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Occasionally, YouTube comments are not a cesspool - the top comment on this video is “Liam has encountered an error and needs to close.” 

the main problem i have with my uni is that instead of being educated we’re educating ourselves. and the saddest thing is that in 3 years i’ve gotten so used to it that i stopped even questioning it. they give me a task, i do a research on my own, i show them the result, they give me a grade. maybe it’s supposed to make us independent or whatever but… i personally love it when people are genuinely interested in the subject they’re teaching. when they don’t mind me asking questions and when they give me advice on how i can make my projects better. when the goal of studying isn’t just getting good grades but actually obtaining knowledge 


Philinda - Chasing Cars

this just in on what i do while procrastinating: dramtically lip singing into a water bottle @ 9pm instead of doing a project thats due tomorrow

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I have written 'fictional anime boyfriend>sleep' on my white board in my loungeroom because I believe this is an important thing for me to remember. Thank you for reminding me!

No!! Don’t listen to me! I once passed out from lack of sleep, food, and water. I’m literally the worst person to listen to. GO TO SLEEP KIDDOS

Sleep is important! your anime boyfriend can wait until tomorrow!! Go to bed!!


Thought process today: I wonder if All Might is doing okay. Is he relaxing? Is he taking any medicine for his injuries? Does he know he is loved by the people around him and he is not useless whatsoever just because they protect him please I need to know he’s OK A Y

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this entire photoshoot is absolutely breathtaking and harry is proving yet again that he's already an icon. the poses, the expressions, he just shines in every photo and is just so many things at once. i really am blown away by the interiew too, harry being so thoughtful and insightful, talking about his experiences in the band being positive and important and cleverly not burning any bridges, but also making it clear that he's moving ahead with his own singular vision. im so endlessly in love

the artist is the creator of beautiful things. there’s a raw vulnerability to this photoshoot that left me feeling like i was peeping through a keyhole. like i was not meant to see or be seen. to reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. this is harry the way he wants to be seen. his touch is in every picture in every word every little detail peppered through the pages. it’s the very definition of Art and not based on beauty but on feeling. don’t you feel inspired? doesn’t he make you want to be a better more confident kinder more magnetic you? all art is at once surface and symbol. it is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors. i see in harry what i hope to see in me he helps me expand myself outside of My Self and his very existence makes mine all the more worthy of celebration. it’s like some sort of Bacchic revelation. a transformation from the humdrum to the wild abandon of play. three blank instagram posts signalling an end. a new beginning. an Ovidian metamorphosis. so let us play, so let us beat the drums. it’s Caliban seeing his own face in a glass and beckoning you to come closer. commit it to memory because right now he’s spoon-feeding you bits and pieces of who he is. appetisers, if you will. i just can’t get over how Real this feels how mind-blowingly Open yet enigmatic how inviting although distant it’s such an accurate representation of whom i perceive harry to be i’m almost holding back tears. if beauty if terror then i’m fucking petrified. 

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3 anon questions to the mun. 1 - what do you look like? 2 - are you single? 3 - how long have you been on tumblr?

1. I feel very weird posting a selfie but I shall show you my face, I’m not much of a selfie person to be honest. This picture is going to be so big, bit embarrassing this to be honest.

2. Technically yes. But @mikechangandco though

3. About 7 years? Possibly more, I took some time off though for a year and came back around 6 months ago.

I’ve got like fifteen makeup looks in my notes that I want to experiment with and create to share with u all and then after that………….. hopefully I’ll be done with tumblr 😌

@william-shakespeare-jr tagged me to do this thingy thing. Thank you!

1. My lock screen: 

2. My last selfie taken: 

3. Last song I listened to: Condition // Comatose by blessthefall

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