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i love the casual trasphobia in your youtube vid. "i can't get pregnant im male" did you forget trans men exist or what.

Woah, hey, no I did not forget that they exist. I didn’t mean it to be transphobia at all. This caught me really off guard. This applies to Mob only and that he is cis male. I’m sorry to anyone else who thought of it as a different way.

incorrect quotes 01/??
  • Elijah: So,Daniel and Blair got married, Ashley and Isaiah almost got married, do you think you and I should hook up?
  • Vanessa: Oh we do, but not just yet.
  • Elijah: Really? Well, when?
  • Vanessa: Okay umm, well, first Isaiah and Ashley will get married and be filthy rich by the way. Yeah. But it won't work out.
  • Elijah: Wow.
  • Vanessa: I know. Then, I'm gonna marry Isaiah for the money and you'll marry Blair and have the beautiful kids.
  • Elijah: Great!
  • Vanessa: But then we ditch those two and that's when we get married. We'll have Isaiah's money and Blair's kids and getting custody will be easy because of Blair's drinking problem.
  • Elijah: Oh-oh, what about Julian?
  • Vanessa: I don't want to go into the whole thing, but umm, we have words and I kill him.

some of my favourite absolutely SICK facts about the trappist-1 exoplanets:
- theyre all very close to one another and to their star, so the length of a year on them varies from 1 to 20 DAYS
- since they’re so close, the star appears a lot bigger than our sun from earth, and from one planet you could easily see the rest, some would even appear bigger than the moon from earth. you could literally see the surface of another planet with the naked eye!!!
- they’re probably tidally locked to their star like our moon is locked to earth, meaning only one side of a planet ever faces the star, and on the other side it’s always night. the sun never sets or rises on any of the planets
- the star is red, so the sunlight is red/orange, meaning if, for example, plants were to grow there, they could be black
and that’s just what we know now, imagine how much cool stuff we have yet to discover about the trappist-1 system

what if we just stole NO cars and took the bus

Help me leave my abusive household please


I’m desperately unhappy with my homophobic, misogynistic religious family. I’m an 18yo bisexual bipolar non-believer (ex-muslim) woman. My family is extremely abusive and switch between totally ignoring me or being the meanest, crulest parents they could ever be : telling me to die, that I’m not a good daughter, a slut, that if I wear this or this I would get raped and that would be my fault, forcing me into Roqya (thinking there’s a demon inside of me) where I would literally get BRUTALIZED (my hair got pulled, I got beaten up..). Living in a religious family when you’re bisexual, bipolar and atheist means being the saddest you could ever be. I’m always anxious, scared of being caught (my dad once installed a spy software to literally watch what I’m doing, he saw I watched porn and beat me up) or that my parents would fight. As a child, I had to see my parents fighting over money (my dad is a gambling addict) literally twice a week. This obviously worsened my anxiety and probably is why I’m bipolar today. My mom would beat my father and my father would do the same. If my parents ever find my tumblr or my twitter, I would get disowned and thrown out of my house. Also when I was 7 I was severely sexually assaulted (I don’t wanna get in details) by one of my family member and my mom knows it and did nothing about it. Just to make you realize and shitty this woman is.

In order to be happy, I NEED to leave this household. This isn’t about me wanting to get independant, it’s a matter of life or death : if I don’t leave this family, I WILL either shoot myself or get thrown out, and my bipolar disorder would get worse.

To sum this up, my mom is a manipulative w**** and my dad is a gambling addict. They’re religious and I’m not. They’re homophobic and I’m bisexual. They think I have a demon inside of me when I actually need therapy. I’m scared that I will kill myself during a depressed phase, so i need to leave this family. I never ask for help, but please, please, help me. Even one euro would help. Please help. Thank you.. If you can’t help, please reblog…

I need about 1000€ for one year of rent (minus the housing assistance I could get). Thank you. for paypal (country is France)

Trying to get back into the groove of this doujin. Every time I draw Sesshomaru it’s so stressful cuz it feels like: ‘My God if I don’t draw him absolutely flawless they’ll never forgive me’. Anway, have a preview of one of the newer pages I’ve sketched this week. This one is page 61 (I am only at 68 atm. By my calculations I have about 20 more to sketch)

Also hey look! Flashback to Obon!Kagome from Chapt. 07!

dan didn’t open up about his mental illness so that you could look at previous videos and wonder whether he was feeling depressed when he made them.

dan specifically told you that he wasn’t looking for sympathy and that he is who he is in spite of the thing that was constantly holding him back. he didn’t ask for people to look at old videos and gifs and reblog them with ‘#i wonder if he was sad here’ or ‘#i’ll never look at this the same way again’

it’s really bothering me that people are using dan’s honesty as an excuse to play some sick ‘spot the depression!’ game, he wanted to share his experience and try to help other people who are suffering like he did, but instead people are doing this and it just makes me so angry that they have missed to point so blatantly!? 

The thing about the season 2 finale I like most is the fact David wasn’t like “Oh I’m sure it was a printing mistake!” with Max’s papers. When Max says his parents didn’t care, David doesn’t jump to “That’s not true! They love you, all parents love their children, etc, etc…”

He stops and takes Max somewhere away from where he’d have to pretend and told him, word for word, “I’m sorry your parents don’t care enough, Max.” He doesn’t deny it like most adults do. He accepts the fact that Max knows what’s up with his parents and just says. Okay. I’m sorry it’s like that.

I’m 100% sure that Max has been told far too often that he’s over-reacting. It’s not that bad. I’m sure they care, they just dont show it like most parents do. People label him as an angry problem child when he’s just reacting to what has probably been years of feeling neglected. Then all of a sudden comes David, who says that he understands how max feels, and that it’s okay for him to feel the way he does.

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Suddenly, someone gets it.

personal understanding of the signs
  • aries: little bitch who's always pissed off
  • taurus: can go from big cuddly teddy bear to el fuckass within minutes
  • gemini: the absolute worst and best at the same time. the funniest, make sure to love them
  • cancer: they are a big ball of confidence until u make one (1) relatively negative comment about em, then it's all tears and drama
  • leo: really outgoing and sweet. playful cuddlers, but probably has a secret evil side
  • virgo: the most sophisticated of the signs. despite this, they REALLY know how to party
  • libra: suspicious. very unpredictable and spontaneous, you never know what they're up to
  • scorpio: ice. fucking. cold. they're really fun when you're on good terms with them, but get on their bad side and they will ruin you.. tbh they're the baddest bitches out there
  • sagittarius: really chill. can easily be anyone's best friend. can throw a kickass party when the time comes
  • capricorn: they're uh.. strange, to say the least. they got some odd characteristics and even weirder secrets. but overall, really funny people
  • aquarius: the softest. really sweet, everyone loves them. i can barely believe it when i hear that an aquarius did something wrong.
  • pisces: they're almost as two-faced as geminis, but i think that's pretty useful. for the most part, they're fun to be around

happy birthday to our min yoongi ♥


Got a bottle of ketchup?


If I could just. Run this under some hot water.

Get outta here. This place is too tough for you, little man. I think you’ll be a lot more comfortable at that place.


Are you saying I belong at Weenie Hut Jr’s?

No. Sorry. I’m talking about the place next to it.

SUPER Weenie Hut Jr’s!

Yeah. Unless you think you’re tough enough to fight me?

(x) (x)

I’m sure this is becoming tedious and irritating at this point, but as it is right now, we aren’t going to be able to afford our gas bill, which is due on the 15th, let alone the internet bill looming ahead on the 20th. My other post is long winded, so I’m making this short and sweet.

My family could really use some help. I’m taking emergency commissions and accepting donations, and if you could reblog this, we would be very grateful

the post explaining things in detail



Looks like I have two new sons (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧