in a villa at the seaside

      Ancient Hellas Polyphemus, head of Hellenistic statue (marble), 2nd century BC, (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).

This head comes from a group, probably of the blinding of Polyphemos, similar to that constructed from fragments found in the grotto at Sperlonga, along the Italian coast southwest of Rome. Polyphemos is based, in details of hair and beard, on a Pergamene centaur. The sculptor was wise in rejecting the… older tradition, one seen in Hellenistic terracottas, of showing the monstrous giant as a kind of fat-faced baboon, with large ears and his eye set like a beacon light in the middle of his forehead. Here the rugged, animal power of the creature has been stressed.
Broken off through the neck and the lower whiskers, the head is in relatively excellent condition, save for the damage to the beard below the mouth. The marble has a yellow-buff tone.

This is the head of the one-eyed, man-eating Cyclops whom Odysseus finally outwitted and blinded. Here the monster is in a peaceful mood, either waiting to receive the cup of wine offered him by Odysseus, or, more likely, gazing love-struck at the indifferent sea nymph Galatea. The head comes from a sculptural group that might have adorned a public fountain or a luxurious seaside villa. The type originated in the second century B.C., yet the lively and direct style of this piece makes difficult to judge whether it is a contemporary variant or a Roman copy.
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Dear haters of the mermaid RPers

Yes, stained glass scenes of merfolk in Ulduar is ABSOLUTELY validation for having non-naga merfolk characters in World of Warcraft, especially when you consider that

  1. Azeroth is a FICTIONAL world that’s come up with far crazier in the CANON races and lore (vampire magic-addicted elves in a frozen castle, anyone?)
  2. Real life ACTUAL historians have had to constantly change their understanding about past cultures and history based on new findings and information in regards to what has been previously found.
  3. The aforementioned happens with regards to the Titans all the time with each expansion.

I personally love the idea of the mermaids. My syndicate boss main does port RP and her family home is a seaside villa. My Alliance alt is a worgen girl who grew up in Stormglen, Gilneas, RIGHT between the Blackwald and the sea, and grew up hearing sailor stories. I fully intend to support and have fun with these RPers and even make some of their stories canon tales that my Stormglen girl could have heard if they’ll allow it.

So yeah, all the haters can pike off. Thank you.


The Most Exclusive New Villa In Greece

The name is simple—Villa 20—but the villa that opened last week at Greece’s Amanzoe in the Peloponnese peninsula is anything but. Spread out on four acres and constructed on six levels with nine bedrooms and seven pools, it functions as a veritable boutique hotel within the hotel. There’s a staff of ten assigned to it, as well as a dedicated beach cabana at the resort’s beach club a short drive away (the resort is located on a hilltop with striking views of the Aegean but isn’t seaside) plus a spa with hammam, Pilates equipment, a yoga studio, etc. Read more >

From the Surface to the Sea - Chapter 1: The Pier

Fic Request: stydia mermaid au

Summary: A seaside town, a stranded boy, a strange girl. When a freak storm hits the town, it sweeps Stiles away into a world like he never imagined.

Rating: T

Genre: Mermaid!Lydia, Romance

Author: raspberrylimonade

All Chapters

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The Note That Sticks

AN: I found this story idea on tumblr and since AUs are my thing (I find it difficult to write with canon things), I decided to share it with you my fellow Snowbarry shippers.

Summary: Dr. Caitlin Snow, a well-known geneticist and heiress to the STAR Labs Pharmaceuticals gets a new PA, Barry Allen, a relatively simple guy but a specimen she can’t seem to figure out.

The Note That Sticks
by: Nym13





Her mum tells her to get a personal assistant, to make her life easier and actually maybe even get one. Catherine argues that, “… there’s something seriously wrong when a mother calls her daughter and is greeted by ‘Hello, Dr. Snow speaking’.”

Caitlin just hates it when her mum meddles with how she does things and presses her about getting a life. At times she acts nonchalant but it bothers her when other people comment about her lack of social skills.

Caitlin sighs, “Fine. But I’m far too busy to do the interviews right now, could you-”

“Oh, honey…I thought you’d never ask! Leave it to me.”


When Caitlin first met Barry Allen there was just something about him that made her at ease, maybe it was because he seemed so familiar. Graduating from the same university must have made him one of those faces she had passed by along the campus hallways, and ignored.

It must be her subconscious reminding her of him.

Barry Allen is indeed all those things her mum told her of, but he too was also constantly late for work. Still, he never failed to bring her coffee just when she needed it and for Caitlin, that was enough.

Truly, she wasn’t so picky. At least coffee was one thing she was less worried about.



It’s the twenty-first note she’s received from her new personal assistant. It was written in that same stroke of a deft hand she’s slowly growing accustomed to. Much like the first time she still found the one worded note plastered on her morning coffee cup.

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