in a terrible sweater

It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.

vernon; the boy next door (m)

genre/warnings: fluff/romance/smut, flangst, adorkableness, use of non-penetrative sex toys, (not so) dry humping

word count:  14737

feat: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua, Jeonghan + various 

prompts: roommate!Vernon, silliness, cuddles, mac n’cheese = love 

(a/n) my birthday project for my muse. thank you for everything vern:) and kisses for @vernkn​ who gifed my soft sweater vernon aesthetic. enjoy!

She loved Joshua Hong.

When she was so graciously offered to live in her aunt’s vacation penthouse close to her university of choice, the only catch was that she had to pay some of the bills. Completely fair, because it was a kind enough gesture to give away a freshly furnished space to a niece you barely talked to. Luckily, there was enough room for another guest, enough to split the rent.

So in comes the savior of her life, brother from another mother, Joshua Hong, decked out in sandy beige Sperry’s and ironed white jeans. Fresh from South California, he wore their sunshine on his smile, and their attitude in his Cheshire eyes. He was attending the same university as well, and was conveniently looking for a means to stay. Needless to say, she pounced on him at orientation before he could ask anyone else.

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at the museum

Sterek fic inspired by the last minute or so of this ridiculous video (it has subtitles if you wanna watch it).

Of course the first time Stiles sees Derek Hale since high school just has to be on the day he’s finally gotten Lydia from Marketing to agree to go out with him. That’s how the universe works, apparently, always giving Stiles the shittiest luck.

They’re at the Beacon Hills Museum, because he thought that would be something she’d like and it’s definitely something he likes, only it’s looking like he thought wrong. In fact, he’s pretty sure she’s covertly reading an ebook on her phone while Stiles is geeking out over the exhibits.

It happens when Stiles has finally given up on the museum part of this date and taken Lydia downstairs to the food court. She’s just declared that on her diet she can’t eat anything on this menu, and Stiles has just seen his chances of landing a second date dropping dangerously close to zero, and that’s when he looks over and spots Derek standing a few feet away, arm in arm with a hot girl, all dimples and glossy brunette curls and a jawline sharp enough to rival Derek’s.

Of course Derek would have a hot girlfriend while Stiles is utterly failing at the first date he’s been on in six months, and of course Derek would happen to show up here and rub it in Stiles’ face. Of course.

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anonymous asked:

*Taps on your window* Imagine Derek Hale waking up late one morning in nothing but an oversized sweater, rolls onto his knees, terrible bedhead, rubbing at his eyes as he tries to adjust to being awake, probably yawning, his head MIGHT flop over once or twice in an effort to go back to sleep

If I was an artist, this is the part where I’d draw chibi!Stiles standing in the doorway of Derek’s bedroom watching all of this unfold and trying not to melt into the floor just to conVEY HOW MUCH THIS  AFFECTS ME.

I think you killed me, nonnie. This soft, precious boy deserves all the soft, precious mornings. All of them. 



*adds to list of things I want and need to fic*

Peeping Tom

When I was twelve years old I peeped into a girl’s window for the first and last time.

I lived in a pretty boisterous area of town, not too far away from the nearby college. Right down the street was a house leased to a group of maybe five to six girls. The neighborhood didn’t mind them, they didn’t have crazy parties or trash the place. In fact one of them had a habit of bringing my mom cookies, as a thank you for being so welcoming to the area.

It’s how my brother Elliot got the idea in the first place.

Carla was honestly really nice. Had a great smile, always had a joke to crack, and was even nice to me. However, Elliot had a different thought process, having two years of age on me and a little less respect.

“Carla has rainbow polka dot panties, you know.”

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berry-happy-tokki  asked:

6, (jikook? bc u said jikook?) ((ps. i lov u my cat raiser my sweet lovely jo 💕💕💕💕💕))

🌸6- things you said under the stars and in the grass (ty tokki!!!! u precious bb always asking for the softest things aksnejne i had fun with maknae jimin thats such a cute concept)

park jimin isn’t their golden maknae for nothing: he can sing, can dance, can rap, has boys and girls in the industry or not falling at his feet. all it takes is a smile, a small giggle, a flushed face- and the person before him turns to mush.

“jimin, you look ugly in yellow,” jeongguk growls back in their dorm, eyes slitted dangerously at the sight of their maknae bantering with seokjin and taehyung, laughing about his terrible acting when sandwiched between two professionals. “who’s ugly sweater is that,” jeongguk continues grumbling, rummaging the kitchen for something to eat.

jimin flits over, seductive eyes widened and lips in a pout. “gukkie-hyung thinks i look bad? it’s taehyungie-hyung’s sweater, i was cold and-”

“hands up,” jeongguk cuts him off, and jimin does so, looking like a cold baby penguin in his bubblegum pink hair. in times like this jeongguk is thankful their maknae jimin is the smallest, so the Tall Guy Things work well for him. in seconds, the obnoxious yellow is yanked off carefully, tousling jimin’s mop of fluffy pink, and jeongguk shrugs off his army green jacket with the grey hood and dumps it on jimin.

“you look better in green,” jeongguk says noncommittally, looking away into the wrong direction of the suggestive smiles to the rest of the hyungs instead of the fridge for apple juice. damn it. whatever, he thinks, as he puts on his non-prescription circular frames onto jimin’s little nose. there. “much better,” he mumbles, jimin’s dressed now in his clothing, which ate obviously much bigger so it’s more comfy and warmer, thank you very much.

yoongi’s written lyrics and in spite of jeongguk’s ardent protests that he should write it for their maknae, head producer and genius min suga of course holds the royalties and calls dibs. he scowls, grouchy and when jimin sees his gukkie-hyung like this, his eyes twinkle with mirth, skipping over in a singsong voice. he gets away with almost everything, his hyungs are all so weak for him and he knows it.

“namjoonie-hyung~” jimin whines, “yoongi-hyung wrote me lyrics, i think you should proofread them-”

and everything explodes into chaos when yoongi starts hurling, “yah, brat! i am better than joon, what do you think-!” and jimin just giggles, tossing his head back when he sees jeonggukie-hyung grinning and laughing at yoongi, who’s being comforted by his soul partner, and ever so grumpy.

they go to film at show champion the next day, and when they come back to the dorms all tired and exhausted, jimin can’t seem to find jeongguk, who’s specified he wanted to see him afterwards.

“yoongi-hyung, do you know where jeong-”

“go ask namjoon,” comes the bitter voice, yoongi in a mock pout as he edits one of his selcas to tweet later. hoseok, who’s lying on yoongi’s lap, smacks the elder, and directs jimin to the rooftop. “thank you hobi-hyung~~” is said and he makes his way up.

night has fallen, and jeongguk’s standing alone on that faux grass, admiring the night sky. he hears the creak of the door, and softly smiles when he sees it’s jimin. when the maknae waddles over and stands before him, eyes in curious wonder, jeongguk picks him up by the waist instinctively. jimin meets his eye level now, legs wrapped around his hyung’s waist in reflex, weight supported by jeongguk holding up his apple butt.

“jimin-ah, you’re so tiny, and yet you glow like a little star in the sky,” jeongguk murmurs, “my little rice cake, a small dumpling,” and jimin buries his embarrassed face into the crook of jeongguk’s neck, all flushed and shy.

“you’re very beautiful, just saying.”

he waxes poetic a little more, about how jimin is celestial and heavenly and so very precious and alluring- until he remembers what he wanted to say. “oh, jimin? look at me,”

there’s a soft hum, and jimin looks into his eyes, like melted chocolate. “what’s the difference between a kiss and ppoppo?”

jimin makes no reply, but both of them are under close enough proximity to feel the heat radiating off jimin’s face as he recalls namjoon and seokjin hyung talk about the presence of tongue and how they all got so flustered while recording. “how could you ask me for a ppoppo on camera, huh, you cheeky brat,” jeongguk laughs, presses tiny pecks onto his manggaetteok’s jaw, his cheek, his eyes, his forehead, his temple, his hair;

“that’s a ppoppo, jeonggukie,” jimin whispers back, highly embarrassed now. “yah, i’m your hyung! and those six pecks are me representing all your hyungs, you hear? only i can do it. if hobi-hyung kisses your hair, then it's…. bearable,” jeongguk grits out towards the end. so possessive, jimin thinks, and he laughs, sweaterpaws cradling jeongguk’s cheeks. jeongguk’s just as brilliant as the stars in the sky.

“since jeonggukie-hyung has shown me what a ppoppo is, shall i… shall your maknae show you what a kiss is?”

PB: What are you doing?
Marcy: Cuddling~
PB: This is the most inefficient way of cuddling, Marceline.
Marcy: I beg to differ <3

Bubbline! In comfy sweaters!

I’m terribly sorry for the delay! Apparently it did not go to my queue and instead stayed in my drafts :’( I hope you still enjoy this @sabainism!!!!! I’m your Secret Santa ;D <3 I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

some tips on reading xmen comics
  • if scott is in a helmet it means it’s all gone to shit
  • magneto is a good guy actually except for when he’s a bad guy except for when he’s a good guy
  • if u see a character that u think might be jean grey it actually might be madelynne pryor. the way to know who it is is: check the clothes. terrible sweater? jean. cute dress? maddy
  • illyana can be any age at any time 
  • if you can’t understand rogue or kurt’s accents written out just assume they’re saying, respectively: “i’m gonna kick some ass [random overly southern idiom],” or “gosh i love pirates”
  • sometimes betsy braddock can teleport and sometimes she can’t it’s honestly up to you
  • artie changes color. no one knows why.

anonymous asked:

jyn gifts cassian a hand knit, ugly holiday sweater as a joke. cassian adores it and wears nothing else for the rest of the month

give me a pairing and an au and i’ll write a drabble

It was fairly obvious that Jyn’s forte did not lie in knitting. She wasn’t even sure why she thought knitting Cassian the world’s ugliest holiday sweater would be a good idea when she’d never knitted anything before in her life, but here she was, handing him the present smugly. Bodhi had done his best to teach and guide her, helping whenever she hit a wall (which was often), but even he had cringed at the outcome.

Even now, while everyone is busy unwrapping their fits, Bodhi is standing in the corner hiding in his eggnog because he is too embarrassed to see Cassian’s reaction to her hideous work of knitting art. She watches with an impressively impassive face as he opens the gift until he lifts open the box and his mouth drops open and his eyebrows raise in surprise.

“It’s…” Cassian begins as he pulls the sweater out of the box.

“Do you like it?” Jyn asks, laying on the sweetness. She looks at him as earnestly as possible, forcing her eyes to glow hopefully. It takes everything in her not to burst out laughing as he examines the sweater. “I made it myself.”

Cassian peers around the piece of terrible clothing to look at her. “You made this?” Jyn nods her head. He looks at her carefully to make sure she’s telling the truth before returning to focus on the sweater. “I didn’t know you could knit.”

“Well, I’m full of surprises,” Jyn points out. “Aren’t you going to wear it?”

In a show of good humor, Cassian pulls the sweater over his head to wear for the rest of their holiday party. It doesn’t match his outfit whatsoever, but it fits him well enough. At least she got that right. She catches at least half a dozen people jerking around to get a second, confused and whimsical look at his sweater, but he doesn’t seem to notice. She even overhears Baze telling Chirrut that he’s lucky that he can’t see her monstrosity. Cassian doesn’t seem to notice a thing for his part. He just wears the sweater obliviously, like it isn’t the worst thing in the world ever created. A part of her doesn’t know what to think that he’s not embarrassed, but it’ll catch up to him eventually when he sees all the pictures.

What she doesn’t count on is seeing him wearing it a few days later while he’s talking to K-2. The droid seems confused on Cassian’s choice in wardrobe and points it out, but Cassian merely brushes the comment off. He says nothing about it when Jyn steps up beside him, which makes her suspicious. The same week, she spots him wearing it in the mess hall, completely ignoring the sniggers of a few other soldiers. One night when she goes to visit him in his bunk for…whatever she can think of, she finds him sitting on his cot reading missions reports and wearing sweatpants and that damned sweater.

Is he mocking her? Is he playing a joke on her? She can’t tell. All she knows is that it feels like her prank backfired on her.

And then, while she’s in the hanger helping Bodhi repair a ship, the pilot sighs as he takes a wrench from her. “I can’t believe he’s wearing that thing again.” Jyn looks around and sees that Cassian is, in fact, wearing the ugly terrible sweater she had made for him. She can’t believe it either. “But he actually likes it.”

“He what?” Jyn swivels her head back to gawk.

Bodhi nods his head tragically. “Baze asked him and Cassian seemed genuinely confused. You made it – personally. He’s…fond of it.” He rolls his eyes and gets back to working, thankfully missing the blush that crosses Jyn’s face. “I’ve never seen someone so smitten before.”


“Jyn, that is the most hideous thing I have ever laid my eyes upon,” Bodhi continues without looking back at her. “One would have to be in love to wear something like that just because it was handmade. I’m just saying.”

Folding her arms, Jyn tried not to scowl, but she couldn’t stop herself from taking another peek at Cassian, who was speaking to General Draven with a very serious expression on his face. It completely clashed with the outlandish sweater that he was wearing. Her face went red again. Oh yeah, this had definitely backfired on her.

min yoongi as your boyfriend

if you guys like these, feel free to request the other members! (of any of the 3 groups i write for) 

Taehyung / Hoseok / Jimin / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- waking up would be interesting because sometimes he would be too far gone in his slumber but also he may be up working still on his laptop, you never know. 

- when you two are getting ready together (which doesnt happen too often) you do it in silence but he occasionally will reach out an arm and just pat your back or something when you’re brushing your teeth idk

- sometimes you dont know what to wear and yoongi is like “i got this” and picks out a bomb outfit tbh he has a really nice fashion sense and it works so well 

- you guys dont have any of the matching couple stuff but you do have identical leather jackets and they are super cute but not cheesy

- tbh both of your diets are pretty crappy because he never is home in time for a home-cooked meal so there is a lot of nights you order takeout and eat it in front of a bad crime TV show or go out to a fast food restaurant at like 2 a.m. and order a bunch of fries. its fun tho

- he’s the type of boyfriend that’s really subtle with his love. like he knows your order at almost every restaurant and he knows all your clothing sizes and such but he tends to blush when you call him out on it

- “i was not blushing, shut up”

- “yes you were, it was cute" 

- when he’s stuck on a song, he calls you to the studio since you guys live close. you’ll come in and inspire him but you dont usually go home. instead he lets you sit on his lap and 9/10 times you end up falling asleep with his headphones in as he works. it’s v cute and warm

- you really enjoy his voice but he is quiet a lot so you purposely poke at him to get a reaction and he acts annoyed, but he secretly thinks it’s adorable af

- he was a little nervous meeting your family but he pretended like he wasnt so you told your family to give him a little of a hard time at the start for a joke and they did and he was /so/ flustered but a minute later everybody was laughing and giving him hugs but he just glared at you with a murderous look

- he is really supportive and encouraging, but he doesnt push you more than needed. like if your boss is demanding you to do something you absolutely do not want to do, he’ll just be like "yah, dont do it. screw him” but when its something you just arent sure you can do, he’s always there like “there is no reason to be like that, you can do it" like honestly he is the cutest lil motivator

- when it thunderstorms and he’s at the studio he always calls you because you get a little nervous and he will sometimes rap softly or hum or narrate his day and honestly it’s the most comforting thing in the world. 

- when you convince him to cuddle with you its really relaxing because he’s warm and cool at the same time and he always knows how to make you comfortable subconsciously and you feel really safe

- kissing yoongi is hard to describe because sometimes his lips are cold and quick against yours but other times they’re hot and slow and honestly it doesn’t stop there, its different every time

- during the holidays he acts like he’s too “swag” to participate in the corny couple things but you always convince him otherwise. on halloween you always carve pumpkins together and drink apple cider but on christmas you two wear ugly sweaters and bake (terrible) cookies that you leave out over night for “santa” just for the fun of it. he pretends to hate it but he really does enjoy ever second of it

- he’s protective but in a way you dont notice like he gives a hard glare to anybody who looks at you wrong while you arent looking or making sure to walk on the outside when you guys venture out 

- and he always makes sure to stash a granola bar or crackers in your bag because you forget to eat sometimes and people wouldnt expect him to be so thoughtful, but he is  in his head a lot so he has a lot of time to think of such things

- he didnt want to introduce you to the boys for the longest time because you were his and he was secretly a little afraid that you would like the outgoing and affectionate members more than him but you assured him that you were with him and wanted to stay with him

- he wasnt quite reassured because he’s that type of person but when he introduced you to them, you always gravitated back to him which gave him peace so he didn’t have to worry anymore

- when you guys said i love you for the first time it was because you had told a really bad joke but kept giggling and yoongi was just like “you’re so cute, i love you” and then you stopped giggling and stared up at him with disbelief but quickly smiled and hugged him tightly and said i love you back and tbh yoongi was so relieved because he was so in love with you and if you werent he didnt know what to do because he had to protect his “swag” and ya know, pride

- being in a relationship with yoongi would be very calm and comforting and you both were extremely content and very much in love with the other

GUYS as a certified San Francisco Person ™ i can tell u that SF in the morning can get cold, like really really foggy and ass cold. so sarek, a vulcan used to hot dry temps, lived in SF (bc ambassador things!!) and so he probably dressed up in enough cold weather clothing in the mornings to look like a Vulcan Sweater Burrito. imagine.

enter Amanda Grayson, who is a badass and whom i would marry if she weren’t already married to Vulcan Burrito Man. she decides to learn how to knit, bc no boyfriend of hers will walk around SF freezing his pointed ears off. she knits him a Terrible Sweater. sarek begins to own more than one of them. 

and he WEARS THEM. maybe even to work, where his colleagues are like :O but don’t say anything bc sarek is a Big Scary Vulcan and you can’t really call a guy out for wearing something his gf, whom he worships, made him.

basically i want you all to imagine sarek walking around SF with his gf, wearing some truly awful knitted gear bc eventually she makes him hats and gloves and socks too. it’s a beautiful sight.

(also: spock wears some interesting sweaters in the first two aos movies. perhaps….amanda made them??? idk but we all know kirk digs spock’s fashion sense)