in a villa at the seaside

From the Surface to the Sea - Chapter 1: The Pier

Fic Request: stydia mermaid au

Summary: A seaside town, a stranded boy, a strange girl. When a freak storm hits the town, it sweeps Stiles away into a world like he never imagined.

Rating: T

Genre: Mermaid!Lydia, Romance

Author: raspberrylimonade

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The Most Exclusive New Villa In Greece

The name is simple—Villa 20—but the villa that opened last week at Greece’s Amanzoe in the Peloponnese peninsula is anything but. Spread out on four acres and constructed on six levels with nine bedrooms and seven pools, it functions as a veritable boutique hotel within the hotel. There’s a staff of ten assigned to it, as well as a dedicated beach cabana at the resort’s beach club a short drive away (the resort is located on a hilltop with striking views of the Aegean but isn’t seaside) plus a spa with hammam, Pilates equipment, a yoga studio, etc. Read more >

Boy Runner. 100 BC - AD 79; bronze, bone, and stone. Lent by The National Archeological Museum, Naples (MANN).

The Runner comes from the Villa dei Papiri, the largest and most lavish of the seaside villas built around the Bay of Naples for wealthy Romans. Buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, the villa was partially excavated in the 1750s when this sculpture, one of a pair, was found near a 218-foot swimming pool in a colonnaded garden. Poised for action, the runner is about to launch into a foot-race or stadion, from which the word “stadium” derives. The stadion was the oldest of the Olympic games, which celebrated individual prowess rather than team sports. The figure dramatically illustrates the dynamic poses made possible by the tensile strength of bronze.