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Doris Delay!

Howdy folks, just to let you know I’m alive and all but I’m stuck down south due to Hurricane Doris (which I can’t get over the name of I mean come on how adorable is this); just means I’ll be travelling back north tomorrow instead, but I might have to pass on updating TPoH this week. What I will do instead is give you a three page update the weekend after instead! How’s that for a trade-in? Anyway. Apologies, love you, stay chill xxx

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To answer the anon about Killing Stalking: Lumi got it pretty much right. The stalker is in love with the other guy, but he doesn't know he's murderer until he trespasses into his house and sees a woman tied up in the cellar. The murderer catchs him and makes him his new toy (basically). I read a few chapters but stopped cause it was really too heavy and dark. I've seen there's reasons why the murderer became a psychopath but my heart can't handle the abuse :/ Johannathemad's art is fabulous <3

So here we go with the explanations C:

also @ ourmidnightmuse  made a comment here with an explanation too about the webcomic.

@Anon1 I didn’t mean to stop tagging killing stalking hahhah I just said that I won’t reblog stuff. Since I doN’t read the comic and don’t are in the fandom. So yes… this blog is full of my fandoms with lots of fluff. Since I love healthy relationships with true love tropes xD 
(But I’m hopeless romantic (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ )


Katie: Whenever I played any scenes with Millie, it was always straight down the line
Julian: No, there are definitely lesbian undertones in Merlin
Katie: Well at least I don’t have to lie about it-
Julian: Well you two played it that way
Katie: Oh come on, you wrote it that way!
Julian: Yeah, well, possibly
Katie: Possibly definitely!

Katie: And we all know that you never gave me any love interest
Julian: I gave you Morgause
Katie: He says in all seriousness!
Julian: Incestuous lesbianism, what more can you want?
Katie: You cannot make a show without lesbianism in all fairness
Julian: It’s got to be said

Julian: You know, I still claim that was you and Amelia Fox.
Katie: She’s a very attractive woman, what can I say?
Julian: Yes
Katie: You know?
Julian: No, I know, I agree, I agree   


Julian: More Katie galloping
Katie: I think you just did that so you could see my boobs move

2 sassy for u

Enterview ( Katie McGrath & Julian Murphy talk on lesbian innuendo of Morgana and Morgause)

imaginary conversation between Keith and Lance after a battle. They’re back at the castle. Keith pilots Black in this scenario.

Keith: Hey, Lance, you uh, you did really well out there.

Lance *still a lil pissed he didn’t get to pilot Black*: Don’t patronize me.

Keith: No, I wasn’t.. I’m just trying to do what Shiro would do.

Lance: You’re not Shiro, though.

Keith: I know! But I’m trying to-

Lance: No, I mean you’re not Shiro, you’re Keith. You’re your own person.


Lance: You don’t have to do everything exactly like him.

Lance: And don’t talk to me like that. You may pilot Black but we’re equals.

Keith: I’m sorry, you’re right.

Keith: I mean it though, the way you fought today was really impressive.

Lance *smug grin*: Yeah, I know. Keep an eye on me, you might learn a thing or two.

Keith: *furrowed eyebrows*

Lance: *soft smile*

Keith: *soft smile*

Tyrian cast a sly smile to James. “Does the king wish for me to leave his castle?” he asked. The slight tease in his voice made James scowl. “Or perhaps he is in need of a court jester?”

“I’m in need of something all right,” muttered James, pinching the bridge of his nose. Then, to Tyrian, he said, “And I’m not the king. The royal guard, maybe, but not the king.”

“No,” agreed Tyrian, humming to himself. “That title belongs to the true jester of this place, doesn’t it?” Tyrian quirked an eyebrow at James, his mouth quirking up on the same side. “It’s not like you to worship false gods, James Ironwood.”

After four hours of hell, I think I got at least 30% of Tyrian’s voice.

Impact Zone #hype

MBTI Types Get Hurt

INFP, ISFP:  I’m…. *sobbing* IM FINE. *falls into a depression spiral and recovers 6 months later*


ISFJ, ISTJ: Listens to 70s songs and looks out the window while rain falls onto the glass. Yeah pretty classic huh.


INFJ, INTJ: Well, things might get better. *sobs* maybe in the future i won’t feel this way. *sobs more* ……… yeah shit’s about to go downnn

ENFP, ENTP: BUT YOU HURT ME. I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS. I LIKE ORANGES. WAIT WHAT. ORANGES ARE ORANGE, I LIKE THAT. WAIT. what was I mad about again? *looks intensely into the distance* yeah i really need to work on being more concentrated…..

ENTJ, ESTJ: *furiously types a 6 page plan to murder the person who hurt them*

INTP, ISTP: Wait. Wait, what are these? Emotions? Shit, wtf. I’m not prepared 

Fireflight — Unbreakable Album  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You gave me a promise.”
  • “This time I’m not scared.”
  • “God, I want to dream again!”
  • “I’m so tired that I can’t stand.”
  • “All you need to do is just trust.”
  • “We don’t have to fight anymore.”
  • “Take me where I’ve never been.”
  • “They’ll return, but I’ll be stronger.”
  • “Where is the love we had before?”
  • “I’m holding on to things I shouldn’t.”
  • “I know why you’re feeling this way.”
  • “ Yeah, you know that you’re hollow.”
  • “But I know that this cannot be the end.”
  • “I want to take control but I know better.”
  • “You are not alone when you hurt this way.”
  • “Help me leave the life I knew before you…”
  • “Do you want to spend your whole life jaded?”
  • “No one can touch me. Nothing can stop me.”
  • “You say you love me. That’s all I’ll ever need.”
  • “I’ve been hurting myself, now, for way too long.”
  • “They hide just out of sight. Can’t face me in the light.”
  • “If you say I’m good enough, that’s good enough for me.”
  • “Where are the people that accused me? The ones who beat me down and bruised me?”

This one turned out better than I expected. Thanks to the anon for requesting!

Pairing: Laurens x reader 

Warning: like two bad words, I think

Requested: Yes, an anon requested #31(Are you jealous?) with Laurens

Requests are still open and appreciated. 

Word Count: 965


“The black or the red?” you asked your best friend and one of your four roommates, John Laurens, as you held up two dresses.

“I don’t know… the black?” Laurens said unsure.

“Why couldn’t Eliza be free?” you groaned, flopping on the bed.

“Come on, I’m your best friend. I’m way better than Eliza,” Laurens said poking your sides.

“Yeah, no. Eliza can do my hair and give me fashion advice,” you said, burying your face into the blanket.

“Fine,” John picked up the black dress and a hair brush. “This one will get you a shit ton of attention. Now let me brush your hair.”

You snatched the hair brush from his hands, standing up.

“I don’t want you near my hair,” you joked. “Besides I want to get laid,” you mumbled after.

“Hm. What was that? Does our sweet little y/n want to get laid?” John joked, poking your cheeks.

“Get out of here, dork” you giggled, pushing John out of the door so you could get ready.

You leaned against the door and took a deep breath after it was closed. That boy was going to be the death of you.

On the other side, John leaned his forehead on the door and breathed out.

“Dude. You are pathetic,” Alex chuckled.

“What?” John asked confused.

“She literally just asked you for advice. Y/n could have asked Mulligan for help since he is a fashion major, but she asked you…” Alex trailed off. He raised his eyebrows when John still looks confused.

Alex carried on down the hallway to his bedroom, but John persisted.

“What could you mean by that? Y/n absolutely does not like me,” John said furrowing his eyebrows.

“If that’s what you want to think. Now let me get ready for my end of semester party,“ Alex shoved John out. For the second time that afternoon, John had been left confused on the other side of a door.


You had just finished getting ready. Eliza had gotten done with her job at the bookstore an hour earlier and had decided to come get ready with you. The two of you were currently laughing and singing along terribly to the music on your phone.

You heard  knock on the door and yelled come in, turning the music down.

“H-hey,” John said walking in. He was immediately caught off guard by how gorgeous you looked. His cheeks lit up in a light pink.

“Hey, John. What can do for you?” you smiled at him, blushing lightly yourself. He did look pretty cute, especially when he pulled his hair back like that.

“Uhm…I just came to get you guys. People are starting to come in…” He rubbed his hand together nervously. “So…see you down there.” He smiled and rushed out the door.

“Ooh! He’s totally into you!” Eliza squealed.

“No he’s not,” you muttered. “Besides, I’m looking for drama free fun tonight.” You pushed your shoulders back in confidence and gestured for Eliza to follow you.

“Okay…If that’s what you want to think,” Eliza winked. You rolled your eyes.


Two hours later, Eliza and Alex had already fought twice and were currently making out somewhere in the corner. You and John had both decided not to get shit faced, however Lafayette and Mulligan had decided to do the opposite.

You stood in the corner giggling at your friends’ stupidity. A tall figure shadowed down over you.

“Aren’t they just the most obnoxious things you ever saw?” a voice snobbed. You snorted.

“Yeah, but they’re my friends,” you looked up to see Thomas Jefferson smirking down at you.

“The name is Thomas Jefferson, and you might be?” he asked.

“Y/n y/l/n” you said, eyeing him wearily as he took your hand you held out to shake and kissed it.

His face dropped the charming smile as he recognized your name.

“Your Alex’s y/n?” he asked.

“No, I’m y/n’s y/n. I am Alex’s friend, however. I can see your misogynistic confusion,” you giggled at his face. “Seriously, I don’t need a man’s name to define mine.” He huffed and muttered a ‘see you around’ before scurrying away.

When he was gone, you caught John’s eye and walked toward him. Before you could go a step, John headed off in the direction of the kitchen. You frowned.

“John?” you asked upon seeing him in an empty kitchen.

“What?” he asked in a cold voice.

“You good?” you asked with concern.

“Just fine,” he quipped.

“John, does this have anything to do with the fact that I was talking to Jefferson because you know I’d never do anything with him. I was actually just letting him have it for-“ John cut you off.

“Just go back to talking to Jefferson and all the other boys that you’ve been talking to all night. Just g back to ignoring me,” he said, his voice full of sarcasm.

“Wait…Are you jealous?” you said, slowly coming to that realization. John looked away from your eyes. “Oh my gosh. You’ve got nothing to worry about. I’ll never best friends with Jefferson. I mean, I couldn’t even tolerate the guy for ten minutes. You’ll always come first,”

John rolled his eyes.

“You’re an idiot,” he mumbled before slamming his lips into yours. You melted into John as his soft lips pressed into yours. John pulled away first.

“I’m not worried about Jefferson being your best friend,” he kissed you softly again. “I’m worried about him doing that.”

“You’ve got nothing to worry about,” you said, wrapping your arms around him. “I’m all yours.”

The two of you sat in the kitchen with your arms around each other, basking in the glow of each other’s love.

“You know, for someone who claims to hate Jefferson, you were pretty jealous of him,” you teased.

“Shut up,” he mumbled, laughing.

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Yeah, but Phasma's 'look' was very marketable and old-school Star Wars. I think it's mostly to do with that. That helmet was just perfect to be turned into mugs and keyrings and shampoo bottles and what not. Mind you, Hux would've been perfect for a range of male grooming products!

ugh yeah that’s all true. the marketing is just ridiculous. and it’s ironic how the character is supposed to be “not about the way she looks” when in fact it actually is in a way? like yeah it’s not about her looks in flesh, it’s all about her chrome armour.. smh @lucasfilm you still got a lot of homework to do on feminism

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Do you read killing stalking? What's your opinion on it? (You don't have to answer this)

i did read up until like chapter 14 i think, but not beyond (idk whether i will or not, maybe if i have time) 

from what i have read, i think its an extremely interesting psychological horror manwha that portrays some highly disturbing content and discusses very perverse ideas 

that said, i can see why people might call it ‘problematic’ 

now, i dont think Koogi has been (at least from what i’ve read) romanticizing any aspect of the relationship between Bum and Sangwoo - it’s been a straight up gorefest all the way through ang through

but the thing is, people (people on tumblr, that is) have this super weird tendency to get a little… excited, especially when it comes mlm relationships. and yeah, in a lot of ways thats fetishization but im not going into that (you know the kinds of people im talking about). 

point is, this ‘excitement’ extends over to inappropriate audiences as well - despite the 18+ warnings, we all know 13/14 yos will be reading it and getting all these wrong impressions and ideas, which then end up being validated by other, more mature people on tumblr. and that’s just messing them up. 

anyway, point im making is - there is nothing inherently wrong with killing stalking. its a work of fiction, which explores dark concepts in a mature, critical way. the problem lies within the community which fetishizes an abusive relationship between two men, and within those who are unable to discern reality from fiction

that said, if you love psychological horror and aren’t too disturbed by heavy themes, i recommend it highly.