in a sort of order of preference

7 Questions to Help you Find your Passion

1. What did you really love doing as a child? What did you seem to have a natural talent for?
2. What are you willing to do for free because it brings you satisfaction and fulfillment?
3. What sorts of things absorb your attention, and cause you to lose all sense of time?
4. Do you prefer to work with others, or by yourself?
5. Do you prefer order and structure, or do you prefer freedom, and the chance to be spontaneous?
6. What would you do, and where would you work, if someone told you they would finance your dream? Would you build a business? Travel? Spend it on yourself? Invest it in doing something meaningful for others?
7. If you were asked to picture the ideal life, what would it look like? What would be all the different aspects and components?


You are engaging him in a lightsaber duel. Neither of you are skilled enough for such endeavor.

It’s no secret I love stories about Vader and people who - directly or indirectly - are working for him. Since Aphra is “fired” from being Vader’s agent, I have a lot feelings for Kreel. The few frames shows an interesting dynamic between Lord of the Sith and his subordinate:

  • Vader already knows Luke is his son, that means he wants him alive, preferably unharmed. Not so long ago Kreel had a chance to see that Skywalker caught Vader’s attention (“What did you learn of this boy?”, “Tell me what else you learned of this boy”, Star Wars #12) yet despite orders(?), he sought after Luke to challenge him to lightsaber duel.
  • When Vader asked Kreel if he located the boy, the response “Sort of. Sorry, a bit busy right now” is not how imperial soldier should talk to merciless Lord of the Sith. 
  • Apparently, this rule does not apply to the 501st Legion, what implies that either Kreel gained Vader’s respect and is his valuable stormtrooper or Vader’s tolerance for specific behaviour is bigger than anyone could guess. Probably a bit of both.
  • Vader’s reaction? He guessed / knew without trouble that Kreel is engaging his son in potentially dangerous duel (against his orders?). Still the first thing he says is, in my opinion, something between rebuke and statement about Kreel’s own skills in that matter. “Neither of you are skilled enough for such endeavor” means(?) neither of you should do what you’re doing now boys.
  • The SCAR squad doesn’t know Kreel’s past nor extent of his skill with lightsaber. Vader on other hand knows. What makes me wonder if Vader taught Kreel some basic knowledge how to use lightsaber (as to help him catch Hutt’s attention so he had a better chance to success while doing undercover mission?) or tested his skill personally or is just so experienced master to judge others?
  • Despite Vader’s threat, Kreel doesn’t sound apologetic / scared at all.
Magical Maintenace

Hello everyone! In your everyday life, there are little things that need to be done to keep your home and life clean and orderly. Magic is the same way! I think that there are little actions that should be performed daily, weekly, or at certain times throughout the year in order to keep your magical practice in tip top shape and make sure that you are magically protected, cleansed, and happy :) Keep in mind that I am not the grand poobah of witchcraft, and your “magical maintenance” routines may be very different from mine. This is just a little “outline” of sorts to help get you started in a magical maintenance routine. Enjoy!


-Ground and center. Control yo energy. Meditate if you’re super hardcore.

-Shield, preferably both in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed


-Do some witchy research. Keep your witchy knowledge up to date. Quickly skim the web or a new book and try to enhance your magical knowledge a bit.

-Write a spell or at least brainstorm some ideas for magical spells or workings. Don’t let your magical abilities go out of practice.


-Strip down and re-make any personal wards or protections that you have up. Recharge them so that they are still effective protectors 

-Magically cleanse your home. Make sure no negative energy is hanging around.


-At the beginning of the new year, write down any magical goals that you have for the new year. What do you want to learn? What do you want to try? How can you enhance your existing magical practice? Look over the goals throughout the year.

-Spring cleaning! At some point during the year (I like to do it in Spring as another branch of my regular Spring cleaning), completely strip down any magic that is in effect at your house. Strip it down, do a hardcore magical home cleansing, and re-build your wards and protections. 

There you go! Following this outline, you should be able to keep your magical life in tip-top shape. Feel free to tweak this to fit your own personal needs, and remember that my way is by no means the only way to do things! Experiment and form your own methods :) Thanks for reading,


Misogyny Guide

Hey there!  Want to hate on women, but don’t want to lose followers?  Never worry about your public perception again with the help of this handy dandy guide to acceptable misogyny!

1. Choose your target.  In order for your misogyny to be acceptable, this woman must be successful, in the public eye, and preferably a member of one or more privileged groups (straight, white, etc.)


  • Anne Hathaway
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Lady Gaga
  • Taylor Swift

2. Pick your method of attack.  Remember, in order for your misogyny to be acceptable, it has to be disguised behind some sort of social justice excuse.


  • Fake
  • White
  • Undeserving of success 
  • Promiscuous
  • Straight
  • Liar

3. If possible, use more than one method of attack.  It’s always best to have multiple excuses for why a bitch needs to get taken down a peg.


  • Anne Hathaway: Fake, white, undeserving of success
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Fake, white, undeserving of success
  • Lady Gaga: Fake, white, undeserving of success, straight, liar*
  • Taylor Swift: Fake, white, undeserving of success, straight, promiscuous, liar

*Remember, your point of attack does not have to be true to be effective.  Lady Gaga isn’t straight, but who the hell cares?

4. Make accusations aimed at the woman’s integrity or likability.  These can be derived from your main points of attack, or unrelated.


  • “Anne Hathaway should just shut her giant mouth instead of pretending to care about rape culture.  She’s just acting like she gives a damn so she can win the Oscar.”
  • “Jennifer Lawrence fell on purpose when she went to accept the Oscar because she thought it would make her seem ‘just like us.’  She’s so fake.”
  • “Lady Gaga’s straight and just using the LGBT community to make money!  When she asked everyone to contact their senators and urge them to repeal DADT, it was a publicity stunt.”
  • “If Taylor Swift lived in 1916 instead of 2016, she’d have Kanye West lynched.”

5. Cheerlead anything negative that happens to this woman, no matter how immoral or even illegal.  If you are called on this behavior, fall back on your previous attack points and accusations.


  • “Anne Hathway was too stupid to wear panties and now she’s pissed that the paparazzi got a shot of her vag lol”
  • “Jennifer Lawrence nudes got leaked fucking awesome serves her right”
  • “Gaga’s pretending to have lupus when everyone knows she just got fat what a loser”
  • “Kanye and Kim are heroes for secretly recording a phone call with that snake, her career is over forever”

This has been the first edition of the Acceptable Tumblr Misogyny Guide!  Tune in next time when we discuss using Jill Stein as a shield so that you can claim you’re not sexist, it’s just that Shillary Cuntlin is the literal devil.

Supernatural: Castiel (INFP)

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by savandwich 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Cas disobeys Heaven’s orders and does what he thinks is right. He likes to focus on what’s important to him… the Winchesters. If Cas doesn’t believe in a cause, he won’t fight for it. Cas isn’t very good at social appropriating, and is confused by social niceties. What drives Castiel is his developing sense of morality, rather than the concept that tradition (Heaven) is the thing to dictate your morality. (Fi over Si) Castiel is independent and prefers to sort things out by himself, only going to the Winchesters for help when logic (Te) says to him that he can’t do it on his own. Cas doesn’t show much emotion and prefers to express his feelings through actions and ideas. He tries hard to do the right thing and keep his friends safe, but sometimes his confidence in his own idea of rightness gets in his way and causes him to act hastily.  Such was the case when he raised Sam from the pit.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): When Cas learns about the concept of Free Will, he is intrigued and open to the idea. He is intuitive and knows how to read his close friends. Once Castiel realizes all the different possibilities Earth has for him, it’s no wonder he feels a sense of responsibility in protecting humanity. Cas often leaps into the unknown, doing new crazy things no other angel has done before, all to protect humanity.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Cas loves to see the beauty in the small details, and in season 4, “clings to tradition even when he  doesn’t fully believe it anymore”, (as this blog so beautifully puts it). Castiel loves to revisit one man’s heaven in particular, again and again. Now, Cas is quite… genre-savvy, and quickly can access information in his mind on a pop-culture topic.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Cas is able to execute plans when he needs to, and was particularly blunt in the earlier seasons. Castiel didn’t question the authorities because he lacked the knowledge to do anything else. When Cas was working with Crowley, he had become so engrossed in a pit of Fi, he forgot to consult his Te on the situation to tell him “This won’t work out- the facts say so!” and only managed to tap into it when he was too late.

Note: In the earlier seasons, Cas tried his best to please his superiors, which I think is what makes people type him as ISTJ- he tried so hard to act like one in Seasons 4 and 5! But he isn’t one.

7 Questions to Help you Find your Passion

1. What did you really love doing as a child? What did you seem to have a natural talent for?

2. What are you willing to do for free because it brings you satisfaction and fulfillment?

3. What sorts of things absorb your attention, and cause you to lose all sense of time?

4. Do you prefer to work with others, or by yourself?

5. Do you prefer order and structure, or do you prefer freedom, and the chance to be spontaneous?

6. What would you do, and where would you work, if someone told you they would finance your dream? Would you build a business? Travel? Spend it on yourself? Invest it in doing something meaningful for others?

7. If you were asked to picture the ideal life, what would it look like? What would be all the different aspects and components?

State of Grace

Find the first chapter here: 01 

Find the second chapter here: 02

Find the third chapter here: 03

Summary: When Liam Dunbar spots an incredibly alluring girl in the hallway with glowing green eyes, the pack (or more like Stiles) becomes suspicious and investigates.

*I don’t own the gif; credit goes to the wonderful owner/maker*

Note: the ending of this chapter makes me cringe lol but there needed to be some sort of bonding between them in order for the next chapter to make sense


Scott couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You pushed her into a pool?”

           “Yeah.” Stiles scratched the back of his head. “May not have been my brightest moment, but it got the job done. She fell in and nothing happened- well, Liam got a little excited-”

           “Stiles.” Liam growled.

           “-but other than that, nothing happened.” Stiles glanced up and down the nearly-empty hallway. “No tail, no glowing green eyes. Nothing.”

           Sighing, Scott revealed, “That’s because it was chlorine water. Sirens only grow their tails when their skin comes in contact with salt water.” He glanced at the clock on the wall. Crap, they had three minutes. “Listen, Deaton said that sirens have-”

           “-a greater effect on the supernatural? I figured that out myself watching Romeo over here come close to-”

           Liam squeezed his eyes shut. “Stiles, please, it wasn’t that bad.”

           Stiles was about to say something else, but Scott cut him off. They didn’t have time for this. “Guys, this is serious. She is able to influence the supernatural without trying because of her scent. But if she sings at all-”

           “-it’s going to screw everyone over, supernatural or not.” Stiles finished. Scott nodded with a grimace.

           Liam crossed his arms over his chest, a puzzled look in his eyes. “What about when she talks? Can she make me do things?”

           “If she really wanted to, I’m sure she could.” The nervous look that crossed his Beta’s face made Scott very worried. “Why? Has she done that to you before?”

           Just then, the bell interrupted them. Liam groaned and banged his head against the locker once. “Crap.”

           Stiles snorted. “Liam, you’re a bad influence. Now I’m late, too.”


Liam sighed as he poured himself a glass of milk, phone pressed between his ear and his shoulder. He had somehow made it through the day, but now Stiles was really starting to annoy him.

           “Look, all I’m saying is-”

           “Stiles, I know what you’re saying,” Liam whined, “because you’ve been repeating it to me all day. I’ll be careful, I promise.”

           That sent the older boy into an even longer rant, causing Liam to roll his eyes as he put the gallon of milk back in the fridge. He leaned against the counter, using one hand to switch the phone to his cooler ear and the other to hold his glass. He nodded along to all that Stiles was saying as he drank, only half-hearing the senior.

           Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Liam jumped so hard that some milk sloshed out of his cup, creating a wet stain on his black t-shirt. He cursed softly, slamming the glass on the counter to gather a wad of napkins, frantically dabbing at the spill. “She’s here. I have to call you back.” Liam quickly spoke in his cell. Stiles protested, but Liam hung up anyway.

           Once he was somewhat satisfied with his clean-up job, Liam cautiously made his way to the front door. He already knew who it was; he could smell her overwhelmingly sweet scent from where he stood.

           Y/N smiled when he opened the door. “Hi!” She greeted. “I know I’m a little early. I hope you don’t mind.”

           “Not at all.” Liam found himself smiling too as he opened the door wider for her to step inside. Y/N waved over her shoulder at the car idling on the curb, and it slowly drove off. “Was that your Mom?”

           “Yeah,” Y/N gripped her messenger bag strap lightly. “She wanted to make sure you were home. We didn’t see any cars in your driveway.”

           “My parents went out tonight, so it’s just going to be us…” Liam felt his cheeks flush.

           Y/N’s brow furrowed. “What about your big brother?”

           It was Liam’s turn to be confused. “My brother?”

           “Stiles. He’s your brother, right?”

           Liam snorted. “No, he’s not my brother. He’s just a big pain in my-” He was cut off by his cellphone ringing. Glancing at the caller id, he rolled his eyes. “Speak of the devil.” Liam wiggled it back into his pocket.

           “You’re not going to get that?” Y/N cocked her head to the side slightly as she asked the question. Her tone of voice made him want to change his mind about ignoring the call and talk to Stiles for hours.

           “I-I was on the phone with him when you got here.” Liam stammered. “It’s nothing. He can wait.”


Y/N was surprised to see that Liam’s room was nice and neat. All the clothes were in the hamper; the bed was made up; the trash was in the waste basket. “This is nice.” She commented as she plopped on the edge of his bed.

           “Thanks,” Liam mumbled. “My Mom told me that you probably wouldn’t want to work in a bio-hazard zone.” Y/N laughed; Liam blushed in response.

           “Well, tell your Mom that I said thanks.” She teased as she slipped out of her bag’s strap. As she began to rifle through the multitude of papers jammed inside, Liam came to sit down beside her. “I know I have the rubric in here somewhere; the instructions are on the back.” She fished out a large pile and set it down on the mattress. “Would you mind helping me look?”

           “Not at all.” Liam answered her. She didn’t get to see his expression, but she thought she could hear him smiling. “I already lost mine, so I really hope we can find yours.”

           “You and me both, buddy.” Y/N mumbled, thumbing through a stack of math papers.

           They shifted through the mess for what felt like ages; Y/N began to fear that she was never going to find it. Then, Liam cheerfully sounded, “Bingo!” He held up the crumpled rubric in a triumphant manner. “Winner winner chicken dinner!”

           Y/N giggled, shaking her head as she grabbed a pencil and her English notebook. “Great. Thanks. Do you need paper or…?” She looked up, noticing that Liam was hardly paying attention. Instead, he was staring down at the flyer in his lap, reading Beacon Hills Choir Concert across the top.

           “I forgot that you were in choir.” He muttered. Then he cleared his throat. “This thing… it’s on Tuesday?”

           Y/N chewed her lip. “Yes, Tuesday at seven. I’m super nervous- the teacher gave me a solo because she believes I should ‘showcase my talent to the school and allow everyone to hear their new classmate for the first time.’” She rubbed her forehead. “Which, you know, is nice… in a terrifying sort of way.”

           Liam was still glaring at the handout, as if it had personally offended him somehow. Y/N reached for it and tenderly took it out of his hands, shoving it deep into her bag. “It’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I just might throw up before we go onstage or pass out or something.”

           He was still quiet, and it worried Y/N. She could practically see the wheels in his head turning. Then, his blue eyes meant hers with earnest. “What if I came to your show? To, you know, support you and everything.”

           Y/N smiled. “I’d like that.” They gazed at each other for a few moments and then quickly looked away. She cleared her throat. “Okay, so, for this project… we need to pick something to write about first. These are the topic options.” She pointed at the short list.

           Liam twisted his lips. “This doesn’t give us a lot to work with, does it?”

           “I’m afraid not.” Y/N leaned closer to him so she could also review the list. “I mean, some of these topics are… questionable. But I suppose it’s all up to interpretation.”

           “How are you supposed to write a poem based on ‘self-accepting’?”

           Y/N was quiet for a minute. She thought she could trust Liam- besides, it could help them get their project done. “I think it means accepting certain parts of yourself that are frowned upon by you or others. Like…” She licked over her dry lips. “I fall in love too easy.”

           Liam seemed to be struggling with something inside himself. Finally, he admitted, “I have anger issues.”

           “We both have things that we have to learn to accept, manage, and live with. We may be perceived as broken, but we’re not. We’re mosaics.”

           “…that’s really good. Quick, write that down!”

Find the fifth chapter here: 05

niizumachi  asked:

Hi! Do you know complete fics that are similar to White, Grey, Black and Room Serviced? They have this gloomy and painfully realistic vibe. God, sorry that's vague. Forbidden relationship. With theme that's maybe like, breaking illusion sort of thing? Like H realizes The Order isnt what she thought it was, D is the only one who tells her the harsh truth. Or struggling with mental illness. War fics, preferably Order!Draco. I've read most of popular fics, do you know any underrated but good ones?

Hello! White, Grey, Black is one of my favorites! I can recommend a couple if you haven’t already read these.

These three are part of a series. In the first Hermione feels broken by the war when she runs into Draco. 

1 of 3 Charon’s Gift by Philyra912-  T, one shot

Oneshot PostHBP. On a joyless Christmas Eve, Hermione goes to visit the graves of the fallen. There she meets the man who destroyed her hope, and perhaps the only one who can give it back to her. 8/15/08: NOMINATED AT THE QUIBBLER AWARDS!

2 of 3 The Year of the Rose by Philyra912- T, 12 chapters, complete

A chronicle of the year following the events of Charon’s Gift.

3 of 3 Dante’s Love Song by Philyra912- T, one shot

Third installment in the Charon’s Gift trilogy. With a year of war behind them, Draco and Hermione must find a balance between endings and beginnings, and face the past that has made them who they are.

This one takes place after the war but Draco shows Hermione all the files and folder accounts that Harry hide from her. I figured I would include it because it shattered Hermione’s views. 

That Swedish Thing by DracoDew17- M, 7 chapters, complete

Hermione wakes up in the hospital having no recollection of the previous five months. What happened to her and why can’t she remember?

At the moment I can’t think of anymore but if anyone knows of anymore stories that fit let us know!

- Wynken

And that’s not even her full name.

Athea Walks Beyond to Find the Unseen Arts is a Socrani moonfolk, which are very different from Soratami. She was chosen from day one to be Socran’s future High Priestess, and in order to prove her worth, Athea sought out a mentor who could turn her into one of the greatest warriors the plane had ever seen. No one knows who it was she found in the end, but something happened during her lessons that triggered her spark.

She has since made it her goal to travel the Multiverse in order to collect various weapons and master the styles associated with them. She does often returns home, however, to fulfill her duties as High Priestess.

Athea is probably my oldest and most mature post-mending walker, being in her 40s while basically everyone else is a young adult. She fulfills sort of Tamiyoesque role in the story, and while I prefer to keep my fanstuff separate from canon, I like to imagine Athea she’s a frequent visitor to Tamiyo’s story-circle.

left-leggus  asked:

Hi, I wasnt sure whether to ask you here or on your shop blog but how's the durability on your ombre tights? Are they delicate or a bit closer to spanx? Theyre so cute!!!

hey! i prefer to answer shop questions on that blog, but it’s not a huge deal or anything so no worries!!! 

my tights are super durable, i’m super hard on pantyhose and so having something that wouldn’t run, pill, or be destroyed by chub rub in approx 1 day was really important to me. they’re sort of like thin leggings–not sheers, in order to have the most vibrant color payoff. i’ve had a pair for a year (which was my first test pair) and they’re still holding up great, i wear them a lot! 

Romeo and Juliet: Romeo Montague [ENFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Romeo thinks and speaks almost exclusively in metaphors. He has a fruitful imagination and almost compares things to bigger ideas and grand concepts. He has a wandering way of speaking and doesn’t stick to one conversation topic for very long. He’s fairly impulsive and bases most of his decisions on the heat of the moment. He’s very imaginative and tends to dream a lot, preferring to be on his own to let his imaginings run wild. He’s an idealist with a vision of his future happiness with Juliet. He falls in love very quickly, and is stimulated by the challenge involved in romancing his enemy’s child. He is far more extroverted and sociable than Juliet, interacting with a larger social circle and joking around with his friends, usually in playful connective language.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): He’s deeply in touch with his own internal feelings and takes long walks in the morning in order to sort them out. His internal emotions influence all his actions. He sticks with his personal feelings and usually maintains a live and let live attitude to others’ behavior - he disapproves of the Capulet-Montague feud, but doesn’t interfere with it. He wants to pursue what he feels is right for him, not what his parents or society might expect of him. His duel with Tybalt stems from a matter of honor, not his family’s feud - Tybalt has wronged him personally by killing his friend.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): He’s more than capable of taking action when the situation calls for it. He arranges his marriage with Juliet, he avenges Mercurio’s death, he sets out on a course of suicide at Juliet’s grave - all fixed plans that he takes into his mind and promptly puts into action. He doesn’t analyze why he does things, he simply acts. He’s usually scatterbrained and not focused on logical outcomes, but when he does feel the need to action he makes a commanding presence. He’s usually sweet and soft-spoken, but when angered his criticisms are swift and hurtful.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Romeo doesn’t contemplate much on the past. He’s mostly thinking about the present and the future. He doesn’t let details get in the way of his feelings or dreams - so what if the Capulets will kill him for being on their property? He’s in love with their daughter! He doesn’t stay committed to things for very long - one day he’s deathly in love with Rosaline, the next he’s devoted eternally to Juliet. He does use traditional icons of mythology in speaking to Juliet, tying his love to already existing concepts.

Fine Arts Academy AU

The Black Order Academy for Fine Arts-

  • Lenalee is a dancer obvi, but she’s also the top of all her classes and is that one kid who is amazing at everything and no one has any idea how she does it.
  • Lavi is film student who wants to make documentaries and is never seen without some sort of camera. He is a master of procrastination and rarely does any of his work. Somehow he still aces his exams.
  • Kanda is an art student. He hates painting, absolutely loathes is. It’s too messy for him. Kanda prefers to sketch and though he’d never show it, he has detailed drawings of all of his friends. In his core classes however, he’s falling behind. At least most of his classes are art not math.
  • Allen is the new kid. He’s a musical prodigy, trained by the famous opera singer and composer Cross Marian. Give the kid an instrument, you can guarantee he can at least play scales on it. He’s a theatre kid too, so he can act and dance. Now if only he would study for his classes instead of composing random piano pieces all the time.

for @thegirlwholovedeverything

stoyd AU with baker!boyd and artist!stiles

Vernon Boyd does not like manning the cash register for The Bread Box, the most popular bakery in Beacon Hills. He hired Erica for a reason – she’s good at this sort of stuff, handling customers. If he gets one more person in here asking if they can have a Black Friday discount, despite the fact that it’s already December 2nd and this is a bakery, he’s going to close early. There’s a reason he prefers hiding back in the kitchen.

But fuck, he should be able to make it two hours without Erica.

“Order?” he grunts, after the guy at the counter spends a solid five minutes just standing there.

“Uh, yeah, order,” the guy sputters, cheeks heating as he adjusts his bulky, thick-framed glasses. “I’ll have a raspberry cream scone and a small mocha, please. Oh! And a loaf of sourdough.”

“Do you want your coffee for here?” Boyd asks, punching the order into the register. The customer pauses for a moment.

“Yeah,” he finally says. “For here.”

Boyd mostly forgets about the customer as he gets swamped by the Saturday morning crowd. Thankfully, though, Erica swoops in precisely at ten, smiling sharply at the most recent difficult customer and shooing Boyd back to the kitchen. He lets out a small sigh of relief and starts working on more cinnamon rolls – those are going quickly today.

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Now and then he needs to pause. Their foreheads touch, he breathes her in, and Kagome tells him about her memories in order to prove that she’s real. “What should I say?” she asks, because sometimes he wants to hear her version of their times together; proof that she’s actually Kagome. Other times he prefers to hear about what she did when they were apart; proof that she’s not just his mind playing tricks on him.

(they definitely weren’t supposed to actually have clothes on here because it’s after being intimate, but they’re in pajamas now i guess AHEM)

Can I just say that I hate the sorting ceremony tests on Pottermore? First off, a lot of the questions only take into account petty personal preferences and not actual house traits. And secondly, the questions are always in a random order so that accurate results are very hard to get.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pottermore but the tests are very inaccurate. I’m a very strong Ravenclaw/Thunderbird and both times I’ve taken the tests I’ve gotten Gryffindor and Hufflepuff (the two houses I have the least in common with) and Wampus.

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm a writer like you (( just not as popular )) but I have many people who request oneshots, etc. about characters that I don't particularly pay attention to. My question for you is, how do you get the motivation/inspiration to write for characters that you don't pay attention to in the show ?

Interesting question :D Well I do agree that writing for a one shot for a character you’re not as fond of is hard and inspiration does takes some time, nonetheless I try my best to write it right. What really helped me get over it is really writing shorter things for them at first to establish a sort of idea as to how they are in order to be able to incorporate it into a full one shot. So really prompts and preferences helped me a lot as i’m kinda forced to write for them and then just grow used to it. Hope it helps ;3

Sugamon Network

So, the sugamon community here on tumblr is pretty tiny, and I thought it would be cool if we could all become friends, so I’m making a sugamon network! 


  • you must ship sugamon, although I guess that is sort a given if you are joining a sugamon network, right?
  • you must be active in the network! the point of this is to make friends with other sugamon shippers, and in order to do that you should reblog/like their sugamon posts, selfies, etc., and preferably be in our group chat on kakaotalk or kik.
  • you must follow all the other members in the network (their urls will be featured here)

benefits of this network:

  • you’ll make friends!
  • if you are a fanfic writer, fanartist, etc., your work will be featured on this network!

how to join:

I’ll accept just about anyone who wants to join, so please don’t feel scared to sign up!

(Some of these don’t have names, sorry. Imagines are sorted by fandom, but not by character. They are listed in order of when they were posted.)


Harry Potter:

Draco Malfoy Imagine

Draco Malfoy Imagine

Ten Points To Slytherin (Draco Malfoy)

My One True Love (Neville Longbottom)

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Hello, My Old Friend (Peter Pevensie)

Once Upon a Time:

Eggs and a Piece of Toast (Henry Mills)

Teen Wolf:

Scrapbooks (Stiles Stilinski)

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Why Are You Watching Me? (Ponyboy Curtis)

Acceptance (Ponyboy and Johnny)

The Breakfast Club:

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The Outsiders:

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The Outsiders:

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Junker (Dean Winchester)

Harry Potter:

Draco Malfoy Prompt #67


Once Upon a Time:

Regina Mills

Killian Jones

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Dean Winchester

Sam Winchester


Peter Pevensie

Susan Pevensie

Edmund Pevensie

Lucy Pevensie (will probably remake)

Jadis, The White Witch

Mr. Tumnus (might remake)

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Spencer Reid

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Luna Lovegood

Lily Evans


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Dark Snow White



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Aurora (pink)

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Daryl Dixon








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Can’t get enough of your Love

(Pietro x Reader)

You are teaching Pietro to play the guitar in between missions, but he pretends to be worse than he is to spend more time with you. Fluff :)  

Part Two  Part Three

Part One

Your dream of working for Stark Industries was a disaster. Even with a Phd from Oxford you were still stuck with junior admin duties. You sat at your assigned desk bored out of your mind, sorting letters and waiting for the next tea order. Daydreaming to pass the time, you were in control of Stark Industries and as the boss you would have Tony Stark make you tea - preferably in one of those french maid outfits. You chuckled to yourself, stapling another letter. If only.

The intruder alarm sounded breaking you of your daydream. Remember your training. You had to get to the meeting point. The computer was going ballistic and the doors slammed open and shut, maybe it was just a hacker? Grabbing your things you headed out.

Iron man crashed through the main doors, flying out of control down the corridor and heading straight for you. Attempting to dodge him you jumped back against the wall, closed your eyes and waited for him to fire. Seconds passed in silence and you cautiously opened your eyes, bewildered at the sight. 

Iron man was holding a cup and saucer in one hand, biscuit in the other and a maid’s apron was tied around his waist, only just fitting around the suit. What the hell?!  It was eerily similar to your daydream, but that was impossible.

He hovered quietly like he was waiting for your command, but you couldn’t move never mind speak. You smiled a little, instantly regretting it.

“You think this is funny?! How are you doing this?!” Tony almost pleaded, “why the fuck am I bringing you tea dressed like a hooker?!” 

“I don’t know!” You started to panic and music started blaring so loudly you had to cover your ears.

“Are you messing with Jarvis aswell?! Stop it!” 

“Um, I’m not sure how.” This couldn’t be happening, you had no idea how you were doing this, how could you stop it?

“Just put me down!” 

You tried to calm down. Slowly the alarms and music switched off and the computers went back to normal. Tony landed on the floor with a thump. You were in trouble now.

“A french maid outfit? Seriously?! Couldn’t have been something cool like Indiana Jones…” 

He threw everything to the floor and stomped off muttering, while you finally let out a pent up laugh. Oh my god, did that just happen?!


As it turned out you were more than an intern after all, you had the ability to control technology. Tony recruited you to join the Avengers hoping to get your Cyberkinesis under control. It had been a few weeks since the incident and you still giggled to yourself about Iron Maid bringing you tea and biscuits. Tony still hadn’t forgiven you, hopefully he wasn’t plotting revenge.

It took a while to get to know everyone, most were private and you were shy, tending to talk to Steve, Bruce and Natasha who trained you. The one person you wanted to talk to was so out of your league. Pietro had caught your eye from the very first introduction, but the most you managed was a shy hello. His accent was gorgeous, the odd occasion he said your name you nearly melted on the spot, usually prompting you to make a quick getaway. So, you were beyond surprised when Pietro turned up at your door with a wide smile. 

“I, erm, I heard you play guitar, will you teach me? I never got chance in Sokovia…” His voice trailed off to a whisper and he seemed to get a little nervous.

“I can try if you like, I’m not an expert or anything.”  You replied, returning his infectious grin as he ran past you and picked up your guitar roughly by the neck, swinging it around. This was going to be interesting.

“Multumesc! Where do I start?” 

“Here, let me show you how to hold it first,” You gently took the guitar from him and sat him down in the chair, moving to stand behind him and putting the guitar to rest on his knees. His fingers started tapping impatiently on the guitar. Did he ever keep still? 

“Hold the neck here with your left hand, angle your wrist slightly so your thumb is resting on the neck and you can reach the strings easily,”  As you leaned forwards to show him, you realized how close you were, quickly moving your hand away. 

“Just hold your right arm where it’s comfortable, adjust the shoulder strap if you need to, I’m much smaller than you. Try to keep your forearm horizontal and your wrist loose, it’s much easier…”  His giggle broke you out of you nervous rambling and you walked around him, picking up your electric guitar.

“I can think of a few other things it would make easier.” he smirked wiggling his eyebrows at you. You couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“How old are you? Twelve?” you teased.

“I’m 24,” he said a little confused and completely serious, making you laugh, “what? I am 24, not 12.”  He seemed a bit offended, you had no idea why.

“Pietro it’s just a saying!” You gave him a gentle smile. 

“I’m sorry, some things still get past me.” He laughed, his eyes lingering on yours a little too long. You looked back down at your guitar, trying to hide your blushing cheeks. 

“Why don’t we start with tuning?” 

You were so nervous for the rest of the lesson. Pietro watched you intently as you showed him how to tune the guitar, practice scales and simple strumming and picking. You were sure you looked like a beetroot the whole time, but his cheeky humour soon had you at ease.  When he had to leave, you sent him off with a simple song to learn; ‘Talkin’ bout a revolution’ by Tracy Chapman. 

Already excited for your next lesson, you cursed yourself for not talking to him sooner and found yourself drawn to him even more. It was going to be a long week.


“I figured out the Chapman song, will you listen?” He was so excited how could you say no? You sat on the bed while he sat on the chair opposite and started to play, looking at you eagerly for approval. You smiled as he started singing.  

”…don’t you know, they’re talking about a revolution, sounds like a…whisper.” he paused before the whisper and his deep accented voice came out as a low hiss. You spluttered, holding in your laugh. You didn’t want to put him off, but it was the same each time and with the way he looked at you lost it, falling about laughing.


“Nothing, it’s just the way you…whisper!” You giggled, imitating him.

“But that’s how she sings it?! Talking about a revolution…sounds like a…whisper…”  He protested and you giggle again.

“Are you going to laugh at me every time?” he gave you those puppy dog eyes that made you feel terrible. You composed yourself and shook your head.

“No, no of course not, I’ll stop now, sorry.”  

He started to play again but you couldn’t help it an even bigger laugh burst from you. He looked annoyed for a second, then he was on you, tickling you mercilessly.  

“I’ll teach you to laugh at me!”  

“Get off!”  

“What’s wrong with my whisper?!”  

“I’m warning you!”  

“What’s that?! I can’t hear you when you whisper?!


You were both rolling around the floor, laughing and tickling each other and didn’t notice an annoyed Steve enter the room.

“Guitar lessons weren’t like this in my day.”  

Jumping apart you both looked at him sheepishly, fixing your clothes.  

“You were due in training ten minutes ago.” Steve narrowed his eyes at you, making you nervous.

“Sorry Steve, I’ll be…”

“It was my fault, I wanted to show her my progression.”  Pietro put his hand at the small of your back in a supportive gesture. You glanced up at him, surprised.

“That’s what they’re calling it these days?” Steve remarked.

You could have sworn Pietro blushed but didn’t think anything of it, you were more worried about pissing Steve off.

“He meant on the guitar, Steve.”

Steve smirked and raised an eyebrow as Pietro stepped around him, stopping to smile a goodbye and mouth a ’whisper’ making you giggle again. The git. 
Steve was not impressed.  

“Shall we get to work?”

A/n: Got the idea when making this gif set, I know its technically a banjo in the gifs but he’s so cute! ;) Started off as a one shot but had to split it into parts it got so long! Not sure it’s any good but I enjoyed writing it. :D  x

Multumesc!/Thank you!

Can’t get enough (x)

Talkin’ bout a revolution (x) (this was the first song I learned to play on guitar ;))

Shake it off (x