want, but you of all people should know how dark the world can be,” Raphael says. “A teenage boy who has been beaten and bullied several times, who has been betrayed and tricked, who has been used and taken advantage of.” He shakes his head. “You link yourself to the light of people’s hearts, and I wonder why? Why believe in kindness when teachers like Chouno and Tsuruoka exist? Why trust in the good when people hurt you for no reason? Imamori, Nezumi, even your dear Jounouchi at one point. Didn’t he used to take away your things? Your precious Puzzle?”

Yuugi stiffens. “How do you know all that?” He hisses.

“Why believe in the light when people like Kaiba put you in a death game?”

“That was in the-”

“Why believe in the light when people like Pegasus kidnapped your family? Took the soul of the only guardian who has stuck in your life?”

“How do you-”

“Why believe in the light when parents like Gozaburo Kaiba and Marik Ishtar’s father exists? When your own father isn’t there? When your own mother does little to help in your problems?”

“… Stop.”

“Why believe in the light when people like Ryuuji Otogi framed you for a crime?”

“Stop it.”

“When he took you and trapped you in a game?”

“I said stop.”

“When he’s the reason your brother was shattered in pieces? Why give people like Kaiba a second chance when he hurt your brother so badly that to this day, he’s still scared of the man?”

“I said stop!” Yuugi shouts, clenching his fists. 

“Why believe in the light when everyone around you is so willing to hurt a child?”

“You have no right to talk!” Yuugi snarls. “From day one, you and your group have been trying to take Yami!”

Said child sniffles, hugging his Marshmallon pillow tightly. The spirits of Mystical Elf and Celtic Guardian are at his sides, the cards left by Yuugi so he could watch over him. He wishes his brother could stay put for once, wishes he’d stay with Jounouchi and the others. But when a baby has the power to teleport at will, it’s a bit difficult to achieve.

Yuugi takes a deep breathe and calms himself, making sure none of his anger bleeds into the link.

“You’re the epitome of controlling the two sides of your heart,” Raphael observes. “Just like the world, both dark and light exists – striving for balance. And just like the world, darkness is prevailing.” He holds the stone he’s wearing, one similar to Yuugi’s. “Our despair and sorrow is greater than anything that exists in this world, darkness always surpasses light.”

“That’s a bleak way of seeing things.”

“People like you who pretend to be righteous can’t fathom the depth of such logic.”

“Logic?” Yuugi says in disbelief. “You call that logic? Kaiba-kun is more optimistic than you!” He snorts. “Revenge and destruction… then what? What exactly are you trying to accomplish by doing that? All you’ll have left is emptiness!”

Raphael chuckles, then laughs loudly. “That’s true, if you do things half-heartedly then you’ll find only emptiness.”

“That’s taking the saying ‘Go big or go home’ a little too seriously.”

“But what if even emptiness is not remaining?”

Yuugi blinks.

“What if we can restart humanity? Set it back to zero?” Raphael spreads his arms. “That’s the purpose of DOMA, it’s goal is the ultimate nothing! To set human history back to zero!”


“… You’re insane,” Yuugi concludes. “I’m not going to listen to you anymore, anything after that is just insanity.”

“Is it?”

“You’re suggesting the eradication of the human race,” Yuugi nods. “I’m pretty sure it is.”

“This is the only way after DOMA has tried its hardest to guide humanity,” Raphael shakes his head. “The organization has existed since history began, always pushing civilization, even through unjust means. All for the sake of the world.”

“Wow, thanks.”

“People who don’t follow DOMA’s will don’t understand, they always repeat history,” Raphael says. “Wisdom exists so people could accomplish their task of protecting this world. But what has happened? Look around you, look at your own life. What has happened? Human beings filled with selfish desires, filled with hate, filled with violence.”

Raphael looks directly into his eyes and he feels a sense of foreboding. “You’re not exempt from this, Yuugi. Your heart is filling with darkness as well.”

“You’re wrong.”

“Am I?” Raphael asks. “Tell me, would the old Yuugi Mutou threaten people so directly? Would the old Yuugi Mutou be so distrusting? Would the old Yuugi Mutou hurt people the way you have? Break bones and tear skin? Use words to sting and hurt?”

“Since I’m assuming you’ve stalked every inch of my life, you must know that those people would have hurt my brother. My very young, and very infant brother,” Yuugi’s eyes narrow. “I don’t see how defending someone can be considered dark.”

“Him?” Raphael points at Yami. “Surely you must see that he’s far from a normal innocent child. He’s a powerful king, one with a soul worthy enough for Lord Dartz’s goal.”

Yuugi takes a step, blocking Yami from Raphael’s sight. “How about no.”

“The Nameless Pharaoh was known for his power, but everything else is a mystery. How do you know that he’s good? There could have been darkness in his heart, there must be, if he invokes that much darkness in yours.”

Yami whimpers, Mystical Elf hugs him. 

Yuugi glares at Raphael. “You shut up, right now,” he says. “Yami has never invoked any darkness in me, there is nothing dark in my heart.”

Raphael draws two cards, he looks at them and smiles. “Then prove it to me,” he challenges, setting one card. “I activate Exchange!” He says, one of his set cards flip up. “This allows us to trade a card in each of our hands.”

Both of them only had one card.

They both walk to the center. Yuugi takes one last look at his card and gives it to Raphael.

“Necromancy,” Raphael reads. “A card that allows a player to get monsters from their opponent’s graveyard,” he chuckles. “It would have been useless for you, as I have no monsters in my graveyard.”

“Quit talking and give me your card.”

Raphael laughs and gives him the card. “Yuugi, this is the card of your fate,” he walks away. “Let’s see if your light is strong enough to resist it.”

Yuugi frowns and walks away. “Card of my fate?” He asks, bringing up the card. “What does he mean?”

His whole body freezes, in his hand is the Seal of Orichalcos.

The stone around his neck glows brighter.

[Tiny And Terrifyingly Cute AU]

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In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.“ Michael Jackson

There’s a child in your life who means the world to you, but you get the sinking feeling that child isn’t going to be around much longer. It disturbs you, but not enough to act.

You are a novelist, for there is no nobler nor more logical career path.

You can’t shake your inherent distrust of inanimate objects. You have your reasons.

You miss your cat. Your cat never left.

Groups of children unnerve you in a way you cannot define. Ditto supermarkets. Supermarkets filled with groups of children might actually be your worst nightmare.

You are a skeptic, and there is literally no justification for this.

You can’t help thinking that none of this would’ve happened if you’d just stayed on the porch and drank one more Natty Light.

You haven’t gone to a supermarket alone in years. It’s just one of those things.

You would sooner die than stay in a rundown hotel. And you probably will.


Never ending list of people I admire (x)

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” — Michael Jackson


      Jodl’s Cell: I asked him what he was going to say about Hitler when he was interrupted. He was going to say that his feelings toward Hitler fluctuated between admiration and hatred.

     “The things that made me hate Hitler were: his contempt for the middle class [Bürgertum], with which I identified myself his suspicion and contempt for the nobility, to which I was married; and his distrust and hatred of the General Staff, of which I was a member.”

     I asked Jodl why Hitler hated these groups. Jodl explained that Hitler hated the Bürgertum because he considered them cowardly and not in sympathy with his revolutionary ideas; the nobility filled him with distrust because they smacked of internationalism and an aristocratic code of behavior that he could not understand, and the General Staff was always to blame when anything went wrong, even though he always thought he knew better than they did when it came to taking advice.

    From Nuremberg Diary by G.M. Gilbert

In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.
—  Michael Jackson

Neha Lavellan for OC sharing day by thejbusition. Looks like fun!

Former City Elf: 

Neha Lavellan didn’t grow up with Clan Lavellan, in fact, he was not welcomed into their family until he was already a man. Neha grew up in the Denerim Alienage, poorly as anyone might Imagine. His father left when he was still a child. He ended up as a servant to a Human noble. His father left his mother with child, and Neha knows little else about the man other than that his mother swore by the Dalish gods he knew nothing about that the he loved them all. His mother gave birth to his younger sister Nirah, but she grew sick when she was still a toddler. The shems wouldn’t treat an elf, and she passed as result of their prejudice. 

When the blight resurfaced, his mother didn’t live to the end of it. When their Alienage was cut off from the rest of the world they were taken in as sick. When Neha was taken into ‘care’ she had already passed. The Warden convinced (intimidated) the slavers to let the remaining elves go. Neha has the Hero of Fereldan on a pedestal, he figures he owes the man his life for more than just ending the blight. He wasn’t freed before a sampling of the slaves had taken place which left him with the scar across his face. He was fortunately able to keep his eye, even after rebelling against their captors.

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Solas x Lavellan: You Change Everything

Fair warning: I headcanon sexual Solavellan and it is mentioned (though nothing graphic).

This is my way of understanding how that works and looks. Some of it is also my interpretation of Solas’s backstory and is obviously not canon. If I could draw I would, but I sort out my feelings with words haha. This is safe for work, I promise. Also ran a little longer than I thought it would. It’s also a LOT sadder than I expected, sorry.

Since Solas narrates this and it covers the entire game there is obviously SPOILERS. Read on at your own risk. Especially because this turned into a chapter-sized thing.

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