in a very good mood today


Helloooo! This is in celebration to my 4K followers, which I’ve reached today. New one shots will be coming very soon, stay tuned! Lots of love, B xx


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Harry was in a mood.

You had first noticed it when you woke up at just about 8 am and found him lying on the living room couch, one hand resting atop his covered cock while he palmed himself in slow strokes that you knew would do nothing for him except work him up until he was painfully hard and feeling needy enough to come find you. A wank for a wank was always good, he said it himself, but nothing could beat having his cock buried balls deep inside of you - be it your mouth or your cunt, maybe both, mouth first, your cunt later, he’d always prefer you. But, when almost an hour later he still hadn’t come find you, you could tell there was something off.

When you emerged again, soft cotton t-shirt of his almost see through from how old and worn out it was being the only thing covering your body except the baby pink boyshorts you wore to bed the night before, Harry was still on the couch, eyes trained on whatever food channel he found, hand still resting atop of his now fully hard cock. The visual confused you - why would he, in a sane state of mind, tease himself to the point of being almost painfully hard just for the sake of it?

You can’t help but giggle when you see him giving himself a squeeze, wheezing when his thumb runs over his tip that was pushing against the loose fabric of his shorts.

“Oi! What are yeh laughing fo’?” He asks, voice breaking from the feeling of his hand on his cock but the sound of your laughter catches his attention and alerts him of your presence.

“Morning wood that won’t go down?” You ask, leaning over the back of the couch to bury your nose in oodles of curls, his hair finally long enough to form the ringlets you love oh so much. Your hand slips down his torso to slide smoothly and expertly along his shaft but he grabs your wrist in a quick movement, turning his head to the side to brush the tip of his nose against yours, eyes lulled and dark while he focuses on your lips as he tuts at you silently.

“No, love. Been waiting for you.” He assures you, smile curling his lips when your eyes flutter shut at the feeling of his perfectly pink lips brushing against yours.

“Let me help, then.” You croak, twisting your wrist trying to escape his hold.

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“I dream often”

Larcade dreams about a dad who would actually love him though he knows that will never happen.

quite an unusual piece from me (I am quite shocked too)… I am not in a very good mood today and I guess drawing helps me release pressure/anger. This took me 1.5hrs approximately.

This is more metaphorical and not that realistic…idk I wanna experience with something different and move away from simple/direct representational works. 

Woke up in a very blah, sad-ish mood today. Idk why I just did. Good news is I still got a lot done on my day off. I did arms today at the gym for strength training. The overall pump was okay. Still got two more solid weeks of bulking. Anyways here’s a selfie.

Event day happenings

Note: This is the ceiling
SFX: Really serious

Seon: Wow it’s nice to see you guys~!
Note: Twitter friends
Narr: Can’t hear because It’s too busy to organizing

Seon: That is ZeenZeen.
SFX: Startled
SFX: glance
Note: Twitter friends

SFX: Nod
Zeen’s though: Hello!
Zeen: Who are you!
Narr:  Didn’t actually do this but It felt like this

Today. I participated in a event with @seonseon0022.
I met a lot of good people. Although I am tired, It was really fun.
Also I bought “Rick & Morty Triple Comics”. I love this one very much. It brings me to an ecstatic mood. SO GOOOOOOD

An Old Flame

Soda runs into an old crush when she began tutoring Ponyboy.

Requested by an anon.

With his jacket slung over his shoulder, Soda made his way home, enjoying the briskness of the late fall air while he walked. He had a very enjoyable work day for once, he was actually in a good mood. The sky was bright blue as if it was portraying his feelings, making Soda feel more at ease, like everything today was going to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Enthusiastically he pounded up the steps to his house, anticipating doing nothing for the remainder of the day. Soda slid his work shirt off and opened the door with just his undershirt on, already preparing to take a shower. The door closed behind him and he shuffled to the bathroom, shutting the door and getting in the shower.

He was done within fifteen minutes and dried off then wrapped the towel around his waist as he always did. Grabbing his dirty clothes he reopened the door and stepped out into the main part of the house, freezing as he made eye contact with a blushing red Pony. Soda’s eyes wandered to Pony’s right and his cheeks suffered from the same redness that Pony’s did.

Sitting there wide eyed next to his brother was a girl from Soda’s class in high school. Not just any girl though, of course it had to be the one that Soda had a crush on since…since he couldn’t even remember when. Everything about her always enticed him and whenever she was close to him he had to take a look at her just to remind himself how cute she was. Since he dropped out he didn’t see her at all so her showing up at his dining table was quite a bit of a shock.

Pony was the one who broke the silence, clearing his throat before forcing out a small and annoyed, “Sodaaa!”

Breaking from the momentary awkwardness Soda rushed to their shared room and dressed quickly, trying to shake himself out of the embarrassment he just experienced. It had to be her of all people to see him practically nude. When he came out he apologized and asked what she was doing there. Between her and Pony they explained that she was there to tutor Pony and she’d be there everyday after school so they could avoid another scene like the one that just occurred.

From then on Soda walked home quicker and cherished the weekdays that he had off, anticipating her coming over. He always offered to get the door when she knocked and often times he sat across from them while they studied, pretending to read the newspaper. Every time her voice flowed through the air he felt a pang of want rush through him.

They would make small talk when Pony left the table, but it only left Soda wanting more, so one day when Pony wasn’t feeling well, Soda neglected to tell her they wouldn’t be able to study. When she showed up, Soda answered the door as usual but today with a frown as he explained his brother was sick.

About to turn away, Soda stopped her, “Well, maybe, I can get you some dinner instead?”

Much to his approval, she agreed and they went to the local diner, sharing a milkshake while they ate. Eventually, the topic of their past came up.

“So, why did you leave school, Soda?”

He shrugged, sick and tired of answering the question, but responded anyways, “Just wasn’t for me. But you’re smart, you probably wouldn’t understand.”

“Why? Just cause I get good grades means I don’t struggle?” She pouted softly.

Soda blushed lightly and looked down, “M’Sorry.”

“I miss seeing you in school though,” she admitted rather sheepishly.

In a moment of courage Soda decided to blurt out, “I still think about you a lot.”

“Think about me? Why?”

“I’ve always kinda liked you, (Y/N).”

“Oh god. Soda…you really like a girl like me?”

With a reassuring nod he smiled and leaned closer to her over the table.

“Well, I like you too,” she admitted blushing.

carlwritesbadsmut  asked:

Aaron and Robert have a car breakdown.

I love the sound of that! So I made this a little replay of their first kiss, since it was such an epic moment and boy how I enjoyed it over and over again! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Every now and then Robert takes Aaron out for a drive to visit a place he came to in the years he was away from Emmerdale. This is Robert’s way of showing a little more about his past.  It was on one of those days that their car broke down.

“No no no” Robert muttered to the steering wheel, pressing his gas pedal a little harder, but it didn’t work. The car made one final loud noise and just stopped. “Great” Aaron said annoyed. He wasn’t in a very good mood and now with the broken car he knew his moment of getting to know a bit more of Robert’s past today was crushed as well.

“Let’s take a look at it” Robert gestured, getting out of the car. Their luck with cars the last few months wasn’t really big, so he didn’t expect they could fix it. “Open the booth, will ya” Aaron said grumpy. Before doing it, Robert glanced over at his fiancé and saw how bad-tempered he was. Time for him to make it better, he thought to himself. He opened the booth and joined Aaron in searching a solution for the problem ahead of them.

“So you have any ideas what could be wrong? Or should we just carry it all the way home over to the Scrappy yard?” Robert questioned jokingly, all he got was a judging look from Aaron. Not his best moves. But he wasn’t quite giving up on cheering him up.

“I think we should call Cain” Aaron said after a while of looking carefully to find anything he could resolve by himself, while Robert was making all sorts of lame comments. Aaron knew all the well what he was doing, but he just couldn’t bring himself to even laugh a little to make his fiancé happy.

“So you’re giving up already, huh” Robert teased, he meant it playfully but it made the younger boy quite pissed. “Like you are helping, standing there smirking and saying all sorts of stupid things, sure won’t get the battery started up again, will it” Aaron almost shouted.

Robert knew he shouldn’t be offended, not since Aaron was already in a bad temper before and him making it rather worse than better.

“Well I liked the last time we were stuck in a lay by better” Robert muttered, Aaron still could hear. This made him think back about the last time, it was more than two years ago and things were so different back then. So many things hadn’t happen, some where about to.

Thinking back at the past months he knew he was lucky. Lucky the way it all turned around, because the man he loved now wasn’t engaged any more to some pretty, rich woman but to the boy himself, Aaron Dingle.

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Ive had the most amazing couple of days..
A lot happened and I’m just in such a good mood and attitude. I’ve learned so much.

I got my peach tattoo today!! Ill post pictures tomorrow! I love it so so much
The tattoo shop really wants me to come be and apprentice there. So I’m very very excited. Im definitely going back soon to talk more about that.

I feel on top of the world

Monday, January 13th, 2023 

The students are back from break. They discuss about their holidays during lunch.

Pip: And that’s how my entire house almost caught on fire! How was your Christmas, Damien?
Damien: It was fine.
Pip: Oh splendid! I’m glad to hear that!

Pip: Damien, are you alright? You look pale…
Damien: Argh!! God, just leave me alone! Just, shut up! I just- I’m in a bad mood, today!                                                                                                        
Pip: Oh… Very well, then… I’ll leave you be…                

Pip mumbles to himself. 

Pip: As if you’re ever in a good mood…
Damien: What?! 

Pip: N-n-nothing! Erm, I was simply wondering if you’re going to Bebe’s birthday party on Friday…
Damien: HA! You’re funny!
Pip: Oh, well thank y-
Damien: Of course I’m not going, you dunce! After what happended with Tweek! No way! I’m not even invited!
Pip: Apparently, I heard from Butters that were all invited. I think he’s supposed to give us the invitations today!
Damien: Well, whatever, cause I’m not going! I don’t want to talk to that spaz’s face again!

Pip: I heard there will be a dance at the party! Don’t you want to dance with Red Tucker? 
Damien: R-RED?! Pip, she was just a one time crush! I have no interest in her anymore!  
Pip: Really? But didn’t you spend a whole week crying after finding out Kevin was her boyfriend?

Kevin: You did? 



Kaisoo talk .. again

well hello again ^ ^ omg this is going to be a long post .. I’m warning ya , so I’ve decided to talk about this amazing moment of Kaisoo on SD interview it was on june so it’s still new moment and I wanna share my feelings ..

when KS was sitting in front of all Exo members , he was just start the interview but somehow he felt like he is in a good mood and since he is in the control today he have to get this chance and flirting with Kai , this is so cure and lovely still funny cause he got Kai by surprise ..

well I really love how KS was in a very good mood ^ ^ 

I mean just look at Kai face , he was so surprised and Happy too .. 

omg , ppl …. okey , this is a very serious moment .. can you see how KS was openly wanna see Kai dance his sexy body out and look at KAI ! 

just look at his reaction !!! seriously why he is so blushing and laughing like this do you know why ! cause he knows that KS is flirting with him in front of everyone and he just couldn’t stand up and stand like he always do

! look back at all the interviews and shows he is the first one to stand and show off so excited and proud but when KS asked him he was so shy and embarrassed .. I really enjoy how Kai always so easy to read ^ _ ^   so here come our leader to stop this love-scene and cut it ,and that make me even more happy cause obviously he just saw those two begin to be so clear and that’s not what it spouse to be and the rest of the story we all know it ..

the awkwardness on our beloved leader face ,was so cute and make me laugh .. he always feel like he have to control those two love-birds .. let see some of moment of ,, well let me call it “ Suho Struggle “ with Kisoo LOL .. in the next post cause I can’t add more pic .. 

      ✩❀ — so i opened my very own store with my very own merchandise in it yesterday and i can’t believe that i’ve managed to do this. a year or two ago when kylie cosmetics was just an idea in my head, i never thought things would progress as far as they have as fast as they have. i never thought so many people would believe in me and it’s so humbling. the line of fans waiting to come in and shop has just brightened my whole mood and inspired me to make not only more products but better products. to celebrate this good mood, i went out today and spent time at the local children’s hospital reading stories and giving out early christmas presents. i just wanna spread how good i’m feeling to everyone around me!

Art School Victim - A.I.

Summary: Ashton is an art major who is going through a very hard time. Today is one of his good days.

Pairing: Ashton x Female Reader

- - - 

Ashton had a high expectation for art school before he enrolled. What he wasn’t expecting was the sleepless nights, crying and screaming because he “couldn’t do anything right” and smashing holes in his canvases because they “looked like complete and utter shit”. Y/N learned to deal with Ashton’s mood shifts, seeing him happy and giggly one moment and a nightmare the next. Art school had sent him into depression, but there were a couple times a week where Ashton was the happy, bright boy he was just a year ago. This was one of those days. 

Ashton sat with his legs on either sides of Y/N’s thighs, practicing his work on her bare skin. He loved when Y/N let him use her as his canvas. 

“Stay still, baby, I’m almost done,” Ashton murmured as he leaned a little further down, guiding the fine paintbrush against Y/N’s back. The cold feeling of the brush on her skin made Y/N giggle, but she knew the slightest mistake would send Ashton into nightmare mode, so she tried her hardest to stay still. 

After a few finishing touches and what sounded like a relieved sigh, she felt the weight of Ashton’s body lifted from her being. “All done, baby. Wanna see?” He asked, a hopeful sound in his voice. Y/N was riddled with excitement. This was the first time Ashton sounded positive about his artwork. 

“Of course I do!” Y/N responded as Ashton carefully helped her off the floor, making sure the drying paints didn’t get cracked or creased. He lead her slowly to the bathroom, her back facing the mirror. Ashton grabbed a smaller mirror from the shelf and handed it to Y/N, an anxious look in her eyes. “What do you think?" 

As Y/N lifted up the mirror, she saw her back covered in various hues of blue and yellow. Ashton painted an exact replication of Van Gogh’s Starry Night on her skin, making her gasp. "Holy shit,” she whispered, free hand flying up to cover her parted lips. “Ashton, this is beautiful!" 

"You don’t think it’s horrible?” He questioned, eyes wide with amazement. A grin tugged on his lips as he felt tears prick his eyes. He was so used to teachers degrading him until he felt like nothing, he forgot what it was like to have someone compliment his work. 

“No, Ash, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Y/N breathed out, continuing to admire the painting on her body. She put the mirror down on the counter and pulled her boyfriend closer by his hand, lips instantly locking with his. A rush of euphoria filled Ashton’s brain as his hands gently cupped Y/N’s face, neither of them caring that he left paint-covered fingerprints on her. 

When their lips parted, Ashton giggled when he saw the blue and yellow specks on her face. A smirk started to grow on his lips. “Now that’s a beautiful masterpiece,” he joked, making Y/N laugh. 

i’m suddenly in a very good mood so! thank you all for existing and being friends with me, and also thank you to gay podcasts for being gay and great, and also thank you to the concept of sleep because damn i’m looking forward to getting some.

Mail January 4th

January 4th

Good Morning z z z

is the last day of my holiday(*・ω・*)
I want to go meet my best friend, go to beauty salon
I want to fully enjoy this day


I want to practice for tomorrow’s
Team 4 stage performance too…
I want to watch some DVD too…

I have a lot things to do
more than i though( ° 3 ° )

The rent duration for this DVD
is 2 weeks
so I don’t need to hurried up〜

I will do my best today(・∀・)


First dream… 、is really the worst nightmare(´・△・`)

although it’s
Theater related dream
and the goddess of theater, Murayama Yuiri chan is there too

but it’s
really unpleasant dream and look very real

「 Dream come true 」
I don’t want it aaaaah lol

Good smell, good mood

Went to beauty salon
I dyed my hair,
trim my hair a bit and do some hair care〜

no matter how much I touch
it feels so smooth〜 wow( ° ○ ° )

「 any good color for my hair? 」
and so I asked the hair dresser …

So my hair is dyed grey
it’s good color I think(*°ω°*)

Simple is Best

ah, yesterday when I went shopping

I got this small accessories( ° 3 °)
It’s really lovely

wearing my favorite accesories
really made me happy 〜(*´ ▽ `*)

anonymous asked:

someone piss in your coffee today? you seem more hostile than normal

apologies, I am actually in a very good mood, no hostility is intended!

just having fun with my pals on tumblr dot com

Friday, December 30, 2016

Moon in Capricorn, void of course 1:07 am MST

The last working day of 2016 - dot the i’s and cross the t’s; with void-Cap energy there’s not much else to be done. Take care of yourself - you’ll feel tired out, as well you ought.

Sun/Capricorn sextile Neptune/Pisces, 4:25 pm MST

Spiritual receptivity, and the opportunity to pray and mean it. It’s really good for aesthetic experience, too, music (conservative formats) and visual arts (including movies) in particular. We’re in a wistful mood.

Moon enters Aquarius, 6:29 pm MST

Puts us in a sudden mood to socialize - maybe we aren’t as tired as we thought! The rest of today, and all of Saturday, are great for buying electronics, networking, and fomenting revolution. Even we introverts may surprise ourselves and not hole up on Amateur Night New Year’s Eve.

Looking ahead to Saturday: very little lunar activity and two eye popping conjunctions, as we bid 2016 “Good riddance.”


The unexpected death of Alan Rickman

The death of Alan Rickman has made me very much affected and infinitely sadly. Still today no day passes in I not to him must think. All appearances shown on top are from 2015. Alan looked healthy in a good mood and how a person with himself is very contented. Only months later he has passed away…We will never again see him laugh while he had the most beautiful smile of the world … 

For me it is still incomprehensible and the more I am working with him the more I realize that Alan’s death was a huge loss. The world has become poorer and colder a lot… I really miss him!!!!

anonymous asked:

i aced three tests today, got an F up to a C, and got the highest score on a test out of everyone in my class! i'm in such a good mood

hey great job bud!! that’s awesome, and getting the top class score?? that’s fucking great!! im very proud of you, be very very proud of yourself, treat yourself to something, you deserve it sweets!!

anonymously tell me about your feelings/your day/your crush etc. 🍃