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Not Her, Please

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Requested by anonymous: one where he’s getting married but not to u

Note: thanks for playing with my emotions with this request!!!! lmao, I liked writing this actually I had fun


It shattered you when he told you he couldn’t devote enough time to you, and that it wasn’t working.

You begged him, to not throw what you had away. He wiped any tears that slipped onto his cheeks away, trying to seem as if it was harder for you than him.

He was lying to himself.

You were messed up for weeks, for months. You weren’t the same; you would cry, a lot; you would be incredibly isolated; you would get so angry and lash out; you would get drunk and call him, leaving various messages that you would hate yourself for in the morning. And yet, you couldn’t bare to say his name. He threw two and a half years down the drain.

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Marry Me, Negan - Chapter 8

Title: Marry Me, Negan

Synopsis: Being tired of constantly having to fight for your life, you decided to offer Negan a proposal. A marriage proposal.

Characters: Negan x You/OC

Warnings: SFW, swearing, eventual smut


Note: I AM BACK LOL. Sorry for disappointing y’all, this ain’t a Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know update. BUT. Next part’s coming up. Probably tonight. ;)

Chapter 8 - The Bitter Aftermath

You ignored the way Dwight stared at you as you ran out of the warehouse. Once you’ve reached the truck you, quickly walked around it and leaned against the rear bumper. Your heart was pounding against your ribcage so hard that you could almost hear it in your ear. Negan’s rejection had been making you act bolder around him and it’s something that’s been causing you a lot of internal conflict. You’ve always been a logical type of person, one who thinks hard about something before acting on it. Lately though, you’ve noticed how often you’ve acted on impulse, especially when dealing with Negan.

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So this started out as a Drarry Advent drabble but turned into a full blown Muggle Au Barista!Harry story and I loved it too much to wait until December to post it.  This is for my lovely @justanotherdrarryblog who loves coffee and barista!Harry.

Read it below or HERE on AO3.

Title: Some Like It Hot

Word Count: 2500

It has been an unbelievably busy day, Harry thinks to himself as he takes a deep breath and foams the milk for what feels like his one thousandth latte of the day.

“Hang in there, Harry. Just half an hour more and we’re off for the day,” Ron says good-naturedly, clapping him on the back as he passes him by, heading towards the register.

“Easy for you to say mate,” Harry responds with a shake of his head.  Ron doesn’t say anything, just waggles his eyebrows at Harry who sticks his tongue out when no one is looking before going back to making the coffee.

He reaches his right hand out towards the stack of drink cups waiting to be made, picking up the empty paper cup closest to him, ready for his next order.  But as he reads the side he can’t help but frown a bit at the ridiculously long list of instructions on the side of the cup which read - 4 shots, whole milk only, two shots of hazelnut syrup, one shot of vanilla syrup, half a pump of classic (added before the shots), extra hot, add whipped cream.

As quickly as possible he fills the order, trying not to make much of a face when he yells out “Draco, your order is ready”, as he sets the drink on the small counter.  He can’t help but wonder what the hell kind of name Draco is anyway. 

“Did you follow the instructions specifically?” He hears a voice utter, with a rather posh accent.

“Of course I did. I do know how to read,” he replies automatically, unable to keep the sarcasm out of his voice, and not even bothering to look up until he hears a rather loud tut tut.

“Gracious me, what kind of manners are they teaching their employees to have here? The customer is always right you know.”

Harry finally looks up at that, an annoyed frown marring his features as he takes in the man in front of him. He can’t stop himself from looking him up from head to foot, taking in his perfectly tailored suit and fancy shoes to the way his impossibly blond hair falls softly into his grey eyes, such a strong juxtaposition to his otherwise rigid look. As Harry stares he can’t help but wonder how it’s possible to be so pale, and if hair that blonde is even natural. He’s all sharp angles with his pronounced jawline and sharp eyebrows, and he is so ridiculously handsome and put together all it does it make Harry grumpier.

“See something you like?” The man says with a laugh, raising his eyebrow to smirk at him and Harry has the decency to blush crimson.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Right, course you don’t. See you tomorrow coffee boy,” he says, raising his drink to his mouth and winking at Harry as he takes his first sip.

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Jem and Will and Tessa, 19

  • AU: Bakery AU

Working in a bake shop was not what Will had imagined when he had imagined his twenties. Wasn’t he supposed to have a nice car and a well paying job with a path right to the top of some firm all laid out for him? Somehow, life hadn’t gotten the memo and instead of that, he had bitchy customers who ordered things that Starbucks served but they didn’t even carry the ingredients for.

“What do you mean you don’t have vanilla syrup? What is this place?”

“A bakery ma'am, we sell 19 different kinds of baguette if you wanted some bread but unfortunately we only  carry three choices for coffee.”

After she had huffed off in a rage about his terrible service and his obscene lack of low-calorie flavoured coffee syrups, one of the bakers stuck his head out from the kitchen and laughed. Will turned to roll his eyes and Jem laughed and wiped a bit of something off his face with the back of his hand. Stupid adorable baker boy. His shift would be done in another hour and Will would get to spend the rest of the day selling the things he had made.

“She’s going to write a terrible yelp review.”

“Good, she can scare off all the other soccer moms,” Will said.

“Soccer moms order birthday cakes by the truck full, they make up half our business.”

“Listen Mr. Practical,” Will started and then the bell rang and he turned back to the door. The woman standing just inside was tall and pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way and it took him a moment to realize why she looked familiar. When he did, he said, “New girl!”

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Look Around, Look Around

A/N: A little something I wrote after the Barba threat story aired. SVU aren’t going to carry it on, but I decided to. Just re-posting it with a few changes. 

It had been an incredibly long day at work, or it had felt like it. You looked at your phone, it read 8.35pm. It wasn’t as late as you’d expected. There was a text notification from Raf, you tapped on it.

Working late, don’t wait up! Love you.

You smiled as you read the end of the text. Rafael had been much more affectionate of late, but after recent events, you really appreciated his efforts. You stood outside your workplace, your evening had just opened up and you needed a plan. It was too late to ask anyone out for dinner but you weren’t in the mood for yet another take out dinner on the couch. It seemed like the perfect night to appreciate the city; the weather was perfect, clear skies, a gentle breeze blew making the New York City heat bearable and the stars were starting to sparkle, in spite of the bright lights of the city.

You walked through the streets, lost in a haze of your own thoughts, oblivious to you imminent surroundings, in favor of taking in the atmosphere of the city. You sang to yourself quietly. Look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now! History is happening in Manhattan and we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world! Following your recent tragedies and stresses, you wanted to make the most of what you had, you certainly were very lucky to have it.

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Black and Blue, Shance Fluff Week Day 1

YouTube AU where Shiro puts on eyeliner on Lance and Lance paints Shiro’s nails :D

“Hell my lovelies!“ Lance greeted the camera in front of him. He was seating on his bed, blue pillows and covers scattered, pale grey walls as his background. The people watching him online had a peek of his life through the framed photos adorning the walls, one of which was him smiling from ear to ear, wearing a navy blue suit, with a handsome man’s arm around his shoulders.  

“It’s ya boy, Lance!” He waved at the camera. “Here with me today is a special guest. He is my lovely boyfriend, fire to my loins, the bane of my being, the one and only lover- for now,“ he winked at the camera.


“Takashi Shirogane!“

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A room in my house sometimes has two doors.

Original Link By Daniel_Kay

Hey everyone. I found this place looking for somewhere I could drop this off to without being called crazy. And honestly, after thinking about a few things, I do feel right between crazy and paranoid.

I moved to a new place a few months ago. It’s a relatively small house but as the confirmed bachelor I am it’s a palace. Aside all the space I need for day to day living it even has some extra room I didn’t fully decide what to do with yet.

One of those is a small windowless room right next to the stairway leading to the upper floor and basement. When checking out the house I already had ideas about turning it into a hobby room or dedicated gaming cave. Though as things usually go with moving it turned into a “I’ll unpack these boxes later” room for the time being.

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Renegades- 5

Summary: Life with James “Bucky” Barnes was supposed to be the American Dream, until you accidentally become the target of a well-known drug pusher with no reservations about putting a bullet in both your heads. Now on the lam, the two of you will go to extraordinary lengths to survive. 1990s AU

Words: 1683

Warnings: Language, violence (implied torture) Brock Rumlow is a fuckass.

Master   Part 4

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Steve was courteous, going as far as to make pancakes for the both of you the next morning. The three of you ate at the table, the two boys picking on each other and you wondered silently, as you stuffed your face with pancake and chocolate milk, how long they had known each other. After you finished, Bucky tugged you into the bathroom for a shower, promising Steve not to be too loud. Steve mumbled a comment about bleaching the tiles, but it was muffled as Bucky shut and locked the door behind him.

You stripped down, eyes roaming over Bucky’s defined muscles as he pulled off his own clothes. He stepped into the shower first, steam rolling out and fogging the mirror as he held out his hand to you. Grinning, you let him tug you inside. Needless to say, more of the shower was spent getting dirty than on getting clean. But Bucky ran soap over your body when all was said and done- all of your body- and the two of you were on the road again before noon.

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Can you do scenarios of living together with Kenma, Kuroo, Hinata, Nishinoya, Oikawa, Iwaizumi and Sugawara? Your blog is lovely as always ❤

Hey love! I kind of took this as living as roommates, not lovers. I hope you’re ok with that!


- The kid never leaves his bedroom. Ever. If you don’t bother him, chances are he’ll dwell in the dark of his bedroom all day, only leaving for bathroom breaks or the occasional snack. He’d need excessive amounts of force to leave his bed in the morning, so be prepared to slam pots and pans in the morning if you plan on living with him.

- Despite the fact that he’s always MIA, he’s actually a pretty decent person to live with. He always cleans up after himself, keeps his necessities in the bathroom in order and helps with the cooking and cleaning. The only problem is, he’ll eat your food and have no shame admitting it. (You;d have to start keeping your cookie stash under your bed…)

- Unless he’s at Bokuto’s, Kuroo is almost always over at your place. You don’t mind much, he isn’t rude and is pretty respectful, but he’s over so much he might as well start paying for rent, too.


- He’s very respectful. He minds his own business for the most part and doesn’t bring home friends unless you’re comfortable with them. Although, he has a bad habit of invading your privacy sometimes. When he’s bored, or lonely, or both, he’ll sneak into your bed in the middle of the night and sleep next you you. This happens at least twice a week.

- He watches these atrocious nature documentaries every night. They’re tedious, and play at 8:00 PM every night on PBS. At this point, you’re 100% sure they’re only made to help insomniacs fall asleep. Sometimes, you’ll try to convince him to watch a more interesting documentary, a cute one about penguins or coral reefs on National Geographic. Sadly, he’ll always stick to the horrific ones, ones about the velocity of waterfalls and the properties of matter. He’s honestly an old man, sometimes.

- He wanted to buy a cat, but since you and the landlord were both against that, he got a hermit crab instead. It’s a troublemaker, that thing, and somehow, it always manages to escape it’s terrarium at night. In the morning, you’ve not only found it on the kitchen table across the room, but in the bathtub, behind the fridge, and in between couch cushions as well. Kuroo thinks it’s hysterical, but you get a little heart attack every time you see it’s left its cage.


- He’s such a joy. He’s always happy and if you’re having a bad day, he’s always more than willing to cheer you up. Although, he’s kind of messy. Actually, he’s very messy. He knows to wash his dishes and pick up after himself in the kitchen and living room, but his bedroom is an absolutely atrocious. You made a deal that every time you tidy up his room for him, he has to pay extra on that month’s rent. He always pays extra.

- Sometimes Kageyama comes over, and it’s like a dream come true. Somehow, he always makes Hinata shape up and do his own thing for once. On more than one occasion, you’ve considered asking him to move in with you, too.

- He almost burnt the whole place down, once. He tried making Pillsbury cinnamon rolls by putting them in the microwave. With the container still on. Of course, you were there to stop him before the microwave could do any damage, but after that day he wasn’t allowed to cook anything anymore.


- Nine times out of ten, if Nishinoya is home, Tanaka is over. It’s not like you dislike Tanaka or anything, he’s great. It’s just that when he’s with Nishinoya, they’re so loud, and for no apparent reason, either. They’ll blast Nicki Minaj from his bedroom, and do nothing but scream for hours straight. You’re surprised you haven’t gotten any neighbor complaints yet…

- He knows he can be obnoxious, but he makes up for it. Sometimes, he’ll buy a bunch of snacks, snacks that your mother would probably get mad at you for eating, and binge watch an entire tv show with you. Other times, he’ll take you out to a movie you want to go see, or a museum you’ve been planning on going to. He’s like a boyfriend, but without the commitment.

- Although he’s kind of like a boyfriend, he’s a bit of a “Big Brother”, too. God forbid you ever bring home a date, Nishinoya will be on top of him in seconds, asking for his name, birthday, occupation, and social status. Somedays he’ll be all buddy buddy with you ruffling your hair and calling you “kiddo”. The next he’s like, “what’s up loser?” and making fun of you if you mess up. It’s really just his way of showing platonic affection.


- No matter what, he’s always criticizing your outfits. Every morning you’re either met with a “Hey! You look so good today!” or a “Are you really leaving the house looking like that?” On more than one occasion, Oikawa has actually gone out of his way to put together an entire outfit for you.

- He occupies so much time in the bathroom, it’s actually annoying. You both will be in a rush trying to get to work in the morning, and he’ll take an actual hour primping his hair. On more than one occasion, you have peed while he was doing his hair because he was taking up so much precious time.

- It’s nice that he’s very clean, but it’s bad that he’s borderline OCD. Sometimes he actually drives himself crazy making everything ‘perfect’, and you have to be there to reassure that yes, everything is perfect and yes, he did a wonderful job.


- Living with this one means getting used to being woken up by a blender every morning. Iwaizumi is the kind of guy who drinks raw egg and protein powder shakes for breakfast every morning, and it’s kind of repulsive watching him do so. Although, every so often he’ll make you a smoothie before hand, just to make up for the noise he’s making.

- He leaves his dirty clothes everywhere. By everywhere, I mean everywhere. Sometimes he’ll just leave a sweatshirt in the middle of the kitchen and you have no idea how it even got there, and why he was even compelled to drop it there. After a while, you threatened him that you’d throw every stray piece of clothing out the window if he didn’t get it washed or put it away in an hour.

- As a roommate he respects your privacy and personal space, but as a best friend, he’s a bit of an asshole. He’ll take up the only bathroom in your place for hours, and you have to nearly break down the door because, “Hajime, nobody takes two hour shits. What the fuck are you doing in there?”


- He’s honestly a bit annoying to live with sometimes. He’s a great guy, really. It’s just that he has a really bad habit of babying you sometimes. He truly is like a mother, and sometimes he forgets that he actually isn’t one. He’ll sometimes come in and check if you’re sleeping or not, and make you go to bed at a certain time. Others, he’ll literally set a curfew for you, saying that you need to be home at a certain time for absolutely no reason. You constantly have to remind him, “Koushi, I’m a fully capable adult. You aren’t my mother.”

- Despite him being a bit of a doting mother, he’s actually a great guy to live with, once you get used to him. He’s fantastic at reading people, and even if you’re faking a good mood, he can see right through that facade, He’ll go out of his way to make your day a little bit better, whether it be by making your favorite food, putting on a show you like, or buying you something cute, Sugawara’s always coming in on a clutch.
- He makes you feel bad sometimes, because he’s actually kind of perfect. Not only does he do his own chores, but he goes out of his way to do yours sometimes too. You want to tell him you’re fully capable of doing them yourself, but do you really think that would stop Sugawara Koushi?

The smoothie fic

I awake to see Phil kneeling in the corner of my room, with his hands in a praying position.
Weird moans of enjoyment come from him, as he seems almost possessed.
“Phil?” I call out to him.
His head turns to me, as he quickly rushes over.
“Hey Dan, are you a towel cause I want you wrapped around me when I’m naked!” Phil says to me.
“Phil..?” I ask, somewhat afraid.
He pounces on me, pinning me to the ground.
He pulls out a shank from his pocket, and slices a straight line across my pants, and tears them off. He chuckles slightly, and stabs it into my penis. Strawberry red blood gushes out of my cock, along with silky white sperm and a combination of sperm and blood splatter Phils face and drench the shank. He forces it out, and thrusts it into my testicles, carving the insides and slicing through the right testicle all the way to the left. He grips a bit of the skin, and pulls it. Snap. The skin tears out as blood pours all over my crotch.
I try to scream, but my nerves are aching- and screaming is out of my capability.
“P-p-Phil!?!” I croak.
“Yes Danny boy? You likey” he asks kindly.
“Phil!! What are you doing?” I ask horrified.
“Wanna make a smoothie?” He suggests, as a completely random topic.
I stare into his eyes. His pupils are huge and dialated and his usually brown eyes are merging into a corse shade of red. His eyebrows are tilted slightly downwards, as his teeth suddenly seem somewhat sharper. He looks high, as if on some sort of drug.
“Phil? Are you on drugs???” I ask, hopefully it’s just drugs..
“Time to make a smoothie!” He yells, as he dashes to the kitchen. He returns with a blender and a large measuring cup.
“First ingredient is banana” he announces, pulling out a banana from his pocket and carefully peeling it, making sure to remove all the bruised parts for aesthetic.
“Now ice!”
He grabs a tray of ice, and “accidentally” spills it onto my crotch.
“AGHHH” I shout. As he doesn’t even bother to pick up the ice off my crotch, and let’s it sit there, causing frost bite to occur on my now torn genitalia.
“Now the final ingredient.. Cock”
Cock? He must mean chicken. Who the hell would put a penis into a smoothie? Certainly not a sane person.. But is Phil even CLOSE to sane at this point?
It is obvious he meant what he said, as he grabs a spatula and cautiously scrapes my crushed and torn genitalia into the blender cup. I close my eyes for a second, and BAM.
I’m kicked onto my front. I feel Phil kneel onto of me.. and then I feel something enter my butthole.
It’s Phils dick.
Phils dick is in my anal cavity.
Even though Phil isn’t attractive to me.. He still makes me feel nice. He rides me properly and softly, almost perfectly. It rubs against my g spot, tickling and arousing me. It’s not the horrifying tickle from when kids would  try to touch your armpits or knee caps in elementary.. No.. It’s more of a sensation tickle. That will bring a positive sensation through your whole body. I moan slightly, but not purposely. The moan just sortve fell out.
“You like that Dan?” Phil smirks.
“Then what about this?”
He quickly slides out of me, and grabs the shank again. He stabs it into my anal cavity, exactly where my g spot is. The blade turns and tears up the area and all the nerves connected to it. This time I moan.. Moan out of pure pain. This agony. This suffering.. Then he does something.
Something I did not expect.. never would’ve.
he grabs the blender bottom, the part with the blade.. And sticks it in my anus..
he turns the thing on..
Skin tears everywhere, smacking against the walls, peeling, and blood splurts against the walls, from the fast rotation of the blade. The pain gets so strong. The throbbing of my torn genitalia, the sharp spinning blade in my anus. The feeling that I was just raped. It was too much..
just then.
I black out..
I awake in a hospital bed. Bandages wrapped around pretty much all of the lower half of my body. I feel a touch on my shoulder.
“Hey Dan.”
It’s phil. That demonic monster..
“What happened?” I ask. Pretending not to remember.
“Oh.. You got hit by a bus while you were out buying a hamster.” He responds kindly. His eyes look regular. The pupils are of average size, and they’re more of a brother wn tone instead of red. His eyebrows are perked in a kind yet sad expression.
“Really..? Well then.. I must’ve had a horrible dream.. It involved you being a vicious psycho killer.. And..”
“Shh Dan. It’s okay”
He strokes my shoulder, and smiles softly. Just then he walks over to my hospital dresser, and picks up a mug, and hands it to me.
“Here. It’s a special drink I made. It’s made of banana, ice and.. a special ingredient..”
He passes it to me.
I look into the cup.
It’s the smoothie…….

Oxygen - chapter 12

Pairing: Jaehyun x (female) reader


Genre: romance, fuckboy!au


Summary: He took the oxygen away from your lungs and you let him. You let him unfold you when you promised yourself you wouldn’t. You let him inside when you knew you shouldn’t have. He ruined you and you gave him permission to do so.

Previously - here | Next part - here

Originally posted by taeyounq

You tossed and turned in your bed. For some reason you just couldn’t get comfortable. You turned your head and huffed in displeasure. Opening your eyes you were met with your loving boyfriend’s sleeping form.

Memories of the night before resurfaced. You trailed your finger down lightly from your cheek to his jaw. Your thumb grazing against his lips. You loved him and you prayed to whatever Gods above that one day he would love you back. You didn’t mind that he didn’t at the moment, but you knew one day it would get to you.

You sighed and carefully removed his arm from your waist. You didn’t want to wake him, but you were restless. You slipped on Jaehyun’s shirt and your pajama shorts. Maybe there’s some food you could snack on in the kitchen. You made your way around the corner and stopped to find your dad rummaging through the fridge.

“Isn’t it too late for you to have a midnight snack?”

“It’s called a midnight snack for a reason Y/N,” He teased taking out a gallon of your favorite ice cream, “Shouldn’t I be telling you the same thing?”

You grabbed two spoons and sat on the counter of the kitchen island. Him sitting on the stool in front of you.

“Damn, you got me there.”

He chuckled and dug into the ice cream.

“Couldn’t sleep?” Your dad asked bumping your spoon to move it out the way.

You almost wanted to laugh as you bumped it back. Not because of the spoon war you two were having, but because he knew you like the back of his hand.

“Just got a bit restless, that’s all.”

You remembered how when you couldn’t sleep you and your father would sneak down to the kitchen and eat ice cream together. It was something you cherished. You didn’t realize just how much you missed doing it.

“I see you brought a friend with you. Considering your state I don’t want to imagine what happened in your room while I was gone.”

Heat rushed to your cheeks. You looked down and poked at the ice cream with your spoon.

“He’s a good guy.”

“Can I know his name? I think I have the right to know the name of the man being sexually active with my daughter.”

That’s it. You were done for. You were dead. Why did he have to state it that way? You dropped your spoon and covered your face.

“Dad, please stop.” You laughed pushing your hair out of your face. “His name is Jaehyun. He’s notorious for his sleazy personality.”

“Ah! The same Jaehyun you repeatedly complained about since you arrived at university? The one that sleeps with and dates as many girls as possible?”

You paused and looked up to meet him in his eyes.

“I love him.”

Your father stared at you, spoon still in hand. The ends of his mouth slowly curled upward. Your father nodded and continued eating his ice cream.

Was that it? Was that final? You furrowed your brows in confusion and playfully hit his arm.

“What?” He laughed.

“That’s it? That’s all? No yelling? No stopping me from seeing him?” You questioned setting down your spoon.

“You’re an adult, Y/N. Just be careful.”

That seems to be all anyone can say to you when it comes to Jaehyun.

The sunlight beamed through your window. The sun rays warming your exposed skin. Groaning, you turned over to the other side. Open space. There shouldn’t be open space here. You opened your eyes and saw you were alone in the room.

He wouldn’t have.

You sat up and saw that Jaehyun’s bag was gone. Jumping up to get to the window you saw that his car wasn’t there either.

He wouldn’t have.

Just as you were about to leave the room, the door to your bathroom opened up. Steam flowing out of it.

“Good morning Jagi! Did you sleep well?” Jaehyun asked drying his hair with a towel.

He didn’t.

You sighed in relief and flopped down onto your back. Jaehyun walked over and climbed on top of you. Caging you in his arms.

“I slept amazingly, thank you. How about you?”

“Well my girlfriend did leave me at one point, but she came back. I never knew I could sleep so peacefully.”

Jaehyun leaned down to kiss your lips, but you moved your head away. He whined and tried to kiss you again, but once again failed.

“Jagi!” He whined.

“I have morning breath!”

“I don’t care! I just want to get a good morning kiss from my princess!”

You giggled and let him peck your lips. What did you do to deserve him? You had this beautiful man in your life and you didn’t want to let him go.

“You’re so important to me. I care about you so much. I will never hurt you, okay? Do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you, Jung Jaehyun.” You said holding his cheeks.

Jaehyun smiled and peppered small kisses all over your face. The water from his wet hair dripping onto your chest.

“I love seeing you wear my clothes. Let’s go get some breakfast. I already started taking our bags down to the car. Once your brother gets back from the market we can leave.” He said kissing your neck.

So that’s why the car was gone.

You felt like an idiot. He wouldn’t leave you as soon as he fucked you. You were different to him. He wouldn’t destroy you that way.

You sighed and let your fingers trail down his chest. “Okay. I can’t wait to meet your family.”

“I can’t wait to meet your mom.”

“Y-You still want to?”

“Yes, Y/N. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me. I was serious when I said I wanted to visit your mother’s grave with you. Unless you don’t want me to.”

“I do! I do! God, I love you so much!” You exclaimed pulling him down onto your lips. You pulled away as quickly as it started and rushed to get out of bed.

He chuckled as he watched you scramble to the bathroom. He got changed and went to put your bag by the door. Your last five words replaying in his head like a mantra. He loved how those words slipped off your tongue so easily.

You loved him.

The thought causing him to smile. He made his way to the kitchen and froze when he saw a large man standing by the stove cooking breakfast.

“Hello sir. Do you mind if I help you?”

“No, not at all.” The man nodded towards the sink. Jaehyun washed his hands and began cutting the fruit that was laid on the counter.

“You must be Jaehyun, I’m Y/N’s father. I apologize for not being here yesterday. Work keeps me busy.”

Jaehyun smiled and nodded. “It’s fine. It’s very nice to meet you sir. Your daughter shes’s just so.. so-”

“Stubborn? Independent? Headstrong?”

“Beautiful, intelligent, and funny too. I’m lucky to have her.”

The simple thought of you made his heart flutter. Your smile, your voice, your eyes. The way your limbs easily fit with his. How your back arches and a stream of curse words fall from your tongue. Your smooth clear skin that is now covered in purple marks. The way your lips part as you gasp and beg for more.

Jaehyun smirked to himself and turned his head slightly to the right. This wasn’t the time to think about you in the most sinful way, but damn did he love the sound of your labored breathing. How fucked out you looked. The sweat causing your hair to stick to your face. Your flushed cheeks.

This definitely wasn’t the time.

“She’s told me about you before. The little ‘games’ you play. I can only hope you don’t crush her like you’ve done to the others. She can only take so much.” Your father said reaching for the fruit Jaehyun cut and putting them in the blender.

“I would never do that to your daughter sir. She’s one of a kind. She could have avoided me and refused to date me, but she’s here by my side. I could never betray her trust.” He said looking into your father’s eyes.

Your dad studied him. He wanted to see if what he was saying was true. You’ve already had to deal with enough. He could see how happy you were with him, happier than you were with Doyoung. He nodded and clasped his hand on his shoulder.

“Good, because once you lose her trust you can’t get it back.”

Jaehyun nodded and your dad took the plates and placed them on the table.

“Mmm, what smells so good?” You asked walking down the stairs.

“Your favorite!”

“Ooh! Nice!”

Jaehyun reached for your hand and guided you down the last few steps.

“I’m fully capable of walking down stairs, Jaehyun.” You commented as he pulled you against him.

“I know.” Jaehyun said pecking your lips.

You smiled and pulled him down for an actual kiss. He was a drug and you were the addict. You couldn’t get enough as the taste of his lips and tongue pumped through your veins.

“Get a room.” Wren said walking past you.

You groaned and broke the kiss. Jaehyun whined and chased after your now red lips.


He groaned and kissed your cheek. How was this even real? How was he even real? You thought you knew him, but he was right, you didn’t know him. This was who he was. Someone sweet and caring. Someone who would do anything to protect you.

“Let’s go eat and then we’ll leave, okay?”

You nodded and pulled towards the dining room table. You kissed your father’s cheek and hit your brother on the back of his head. He muttered a curse word under his breath as he rubbed the sore spot.


Breakfast was nothing but perfect. The atmosphere was loving and warm. Just the way it used to be. You were surprised at how easily Jaehyun and your father got along, but it didn’t make you any less satisfied.

When you finished your breakfast Jaehyun took your bags to the car while you said your goodbyes to your family.

“I love you both so much! I missed you.”

“We missed you too, Y/N. Do well, okay?” Your dad said and kissed your forehead.

“I will, I promise.”

“It was nice to meet you both.” Jaehyun said shaking your brother’s and father’s hands.

“You as well, Jaehyun.”

You gave them one final hug and left the house. Jaehyun opened the car door for you and made his way to the other side.

“One more stop and then you get to meet my parents.”

You wanted to stop yourself from saying it. He’s not going to respond and you knew that. But you wanted him to. You wanted him to say it. You needed him to feel the same way. To relieve you of your fears.

“I love you, Jaehyun. Do you know that?”

“I do.”

You sighed and turned towards the window. You weren’t going to rush him. Maybe you were just moving way too fast for him. He’ll say it when he’s ready.

You wished he was ready now.

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Can you do the zombie apocalypse au with 17 performance unit please?

vocal unit ver (here)  //  hip hop unit ver (here)
also find vixx (here)  // bts (here)         


  • before the apocalypse he was just this troublemaker who kept being chased around by the student council for always playing pranks and making jokes and like to be honest no one ever regarded him as being smart, they just thought he was being silly for attention
  • but in reality hoshi’s like a creative genius, like he’s always making things out of scrap metal and a lot of his clothing is like DIY stuff with patched and badges and like probably he’s worn paperclip earrings before because he doesn’t care it looks cool
  • hoshi has like a ton of ear piercings in this au. eyebrow piercing too let’s throw that in there
  • and so when the virus breaks out and everyones scrambling to get their hands on ammo or guns or whatever, hoshi’s like nah let me just dumpster dive for materials to make weapons
  • and like honestly he’s made due with an old broken golf club that he tapped back together and chain locks he got off abandoned bikes and whatever else he can find
  • and you meet him because you’re scavenging the area for weapons of your own and you see these two feet sticking out of a dumpster and you’re like …… is it a zombie? is it a person? what the heck is it
  • and you get just a bit closer and throw like an empty can of soda at the legs and all of a sudden they disappear and boys head pops out and he’s like heY who THREW THAT and you’re like OH you’re a survivor
  • and hoshi looks over at you like “did you throw this at me???” and you’re like yeah i wanted to see if you were a zombie and he’s like when have you seen a zombie fishing around in a dumpster and you shrug like idk man anything can happen
  • and hoshi like jumps out of the dumpster, brushes himself off and picks up his golf club and you’re like what’s that supposed to be and he’s like it’s my weapon and you’re like …………a golf club? and he’s like it’s all i need
  • and tbh you’re like well whatever and you wanna be on your merry way but then you hear something behind you, the familiar sound and you’re like ……… dumpster boy we have a problem
  • and hoshi’s like eXCUSE me my names - and you’re like not important zombies coming 
  • and you think like damn i have to protect this boy now too because what can he do with a golf club
  • but the minute the hoard comes hoshi like runs ahead of you and you’re like WAIT but then he’s like??? mowing zombies down no sweat??? and you’re like oh,,,,,,he’s better than i thought
  • and you run after him and start helping and like 
  • you guys make a good team
  • a good enough team that when you guys are done with every last zombie in the attack hoshi’s like we should do this more often so you guys kinda like stick together for the rest of the time
  • and it’s kinda funny because hoshi tries to get you to use his golf club during fights and you’re like “listen, i feel safer with this pistol” and hoshi’s like LIVE A L I T T L E 
  • at first you’re like hell no im not getting into a dumpster but hoshi convinces you at some point and like it’s not as bad
  • you two smell really bad and are always on the lookout for somewhere to shower which is hard to do in a time of crisis but it’s ok because you smell bad…..together???
  • and hoshi at some point tells you about his past and how he’s used to people calling him dumb and shit like that and you’re like a little guilty because you didn’t think much of him either but now you see that he’s really innovative and actually quite charming what no you didn’t say that
  • and hoshi keeps pestering you about what kind of ~partners~ you’ve had in the past and you’re like hoshi bye and he’s like “you love me the most though??? forget about the past ones~~” and you’re like HOSHI BYE
  • you drop kicked a zombie in front of him once and finally took his golf club to like hit the zombies head off and as you watched it disappear into the sky hoshi was like
  • “hole in one”


  • was visiting the country on a vacation and now…..he’s stuck in this mess that he DOES NOT want to be stuck in 
  • literally he was right at the airport, about to board his flight back when they shut everything down and now he’s so mad he could rip his passport in half but he’s ike jUN just….calm down…….
  • and for the most part he decides just staying in the airport for now is ok because it’s on lockdown
  • and you, well you are a part-timer at the juicebar in the airport and tbh you have no clue what’s happening and you’re sitting under the counter, eating some fruits in panic because zombies???what the fRICk???
  • and you’re like just breath it has to be a dream UnTIL you hear someone clear their throat from above you and you’re like ??? who ??? the 
  • and you slowly get up, holding your basket of fruits you used to make juice with, and in front of you is this chic, stylish dude with his briefcase and some sunglasses and you’re like yes??? and he’s like “do you have juice?” and you can hear a bit of an accent and you’re like …….sir……we are in the middle of a lockdown
  • and he takes off his glasses with a sigh and ok he’s kinDA cute not the point but he’s like “so what?? can i have some juice or?”
  • and you’re like “i…..mean………..there’s no electricity so i cant make the blender work……”
  • and the guys like …..oh……good point….valid point……
  • and you guys kinda stand there awkwardly until finally he opens his mouth to say something wHEN screams start coming from everywhere and all you hear is ZOMBIES and you’re like SHIT 
  • and the guys like HIDE QUICK and he jumps over the counter and like pulls you under to where you were before and you guys like squeeze close and you’re like omf dude you’re crushing the bananas im holding and he’s like shh also my names jun not dude
  • and so you guys are cramped together silently praying that the running footsteps you hear are majority people and not zombies
  • and you’re holding your breath and when you look up you’re like wait 
  • and you’re looking right into jun’s eyes and they’re so pretty, like a sparkling brown and your heart flutters a little and you’re like o - oh- 
  • and like you guys stay there for a longtime till you cant hear anything and finally you like get out from under the counter and the whole airport is like empty and jun’s like well….at least the zombies left too
  • and tbh you’re like gonna cry this is too much whats going to happen and jun turns to see the like tears well up and he’s like oh oh god no don’t cry listen it’s gonna be ok listen lisTEn im far from my own home country and im telling you its going to be fine come here
  • and he like pulls you into his arms and you cry into his sleeve and it’s so EMOTIONAL even though you’re strangers basically 
  • but from then on jun like can’t leave you alone and you don’t really wanna leave jun’s side and you guys like make rounds around the airport to make sure no zombies are around
  • and you live off whatever snacks are left throughout the stores in the airport and every now and then zombies will wander through and you and jun search through luggage for anything that can be used as a weapon to defend yourselves
  • and the more you are alone with him the more you learn he’s not some chic snob he’s actually a greasy, easily entertained boy that like looks at himself in the mirror too much
  • but it’s kinda cute he’s like “well my hair is a mess so we know this is serious” and you’re ike omf
  • you offer to like brush it for him once and he gets kind of flustered for the first time but then makes some joke about how you’ve apparently been ‘dying’ to get your hands on him and you’re like HA no thanks
  • but lbr he’s cute and all you can think back to is that moment where he held you close the entire time and ok idk
  • you guys in a big airport giggling to yourself sitting on the counter of a juice bar and jun’s like i miss home and this is scary, but this person is ,,,,,,,so special to me now………
  • corny

the8 & dino 

  • didn’t know the apocalypse was happening because they were getting ready for a dance battle …….against each other 
  • they’re like mortal enemies of the dance battle world or something 
  • each of them always has like headphones on and literally doesn’t listen to what anyone else has to say 
  • all they wanna do is dance basically EVEN When therES ZOMbIES EVERYWHERe
  • but like actually dancing comes pretty in handy because their reactions are really fast and they have good instincts 
  • also can you imagine dino like moonwalking and then punching a zombie in the face 
  • while minghao does some kick flip and throws up the peace sign at the end??
  • but ok so like they’re gonna face off right but when they get to the place no ones there??? and they’re looking @ each other like what’s going on
  • and you, well you’re actually hiding out in the underground studio and at first you just hide and hope these two go away but then they start???
  • playing music??? and??? dancing
  • and you’re like shit it’s too loud the zombies might hear so you like jump out and turn off the music and the8′s like what the hell and you’re like 
  • what in gods name are you two doing in the middle of a zombie virus outbreak
  • and dino looks at you like ??? zombie???
  • and the8′s like are you having a bad nightmare or something??
  • and you’re like ARE YOU TWO BLIND didn’t you see the mobs of people and the news?? and they’re like no we woke up, got ready, listened to music and came here
  • and you like bring your hand up to your face and you’re like
  • you two need to leave and go get weapons to defend yourself-
  • but before you can finish the8′s like can you judge our dance battle?? we need someone to decide the winner
  • and you’re like ?????? what?????Did you not hear me????
  • and dino’s like yEAH zombies but also we need to settle this score so can you help us out
  • and you’re like skdhgkfha WHAT
  • and they’re like hellbent on you picking a winner and you’re like ok ok dance
  • and so they start again and you’re like what am i doing i should be out looking for food but im watching two boys dance battle
  • and like its all ok until you hear a scratching at the door and you’re like gUYS THIS ISNT A JOKE STO P 
  • and they’re like it’s nothing but then
  • the zombies come in and the8′s like oh god what is that
  • and you’re like that’s it. we are all gonna die. because these two wanted to dance battle till the end. i would like to write my will-
  • but before you know it the8′s highkicked the zombie in the neck so hard it’s head rolls off and dino like punches one square in the face and you’re like 
  • wait
  • and before you know it the zombies who’d found you are lying motionless on the floor and you’re like holy shit
  • and minghao and dino are like so where were we. dance battle
  • and so you’re forced to sit through it again and tbh like 
  • you feel safe with them actually now that you’ve seen what they can do so youre not protesting as much
  • but when it’s over you’re like 
  • hmmmm i don’t know 
  • and they’re like you HAVE TO ChoOSE
  • so let’s say you choose the8 and the8 is like of course i knew it and dino’s like sticking his tongue out at him 
  • and the8 goes over and he’s like “im glad you recognize real talent when you see it, you should stick by my side through this” and dino’s like gross hyung don’t be romantic
  • and the8′s like ??? romantic??? and you’re like ahdgdlakshfn 
  • and idk you like take him up on the offer and you guys break off from dino who’s still salty over the loss and the8’s quite an efficient fighter and really crafty so you guys like 
  • wander but he’s always there to protect you and somehow (you don’t know how) he manages to keep his ipod charged you’re like how he’s like solar energy you’re like please explain and he just smiles
  • and it’s that soft, angelic smile and youre like you know what dont question it and you guys do well together sometimes you catch the8 still practicing his dancing when he should be sleeping and you’re like its cute that he doesnt lose his passion
  • the8 jokingly asking if you really chose him as the winner because of dancing our because you think he’s cute and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and he’s like hehe oh my maybe i need to battle dino again since you’re so biased and you’re like shUT it,,,,
  • BUT if you chose dino, who like celebrates by doing some groovy dance and the8 rolls his eyes and is like whatever im out of here before disappearing out the door
  • and dino’s like “he’s being such a sore loser!!” and you’re like ?? so are you going to like go and take this situation seriously now and dino shrugs like i guess
  • but then he comes up really close to you and is like “wanna come with me????”
  • and you have no better place to be so you agree
  • and dino’s cute he like is really energetic and keeps you positive in a time of like chaos
  • he like gets along with all the kid survivors you meet 
  • and he keeps insisting that he teach you some dance moves on your off time but you’re like dino we cant play music the zombies 
  • and he pulls you up by the wrist and is like we DOnt need the music, the music is insIDE of us
  • and you’re like that’s cheesy but dino’s already spinning you
  • and moments like these make this whole thing so much brighter
  • but when zombies come around dino’s no joke, he protects you within an inch of his life
  • and idk it’s cute you two are like so cheerful and full of fun while everything else is so dreary and horrible and people see you and are reminded that there’s you know still hope ^^ 
  • dino getting flustered whenever you mention that his fighting style reminds you of dancing because what no,,,,,,,really???? 
Yaaas queen (Bobby x Reader)

You got introduced to make-up was around your early teens, you didn’t really feel confident about your acne so why not cover it with make-up? But then the make-up techniques got to a whole new level and as the time passed you got more fascinated by it and almost addicted to it. Your skin was now clear and you took care of it, but that does not mean you stopped putting your make-up on, it was like your mask so you can face the world, kinda like the “S” on the chest. That is why you decide to be a make-up artist.
A lot of your previous relationships did not really liked the amount of time and money you spended on make-up, especially here in Korea were make-up is more feminine and cure, but you were used to the american way, fake long eyelashes, contour, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, highlight and all that jazz. When you started dating Jiwon he looked absolutely fine with your make-up, he kinda liked it too, maybe because he grew up in the USA so he was used in women with this type of make-up. As the relationship progressed, they were times you would put on your make-up infront of him and he really looked like he loved it. He would even stay by your side sometimes and ask what is what and how do you apply it.
Last night you slept over at his house so you took over your back of make-up with you. Jiwon told you that he has planned to go out on a date with you so you got up to wash your face and stood in the mirror, ready to put your face on. As soon as he saw you he sat down on the bed and looked at you
“What are you doing?”
I asked. It was the first time he was so excited to see me doing my make-up, he smiled at me with a devilish smile.
“What? you always cheer me on when I do what I love, so I’m cheering you on”
He explained. Shruggin his shoulders like it was nothing, well it is true that I cheered him on in concerts cause I know it means a lot to him, but I did not expect him to become my ‘make-up hype man’. I turned back to the mirror and started doing my normal golden smokey eye
“Yaaaaaas queen”
You tried to ignore him and kept blending the gold with the brown. Then when you were satisfied with the way it looked you beggined to contour so you can make my cheekbones look a lot more sharp.
“Yaass bitch your cheekbones should be as sharp as mine, you better do that”
This is hilarious, he is so into it! and hearing him say ‘yaaaas" in that deep voice was so weird, but so adorable. It brought a smile on your face. You took the beauty blender and started lightly dabbing it on your face so it can blend with your skin
“blend that shit bitch!”
I giggled. This was so hilarious, but to be completely honest there was a part of you that loved it, it was so new but it made you feel better about yourself. So many guys don’t even know what eyeshadow is, but he is curious to know everything about it and supports you on your daily routine. You took your eyebrow pencil and carefully started lining your eyebrows and filling them in
“oooh get it! eyebrows on fleek gurl!”
what is wrong with him? You appreciate the support but he does not really have to do that, but at least he is supportive you know. When you were done with your eyebrows, it was time to put your fake eyelashes. You chose one of the many sets you owned and you took the twizers to help you put them on
“oh the eyelashes! if the eyelashes are not long enough to make you fly then it’s wrong”
You bit your lips trying to focus on your task and doing it right, putting eyelashes on is kinda difficult so you cannot really get distracted. You finally succeeded and went to line your lips with a dark pink lip liner and then go over it with the same shade of lip stick
“there we go, pamper up! If your lips don’t touch your nose then don’t stop”
He is so into this! that hype is amazing, it makes you feel like a godess. You did your lips and now it was your favourite part… the highlight! That glow it gives you it’s almost like a diamond! I mean, how can you not love that stuff, highlight it’s like a religion.
“Yaaaaaas babe, my bae looking like a glazed donut, shine bright like a diamond”
You sprayed your setting spray and runned to him, tackling him in a hug and forcing him to lay back. You sat on his lap and looked straight into his cute cat eyes that looked so warm and kindly at you.
“Why are you doing this babe?”
you loved how much he supported you, but you knew there was a deeper meaning to this. He smiled kindly at you and fixed your hair out of your face and behind your shoulders. Of course you would figure him out, what did he expect? you always knew that something was different about him as soon as he spoke to you.
“Cause I know how much you love it, I have also heard you talk about how your ex’s didn’t like it or made you rush, so I wanted to show you how much I appreciate you. I mean you deal with me having to go around the world and miss dates and all that, but you have been by my side and supported me through everything. it’s the least I can do to make you happy. I love you with or without your make-up”
You smiled, completely swooned over his words, you hugged him tightly, your hands wrapping around his neck, he hugged you back and wrapped his arms around your waist, letting a gentle kiss on your neck. He started rubbing your back, making you even more relaxed and let your self go, supporting your weight on him.
“Is that why you always watch me when I put on my make-up?”
you questioned in a hush tone, not moving an inch away from him, feeling those warm and fuzzy feelings bubbling in your stomach. He was such a loving boyfriend, always thinking about you and making sure you were okay. When you first met him you were a bit worried about him and his persona, you were not comfortable with the lifestyle he lived. But the more you got to know him, the more you realised he was not that kind of person around you.
“well yeah, but also you get that look on your face that’s so excited but also so focused, it’s almost how I look when I get ready for a concert, but in a different setting. I love it when I see you actually enjoying yourself”
“Thank you baby”
That’s all you could say. All those feelings were just getting stronger, it was the first time you were 100% accepted for everything, so he did deserve a thank you.He liked his lips and gave you a light squeeze, feeling a little bit better about his self in the boyfriend tittle, he loved seeing you happy and he loved how interested and passionate you were about that stuff that you took it as a career. Hell it was what brought you in this country, which means make-up was the reason you got together. He should be the one that should be thankfull.

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Get me + sambucky please! (I wanted to ask for break me but I was afraid you'd... break me so)

Oh but my friend you picked the next best thing >:)))) (I’ll be nice though, I promise)

Get me: one character saves another (which I’ve interpreted rather loosely lmao)
From this post

“So let me get this straight - you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend to make your ex-boyfriend jealous?”

Bucky rolls his eyes. “Not… jealous. Just - who invites their ex to their wedding with the person they cheated on them with, huh?”

Sam looks Bucky up and down and says, “Who actually responds and says yes?”

Waving a hand through that comment, Bucky says, “I just want him to know he hasn’t broken me and that I’ve moved on to bigger and better fish.”

“You sayin’ I’m a catch?”

“No, but you are fishing.”

Sam sticks out his tongue. “Fine, let’s say i do this for you. What’s in it for me?”

“You mean besides getting to see me in a tux?” When Sam swats his arm he laughs and says, “There’s an open bar, dinner is free, and you’ll be helping your best friend fulfill his long time dream of sticking one to his ex.”

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Pie floater, from The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett!

This is the recipe that sent the husband into fits of giggling and innuendo, so don’t even start. It’s also a bit of a hard sell to said husband, because it’s one of those enjoyable ethnic specialties that looks exactly the way it sounds.

Since I already had the pie from the previous recipe, I decided why not embark on an intestinal waterslide adventure! Can’t fault a girl for being thrifty with her food, eh?

Rincewind looked down at the knobbly green surface. Was it just possible that someone had invented a regional specialty that he could eat? And then something rose out of the depths. For a moment Rincewind thought it was a very small shark. It bobbed to the surface and then settled back down, while the soup slopped over it.
‘What was that?’
‘Meat pie floater,’ said the warder. ‘Meat pie floating in pea soup. Best bloody supper on earth, mate.’
‘Ah, supper,’ said Rincewind, as realization dawned. ‘This is another one of those late-night, after the pub foods, right? And what kind of meat is in it? No, forget I asked, it’s a stupid question. I know this sort of food. If you have to ask “What kind of meat is in it?” you’re too sober…’

What a lovely and exceedingly graphic description, Sir Terry. I could hear the soup in my head, merrily glugging along like an efficient colon.

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Damon Albarn interview and album track by track guide | The Sunday Times (April 6, 2014)

(You need to be a subscriber to even read this interview online, but here it is typed out for everyone’s convenience)

Damon Albarn talks to Dan Cains

His True Parklife

It really, really, really has happened. After a host of collaborations, the former Blur front man has made the first solo album of his 24 year career. It was worth the wait - this is his most personally revealing and nostalgic document yet. 

Three weeks away from releasing his first solo album, Everyday Robots, Damon is characteristically already make other plans. As ever with a man whose work includes Britpop fame with Blur, opera, Africa Express and Gorillaz, the 46-year old is feeling twitchy. “The problem I have,” he admits, “is that the minute I’ve done one thing, I want to do something else. I find it hard to respect a lot of successful bands and musicians, because, although there can be subtle, nuanced changes in what they do, there aren’t any really bold new moves, lyrically or sonically or melodically. Yet it seems like the world is completely satisfied with that situation. I mean, that’s find. But the idea of slowly grinding out a huge career, based on ‘This is what you get when you buy this kind of record” - I just find that a bit_“ He pulls a face. Don’t hold your breath for that long-anticipated Blur comeback album, then.

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ignitesthestars  asked:

what are your feelings about alina?

Characters like Alina Starkov are why I keep reading YA Lit.

Personality-wise, she is a 94 year old lady and the incarnation of Grumpy Cat in a blender on the inside, and I absolutely love it. When Alina talks, you kind of intrinsically, already get that she’s going to grow up to be that old woman sitting on a porch telling kids to keep their damn rock music down because she’s trying to either knit or dismantle a government. She’s constantly annoyed, but not in a way that speaks of adolescent angst or misandry. Alina’s just in a default state of Out Of Fucks to Give, but deep down, she’s got a backbone of steel and she’d do almost anything for those she cares about in a way that doesn’t feel contrived or fabricated. She’s like in a perpetual state of Burned Out College Student, and I love it because it’s both refreshing in YA lit, and it also feels very relatable—she’s not the Big Damn Hero because she wants to Bring Balance to the World, she’s doing it because well, shit, someone has to and it looks like she’s qualified. Damn that sucks, doesn’t it?

Another thing I love about Alina is that she sticks to what she believes in, and she’s this unique mix of traits that kind of speaks to Begrudging Optimist. She expects the worst, she prepares for the worst, but there’s always this small part of her that wants to believe in people like the Darkling or Genya after she betrays her. She understands people, in a way that I think is a great foil to the Darkling: she cares about what people want, she sympathizes with people who make tough calls, and, despite her bullheaded stubbornness, she’s ready to forgive and grudges don’t come easily to her. But she’s also not willing to let people walk all over her. Alina I think has always held her firm line in the sand despite her personal willingness to be compassionate.

I love Alina too because she’s flawed. She has selfish moments, she Nice Guy’d Mal, she was willing to play with that line of ambition, and she burns her hand into an innocent dude’s chest. She makes some questionable decisions. She has crappy paintings. She scowls more than she smiles. She’s secretly a 94 year old Grumpy Cat. She leaves a skiff of people to die for the sake of one person. She’s really, really human in a way that protags generally aren’t. Also, as an aside, I really love that Alina is perceived as attractive because of her confidence and her power. Not once did I have to hear about Alina’s curves in all the right places or alluring chips of amber eyes. It was always: Holy Shit You’re Literally Glowing, Like. For Real. Glowing. Holy Shit.

And my favorite, favorite thing about Alina is how female-positive she is. Not once does she have a not like the other girls moment. She makes such strong, nuanced friendships with women throughout the series, and even with Zoya the volatile nature between them stemmed more from Zoya’s attitude and status than it did her beauty or ~stealing her man~. And the jealousy about Zoya’s banging Mal? Oh yeah, Alina gets the fuck over it. Alina is very much pro-girl power, she likes dressing up, she respects Genya when others don’t both for her beauty/femininity and her strength, her prickly mentorship relation with Baghra is basically my favorite thing of all time, and her and Zoya move past the bullshit when things really matter (how awesome is it that it’s Zoya who gives Alina back her kefta? SUPER AWESOME THAT’S HOW AWESOME).


[DMMD Fic] Amusement (Noiz/Aoba)


Word count: 2,500

Summary: Written for my secret santa Aobaseragakii, with the prompt calling for an amusement park date. Takes place after Noiz’s good route.


    Aoba’s first thought when Noiz takes him to an amusement park is what will happen if Noiz sets off the metal detector–and how he’ll explain why. His second is that he’s not entirely sure he wants to go on a roller coaster with four loops.

     Mostly though, he dwells on the first. It’s enough of a burden on his mind when Noiz asks whether or not he’s excited. Aoba lets his thoughts tumble out in a not-quite-coherent way that leaves Noiz looking at him like his head is busted for one, two, three seconds before that dumb half-interested smirk curves his lips.

“Well if it’s a problem, I’m sure I can make them see it my way.”

“Okay first of all, I don’t know if you mean whipping it out, or greasing their palms with money,” Aoba starts, “And secondly, both of those will definitely get you kicked out before we even get in.”

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Fire [OQ]

This is a (very) belated present for queenoflocksley​. Happy birthday, my darling friend!

In which Robin and Regina can’t even cook for one another without turning it into a competition. Domestic Storybrooke OQ. (I know, I know. Who am I???) Seriously it is so fluffy I almost floated away while writing it. Based on this prompt (paraphrased): Regina cooks for Robin on a chilly autumn day, while the boys are out with Emma. [ffn]

There’s a distinct bite to the air, clean and sharp, when juicy pops of red begin to blossom from her apple tree, slowly dotting the lawn in their first full showing of the season. Fall has arrived at Regina’s doorstep, and it forges ahead, touching the skies and sweeping onward as she makes her way to the forest.

She pauses to admire the sunset of color painting the treetops, leafy beams shaken loose to scatter the earth at her feet. The wicker basket at her elbow grows heavier with her dawdling, so she resumes her brisk strides, heels stirring up fiery bursts of foliage. Each breath, deliciously chilled, tastes of the forest, familiar now for the various ways it has left its mark—smudged onto doormats, leaving dents in her pillows (her heart)—and it feels like coming home.

Though of course she would never under any circumstances admit such a thing to anyone.

The Merry Men milling about camp greet her in their own ways upon her arrival: a solemn nod from Friar Tuck, a gruff “hullo” courtesy of Alan-a-Dale, and Little John’s wary but predictable refusal to meet her gaze head-on.

But she imagines he’ll be singing a different tune once he catches a whiff of what she’s planned to cook up for them. In the time that she’s known John—having suffered a year’s worth of meals in his gluttonous presence, and now here in Storybrooke, where he’s developed quite an insatiable appetite for the lasagna at Granny's—the man has not been one to shy away from food of any kind, no matter how questionable the source.

Primly seating herself on the log with the least bit of moss, Regina unloads her basket of apples—glossy skins gleaming as though they carry a light of their own—and retrieves her paring knife. Her actions are swift but skilled, driven to single-minded focus by the familiar competitive thrill now kicking up her bloodstream.

Robin had started it the prior evening, determined to prove his mastery of modern appliances in preparing a meal fit for a Queen. (“Mayor,” she had corrected him archly, earning her a playful slap on the bottom and a cheeky, dimpled “Apologies, milady” for her attitude.)

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trashcanbees  asked:

I've been struggling to get started in animation, I switched from 3D with blender to focusing on 2D with Harmony, and I was wondering if you have any tips for what I should be focusing on concept wise and where I might find good instruction software wise. Taking actual courses unfortunately isn't an option so I'm kind of at a loss for where to start.

Long answer ahead.

That’s a tough one. I’m always pretty reluctant to give out general advice to something that requires a lot more context, especially when it comes to the individual. The Path of Art in it of itself is something completely subjective and something I like to take into account every single thing about the person before really honing in on problem solving.
Going along those lines, my art and, essentially, my career are things that have shaped my life profoundly, which is why I think of it that way. 

To start, without knowing that much about you as a person, I can already say it’s cool that you have some awesome tools. Blender and Harmony are very powerful when you know how to use them. The ToonBoom site itself is a minefield of information, but in case you don’t know where to get started, I highly suggest finding other animators animate in ToonBoom to see how they use it.
(For example, one way to get better at playing Overwatch is to watch videos of players better than you and try to imitate them and their strategies. Similar to this: ingest process videos and take notes.)

ToonBoom has a YouTube channel full of resources. Another animator that takes advantage of ToonBoom and records his process is Kyu Bum Lee. The internet is vast. 

On the other hand, ToonBoom is a heavier and more intimidating than Flash and Photoshop. If you’re unsure about where to start with TB, I suggest starting out with Flash or Photoshop. Figure out your own rhythm there, and go back to ToonBoom and reverse-engineer your methods. 
Similar to this, sometimes, if you’re stuck in a rut with digital art, the best thing you can do is try new things traditionally. Take a technological step backwards and try to figure your way around a new medium, and that’ll maybe help inform your new process.

Concept-wise, er, I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Do you mean what to start animating? Look up some animating exercises and practices. Richard Williams’s Animator’s Survival Kit is basically the bible for every American animation student. What do you wanna animate? You started off 3D but then moved to 2D–have you gotten a grasp on either? Do you even want to animate?? The bigger the industry, the more specialized you can be–something that big-time industry schools like CalArts emphasizes because of their different concentrations. 
3D Animation, 2D Animation, Experimental Animation, Storyboarding, Lighting, Rigging, etc. Try things out, find something you like and/or fits your way of thinking best, and stick to it. 

Honestly /shrug! Idk what to tell ya or what you’re lookin for. The hardest thing to pinpoint is where to really start, and you’ve got a plethora of options ahead of you. Good luck.