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if you had to associate your closest mutuals with kpop idols who would you and why?

i honestly associate all my mutuals with their biases but these are some other members i associate them with ^ ^

Seungcheol: @minghaeo and @mans-ayyyeis coups for sure since both matthew and tiff are usually checking up on me and making sure i’m doing alright so along with associating them with their biases i also associate them with coups and his caring side

Joshua: although associating @wooziology with jeonghan is pretty accurate i think Joshua fits isabelle too. like at first look they seem pretty chilled and calm but really they’re both just dorks and memes hahahha. i also associate @jisoft with joshua because nancy gives off very soft vibes like jisoo > <

Hoshi: it’s definitely @mc-gyu and @hoshinoyas when it comes to hoshi. for aleyna her dancing and humor and overall cute mannerisms remind me of hoshi. same goes for sam! her funny and friendly personality is what i associate her with hoshi.

Wonwoo: @lilchubchim for Dian i associate her with wonwoo because how she says she seems really intimidating but really Dian is such a cute and sweet fluffball so exactly like wonwoo. @tookorean for jackie i associate her with wonwoo because of their lame puns lolol

Woozi: for some reason i kinda associate @baekyone with woozi. mochi is cute like woozi but i feel like she also has this more serious/mature side like woozi. idk why but that’s my association

DK: @imperialidiot i know we just recently started talking aashwi but seriously i get the whole sunny and friendly vibes from you so i definitely associate aashwi with seokmin hehehe

Seungkwan: @najmooni besides associating almost everything of naj with minghao i think the next person i can associate her with is seungkwan. just the friendly vibes and how she can always make me laugh and how sweet she is reminds me of seungkwan and how witty she can be at times

Vernon: @jeonghhan although i ship vivian and jeonghan she reminds me of vernon at times. complete memes but hard working and never fails to bring a smile to my face

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I pity blarkes because they allow themselves to be baited by that tiffany chick, meanwhile they shit on Eliza who's the only person that's literally told them bellarke isn't going to be canon this season but they continue to live in their delusions holding onto anyone who will bait them for profit. From Feb 3rd- The 100 Season 4 spoilers Eliza Taylor confirms no Bellarke romance asiastarz(.)com/articles/23143/20170203/the-100-season-4-spoilers-eliza-taylor-confirms-no-bellarke-romance(.)htm

They loooove hearing delusional Tiff, we can’t say they are baited cos they choose to believe Tragic Tiff so that’s on them.

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Tiff's probably gotten a warning that she's telling a bit too much, that might be why some of her stuff is a little vague ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ya probably, but ya know what I don’t feel bad for the writers at all. You wanna give out screeners for every episode of the season??? fine do it, but don’t be shocked when things start getting spoiled and people start giving away too much. Fuckin idiots