in a stroller

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Can I please have some hcs of Jared with his 2 year old daughter running from the press ? Lyl x

Jared picks her up and carries her so no one tries to grab her or get’s a camera too close.

He keeps s hand on the back of her head to hold her in his shoulder, shielding her eyes from the flashes.

Jared had to hold his tongue and calm down so he doesn’t lunge at the paps and punch them for scaring his daughter.

If he has her in a stroller he starts running pushing her to get away from the press faster and he can hear her giggling at the fun ride.

When she see’s people with cameras she understands that means bad so while jared holds her she’ll try and crawl under his gucci jacket to hide

Jared tells her the paps are super villains and hes the superhero protecting her from them to make it fun for her and also to boost his ego (because of hat she grows up thinking the joker is a superhero)

so me and laila @tokyoghoulre made up a video game idea called hometale and there are over 300 endings that get increasingly complicated and meta and one of the levels is you’re a little baby and you have to go to the corner store and back and you level up by getting/stealing strollers and the boss is to joust in the strollers