in a terrible sweater

It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.

rose-grangerweasleyisbae  asked:

Draco and calm down? He seems like he could use some Relax time now and then... Ps I love your Art!

Here you go :)

Draco, the British ponce that he is with his cashmere sweater and some tea to calm down after another long day of dealing with a bunch of idiots!

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vernon; the boy next door (m)

genre/warnings: fluff/romance/smut, flangst, adorkableness, use of non-penetrative sex toys, (not so) dry humping

word count:  14737

feat: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua, Jeonghan + various 

prompts: roommate!Vernon, silliness, cuddles, mac n’cheese = love 

(a/n) my birthday project for my muse. thank you for everything vern:) and kisses for @vernkn​ who gifed my soft sweater vernon aesthetic. enjoy!

She loved Joshua Hong.

When she was so graciously offered to live in her aunt’s vacation penthouse close to her university of choice, the only catch was that she had to pay some of the bills. Completely fair, because it was a kind enough gesture to give away a freshly furnished space to a niece you barely talked to. Luckily, there was enough room for another guest, enough to split the rent.

So in comes the savior of her life, brother from another mother, Joshua Hong, decked out in sandy beige Sperry’s and ironed white jeans. Fresh from South California, he wore their sunshine on his smile, and their attitude in his Cheshire eyes. He was attending the same university as well, and was conveniently looking for a means to stay. Needless to say, she pounced on him at orientation before he could ask anyone else.

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The fact that it’s the gyftmas season doesn’t mean Q is any less of a troll…he’s just much more festive about it XD

As per usual this got way more detailed than I anticipated, heh. Kinda bummed that the xmas lights in his mistletoe crown didn’t turn out better, but oh well, lol. Got caught up in all the other details >__>;

Anyhoo, merry almost gyftmas you crazy kids! Try not to eat too many gingerbreadskels lol.

some tips on reading xmen comics
  • if scott is in a helmet it means it’s all gone to shit
  • magneto is a good guy actually except for when he’s a bad guy except for when he’s a good guy
  • if u see a character that u think might be jean grey it actually might be madelynne pryor. the way to know who it is is: check the clothes. terrible sweater? jean. cute dress? maddy
  • illyana can be any age at any time 
  • if you can’t understand rogue or kurt’s accents written out just assume they’re saying, respectively: “i’m gonna kick some ass [random overly southern idiom],” or “gosh i love pirates”
  • sometimes betsy braddock can teleport and sometimes she can’t it’s honestly up to you
  • artie changes color. no one knows why.

Merry Xmas!

yes this was supposed to be up earlier but i failed my own deadline (what a surprise…)

here i present you the latest addition to the ugly xmas sweater OTP series: philinda!

available for prints and stuff on society6 and redbubble =)

Man, anyone saying they like Oscar Isaac’s sweater is suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome, imo. You’ve been forced to see it so many times it now has emotional power over you.

“Oh, doesn’t Oscar look so cute and cozy! I should buy that $1800 sweater!”

Burberry are villains and messing with your heads.

I don’t know how complicit Oscar is in this heinous scheme; I’d like to think not much.

But that sweater is just terrible. 

the losers club + secret santa + ugly sweaters !

the losers are in high school in this one, per usual! this was so requested oml.

-it was Eddie’s idea to do it. it was just kind of an idea that was tossed around in study hall one day and everyone seemed to love the idea

- before they started writing names and putting them in Ben’s jacket hoodie, they asked Stan if he wanted to be included and he said that he did

- Bev scribbled everyone’s names out on a piece of notebook paper and tore them into slips then crumpled them up and stuffed them into Ben’s hood, where each person would draw a name

- Bill drew Richie’s name and silently cursed

- Mike drew Stan’s name and already started to think about possible gift options

- Richie drew Eddie’s name and pumped his fists in victory

- Ben drew Bill’s name and immediately knew what he would get for him

- Stan drew Bev’s name and sighed, having no idea what to get her

- Eddie drew Mike’s name and folded the slip of paper, listing ideas off in his head

- Bev drew Ben’s name and smiled to herself

- they decided that they would exchange gifts at some sort of holiday party that they would throw together

- right after school, Ben went home and counted his money and rationed it off, calculating that he needed two more babysitting gigs to get the rest of the money for Bill’s gift, so he found two gigs right away

- Bill wandered around town for an afternoon, kicking chunks of snow in attempt to wrack his brain and going in and out of stores, but still couldn’t find a good gift for Richie

- the weekend before the party, Bev went into the music store after her shift one night and browsed through the Walkman tapes, tapping her chipped fingernail polish as she browsed. one of them caught her eye and she grinned, then purchased it without a second thought

- Mike thought about what to get for Stan for a while too, but when he saw something in a shop window as he was walking by one day after practice, he ran inside and purchased it with the couple dollars in the back of his pocket

- Richie bought Eddie’s gift the day before the party. he was walking around town with Mike and Bev when he thought of what he would get Eddie, then told them that he would catch up with them later, then sprinted in the opposite direction to pick everything up

- Eddie was out at the diner with Richie when he thought of what he would get Mike. after they ate, Eddie made Richie stay at the diner while he went and bought the gift

- Stan got his idea one day at lunch while he was sitting across from Bev. right after school he talked to the guys about it, then went into town and purchased everything with the money he earned from pet-sitting

- they decided that the holiday party would be held at Ben’s house since he lives pretty centrally to everyone. Bev came over early and helped him decorate and get snacks organized and clean up a bit.

- each person was responsible for bringing their secret santa gift as well as a food, drink, or dessert and wear an ugly christmas sweater. Stan did not own a christmas sweater of any sort, so he borrowed one of Bill’s which had little blue snowmen on it with a terrible argyle print

- Richie and Eddie made their own christmas sweaters, ironing on the most disgusting and old christmas patches they could find.

- Bill wears a blue sweater with glittery snowflakes all over it and threaded tinsel around the sleeves

- Mike’s momma made him one with his instruction to “make it look as hideous as possible” and that’s exactly what he got. she sewed bells onto the sleeves and stitched random bits of ribbon everywhere.

- Bev and Ben made theirs together as well. Bev went ham with the glitter glue and iron on patches, and Ben found a bunch of those christmas light necklaces.

- everyone tossed their gifts onto Ben’s living room table and put their food in the kitchen. Ben’s mom’s one rule was no food in the living room.

- Richie, being the human vacuum he is, ate multiples of everything until Stan finally put a cap on him because he was eating all of his favourite, Ben’s mom’s candy cane bark.

- Eddie tried to see how many pigs-in-a-blankets he could slip into Bill’s pockets before he noticed. It was nine.

- when Eddie sat down on the couch, he felt something squish in his back pockets. turns out, Bill got him back.

- they chose to start secret santa and everyone takes places on the floor or the couch

- Ben gets his gift first since he is the host

-Beverly gives him the small wrapped gift and he lights up immediately. he carefully opens it so he can save the wrapping paper for his mother so she could wrap something else with it. Once he gets the box open he pulls out a navy blue and orange paracord bracelet, handmade by Bev.

- she holds up her wrist and shows him her matching one and shoots him a wink. he puts the bracelet on immediately and he has the biggest grin and the pinkest blush.

- Stan gives Bev her gift next, and she was hoping that Stan would get her name because he always gives thoughtful gifts

- when she unwraps the box she sees it’s from the jewelry store that she stops to look in the window of, her smile grows massively.

- she opens the box and gasps, literally gasps, when she sees six charms laid out in a row in the box

- when Stan got his idea, he was staring at the chain around Bev’s neck that holds the key to her apartment. he thought that she might enjoy a little piece of each of the boys to wear around the chain and not just her key. he talked to the guys and they told him what they wanted each of their charms to be.

- Bill suggests that she should try and guess who picked what, so she does, and guesses correct each time. Richie’s choice was the small black glasses charm, for obvious reasons. Bill chose a shiny bicycle charm because of Silver, of which he still owned and could sometimes be seen riding around on. Mike picked out a delicate white daisy charm, reminding her of the one time in the summer before eighth grade that he made a daisy chain for her hair, while everyone was lounging around in the barrens. Eddie chose a tiny compass charm so that she would “never lose her way” as well as the reason that Eddie is known for his keen sense of direction, getting them out of trouble many, many times. Ben chose out a small silver heart, also for obvious reasons. Lastly, Stan picked out a small, silver hummingbird charm with a little crystal for its eye.

- Bev gave Stan and the others the biggest hug imagineable and immediately began stringing the charms on her chain.

- Mike gives Stan his gift next, which he unwraps with the intention to save the paper to use for another gift

- he immediately knows what it is by the box, and his face lights up immediately and he becomes giddy like a child

- he opens the box and yanks the new, real leather baseball glove and slips it onto his hand, pounding his fist in the center of it a few times

- he thanks Mike endlessly for the gift and is surprised that Mike remembered him mentioning it weeks and weeks ago

- for the rest of the night Stan admires the way it fits and the intricate stitching and details

- Eddie gives Mike his gift next, which Eddie is excited to see him open because of the amount of thought he put into it

- Mike unwraps the gift and is confused when he sees a nike shoe box with the size of it far to small for him. Eddie tells him to “just open it”

- inside is a long thin box containing a real, nice fountain pen, three chunky bottles of ink (one black and two purple), and a pocket sized journal.

- Mike thanks Eddie for all of this, considering he was beginning to get into writing small quotes and lines of poetry. he mentioned wishing he had a journal and a really nice pen that all of the writers seem to use in movies and books

- he opens the first page and smiles when he sees that Eddie got all of the other losers to sign their names on the first page, and in Eddie’s scratchy handwriting, he wrote “PROPERTY OF MIKE HANLON”

- Richie gives Eddie his gift next, and the second Eddie sees that his secret Santa is Richie, he narrows his eyebrows and looks hesitant.

- when Eddie opens the box and his entire expression changes. he pulls out a small corkboard and sets it in his lap, looking down at it in awe. the board is covered in polaroid photos from bev’s camera of the two of them, one of the photos is richie with his hands in a heart. it also has old movie tickets pinned to it, bits of notes written between them, and a handwritten list of songs that Richie titled “Eds Tunes”

- at the bottom of the box was a tape with all of the songs on it.

- Eddie and Richie both have massive grins on their faces for the rest of the night

- Bill gives Richie his gift next, and he is hesitant about it, afraid that Richie won’t like it

-Richie shreds the wrapping paper to get to the long box that lies beneath, and tosses it all over Stan to annoy him

- Richie opens the box and a massive, toothy smile takes his face. he jumps up so quickly that his glasses fall off. he shakes the box vigorusly until the cherry red denim jacket with a few tears on the back and sleeves falls out and onto the floor.

- he immediately puts it on and runs to the bathroom to check himself out. he runs back out and engulfs Bill in a massive hug, thanking him profusely for the jacket. Bill is just happy that he picked something good.

- lastly, Ben gives Bill his gift with a grin

- Bill opens the box and immediately lights up like a Christmas tree. “No way!” seems to be the repeated phrase as he tears open the gift

- as of late, Bill has expressed a huge liking of horror films, so Ben bought him every horror film that he could find on VHS. with each movie that Bill pulled out, he got more and more excited and when he reached the end of the box, engulfed Ben in a massive hug and thanked him.

- everyone took a few minutes to themselves to marvel over their gifts and thank their secret santa again.

-Bev looked over each of her charms again and analyzed each and every one with a smile on her face while sitting next to Ben, who admired his and Bev’s matching bracelets and asked her if she liked her gift

- Stan laid on the floor on his back beside Bill, stretching his new glove out while Bill told him about each and every horror film he got

- Richie kept taking off his jacket to look at it and hold it in his hands and fold it, then put it back on again and repeat the process

- Eddie looked over each photo on the corkboard and recalled each and every memory behind each photo, each movie ticket, and each song while sitting back to back to Mike, who looked over the contents of the Nike shoe box and conjuring up ideas of what he would write or draw. Every once and a while one of them would push against the other’s back or tickle each other’s side

- they all decided to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on Ben’s living room television

- Bill and Stan shared an armchair, (Stan still kept his new glove in his lap), Mike and Richie sat on the floor beside each other and Eddie sat behind them, both of his legs over Richie’s shoulders. Richie would occassionally tickle the bottom of Eddie’s foot and get himself a kick in the face. Bev and Ben also sat on the couch, Bev’s legs across Ben’s and her feet touching Eddie’s if she pointed her toes. Sometimes she would tap his sides with her toes to get a giggle out of him.

- at the end of the night, they decided to make this an annual thing and that next year, it would be at Mike’s house. they all love his mom’s cooking and the overall seclusion of his home, which was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the town-life.

- at some point during the night, each of them looked up and over their fellow losers, thankful for each and every one of them.

again, thank you to @eddiesbadbreak and @eddiekasp for helping me with this, as usual