in a time of need


“I give the whole living thing a chance. Even though I figured no one would ever need me…I kept surviving. Struggling, flailing around like a total idiot…But apparently, I kept at it long enough……that I found you again.”

Thanks so much for the great suggestions!!

Can I also just add that it will NOT affect what I post here.

I will continue to post as I always have (Usually I post a new pic for every 500notes if you ever wondered if there was a method to how I post) More when I feel like it.

So that will stay as it always is. I think i’d definitely like to do more coloured pieces for you guys - especially if I’m going to have a bit more time while Im hunting.

My sister suggested monthly ongoing comics like the Promptis the other day

Lulu suggested a zine

I’d definitely like to work towards some kind of book goal. 

holy FUCK do you think a baby raised from birth in a vr headset playing a game of minecraft would eventually develop neural pathways associated with pain every time they took damage in game



not to be dramatic but this was literally the peak of comedy nothing will ever compare

Hands down the best moment of watching TLJ was right after Snoke’s death, when Rey grabbed Luke’s saber and Kylo grabbed his own saber and they turned back to back like a Force Dream Team in slow motion with all the shining saber effects and the score and it was so cool and my 21-year old Star Wars fanboy of a brother turned to me and said “After this they should fuck”