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10 Contradicting Things About INFPs

The INFP personality type can feel like a walking paradox. Why is this? Well, it’s because the INFP’s cognitive functions often contradict each other. For instance, although INFPs are Perceivers (which means they prefer an adaptable lifestyle), they lead with a Judging function, Introverted Feeling (which is concerned with establishing order). Likewise, it’s not uncommon for INFPs to have strong beliefs and opinions and yet be indecisive when it comes to making everyday choices. Here are 10 more contradicting things about INFPs.

1. INFPs want to help others yet they resist human contact. INFPs are true idealists who want to make the world a better and more compassionate place. They are highly empathetic individuals who have the capacity for deep caring. Although they are very interested in helping others, they can also be extremely reserved and private. As introverts, they need a lot of alone time to recharge, as social interactions can be draining.

2.  They’re both curious and shy. INFPs have a strong Extroverted Intuition (Ne) function which makes them enjoy exploring new ideas and possibilities. They are very curious when it comes to learning about the world, including learning about human nature and different cultures. However, at the same time, they can be shy and hesitant to open themselves up to people who they aren’t familiar with. This is because INFPs are conscientious, need time to reflect, and do not like to engage in shallow conversations. They take their encounters quite personally and are highly sensitive, so they may be wary about letting just anyone into their lives.

3.  INFPs can be extremely determined or apathetic. INFPs seem to run on an on-off switch. They can either be extremely obsessive about something or completely indifferent. That’s because Fi is their primary driver, so they are motivated by what feels right. So, if an INFP comes across something that excites them, they can become extremely passionate, even neglecting basic needs such as sleep in their pursuit. Conversely, it can be very difficult for INFPs to find any motivation to finish a task or partake in a discussion if it doesn’t spark their interest.

4. They can be easygoing or stubborn. INFPs are generally easygoing and flexible, especially when it comes to making everyday decisions. They also like to entertain different ideas and possibilities, thanks to their auxiliary Ne function, and are open to looking at things from many perspectives. However, INFPs have strong personal values due to their Fi and are reluctant to compromise them. They stand their ground and do not easily surrender in the face of adversity. For instance, INFPs believe in staying true to themselves so they resist giving up their individuality and values in order to conform, be part of a clique, and/or please others. They might get bullied for choosing to be a square peg in a round hole, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. INFPs are perfectionists but can also be negligent. INFPs have high standards for themselves and their work, and they can become perfectionists. For instance, they might reread an email several times before hitting send. At the same time, as Intuitives, INFPs prefer to focus on the big picture rather than spend time working out the details of something. Likewise, sometimes they get lost in their own idealism and neglect more practical matters.

6.  They’re unconventional and quirky, but also traditional. INFPs are highly individualistic people who break free from the status quo. They choose their own unique pathway rather than doing what society expects of them. At the same time, INFPs can be traditional due to their strong values and sense of nostalgia. They are extremely loyal and have clear beliefs about right and wrong. They also attach meaning to things from the past because of their Introverted Sensing (Si) function, so it’s not unusual for INFPs to hold on to childhood toys, treasured collections, or family memorabilia.

7. INFPs want to be autonomous and free, but also have stability and order. INFPs value autonomy and prefer to do things freely without any impediments. They like to be creative, expressive, and explore new things without being burdened by repetitive tasks and strict orders. However, at the same time, they are drawn to their inferior Extroverted Thinking (Te) function and desire some sort of stability and structure in their lives—or else things may get a little too chaotic. INFPs may find their life to be quite disorganized when they are being carried away by their imagination; they need something to ground them in reality.

8. They feel happy and sad at the same time. INFPs feel deeply and experience a wide breadth of emotions. They can vividly recreate experiences and feelings through their imagination. They may even experience several emotions simultaneously, such as feeling both pleasant and melancholy.

9.  INFPs want the ideal partner, but may find themselves drawn to toxic relationships. When it comes to relationships, INFPs may find themselves falling into one of two traps: they struggle to find their princess or prince charming, or end up in a toxic relationship. Because they are highly idealistic, INFPs may have unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating. At the same time, they are crusaders who want to save others. In doing so, INFPs may end up in an unhealthy relationship, attracting narcissists and other toxic individuals who take advantage of their unconditional empathy.

10. They are both children and old souls. INFPs can sometimes seem childlike because they tend to be optimistic and can see life through rose-colored glasses. In spite of their whimsical and free-spirited nature, INFPs are also old souls; they experience emotions intensely, have high levels of empathy, and can see many possibilities in a given situation. With these gifts come incredible insight, depth, and wisdom.

7 Questions to Help you Find your Passion

1. What did you really love doing as a child? What did you seem to have a natural talent for?

2. What are you willing to do for free because it brings you satisfaction and fulfillment?

3. What sorts of things absorb your attention, and cause you to lose all sense of time?

4. Do you prefer to work with others, or by yourself?

5. Do you prefer order and structure, or do you prefer freedom, and the chance to be spontaneous?

6. What would you do, and where would you work, if someone told you they would finance your dream? Would you build a business? Travel? Spend it on yourself? Invest it in doing something meaningful for others?

7. If you were asked to picture the ideal life, what would it look like? What would be all the different aspects and components?

Making Your Murder Board (or, Creating Fiction Through the Mind Map Method)

Hello, all!

With Camp NaNo quickly approaching, I find myself facing the daunting task of writing two novellas without much of an outline in place. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one in a situation like this, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite methods for organising my stories.

In the past, I’ve certainly been the type to write out a full outline with Roman numerals and topic sentences like it’s a fifth-grade book report from the 1980s.

While I can’t deny that this can be incredibly helpful when it comes to writing specific scenes and keeping timelines in place, it’s a bit too technical when it comes to more grand-scheme ideas that get the plot rolling in the first place. I don’t know about you, but I like to visualise my stories on a large scale before I start getting down and dirty with the details.

Enter the mind map.

I personally like to refer to this as my Murder Board, as it makes me feel like I’m on Criminal Minds and trying to solve the case by connecting all of the little red strings and thumbtacks. It can get pretty involved and can look damn scary depending on how many details you include, but I absolutely swear by it.

This strategy was recommended to me by a friend, and I can’t offer enough praise for it and how much it’s helped me to get my stories on track. If there are any of you out there still struggling with how to string your plot bunnies together in time for writing to start on July 1st, I definitely recommend taking some time to put one of these together.

I’ve illustrated my preferred method below using Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as an example. As a quick disclaimer, I’m the type of writer that puts a lot of emphasis on character. As such, this method is specific to character and relies heavily on the primary protagonist’s perspective— if your story isn’t particularly character-driven, this exact method may not work for you. I still strongly advise giving it a shot, as you never know what sort of details will be uncovered as you work on putting together a map.

With that in mind, let’s begin! (I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos— my camera isn’t the best)

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A piece of art I did to thank the kind and mysterious Deals Warlock cosplayer who bestowed upon me a hallowed ticket to The Adventure Zone ( @theadventurezone ) San Diego live show just when I had begun to give up all hope that I would ever get to see it (literally, this happened about an hour or two before the show). 

Being at SDCC was pretty effing cool to start with, but this guy and this ticket to this show made it positively MAGICAL. I don’t even know how to express how happy I was and how much it meant to me. So here’s a drawing I did of him as a Deals Warlock working sinister D&D magic! 

For a step-by-step gif of this pic, see here. For more TAZ fanart from me, see here.

EDIT 30/08/17 Holy moly. Thank you very much for the lovely response to this drawing! I’ve got my fingers crossed that amongst the notes, somewhere, is the Warlock himself. I was thinking… I may pay the good karma forward and get this printed to do a giveaway? What say ye, Tumblr? It’ll take me a while to get a new print run ordered (life’s a tad busy atm, and I prefer to bundle a few different prints together in one print order) But when I do, you down for that? 

EDIT 01/10/17 Ok, I have three shiny 8x10s (unlike Taako, am I right??) to give away to 3 people in the notes, chosen by a random number generator. And those three people are….drumroll…. @offkeymidnight @thingonmyback​ and @sherlocks-bitch-moriarty​ ! To claim your print, drop me a message here on Tumblr before Friday the 13th of October (oooooo spooky), and we can sort out postage. (Unfortunately if I do not get a message before then I will not be able to send the picture). 

Greetings, all! I hope you’re having a good day! Today, I’ll be giving a small, practical tutorial for a neat new altar/workspace setup I’ve recently been using.

I developed the idea out of necessity, because it takes up less space. It is quite safe if you’re burning things, and looks nice and elegant. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and even try it!

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of my own, but it looks wonky because it’s small and I’ve been using it a lot. I may post some pictures of it after I do some cleaning!

To begin, you need a large tabletop planter or flowerpot sort of thing! You want the kind that large houseplants go in. In theory, you could use a planter meant to set on the floor/ground. 

I prefer a tabletop one so I can set it next to my Tarot space on the table. The concept is the same, either way!

Choose one that looks nice to you! It should fit with your view of your craft, whatever that means to you, personally! Availability is an issue, but if you’re able to order online, there are a lot of nice options.

You can also get a simple, plain and functional one. You could decorate it with paint and such, if you like. Either way, it should not be plastic or flimsy. You want something ceramic and large, with a wide opening.

You also want one that is quite deep, at least a couple inches or more. If it’s too deep and big, you might have trouble moving it around. You don’t want that, but still, choose one that is exactly as large as you can manage.

Place it on a table where you’re planning to do most of your work. You might consider this your altar, or a workspace. I call mine a workspace, but it can function as an altar sometimes, too. Your space is, of course, yours, and only you can decide how you think of it!

I put mine on a table right next to where I’ve laid out a cloth for my Tarot and Lenormand readings. I also keep my working charm bottles on the same table, as well as other tools. If you have less space, a small nightstand table can work fine, provided the planter fits on it and is stable.

Once you’ve got the planter in place, go out and get some sand. I used really grainy sand, but fine sand should work, too.

You don’t want large pebbles (or even small ones). You want sand! You can get some at a home and garden store, especially in the summer. Buy a small amount, but enough to fill the planter.

Then, fill the planter with the sand. You want it full, but not piled up. Make it level, and don’t fill it all the way to the top. Leave some space.

Now that it’s done, what the heck do you do with it? Well, you can…

  • Place burning incense sticks into the sand, allowing the ashes to fall into the sand.
  • Place candles deep into the sand, such that it acts as a sturdy candleholder for them.
  • Lay out gemstones in the sand to form a crystal grid or pattern.
  • Sketch sigils and symbols into the sand with your fingers or a stick.
  • Leave offerings to deities and spirits. Be sure to remove them if they’re perishable, once they’ve served their purpose!
  • There’s a lot more that you can do, limited only by your imagination! You can also simply have a relaxing time playing in your mini-sandbox altar!

I would recommend only using this altar for positive purposes. I’m not one to shame or be a jerk about curses and such, though. The thing is, this altar is unique! The sand collects fragments of your spell ingredients. 

This imbues the altar and sand with your collective intentions. Of course, you want to make it a truly welcoming place for you. I’d suggest doing baneful work elsewhere and leave this altar for the positive things! That’s my view, anyways.

After a while, the altar and sand will be deeply tied to you on a magical level. They will have absorbed your intentions and energy. This means that the sand itself is even useful!

Sometimes, you might do a spell away from your altar, too. In that case, you can use bits of the sand to add the strength of your essence to the working. You can use the sand as a sort of magical signature.

Of course, you will need to change the sand eventually. I recommend doing this at major turning points in your magical journey. Save some of the old sand in a bottle, and using it as a symbol (in spells, or just in general) of time in your life!

I hope this article gave you some fun ideas for creating a magical workspace!


MILES UPSHUR, a man with a tough exterior and a marshmallow heart — he cannot resist adopting stray animals off the street. unfortunately, the walrider tends to put a dent in all his dog-adopting plans, that fiend! dogs don’t like the walrider, and dogs don’t like being basically homeless ( which, let’s call a spade a spade, miles doesn’t have a permanent residence, so he is by definition homeless. ) but there is a place where they will have a home, and that is the apartment of the most gracious waylon park. now you may think waylon is too easily manipulated into adopting these dogs… and you’re right. he is. after miles leaves waylon laments being wrapped around miles’ finger and being so eager to please… but have you seen miles’ face, like really looked at it? // comic based on interpretations by @walridiing and myself


this argument always follows directly after: what sort of inhumane monster would give their dog a NORMIE name? is this soviet russia? conformity is for the weak! revolution or death! miles prefers a more unique approach to naming dogs. and that is why he continues to call these dogs by their REAL names when waylon isn’t around. waylon just doesn’t have it in him to call a dog by a title that he wouldn’t even address a person by. goddamnit miles why do you give your dogs such embarrassing names.

( in order: briard is sir charles victor wooferstein VII, corgi is princess isabella camilla santiago sofia rodriguez, doberman is duke frederick james emmerson. waylon has renamed them to charley, isabella, and freddy. of course, regardless of who is calling them, they respond to both names. )

7 Questions to Help you Find your Passion

1. What did you really love doing as a child? What did you seem to have a natural talent for?

2. What are you willing to do for free because it brings you satisfaction and fulfillment?

3. What sorts of things absorb your attention, and cause you to lose all sense of time?

4. Do you prefer to work with others, or by yourself?

5. Do you prefer order and structure, or do you prefer freedom, and the chance to be spontaneous?

6. What would you do, and where would you work, if someone told you they would finance your dream? Would you build a business? Travel? Spend it on yourself? Invest it in doing something meaningful for others?

7. If you were asked to picture the ideal life, what would it look like? What would be all the different aspects and components?

The Arrangement (Part 3)

Summary: Dean reflects on your first date, and makes plans. The second date goes a little better, though Dean finds out how good your acting skills really are.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,700

Warnings: language, angst, sexual implications/references (shocking, Dean’s mind is in the gutter)

A/N: Part 3! Hope you guys like it! (not my image, but this is was my Dean inspiration for this part)

Need to catch up? Part 1 - Part 2

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Coffee shop AU

-Midoriya is a new barista in the campus coffee shop. Between studying to be a veterinarian and working a part time job, he doesn’t really have time to meet new people despite Ochako’s attempt at setting him up with some of her friends.

-He notices the frequent customer just one week into his work. Always arrives the moment the shop opens, orders a large mocha with extra ice, takes his preferred seat by the window and buries himself in writing away on his computer. Everyday, like clockwork. 

-The customer is cute. With odd, half white half red hair, heterochromia eyes and a sort of pensive look as his default expression, the customer looks like a character from Final Fantasy. Ethereal, out of this world, and certainly out of Midoriya’s reach. 

-The customer has a worst case of dark circles under eyes, however. Midorya isn’t really one to judge because dark bags under eyes are a thing among university students. So when he brings the customer his order, he also brings a small tube of eye cream with him. 

-”For your eyes.” Midoriya shrugs at the questioning look the customer sends his way and goes back to the counter. When the customer leaves, Midoriya finds the eye cream used and a sticky note sticks to it. ‘Thank you,’ it says. 

-Sometime later, the customer comes with a serious cough and he places his usual order. Midoriya purposefully makes a small hot mocha, and after thinking things through, makes a cup of honey tea. 

-The customer tries to protest, but the cough has already taken away his voice. Instead he typed on a his laptop. 

‘It’s not my order.’ it says as Midoriya leans in to read. 

“I can’t really let you have more ice when you can’t even talk now can I?”

‘I don’t bring enough money to pay for the tea.’ The customer types

“Don’t worry, that’s on me. By the way,” Midoriya says as he rummages around his apron pocket. “Have some of these. They help.” He places four yellow ginger candies on the table and cheerfully goes back to his place. “Have fun studying.” He pretends not to hear the hoarse amused snort.

-Snow and wind are the bane of his health. Midoriya comes to work that day with a runny nose and a mild headache. The customer takes one look at him and gives him his pristine white handkerchief. Then he proceeds to unravel his blue scarf and wraps them around Midoriya’s neck to Midoriya’s eternal surprise and embarrassment. 

“You should take a day off.” The customer chides him, his eyes narrowed in worry and disapproval, and really those do not help the butterflies doing somersault in his stomach.

“I’m-” Midoriya sneezes, and isn’t it a great sight with how much fluid is in his nose. He wipes it away quickly with a tissue (no way in hell he is using the customer’s handkerchief!) before continuing, “-fine.”

Judging by the arched eyebrows, the customer isn’t convinced.

-The customer keeps sending questioning glances his way while drinking coffee and Midoriya can’t keep the smile off his face.

-The customer leaves, not without urging Midoriya to call it a day. And well, that’s what he was originally going to do anyway but he wants to see the customer. With that done, he can now go back to his bed. 

-An early morning one day before Chirstmas break, Midoriya sees a familiar figure huddle in front of the door to the coffee shop. In the sub zero temperature and heavy snow, the customer’s thin hoodie offers hardly any protection. He is not wearing any gloves, hat, scarf, ear muffler. Nothing to ward off the cold. The customer raised his head briefly as he saw Midoriya approach and made to stand up but he swayed on his feet. Midoriya quickly catches him and oh god the customer is so cold! With dept hands, he opens the door and guides the customer inside. He sits the customer down in front of the heater and whips up a hot chocolate. 

-The customer does not even register the hot drink in his hand. It takes Midoriya physically guides the customer’s hand to bring the cup to his mouth for him to start sipping on it robotically.

-They stay silent. Midoriya uses it to observe the customer. He looks, well, bad. His lips are an unnatural blue. There are frozen tear tracks on his face and-is that a hand print…? 

-”My dad wants me to become a lawyer.” The customer starts to say, his voice wavering with every word. “I don’t want to. So I apply for a Creative Writing degree behind his back. He threw a tantrum when he found out, but it was too late. I’ve already sent my acceptance notice by then. Then he tries to stop me from studying. He locks my laptop and phones when I come home and only returns them to me in the morning right before he goes to work. My classes are all in the afternoon so I make do. I though it would stay this way until I graduate, but no, my old man is too conniving for that. He withdrew me from school and secretly enrolled me to a law school across the country. I argued, he back-handed me, I ran away from home with nothing on me except for my clothes and I have no friends to run to. I apologize. I should leave.” The customer tries to stand but Midoriya stands with him, grabbing a firm hold of his arm.

“My apartment is just across the street. You can stay there until things die down at your house. Don’t argue, it won’t change my mind,” Midoriya says, adopting a stubborn glare. He is spitting profanity at the customer’s father in his mind. 

“I don’t have anything to pay you”

“No need. You sharing this with me is payment enough.” And Midoriya starts for the door, not giving the customer a chance to get another word in edgewise.

-The customer’s name is Shouto. So cute!

When They First Meet You Headcanons w/ RFA Guys

These headcanons aren’t based on any endings so therefore there are NO SPOILERS! If you’re reading these and realise similarities it’s purely coincidence as I haven’t played all the endings yet!
Also, I hope that even though these might not fit with what you might think will happen,you’ll like them regardless. On that note, enjoy and requests are open!

Warnings: mentions of sex


  • The first thing Yoosung would do is fling himself onto you and press his lips to yours passionately. He’s been speaking to you for so long and developing this attraction to you, he’s bound to want that release he’s been dying to get out for however long it’s been.
  • He’d then be really embarrassed and hug you to hide his red face.
  • You’d tell him it’s okay, but he’d still be embarrassed.
  • After that, he’d ask you before he did anything in case he made you uncomfortable.
  • “C-Can I hold your hand?”
  • He’d make sure you knew he cared for you more than anything, and that he was thankful that out of everyone on the planet, you were the one to take over Rika’s place in the RFA.
  • He wouldn’t play games the entire time you were there, and t be honest he didn’t miss it one bit.
  • He’d cook for you and it’d be your favourite meal. Needless to say it was delicious because he’s been practising for you.
  • He wouldn’t want you to leave but he’d try to uphold a positive attitude and tell you, that you could see each other again very soon.
  • Once you left, Yoosung would almost instantly call you, afraid of you getting hurt in any way and you being hurt like Rika.


  • When Jumin first meets you, he swears his heart stops and his breath gets caught in his throat.
  • However being a very professional guy, he gives you a professional greeting. A handshake.
  • “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Y/N.”
  • At first he’d subconsciously make you feel like a business partner rather than his romantic love interest. Jaehee makes sure to keep telling Jumin that you want to be spoken to less formally and keeps telling you not to take it too personally.
  • Jumin wants to hold your hand, or to be close to you, but he couldn’t just yet.
  • Instead of any physical interaction, you both interacted emotionally. You told him about yourself and even, to his surprise, asked about Elizabeth the 3rd. From that second he knew that he’d fallen for you and that his precious Elizabeth the 3rd would love you too.
  • He’d then take you wine tasting, considering it’s something he loves to do in his spare time along with reading, and would even offer to buy you the most elegant and expensive wine there. However you couldn’t let him do that.
  • Jumin would take you home in a limo, make sure you get there safe,and heliked to see to it personally instead of just leaving you with Driver Kim.
  • After you leave, he’d call Jaehee and ask her one crucial question.
  • “How long is the appropriate time to wait before you ask for someone’s hand in marriage?”


  • He’s goofy asf, so for the first meeting, don’t expect it to be romantic.
  • He’d ruffle your hair and bring you into his place and show you all his equipment.
  • Although not really romantic, he’d be so cute-sy with you. Telling you corny jokes and unoriginal pick-up lines.
  • “Did it hurt when you fell?”
  • “Fell?”
  • “From heaven.”
  • “What?”
  • “Get it? You’re an angel.”
  • Constantly laughing and giggle to each other. If anyone else was there, they’d think you’d both taken something.
  • He’d also gush to you about Jumin’s precious Elizabeth the 3rd because he knows it makes you jealous. And the little scowl on your face makes him smile.
  • You also talk about how ‘fun’ it is to tease Yoosung. Well, 707 did, you refused to play along because you felt bad for Yoosung.
  • You have very limited time with Seven, because his job is so demanding, and once he gets called you need to go. So you might not be with him for long, but he does make you laugh
  • When you have to go, Seven likes to give you a hug and a short sweet first kiss because give him some credit - he’s completely into you! And he feels slightly sad when you’re gone, but makes sure to check in to the chat regularly to see if you’re online.


  • Definitely the most ‘forward’ meeting out of them all.
  • At first, you were both so nervous. And it was apparent in your posture and not to forget the awkward silence.
  • Eventually Zen would comment on how handsome he was because we need to address the elephant in the room. But he follows it up with, “but you’re much more beautiful than I am Y/N.”
  • He’d then hold your hand and you’d look at him with eyes that captivate him and automatically make him fall head over heels for you - considering he’s been chatting you up and sending you photos of his handsome face for a while.
  • He’d be a gentleman. Without a doubt would cherish you. He’d take you out or order take out whatever you prefer and you’d watch TV - drink some form of beverage (possibly alcohol).
  • But you wouldn’t go home. Something tells me that, even though Zen is 100% NOT a fuckboy, you’d be ‘spending the night’ if you know what I mean.
  • He’d said in the chat so many times, he hadn’t had a girlfriend in ages. Nor even a ‘female companion of the sorts’ and that he really did want a girlfriend… Something serious. He definitely found that in you.
  • So on the first night, depending on whether you’re up for it, I’d see there being some slow, gentle, passionate an romantic sex.
  • If you’re not up for sex, I still see you staying the night, and still sleeping in his bed with him, after watching a few of his plays/musicals and commenting/praising him on how handsome he looks and how amazing he is at acting and singing.
  • In the morning he’d make you breakfast and let you stay for however long you wanted before he walked you home and made sure you were safe.
Beginner’s Guide to Sigilcraft

Sigilcraft is a form of magic that is simple yet can be tricky to get right. Here’s how to start!

First, there are a few basic things you need to know about sigils:

  1. Sigils must be written in the present tense. That’s “I do” as opposed to “I will do.” This is because when you write in future-tense, sigils don’t know when to make the thing happen. It will always just be “in the future.” When you write in present-tense, the sigil knows to make it happen ASAP.
  2. You should be as specific as possible when writing sigils. That’s “I am given a raise of at least [x amount],” as opposed to “I make more money.”
  3. Sigils need to be charged for them to work. There are lots of different ways to charge sigils, but the most basic idea behind it is that you’re putting power into it from another source. That source could be you, an electrical object, a crystal, the energy around you, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  4. There are two ways sigils can work. Sigils can either be either left to sit and draw in energy forever, which many believe equals letting them putting out that energy forever, or they can be “activated” by being destroyed. There are lots of different ways to destroy a sigil. You can do it electronically or physically, and probably even other ways I don’t personally know about. For electronically destroying sigils, something like posting them to social media and then deleting the post after leaving them to charge would work. Physical life methods would be exposing them to the elements until they’re destroyed.
  5. Above all, sigils need to look and feel right to you in order to work!

Now that that’s out of the way, you can start making sigils!

For beginners with no experience sigilcrafting, I recommend the letter-arranging method as sort of training wheels:

  1. Write out exactly what you want to have happen with your sigil. We’ll use the “I AM GIVEN A THREE DOLLAR RAISE” example.
  2. Take out the repeat letters. Some people also prefer to take out the vowels, but you can leave them in if you like. But If we take out the repeat letters and vowels, we’re left with “M G V N T H D S”
  3. Flip, rotate, and alter the look of the letters to your heart’s content, and start putting them together until they make a design that looks good and feels right to you.
  4. You’re done! Now you can charge (and if you wish, activate) it!

Once you feel you’ve got good footing in the letter-arranging method, you can start to design sigils in a more free-form way! This is where you’ll really start to discover your unique style, be it flowy, geometric, or other! You can make your sigils based on existing images or simply go with the flow of what feels right.

My style is pretty geometric. Here are some examples of my sigils:

Happy sigilcrafting!

SPN Preferences #1 Touching You


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Dean needs some sort of skin contact with you. It’s his grounding reminder that you’re safe and there and not leaving. Whether its holding your hand, a ghost of a graze on your lower back as you walk, a firm hold around your waist or a solid weight protectively around your shoulders, he is always there. Comforting, warm and solid, needing to be around you. He’d wrap his hand around your waist when you ordered your coffee and the barista would look at you jealous and he’d swell up cause he was yours. When the days get rough, he needs a hug, your presence, your touch, and the world becomes alright again, because he knows that it’s a tender hand, a caring graze that’s touching him and no monster can ruin the moment, and he cannot complain one bit for the reminder.


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Sam was rather subtle. He’d lay a huge paw on your thigh under the table, play with your fingers, or lay his hand, palm up, for you to do whatever you want with it, but he’d never show much PDA. His towering presence was comforting enough, but sometimes you just wanted a little more, so you’d slip under his arm while he walked and he’d look at you lovingly, happy to know you need his presence around more, making him feel wanted . When you cooked or stood in front of the stove he’d appear behind you and simply wrap you up in a hug, just cause he could. When you were in bed, he’d endlessly cuddle you into unconsciousness, you often waking up to him playing with your hair and stalling his morning run just to live in the moment because, even if he doesn’t show it as much, he loves being around you.


Castiel is still new in romance. He’s hesitant but loving, awkward and shy but with a small nudge or a gentle reassuring smile will urge him to hold your hand and entangle his fingers with yours and lightly stroke your knuckles with the pad of his thumb. He’ll most likely be the one receiving the touch, be that a random hug or you wrapping your torso and arm around his own. And he’s absolutely one hundred percent okay with it. It makes him feel powerful, as if somehow your fingertips charge him up. Sometimes when he’s just sitting next to you, playing with your hands, you’ll move one arm behind the couch and run your fingers tenderly through the hairs on the nape of his neck. A soft sigh will escape his lips and he’ll lean back to your hand, disbelieving on how he got someone like you.

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Curious, assuming pizzas were a thing in Hyrule, what sort of pizza would Revali order?

Daruk: Sausage and Bacon, but with the meats overcooked to the point of being charcoal

Sidon: Pineapple; he’s not actually sure if he likes it, but he supports the creativity and wants to give it a chance.

Urbosa: Plain, but she demands the box be excessively decorated in traditional Gerudo accessories.



Everything is in order from newest to oldest.

Blurbs can be found by clicking on either sorted (a list of different blurbs I’ve written) or unsorted (all in one place, scrollable). Below each boys name are longer one shot, blurb, imagine type writings. Preferences can be found at the end, with all preference links below the title. All recommended writings can be found by clicking on recommendations.


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SGFG Series

One shots by multiple writers inspired by songs from Sounds Good Feels Good

Color Series

One shots inspired by multiple colors and what they mean to each boy.



Yellow is a prominent color in your relationship with Ashton.


After an accident that leave Ashton a single dad, he begins to write letters to his wife to keep her up to date on what’s going on in their daughter, Brier’s life.

Things Change l Part 2

You and Ashton had been best friends for years but a lot can change in six months. And when you walk in his house to see some girl with him, things do change.

The Joker to my Harley Quinn

Halloween College AU where your roommate convinces you to attend the annual Halloween party but then ditches you leaving you to wander around the massive frat house until you’re greeted with a beautiful, distant stranger.


Halloween AU where Ashton accompanies you while you take your younger siblings trick or treating.

Ketchup Packets

Warning: Deals with social anxiety.

Ashton and you have a best friend ritual of going to In N Out and after an unfortunate incident you come clean to Ashton about some of anxiety issues.


Plus Size AU. Ice cream parlors, heat, hammocks, and insecurities.

Ink Stains and Aquariums

Ashton and you are in the same Marine biology class and decide to visit the aquarium together.


Based on Halsey’s song Trouble.

Laundry Day

When you go to do your laundry you are met with a panicked boy and a room full of detergent.

The Academy Awards

Ashton accompanies you to your first ever Academy Awards as a nominee.

Tumblr Secrets

You’re a writer and Ashton finds out that you used to write fanfics on Tumblr about him before you started dating.



Calum and you want nothing more than to have another child but sometimes life has a funny way of working. Miscarriage TW


Chef!Y/N struggles trying to balance her career and her personal life with Calum and their two children.


Royal!AU where gold is a prominent color in your relationship with Calum.

Time Apart

Military AU where Calum unexpectedly gets called to camp only three months into your relationship.

Work of Art

Halloween AU where single dad Calum volunteers in his daughter’s kindergarten class and soon becomes the Halloween arts and craft project.

Halloween Carnival

Halloween AU where the Hood Twins drag you and Calum to their school carnival where contests are won a fish named Pumpkin is brought home.

Band Kids

High School AU in which Calum is a bassist in a pop-rock band and you’re the head clarinet player in your high school’s marching band.

Marry Me

Calum and you are best friends and over the course of your friendship he asks you to marry him several times.

Rip Currents

Lifeguard AU where both of you are lifeguards at the beach for the summer.

Doctor Hood

You get distracted staring at a random face, spraining your ankle in the process. Luckily Calum is on call to help you out.


An AU blurb where Calum falls for a writer in his english class.

Little Drummer Boy

All Calum wants is to teach his son the bass guitar but his son has other plans.

Working Girl

You’re busy stocking the shelves of Target with the latest CDs when Calum Hood of 5 Seconds of Summer comes in and interrupts you.


The Best Christmas Ever

Originally written for Emma (lukenut)


After Luke gets made fun of for wearing new boots on stage, you try and cheer him up.


Blue is a prominent color in your relationship with Luke.

New Year

Luke and you broke up two years ago and haven’t seen each other since, until tonight at a New Year’s party.

Off Limits

You’re Michael’s little sister and Luke’s best friend and when they ask you to come on tour with them things get a bit messy. 


You decide to decorate your shared apartment for Halloween while Luke is out and when he comes home to find decorations but no sign of you he automatically assumes the worst.

Not My Holiday

Halloween & plus size AU where Luke takes you to the costume store but instead of finding costumes Luke learns more about your insecurities.

I’ve Got Your Back

Boyfriend!Luke helps you recover from a back surgery and later helps you escape your insecurities about the scar left behind.

Road Trips, Flat Tires, & Landmarks

Best friend!Luke and you have been planning a road trip for year and finally you get go on the adventure. Full of road trip shenanigans.


A cute little blurb about Luke being a dad to an adorable little girl who inherited his trade mark dimple.

Pick Up Lines

You’ve been best friends with the boy since childhood and after years of sleepovers, Luke has finally decided to confess his attraction to you.


Luke broke up with you before he left for tour leaving both of you upset until the boys band together to fix it.

Ice Cream

AU where Luke is a waiter at a restaurant and see’s you getting stood up.

Princess Hemmings

Luke’s fearful of having a daughter but soon realizes that it’s the best thing that ever happened to him, making you quite a bit jealous.

County Fair

Luke and you go on a date to your local county fair.

Vertically Challenged

Dating Luke makes you realize how short you actually are.



You’re afraid of change and Michael must try and comfort you.


Black is a prominent color in your relationship with Michael.


In which you work as 5 Second of Summer’s stylist and Michael and you become a little too close to be considered just friends.


Red is a prominent color in your relationship with Michael.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Part of my SGFG series. 

Haunted House

You work at a haunted house where you make fun of the scared people until one boy gets scared so bad he ends up knocking over a wall, hurting himself even worse.


Halloween/College AU where Michael and you are best friends and decide to make a bet seeing who can scare each other more during October. The winner gets to pick the other’s Halloween costume.

Netlfix and Friendship l Part 2 

College!AU where Michael and you get paired up to be Netflix and chill partners but instead of “chilling” the two of you become best friends instead.

Scientific Naps


One hour into your geology class and you unconsciously decide to take a nap on a stranger’s shoulder. Thankfully that stranger’s shoulder makes for a good pillow and he even has a cute face.

The Set Up

You like Michael. Michael likes you. Calum and your best friend decide to set you two up.


Are you scared or are you not ready? A blurb in which Michael and you aren’t sure if you’re pregnant or not.

Bands, Blood, and Ice Packs

Michael and you both end up in the care of First Aid during Warped Tour.

Stray Hair and Empty Pants

Michael and you have been living together for a short amount of time and have begun to annoy one another.


You wake Michael up, convincing him to help you cure your pregnancy cravings. Inspired by Michael’s “I hate eggs” tweet.


You win a contest to go on a date with your favorite 5SOS member.

Christmas Wrapping

Michael is “helping” you wrap Christmas gifts for your family.

Nail Salon

Michael tags along to the nail salon with you and find out why you like going so much.

Facetiming after Jingle Ball

Facetiming boyfriend!Michael after his Jingle Ball set that was streamed online.


Carving Pumpkins (4/4)

Halloween Costumes (Cashton) l Halloween Costumes (Muke)

Father’s Day (4/4)

Emojis (4/4)

Come Back, Be Here (4/4)  l Part 2 (Cashton)

Mother’s Day (4/4)

Easter (4/4)

The Proposal (4/4)

Valentine’s Day (4/4)

Finding Out Your Ticklish (4/4)

You’re in the hospital (4/4)

Wedding Day (4/4)

Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 7)

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Part 6

“Run this by me again?” Your friend said. “You’re going to Paris? Randomly. By yourself?” 

“Uh…yes,” you said packing your suitcase. 

“Is it for work?” She asked. 

“No,” you said. “I’m just uh… getting out of the city.” 

“By going to another city,” she pointed out. 

“It’s Paris, it’s different,” you said. 

“Wait a minute,” she said. “This wouldn’t be a little romantic getaway with your mystery boy toy would it?” 

You bit your lip. Technically, it wasn’t because he was going there for work, however, he was extending his stay a little so that you two could have some time together. 

“OH MY GOD IT IS!” She said. 

Apparently, you waited too long to answer. 

“It’s obvious that you two are getting serious and you won’t even tell me, your best friend, who it is,” she groaned. “I’m really started to feel offended.” 

“I’m sorry, it’s just it’s complicated,” you sighed. 

“Becuase it’s someone famous and your job right?” She smirked. 

You sighed. “I’ll tell you when I can, I promise.” 

“You better,” she said. “Now, when do you leave?” 

“Tonight actually,” you said. 

“Is he going to pick you up?” She smirked. 

“No, I’m going to his house,” you said. “And we’re heading to the airport from there.”

“Damn,” she groaned. 

You laughed. “You’ll find out soon, okay.” 

“Fine, fine,” she sighed. “And while you’re being all lovey Dovey in Paris, I’ll be here watering your plants.” 

“Thank you,” you laughed. 


When you and Harry arrived in Paris, he arranged for you to go in a back way at the hotel, while he went through the front due to a number of fans that were waiting outside. 

You got in the room before Harry and went over to the window. You had no idea if Harry was even still down in the crowd because there were that many people down there. Your question was answered when the door opened and Harry walked in. 

“I see you made it back in one piece,” you laughed. 

“Oh, yeah,” he laughed throwing his bags down. 

“Is it always like that?” You asked. 

“Not always, but sometimes yeah,” he said. “It’s worse when they know where I’m going to be, but if I just go somewhere without having to be there for something, it’s not like that at all.” 

You nodded as Harry walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist and his chin on your shoulder. You smiled putting your hands on his arms and leaning back against him. 

“When’s your interview again?” you asked. 

“Tomorrow morning, so we have what’s left of the day and tonight all to ourselves,” he smiled. 

You smiled turning your face to the side and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “What should we do?” You asked. 

“Whatever you want to do,” he smiled. 

“Can we go out or are we sort of stuck inside?” You asked. 

“I’m sure we could sneak out the back,” he said. 

“Wouldn’t that be too much trouble though?” You asked. 

“I’ve been doing it for years, it’s not that bad,” he said. “Unless you would prefer to stay inside.” 

“Well, maybe we could stay in until later tonight and go out for dinner,” you said. 

“Okay, that sounds good,” he smiled. “Do you want to watch a movie?” 

“Um. We could yeah,” you said. 

“We can order some food too,” he said. 

“Sounds good because I’m starving,” you laughed. 

After ordering some food and choosing a movie to watch, you both laid on the bed. Harry wrapped his arm around you and kissed your head. 

“I’m really glad you came,” he whispered. 

“I am too,” you smiled looking up at him. 

“Have you heard anything about your job?” He whispered. 

“Nope,” you said. “And quite honestly, I’m okay with that.” 

“Have you given any more thought to quitting?” He asked. 

“No,” you sighed. “I probably should, but I still don’t know.” 

“Well, remember I can help you if you want,” he said. 

“I know,” you smiled kissing his cheek. 

You turned back to watch the movie, but he smirked and leaned over to kiss you. You laughed into the kiss. 

“I thought we were watching a movie,” you said. 

“’S boring,” he mumbled into the kiss. “This is much better.” 

You laughed wrapping your arms around his neck as he deepens the kiss. You laid back more against the bed and he ran his hands up and down your sides. He pulled away from your lips and trailed kisses down your neck as his fingers slipped under your shirt. 

Then there was a knock on the door. 

“The food,” he groaned putting his forehead on your shoulder. 

You giggled. “We’ve got plenty of time to finish where we left off after we eat.” 

He laughed giving you a quick kiss before getting up and heading over to the door. While he was getting the food, you started thinking about where you wanted to take things tonight. 

Tonight was the night that you wanted to take your relationship to the next level, you just hoped that you didn’t make a complete fool of yourself in the process. 


That night you had showered and changed for the big date night out. It was not only the first date in public that you and Harry were going on and it was the night you were going to bring out a little something. You put on a new bra set underneath your dress that you were wearing for tonight. 

You finished your makeup and hair and went back out into the room. Harry looked up at you as he was buttoning his shirt. 

“Wow,” he smiled. “You look… amazing.” 

“You sound so surprised,” you joked. 

“I didn’t mean it like that,” he laughed. “You always look amazing and beautiful.” 

“Thank you,” you smiled. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” 

“Only for you,” he smirked. “Gotta look good for my girl.” 

You smiled. “You know I think that’s the first time you’ve called me that.” 

“Do you like when I call you that?” He asked. 

“Yeah, I do,” you smiled. 

“Then I’ll be calling you that from now on,” he smiled. 

You laughed. “I’m okay with that,” you said. 

The two of you then went to head out the back and into a car that drove you to the restaurant. 

“Do you think we’ll be seen?” You wondered. 

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I’ve arranged for us to have a private spot in the restaurant.” 

“Thank you,” you smiled. 

“You don’t have to thank me,” he said. 

You smiled kissing his cheek. 

When you get to the restaurant, you both go inside and straight to the back room. You sit down at the table and look at the menu.  After you both order, Harry looked over at you. 

“You know it’s nice not having to hide out,” he smiled. 

You bit your lip. “Does that.. bother you?” 

“A little bit, if I’m honest,” he said. 

“I’m sorry,” you sighed. 

“It’s not your fault,” he said shaking his head. “Our circumstances are a little different than most.” 

“Do you feel like I’m ashamed of being with you or something?” You asked. 

“No, I don’t,” he said. “But sometimes it does feel like we’re always going to have to be careful with our relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I want to keep as much of our relationship private as I can, but I don’t want to have to keep it so private that we can’t even go out or be seen together.” 

“And as long as I’m still working for the magazine, we can’t be seen together,” you sighed. 

“I guess so,” he whispered. 

“Then I’ll just have to quit,” you sighed. 

“Baby, I don’t want you to that just because of me. I don’t you to feel like you have to choose between the two,” he said. 

“I’m not,” you said. “If I stay there, we’ll just keep having to hide this relationship and I don’t want to do that anymore. I can’t even tell my best friend about us and I hate lying to her. Besides it’s obvious that they don’t give a shit if I’m there or not, since they made me take these weeks off and we both know that I’m not happy there.” 

“You don’t have to make a decision right now,” he said rubbing his thumb over your hand. 

“No, I don’t, but if I keep thinking about it, I’m going to talk myself out of it because I’ll look at all the reasons why I shouldn’t leave,” you said. 

“And what are those reasons?” He asked. 

“It’s a job for one. It pays well and I have to pay rent and utilities, food, gas, etc,” you said. 

“There are other jobs that I’m sure you could find,” he said. “And I can help you out with some things if you need it. And I know what you’re going to say, but don’t think of it that way. You’re my girlfriend and I care about you, helping you out is part of my job.” 

“I know, but when you’re you, that can be taken as if I’m only with you for the money and who you are,” you sighed. 

“And who is to say that people won’t think that already, even if I don’t give you money or pay for something for you?” He asked. “People are going to judge and assume things regardless of what is actually true or not. And who would even know if I paid your rent for a few months anyhow?” 

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “No one I guess.” 

“Exactly, so baby if the only thing that you can think of as a reason to stay at this job is so that you can pay your bills, then don’t worry about it,” he said. 

“Are you sure though?” You sighed. 

“Ultimately, you leaving is your decision, but yes I’m sure if you’re sure,” he said. 

“Okay,” you smiled. “Then first thing tomorrow morning, I’m going to call my boss and tell her I’m not coming back.” 

Harry smiled. “And if you want I can call Gemma and see if she has any recommendations for you.”

“Are you sure she’ll help though? I mean she hasn’t exactly met me, but that one time and she didn’t seem to really care for me,” you said. “And does she even know that we’re together?” 

“She’ll help you out, I promise,” he said. “And she sort of knows that I’m seeing you, but not that we’re together officially.” 

You sighed looking down. “I guess I never really thought about how secret our relationship was before…” 

“Yeah,” he nodded. “But now that can change. I’m not saying that I’m gonna hold like a press conference and be like oh I have a girlfriend, here she is, but now we don't’ have to worry about hiding or not being able to go out. I can introduce you to my family and friends and you can do the same with me,” He smiled. 

“Do you worry about that though? Like what will happen once we are seen together?” You asked. 

“I won’t lie and tell you that it’s going to be all rainbows and sunshine. There will be people who don’t want us together and we’ll probably say or do things to you,” he sighed. 

You nodded. 

“But it might help to make all of your social media at first private,” he said. “That way no one can like come at you directly.” 

“Does it really get that bad?” you sighed. 

“Sometimes…” he nodded. “But I really hope that you don’t let… let that affect our relationship because I don’t know what I would do if I lost you over shit like that.” 

You sighed getting up from your seat and walking over to him. You sat down in his lap and he wrapped his arms around your waist. 

“You’re not going to lose me, okay,” you smiled. “I’m gonna be here as long as you want me because I’ve never felt like this with anyone before and I don’t ever want to lose it.” 

“Well, then I guess you’re never going anywhere because I’m going to want you around forever,” he whispered. 

You smiled as you looked down at him and gave him a kiss. After a bit, you pulled away from him. 

“Maybe we should box up the rest of the food and head back to the room, yeah?” you whispered. “We could pick up where we left off earlier?” 

His eyes widen a little and his lips turned into a bit of smirk. “Excuse me,” he said turning around to find the waiter. “Could I have the check and some to-go boxes?” 

You giggled and tried to get up from his lap, but he gently pulled you back down. The waiter brought over the check and Harry just handed him his card without even looking at the total before boxing up all the food. 

Once the check was paid for, you both got up and went back to where your car was parked. Harry helped you into the car and then got in right after you. 


Back up in the room, the food was put into the mini fridge, music filled the air, and candles lit up the room. You were looking out at the window at the view of the Eiffel Tower when hands were wrapped around your waist and kisses placed along the side of your neck. 

“I feel like we’re in some cheesy romance movie,” you laughed. 

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he smiled. 

“I didn’t say there was,” you smiled. 

“So,” he said taking your hand. “Can I have this dance?” He smirked twirling you around to face him. 

You laughed with a nod and he brought you closer to him. You both swayed to the music a bit and he stared into your eyes. 

“Don’t look at me like that,” you laughed. 

“What? Why?” He laughed. 

“It makes me nervous,” you whispered. 

“I look at you like that all the time,” he smiled. 

“I know, but right now, it feels different,” you whispered. 

“Bad different?” He whispered. 

“No, good different,” you smiled. “It’s making me feel things that I’ve never felt before… things I don’t think I should be feeling right now.” 

“What do you mean?” He asked. 

“It’s nothing,” you said shaking your head. “I don’t want to freak you out.” 

“You’re going to freak me out, just tell me, baby,” he whispered. 

You sighed and looked down. “When you look at me like that, I feel like I’m falling in love with you. And that’s crazy, right? I mean we’ve only known each other for a few short weeks and we’ve only been together for half of that-”

Harry interrupted you with a kiss. Except this kiss was different. Sure you two have shared passionate kisses before, but this time, you felt the emotion coming through. It felt deeper, more connected than ever before. 

“It might be crazy,” he whispered. “But at least we’re in this crazy shit together because I’m falling in love with you, too.” 

You were smiling ear to ear as you pulled him down for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around you and lifted you up. You giggled as you held onto him and walked the two of you over to the bed. Before he placed you on the bed, he put you down and unzipped the back of your dress. You pulled it off your shoulders and let it fall to the ground. 

Harry took off his suit jacket from that night and threw it on the floor next to your dress. He looked back over at you. 

In previous relationships, you always felt nervous and uncomfortable when they looked at you before sex, but as he admired your half naked body, you never felt more comfortable in your life. 

He looked at you with love, admiration, and lust. The difference in this time and all your other relationships is that sex was just sex. You both had just been looking for a hookup, a purely physical relationship.

But this, this was more. Sure, this was mostly physical too, you both were human, but there was more behind it. There was a longing, a want to be connected. 

There was love. 

He pulled you back into his arms and he ran his hands down your arms before placing his hands with yours. 

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered in your ear before kissing down your neck. 

You tilted your head to the side and closed your eyes. You unwrapped your hands and starting unbuttoning his shirt. You pushed it down his shoulders and he helped you take it off the rest of the way. 

You ran your hands over his chest and shoulders before pulling him down for a kiss. He smiled against your lips before picking you up again. He laid you down on the bed and ran his hands up your sides. When he pulled away from your lips, he kissed down your neck and rest of your body. 

He then sat up and took off his jeans before joining you back on the bed. You smirked and pushed him down on the bed before straddling him. He put his hands on your hips and you unclasped your bra. He sat up a bit and kissed you. You ran your fingers through his hair as you kissed him back. 

You smirked a bit and moved your hips back and forth causing him to groan. 

“You’re not the only that can play that game,” he smirked pulling away from the kiss and trailed kisses down your neck before paying extra attention to your bare chest. 


When you both had finished, you laid together in a sweaty, heavy breathing mess. Even though you two were burning up, you stayed wrapped up together with nothing but a sheet barely covering you. The only thing you could hear was the music in the background and your breathing. 

You both were looking out the huge window that overlooked the city of Paris from the bed and Harry’s fingers were roaming their way around your naked back. 

“You okay?” he whispered kissing your head. 

“I’m more than okay,” you giggled. “What about you?” 

“Incredible,” he laughed. “This view is amazing.” 

“Yeah, it’s like you can see all of Paris from our bed,” you smiled. 

“I wasn’t talking about Paris,” he whispered looking down at you. 

You looked up at him and smiled. “I’m sure I look a hot mess.” 

“Yeah, but sweaty sex hair looks good on you,” he smirked. “In fact, it makes me want to go for another round.” 

“Don’t you have an interview in the morning that you should rest up for?” You said. 

“Hmm… sleep or making love with my girl?” He whispered. “I can sleep when I’m old,” he smirked. “Now, come here.” 

You giggled as he pulled you on top of him and leaned in to kiss you. For the rest of that night, that bed wasn’t used for sleeping. You just hoped that Mr. Sleep When I’m Old wasn’t too exhausted for his big interview tomorrow, but right at that moment, you didn’t exactly care. 

Peter Maximoff(X-Men) imagine-Waitress

A/N: Inspired by the musical Waitress which I LOVE, the movie is great as well

Description: A waitress at Joe’s Dinner noticed that a boy with silver hair comes every week.

There he was again, the guy with silver hair and goggles. Since last month, he will come by and sit at your area every Saturday morning, not one exception. It’s not like that you didn’t have regular customers, you were very proud to say that most people come back for more after taking their first bite of your pies, but this particular one never fails to grab your attention.

It was the hair, you kept telling yourself, you remembered him because of the hair. “Here is your order…“
“Since you serve me breakfast, maybe give me a chance to serve you dinner?” Or maybe it is his pathetic attempts at hitting on you with cheesy pick up lines.
“I’ve told you this for a hundreds of times, no!” you rolled your eyes while you put down the plate, “Besides, I don’t even know your name.”

He grinned, “Well, I’m Peter, now you know my name. Will you go out with me?” “No.“you said coldly and left to get some other customers’ order, ain’t wasting time on some random dude.
“One more thing,” He said and you slowly turned around.
“What?” “Can I get a glass of water?”
You sighed, “Of course.”

Another week passed by and it was weekend again. You spotted Peter sitting in the same booth he sat in last week when you came out of the kitchen.
“Are you good at directions?” He asked when you (unwillingly) go and take his orders.
“Well, yes but you are literally in a restaurant…”
“Can you tell me which way leads to your heart?” You shivered at the cheesiness and he flashed another one of those smiles.
“Oh, just shut up and tell me what you want to have.”
“Whatever pie serving today.”

Although you never said yes, he still came every week, and somehow managed to find a new pick up line everytime. You give him the same answer, him replying with the same grin. What was his purpose anyways? Was it just a prank or he really was that determined to ask me out? You asked yourself as you mix the filling for tomorrow’s special pie.

It was Saturday again and you were plotting your sarcastic comeback at Peter. But it was already noon, and there’s no sign of the boy with silver hair. This was kind of odd, he always come before noon.

“(y/n)! Why are you still standing there? There are customers, for god’s sake?” Carl, the cook, yelled from the kitchen. You snapped back to reality and realized that you were standing there, doing nothing. Yeah, why? Why did you even bother to care that he did not show up? “Coming!” You yelled back as you tried to pushed the image of the boy to the back of your head.

After a long shift, you felt like your legs didn’t belong to you anymore but yet you could not sleep. You kept thinking about Peter, and that worried you. Maybe you should have been nicer to him, couldn’t help feeling an urge to say something sassy to those pick up lines. God, were they awful. Bickering with him had became a routine that you did not notice how the corner of your lips moved upwards just a bit every time your turned around after taking his orders. You let out a long breath and muttered, “Screw you for not letting me sleep, Peter. Screw. You.”

The week seemed to pass by a lot faster than it usually does. You had never been so anxious on Saturdays. Every time the doors were open, you startled and quickly glance at the entrance, hoping to see some sort of unusual hair colour, preferably silver.

A sudden strong breeze blustered in and the boy was sitting there, popping up one of his legs, in such a relaxed position that you thought he had been sitting there for quite a while when what actually happened was that he was not there seconds ago. You stared in shock, earning you a satisfied grin from Peter. Dammit, he was annoying, (but he looked cute) still annoying.

“What was that?” You asked, not believing your own eyes.
“Me trying to get to my booth before someone else does.”
“You know that’s not what I… Argh! Whatever.” You said, trying to casually bring out the question so you wouldn’t appear to be eager, “So… I guess you got stuff to do last week?”

The grin turned into a smirk, “So you do care about me.”
“I care about all of my regulars.” You replied, attempting to act like you didn’t spend half of your shift thinking about him.
“Don’t try to hide it.”
“You haven’t answered my question.”
“School trip, nothing special.” He sat back, “But I probably should have disappear way earlier if I knew that you would care.”
“Remind me to never bother worrying about you, even for the slightest.”
He chuckled, “Now that you admit, will you at least go on a date with me?”
“My shift ends at 6.”

Peter’s eyes widened and his smile dropped, “Really? You will go out with me?”
“I mean, I would have said yes for the firat time if it wasn’t for the pick up line.” You snorted but that couldn’t hide your smile. “Now, would you kindly tell me what you are having so my boss won’t kill me?”
“Whatever pie you are serving.” Peter answered while silently decided to burn the book full of pick up lines.


“So you are saying that you are a mutant?”
“And the strong wind just then was actually you?”
“And your hair?”
“Part of my mutation.”
“Don’t really care about super speed but I am honestly jealous of your hair.”
“Oh, come on!”
band of brothers Valentine’s Day AU

since it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow so I thought why not?


  • okay Lewis Nixon would definitely be that Extra Boyfriend™ who goes big on everything just because it’s Valentine’s Day.
  • big bouquet of roses? checked.
  • big fluffy teddy bear? checked.
  • humongous heart-shaped chocolate? checked.
  • he knows that he doesn’t have to do all of this because what he and Dick have is more than just material possession.
  • but it’s nice to splurge once in a while for his husband – to be sappy without having to find any silly excuses because it is Valentine’s.
  • and though Dick always sighs at the extravagant spending, he still smiles softly at Lew, still takes everything with open arms; leaning in to kiss Lewis on the lips and whispering, “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.”


  • that couple who lowkey celebrates Valentine’s Day at home together because they want to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Gene cooks special dinner for them.
  • he even asks the recipe from his Mama and forbids Babe from entering the kitchen because something will definitely burn if he’s there.
  • so Babe waits by queuing up all the cheesy romantic movies for them to watch after the dinner.
  • he even builds pillow fort and wraps fairy lights all over the sofa which might be dangerous but Gene hasn’t seen it yet so he’s not gonna take it down because it’s pretty.
  • it’s a lowkey celebration.
  • a home-cooked meal made with love, and snuggling against each other underneath the warm blanket while watching The Princess Bride.
  • it’s simple and it’s happiness because he is with Gene.


  • Ron wants to book the whole fancy restaurant because 1. he has shitloads of money, 2. he wants to have a nice dinner with Carwood and no one else should interrupt their nice Valentine’s Day dinner.
  • except the restaurant refuses to entertain his request because Ron isn’t the only want who wants to celebrate the holiday, thank you very much.
  • so Ron packs an emergency basket fills with good food and even great booze and load them and Carwood in the car to go somewhere.
  • somewhere turns out to be that stunning place on the hill overlooking the city – beautifully lit by all the bright lights.
  • but for Ron, nothing is ever as beautiful as Carwood’s smile when he leans in to kiss Ron and murmuring “I love you” on his mouth.


  • George owns a flower shop in the busy street business district.
  • he’s a certified florist with all the fancy training but he hates Valentine’s Day with passion because it’s the busiest day of the year which means he cannot take a day off to celebrate it.
  • he has to sort out all of the orders and arranges flowers according to the customers’ preference even when he has three workers to help him around.
  • honestly, all he wants to do is scream FUCK VALENTINE’S! and close the damn shop for the day but the money is good for the business so he grits his teeth and works on the bouquets.
  • but his boyfriend is even better.
  • because in the midst of people walking in to buy last minute flowers to declare their undying love for their significant others; Joe walks in with determine steps; looking all sharp in his suits, carrying two boxes of takeout from the Chinese place George loves so much.
  • and okay fuck the flowers because what’s the point of hiring these kids to help out if he wants to do all the work because look, Joe is here with food and he looks so good to be the dessert and these orders can wait because he has a boyfriend to make out with.


  • Webster always says that Valentine’s Day is a pointless day invented by big companies so the can profit from all the romantic at heart people.
  • “it’s not even real holiday, Lieb! but this corrupt capitalist-oriented day is celebrated worldwide and it makes single people feel bad!”
  • so no thanks. he will not celebrate Valentine’s Day even when he has a fiance.
  • he always tells Lieb that he loves him anyway and even when he doesn’t verbalize his feelings, Lieb still knows because they put with each other’s behaviors and for them that’s love enough.
  • “so you don’t want this?“
  • you guys should also know that Liebgott has made it his mission to knock off Webster from his I’m Too Good For This Shit high horse and he’s using the shark plushy as a bait by shaking the soft toy to entice his fiance.
  • the fucker.
  • Webster knows Lieb knows that he cannot say no to anything shark.
  • it pains him to do it but he snatches the shark plushy right from Lieb’s hand and cuddle it protectively; ignoring Lieb’s wide smirk of triumph but tilting his face up when Lieb leans in to kiss Webster softly on the mouth, murmuring “Happy Corrupt Capitalist-Oriented Day. I love you, nerd.”

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I'm a cis female server at a restaurant where all kinds of people come in. When taking orders and serving people, I'll often call them ma'am, sir, ladies, gentlemen, etc. to be polite and formal and junk. My question is, is there some sort of formal term that I can use for nb/fluid people or those I feel uncomfortable trying to identify (which I probably shouldn't anyway, tbh). P.S. Preferably something that won't freak out conservative older people. Lol.